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Smartening the workplace up with technology
Amid rising property prices around the world and a more intense competitive business landscape, companies are scrambling to save on cost while maintaining the productivity of their workforces. According to a recent Siemens whitepaper, a workplace in London already costs up to 27,000 euros per employee per year. Making matters worse, employees are also finding themselves having less space to work from. In this regard, a smart, high-tech office plays an important role, ensuring that employees stay in an automated and comfortable workspace. Today’s smart office solutions help companies save on energy, meet in cutting-edge conference rooms and manage visitors more effectively.
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Smart meeting rooms suit modern workers’ expectations
Smart office solutions can make meetings go smoothly by offering convenience and the ability to collaborate with others via video conferencing and sharing features.
Pelco Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras for high-quality detailed images
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Pelco Optera panoramic multi-sensor cameras with SureVision 3.0 technology provides detailed images at large distances for both live surveillance and post-event forensic analysis.
Italy’s Credito Cooperativo invests in Vanderbilt’s security solutions
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Intrusion and access control functionalities across banks operated by Italy's BCC are being enhanced by Vanderbilt's control panels and security solution.
How visitor management systems make offices smart
Today's visitor management systems can track people going in and out of the premises and be used as a tool in emergency situations.
Energy savings a hallmark of smart office

Smart solutions can turn office environments into automated and intelligent ones, providing enterprises information they can use to enhance efficiency and productivity.
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Optera Series Panoramic IP Camera HID EasyLobby Solo Visitor Management Software 3xLOGIC infinias CLOUD Access Control Solution Anviz P7 PoE-Touch Fingerprint and RFID...
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