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Smart solutions make headway in retail
The retail industry is seeing a surge in new technologies as industry players attempt to narrow the gap between online commerce and brick and mortar store businesses. The goal, here, is to create experiences that shoppers may look forward to and enjoy as much as the product they are looking for. As one solutions provider put it, "personalization" is the key to successful retail business in the coming days. But although this has been successful to some extent, there are still several challenges ahead, especially with regard to the rapidly-changing economic context and shifting consumer preferences.
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How do smart solutions benefit retailers?

Technological advancements are refreshing the traditional brick and mortar store experience, reimagining the digital storefront and transforming the supply chain.
How smart retail ensures smarter security

With the influx of sensors, security can become more sophisticated and efficient from a solution providers’ point of view.
What new technologies are gaining attention in retail?
The revolution that data-centric tools bring to retail will be something that professionals and enthusiasts in this field would be keenly watching.
V-Count optimizes DeFacto with analytics

Obtaining key performance indicators about its stores’ performance allowed DeFacto to transform its way of thinking and implement better strategies to meet ends.
Cea Point Industrial employs VIVOTEK IP surveillance system to enhance efficiency of retail store management
To accommodate the increasing number of retail outlets for multiple brands, Cea Point Industrial, employed an advanced IP surveillance system and secure network structure plan from VIVOTEK.
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