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It goes without saying that today’s video surveillance systems are generating more video data than before. More and more IP cameras are moving towards UHD, while many countries require that video be retained for a lengthy period of time. These factors create a significant impact on storage as solutions providers enhance the cost-effectiveness and performance of their offerings.

The Storage Buyer’s Guide provides the best sourcing tips for professional buyers who are looking for high performance network storage systems for multiple applications. Content covers tips on selecting a high performance product, key features for applications, how storage systems address cybersecurity concerns and more.


Video is now one of the biggest sources of data in the world. According to IHS Markit, the amount of data produced in just one day by all the new video surveillance cameras installed worldwide in 2015 was 566 petabytes; this translates into 11.3 million standard double-layer Blu-ray movie discs, all Netflix’s users at the time streaming 1.2 hours of ultra-high definition content simultaneously, or about twice the amount of all user data stored by Facebook at the time.

For SMBs, storage cost, scalability matter

For small and medium enterprises, cost is the primary factor that drives their purchasing decisions. “Lowest price (is what they are looking for),” exclaimed Alastair McLeod, Group CEO of Veracity. “Some SMBs are very concerned about data integrity...

Understanding users’
storage needs key to Sis

As far as storage is concerned, end users have different needs and requirements in different...

Seagate SkyHawk AI drives point the way to the future in storage

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