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The First asmag.com Top 10 Products/Buyer’s Choice Awards
With 27 years of experience in the industry, asmag.com is organizing the first annual Top 10 Products/Buyers’ Choice Awards program, with the aim to show and celebrate the impact and importance security suppliers make in the industry and the innovative products they have launched.

We hereby invite all global security suppliers to participate and submit their best products for various projects, including retail, transportation (parking, traffic monitoring etc), oil and gas sectors, and special environments or purposes.

Winning a Product Award is the ultimate way to stand out in the increasingly crowded and competitive landscape of physical security. It provides manufacturers with the opportunity to position their product with an effective point of difference.
Product Submission
To enter the competition, entrants are required to upload their products for nomination on asmag.com and reply back with the product name.

Submissions are accepted till August 31, 2018.
1. Upload your products on asmag.com
    - For more details on how to submit your product, click here
2. Fill out the entry form to let us know which products you want to submit
Once all submissions are collected, asmag.com will work with a consultancy group to evaluate the products. After the approval process, the selected products will be nominated for the Choice Awards.

Each company can submit up to 2 products, 1 per category.
Criteria for the Nomination
Design: 30%
• Is the product designed to the highest standard?

Impact: 35%
• Does the entry have the potential to make a positive impact?
• Will it contribute to a better and safer environment?
• Will it also have a positive impact on the business?

Innovation: 35%
• Does the product push the boundaries?
• Is it unique and innovative?
• Is it using systems, materials, processes and technology in an creative and original manner?

Buyers’ Voting
The nominated products will be voted by global security buyers to rank their popularity and usability.
Benefits of Participating
• Show consumers and other industry leaders that you have a stand-out product
• Marketing and PR opportunities to share with other security professionals your product’s innovation
• Winners will receive a product award seal for your product, which you can use to publicize your success
• asmag.com will present winners with an exclusive award certificate
Winners for asmag.com’s Product Awards will be announced November, 2018.
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