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Stepping into new trends: Video surveillance in 2015

A new year brings new trends. Many of the trends from 2014 have since turned into industry standards, such as HD resolution and IP surveillance; however, new ones have emerged to keep the security industry on its toes in 2015. ... Full story

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Asia Update: LILIN revamps to embrace IP

Business Talk

Merit LILIN, a company that is no stranger to the security industry, was established in 1980 in Taipei, Taiwan. Under the charismatic leadership of Cheng Chung Hsu, President of LILIN, it is one of the few dynamic Taiwanese companies that was able to confront and overcome the turbulent times associated with the economy. Today, it has successfully transformed and shifted its main strength from anal

Asia Update: Convex brings precision machinery to IP surveillance

Business Talk

Founded in 1997, Convex was a precision machinery manufacturer, providing semiconductor companies with production equipment. Now, Convex provides total solutions for network video and robotics as well. Myung-Ho Yoo, President and CEO of Convex, possesses a strong background and deep knowledge of optics and video surveillance technologies. Yoo's know-how enabled Convex to develop its new network sp

Asia Update: GKB evolves with passion and trust

Business Talk

In the security industry, it is imperative for manufacturers to establish long-term relationships with each of their partners and clients based on trust. They must take into consideration the needs and demands of end users. Based on the belief that security products are meant to protect people, GKB makes customers its priority.

Asia Update: Comart embraces HD-SDI in real-life projects

Business Talk

Comart Systems, a provider of total HD video surveillance solutions, was established in 1992. Its series of achievements created a legacy of excellence. In 1998, Comart was one of the first companies to develop and commercialize the PCI video capture board used for security purposes.

Gartner: Worldwide BI software revenue to grow 7% to reach $13.8B in 2013

Business Talk

Worldwide business intelligence (BI) software revenue will reach $13.8 billion in 2013, a seven percent increase from 2012, according to Gartner. The market is forecast to reach $17.1 billion by 2016.

IT-centric players on the rise

Channel Players

Advances in physical security technologies and system migration to IP networks have ushered in a new breed of IT-savvy distributors and system integrators, while blurring the distinction between the two at the same time. With a more in-depth understanding of network capabilities and software development and deployment, these “new players” are offering more possibilities in terms of solution offeri

What it means to be a VAR

Channel Players

Prospects and margins for distributors have been less than ideal in recent years. Some, however, are finding new ways to survive and thrive by adding value to their products, systems and services. a&s talks to neaMetrics, a South African VAR of Korean biometric solution provider Suprema, about its strategy in a fiercely competitive market.

Asia Update: DynaColor rises with IP

Business Talk

As one of the major OEM/ ODM video surveillance companies in Taiwan, DynaColor started out as a provider of automatic optical inspection (AOI) devices to CRT and LCD manufacturers, used to examine and test for defects and/or abnormal activities in their products or during the production process. Aside from its AOI devices, the company also made CRT monitor auto alignment systems, multiplexers, and

Asia Update: Hdpro stays strong with HD-SDI

Business Talk

Hdpro is known for its strong mechanical design background. It enjoyed 83.7 percent sales growth in 2011. Hdpro manufactures several video surveillance product lines including analog, HD-SDI and network cameras. Why Hdpro could still grow substantially despite the gloomy economic outlook can be attributed to innovation, fast time to market, and cultivation of its home base.

Are things changing in China?


The structure of the business has morphed not just to compensate or accommodate but also to meet and beat the challenge and deliver growth. The latest report forecasts growth of 4% across the globe in product sales in 2013 but that will depend on much higher levels of growth in Asia and particularly China.

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