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Invest in South East Asia, things you must know – Thailand and Malaysia

Despite the fact that difficult political situation has hindered business investment in Thailand, investing opportunities still can be seen in this area. In fact, Thailand is probably the area that embraces surveillance security the most. ... Full story

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IMS Research: For IP-Based Video Surveillance, Future is Actually Now

News Feature

The trend to IP-based video surveillance is, by now, firmly established. The question is no longer “will IP-based equipment sales overtake analogue equipment sales?” In fact, IMS Research forecasts that 2013 will be the tipping point when world network video surveillance equipment sales overtake analogue video surveillance equipment sales.

The arrival of IP-technology has instead bough

IndigoVision: Strengthening Its Foundation

Business Talk

EMEA Update
The EMEA region accounts for about one third of IndigoVision's revenue, with the U.K., Russia and Africa being key growth markets. Our target verticals are the traditionally analog-prone ones, namely petrochemical/mining, government/police/military, casinos/hotels and financial/banks. Take petrochemical in Russia for example; we recently won an oil platform proj

PSA Network: New Vendor Director, Renewed Focus

Channel Players

PSA Security Network, a system integrator cooperative in the U.S. with members responsible for more than US$2 billion annually in the design, installation, integration and maintenance of access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, fire and life safety systems, named its new Director of Vendor Management last week. Craig Patterson brings 20 years of security industry experience, inc

Memoori: Business Intelligence Through Video Surveillance Systems


May has been a quite month for merger and acquisition, alliance and funding in Security. It is well down on the same month last year; but for the first 5 months of this year there has been only a marginal reduction in activity. In both years so far only one of the traditional major players, Tyco has completed an acquisition and only one IPO has taken place. Incremental innovation is being intro

The Intricacies of Building Integration


Integration within buildings is not uncommon. Video surveillance is rigged so video pops up in response to opening of doors or sounding of alarms. Entrance access cards are used to call and control elevators. More and more systems are being integrated in different buildings around the world. “Two of these systems are lighting and building automation. Both are growing very quickly, according to Kon

Security Design and Planning for Multi-purpose Buildings


Many markets are seeing a return of buildings that have multiple purposes – buildings that may include two or more different purposes, including residential spaces, retail stores, entertainment spaces, commercial offices, hotels and more. Many iconic buildings being built in last few years, especially in Asia, are mixed-use buildings. In Asia, mixed-use buildings help to make use of the limited sp

Pinetron, Probe, Webgate and WonWoo Engineering Share Viewpoint of Market Strategies

News Feature

At Secutech, our newest release is the HD hybrid NVR over coax, PHR-HD1008, that accommodates 8-channel full HD hybrid cameras and 8-channel analog cameras. The hybrid NVR utilizes Intersil's SLOC technology and is easy to set up and use like a DVR, with automatic IP scans and channel allocations. While it only works with Pinetron cameras at the moment, third-party compatibility will be made avail

Icantek, KMT, Micro Digital and Nextchip Share Viewpoint of Market Strategies

News Feature

The latest on display is our 2.3-megapixel, full HD (1,080p, 30 fps) camera, and we will launch our 3-megapixel model by the end of the second quarter and 5-megapixel by the end of the year. We feel that the economy is back on full swing, and we are expected to grow 100 to 200 percent this year. Today, our largest markets are in Europe (especially Spain and Eastern Europe), the U.S. and South Amer

Ctring, Daiwon Optical, Dongyang Unitech and Hdpro Share Perspectives of Market Strategies

News Feature

We have been fully focused on HD-SDI for the last two years. As one of the first in the world, we are now promoting our 16-channel, 1,080p/720p dynamic DVR, the V7116. Key markets include Japan, the U.S., the U.K. and Germany, where there are still a lot of analog DVR users in the mid- to high-end, small- to mid-scale installations.

Tips for Buying from Asia


When many of the world's security products are manufactured in Asia, shipping times can take a long time. How can the “ship back to Asia” service model be improved? “I find the distance between us and Asian manufacturers difficult,” said Abdel Kadir of Librarie Alibchad. “Shipping products takes a long time. If you need a product urgently, then it needs to be shipped by air, which is expensive. We

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