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Hikvision Secures Frankfurt's Light-Rail Stations
Source: Hikvision | Date: 01/19/2012

Hikvision, a surveillance product and solution provider in China, was selected to deploy its high definition (HD) network cameras for 16 light-rail stations in Frankfurt, Germany. The company also provided a customized solution to meet requirements for Frankfurt's tough weather conditions.

As an important center for finance, business and transportation in Germany, Frankfurt has worked hard to improve overall city infrastructure. The city decided to implement Hikvision's HD network cameras at 16 light-rail stations to enhance its transportation systems.

The implementation was completed by German integrator Indanet. It was designed to upgrade the existing analog surveillance solution. The project satisfied customer demand for high quality images and remote monitoring in real time, as well as quick response for emergencies.

Project Challenges
All of the light-rail stations are outdoors, presenting difficulties in withstanding harsh weather conditions in Germany. Jurgen Fuchs, Indanet's Director of Strategic Projects, explained, “As a result of low temperatures in Germany, we face more challenges for these outdoor stations. Thus, our products need to hold up despite tough weather.”

Aside from ruggedness, image quality is essential to offer more detail for surveillance. In such large-scale project with 16 stations, an IP-based solution was requested for operators to monitor the scenes remotely in real time and respond quickly to situations.

Tailor-Made Solutions
To meet the requirements, Indanet chose Hikvision's 1.3-megapixel vandalproof network domes for the general platforms. “The cameras are IP65-rated and work stably in bad weather. These fulfill the client's demands,” Fuchs said. Fuchs continued, “The camera housing is vandal-proof to withstand the extreme climate in Frankfurt. An internal heater was equipped to control the temperature in winter. With waterproofing keeping rain, snow and condensation out, the domes operate well for outdoor stations.”

For certain stations, cameras were mounted to monitor emergency columns, equipped with emergency buttons for passengers to use. Mini 2-megapixel network domes were installed within the column.

Passengers only need to press the button when there is an emergency. The cameras will be triggered immediately and stream real-time video to the control center, alerting security personnel to the situation. “Furthermore, a voice panel allows staff to speak with the passengers,” Fuchs said. “With an efficient all-in-one tool, the cameras allow a full realization of security by immediately diagnosing the situation.”

To see clearly, the system enabled operators to view high resolution video at 1,280 by 960. Personnel in the center were able to view real-time HD video with H.264 video compression, which helped identify problems and formulate the appropriate response.

“Additionally, all video footage is permanently recorded and stored for 48 hours, which is the maximum duration allowed by the authorities,” said Fuchs. The adoption of network cameras improved the system's efficiency. These cameras were compatible with the Nexus VMS and worked well with Frankfurt public transportation network system.

With the stations centrally monitored, the IP solution enabled users to view the video through computers. “This feature is especially important to first responders such as firefighters,” Fuchs said. “They can visually see what is happening in real time. The system not only helps respond to emergencies, but actually prevent them.”

The combination of Hikvision's technology and Indanet's integration skills eased security challenges, creating a robust and secure solution for Frankfurt's public transportation.


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