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Highlights of Biometrics Readers and Technical news

biometric solutions have shared a vital part of market with its reliability and uniqueness. The biometric technology progress never stops for wider and wider applications. ... Full story

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IP Video Providers Strengthen Professional Technical Support

News Feature

Many companies continue to achieve strong revenue growth with IP-based video surveillance systems and solutions. With great sales performance comes greater responsibility, however. Take Norbain, the largest distributor in the U.K. and one of the largest in Europe, for example. The company has adopted a tailored, charged approach to technical support, since late 2011, to ensure continued high le

What's Hot in the Italian Security Market?

Channel Players

Italian security encompasses the complete range of product segments. Possibly the most distinctive segment is alarm and intrusion, which Italian security revolves around.Traditional anti-intrusion sensors have suffered from a lack of ideas and a true killer application. In spite of IP and wireless development, the prevalent trend is still hybrid solutions.

Promising Verticals in Italy

Channel Players

The most promising verticals in Italy for video surveillance are green energy sites. Blessed with the sunny Mediterranean climate, Italy has many photovoltaic parks that need to safeguard solar panels. Other hot applications include public video monitoring; critical infrastructure such as transportation, airports and ports; traffic control and health care.Technology upgrades and life cycle replace

Italy Boosted by Buoyant Security Business

Channel Players

Between 2000 and 2010, Italian security technology exports doubled. Revenue increased 20 percent in 10 years from US$2.1 billion in 2000 to $2.5 billion in 2010. However, the scenario changed radically in the second half of the decade. Over the last few years, the economic crisis was exacerbated by a slowdown in new construction. This negatively affected the whole security sector, which directly d

IP Video Product Cycle: Intro, Growth or Mature?


- IP video surveillance equipment seems to pass the first introduction phase and starts to enter the growing stage.
- It is now into the critical high growth stage where the benefits of years of investment are there to be won.
- Over the next 2 to 3 years, IP camera market will also start to experience more and more competitions over the price, especially from the manufacturers in Ch

Differentiation Achieved by Technology Innovation


Given the gloomy economic climate, 2012 is still expected to be challenging. Some companies found there is still a need for innovation particularly during a recession. It is also a good time to differentiate business and products and to grow the brand. In the following, top IP players talk about how they keep investing in R&D to enhance their product differentiation.


When IP Continues to Boom, Education Converges Channels


- Partners should have the knowledge or skill set to support network solution. Otherwise, it might result in low-margin business.
- The product should be carefully designed to simplify installation, which eases the learning curves for distribution partners.
-The better the network skill and knowledge of the integrator/installer, the more successful is the implementation of the pro

Memoori: First Quarter M&A Activity in Physical Security Disappoints; Whist Demand Grows & New Opportunities Develop


In the first quarter of 2012 we recorded 15 acquisitions just 1 down on the same period in 2011. In our Report The Physical Security Business In 2011 we showed that 2011 was a record high for mergers and acquisitions for the industry; but we forecast that for this year the value of deals would fall by 2.5 percent but the volume would increase by 5 percent. Although many of the deals this quarte

The Quality of Storage Effects Image Enhancement

News Feature

Storage is one of the biggest costs of a surveillance project, making it a precious commodity. Network bandwidth is also scarce, making compression essential to surveillance monitoring. Unfortunately, compression can also undo clear images. “You could have a great camera capture images at high resolution, but the images are encoded, compressed and the final product is less than what was originally

How Image Enhancement Work in Real Life

News Feature

While TV episodes and Hollywood movies are fiction, what if there really was technology that could clean up bad images? The primary objective is identification, whether it is of people or license plates, to track down suspects. No matter how poor the image is, image enhancement magically produces HD images ready for identification. However, security cameras are not always set up for identification

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