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2015 Access control: ACaaS as an alternative to traditional systems

Administering access control can be a burden, and the industry is taking steps to address this concern. More than ever before, suppliers and integrators are looking at new ways to improve the end user experience, and access control as a service (ACaaS) fits this model. ... Full story

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Affordable and easy, the way to go


Walk around any security show in the world today — brand new, innovative products can be scarce to find. Due to mediocre global economic recovery and longer life/selling cycles, solution developers have earmarked more resources for sales and marketing promotions of existing offerings, as well as fine-tuning and repurposing/verticalizing them. Making products cheaper and easier to deploy, in a disr

Innovation in video surveillance and security

Business Talk

Market researcher Memoori Business Intelligence recently talked to Lars Thinggaard, CEO of Milestone Systems, about innovation in video surveillance and the future of the security industry.

Asia Update: Etherwan successfully moves from networking to security

Business Talk

When IT companies shift to physical security, many fail to recognize the importance of product reliability and engineering efficiency in security. Security products demand unique qualities such as high customization and reliability. EtherWAN, a company providing Ethernet products, found security to be a good fit. Six years ago, the company entered the security market. Through the design concept of

Asia Update: Qnap targets SMB segment

Business Talk

Qnap, a NAS supplier, unexpectedly entered the video surveillance industry after inspiration from one of its customers. David Chiang, GM of Surveillance Business Division at Qnap, recalled Qnap's first NVR for a Japanese client who requested a customized NAS with Qnap enhanced surveillance functions. This request later led Qnap to launch its own NVR.

Thermal imaging moves to the consumer market

News Feature

At the end of 2012, Flir Systems announced the acquisitions of Lorex Technology and Traficon International, respectively known in consumer security electronics and intelligent traffic applications. The company talks about its acquisitions and what it foresees as potential markets for thermal imaging.

Asia Update: EverFocus gets ready for IP

Business Talk

EverFocus Electronics, a leading manufacturer and integrated system solution provider, is headquartered in Taiwan. Its global offices are located in six other countries – the U.S, Germany, China, Japan, India and the U.K. The company has overcome many hardships and is now transitioning to the sale and manufacture of IP video surveillance.

Asia Update: VIVOTEK grows hand in hand with IP video

Business Talk

VIVOTEK is a security veteran who has continuously developed and matured with the IP surveillance sector over the past 10 years — the most pivotal and important time for the security industry. VIVOTEK owes much of its success to profound industry insight, and its deep commitment to developing core technologies and establishing brand awareness.

Genetec and HID Global on the Mideast Market

Business Talk

The two leaders in their respective fields share with a&s their take on developing business and sustaining growth in this exciting market.

Axis and Milestone on the Mideast market

Business Talk

In this feature, the dynamic duo share with a&s their vertical and channel development efforts in the thriving region.

Simple wiring, full functionality


Mintron is introducing a new generation of HD coaxial link system and fiber link system. Not only does the “link” conform to the standard HD-SDI format, it is also able to transfer uncompressed 1,080p video, audio, control signals and power through a single cable, when it used to require three. Your cameras and receivers will no longer require any additional wires and power lines.

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