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Axis introduces network loudspeaker for remote speaking in video surveillance applications

AXIS C3003-E Network Horn Speaker is a simple-to-install outdoor loudspeaker that provides clear, long-range speech for remote speaking over a network. When used together with video surveillance, AXIS C3003-E enables an operator to remotely address people and deter unwanted activity. The loudspeaker is ideal for enhancing video surveillance installations in outdoor areas such as parking lots, cons... Full story

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Knocking down door-to-door alarm sales

Business Talk

Door-to-door alarm sales companies use both high pressure and scare tactics to get consumers to purchase alarm systems on the spot. Many of the victims of these companies have already contracted with an initial alarm company and thus end up paying double.

SMB sector on the security radar

Business Talk

The SMB sector has garnered substantial attention from security solutions providers in recent times, due to the budget squeeze on the higher end of the market. In this feature, a&s looks into the product requirements of the sector and shares how the incumbents are approaching this untapped niche.

Asia Update: Thecus Technology on surveillance-optimized NAS

Business Talk

Thecus Technology, a Taiwanese NAS solutions provider that entered into the video surveillance field two years ago, shares its observations on the surveillance NVR market with asmag and discusses how its know-how in storage technology can be better leveraged.

Guide for Construction Products Regulation EU305/2011

News Feature

Euralarm has launched a guidance document for the Construction Products Regulation EU 305/2011. The document provides guidance on the requirements and implications of the implementation of the Construction Products Regulation. The information is provided for the benefit of Euralarm members and for those who are involved in the manufacturing, supply and installation of fire detection and fire alarm

Why Avigilon expands into access control

News Feature

Avigilon was able to experience 67-percent growth in 2012, as the company offers an open, end-to-end, scalable system that can be customized to projects of all sizes across a wide range of verticals, from mom-and-pop shops to large projects like the King Abdulaziz International Airport, and everything in between. With the extra cash in hand, the company recently acquired access control company Red

Security innovations to be driven by compliance

Business Talk

Memoori Business Intelligence recently interviewed Adlan Hussain, Global Head of Marketing at CNL Software, to discuss innovations in security in the next five years.

Leaner, smarter


It has been said that the physical security industry follows the footsteps of the ICT industries fairly closely — perhaps one to two years to play catch up. Having checked out the world's second largest ICT show, we now have a better idea of and glimpse into where security might be headed in the next three to five years — leaner, smarter, “cloudier.”

Innovations and strategic acquisitions continue to drive the industry

Business Talk

This technology is now gaining traction and is expected to open up new opportunities particularly in the small-to-medium business market where there are 16 cameras or less; because it will eliminate as much of the storage cost as possible. Another benefit of an edge-based system is less costly maintenance. With no server maintenance, no complex proprietary hardware and software, and no storage or

Changing tides


With the successful conclusion of the three major international physical security trade shows ISC, SECUTECH, and IFSEC this year, new waves of change rippling through the industry were reflected at the show floors. Here are some major trends observed at the exhibitions:

[Video] Plug-and-play NVRs from Dynacolor and Itx Security


Many NVR manufacturers are promoting user- and cloud-friendly models with interesting features and interfaces this year. Taiwanese Dynacolor and Korean Itx Security have caught on to this trend and are highlighting their plug-and-play NVRs at major trade shows, including Secutech International 2013 in Taipei.

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