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[VIDEO] Product Review: Afidus DN-232Z1 IR dome smartly balances bright and dark

Afidus DN-232Z1 IR IP dome is an advanced surveillance camera from Afidus, a Taiwan-based IP surveillance provider. ... Full story

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Turkey Alive and Kicking

Business Talk

According to IMS Research, Turkey is the No. 1 security market in the Middle East region, ahead of Saudi Arabia.A key driver for growth was that Turkey's economy improved significantly in 2010, explained Gurani Kilic, Country Sales Director for Bosch Security Systems. “New constructions— real estate sectors—grew by nearly 10 percent. In 2011, Turkey's economy broke the world record with 11 percent

Tri-Ed Northern Video Acquires Orlando Distributor Seabreeze

Channel Players

Tri-Ed / Northern Video, North America's largest independent security distributor, is pleased to announce its further expansion with the acquisition of Seabreeze Security Distributors, a leading security distributor in the Orlando, Florida market.

Tri-Ed / Northern Video will maintain the Seabreeze office at 839 Clay Street, Winter Park, FL 32789. “We are very excited to increase our N

How the BRICs, Sans China, Do It?

Business Talk

Much of the world is focused on the quickly developing BRIC nations and their potential security markets. As these security markets grow, how suitable are they for local manufacturing? Intelbras makes products solely for the Brazilian market, a very large, quickly growing, yet somewhat closed, economy. Would ‘Made in Brazil' products fair better in Brazil?

Helping Manufacturing Head Home

Business Talk

Rafael Carmisin Duarte, Business Development Manager at Intelbras, thinks that there are three key factors that go into deciding where a factory should be located: government regulations, local infrastructure (logistics and supply chain mainly), and human resources. A place with favorable government regulations, good infrastructure and inexpensive but capable workers would be a good place to estab

Orion Security Solutions Becomes CNL Software Channel Partner

Channel Players

CNL Software has signed Orion Security Solutions as a channel partner. Orion offers complete solutions in closed circuit television, intruder alarms, access control and covert technologies. It designs, installs and maintains integrated systems for some of the UK's leading organizations both in the private and public sectors.

Orion has a track record of delivering tailored security solu

Channel Restructuring

Business Talk

With more standardized products and thinning profits, solution providers are hard pressed to either offer something unique or make themselves unique. Desperate times also call for desperate measures, on channel partners' part, in training and collaboration.

The world is flat, and so is growth

UK Distributor Norbain Acquired by Newbury Investments

Channel Players

Norbain announced that its UK operation, including export, was acquired by Newbury Investments from the administrators, KPMG.

Trying Times, Prettier Prices


Cost-effectiveness sells, especially during financially trying times. With government spending cuts slowing down infrastructural development and the private sector strapped for cash, security solution providers of all sizes are busy seeking and identifying the next “blue sea.” In the meantime, small-and medium-size end users are in for a treat, as more affordable and efficient solution offering

Building Successful Leadership


Salespeople go to sales schools and learn about the sales cycle; technologists study technology and continue updating their knowledge. Leadership, on the other hand, seems to be regarded as a talent. For most people, leadership can be a learned skill and perfected through practice, Bozeman said. But most people do not practice leadership. In the security industry, system integrators understand tec

Security Simplified


By now, there is no doubt that IP and HD are trending, with SD representing less than 30 percent of global market share. As systems grow larger and more interconnected, individual sensors, products and user interfaces need to “grow” as well, to be more intelligent, easier to install and operate, and less taxing on network and storage resources.

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