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Highlights of Biometrics Readers and Technical news

biometric solutions have shared a vital part of market with its reliability and uniqueness. The biometric technology progress never stops for wider and wider applications. ... Full story

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Market responses to HD-SDI and cloud


HD-SDI shows a lot of promise as an alternative to high definition IP video. One advantage is that it makes use of old analog cabling. Rok Bajec, CEO, Mobicom, said that he hopes HD-SDI will help bring some of the old installers back to the industry. “It is a good solution for legacy projects, which allows people to save most of their cabling,” said IIya Malkin, CCTV Manager, Central Security Dist

Secutech 2012: Visitor's Perspectives of IP and Asian Vendors


The shift to IP is coming. For large installations and government projects, the switch to IP has already happened. “All new government projects in India now specify IP-based systems,” said Vivek Bagri, CEO of Livedarshan. “A noteworthy phenomenon in India is that more major projects now demand brands listed on IMS Research market share rankings.”Large projects invest in network infrastructure also

Secutech 2012: Key Findings about Standardization, Storage and Cloud-Based Services


Interoperability for IP-based video surveillance systems is still a problem, as ONVIF is still not mature as a standard, yet. Products that are ONVIF compliant are not necessarily interoperable. Downward compatibility is another problem that generates confusion and frustration. The lack of coordination between cameras and other products ultimately cause headaches for systems integrators. Progress,

Secutech 2012: HD Remains Strong; HD-SDI still in Early Adoption Phase


With relatively weaker markets in Western Europe and North America, and first-to-market opportunities forgone in BRIC, the next gold rush lies in CIVETS. In these price-sensitive markets, it is easy to become engaged in price wars when Chinese competitors offer hard-to-beat prices.

Reviewing Innovation, Profit & Growth in IP Video


Leaders in the Video Surveillance business are in full agreement that IP Video has had the most impact in shaping the future of the business in the last fifteen years and that it is has now crossed the chasm and with a market penetration of around 30/40 percent it is well into its growth stage.

The most notable innovators of this technology include Axis Communications and Mobotix.

Integrated Video and Audio Solutions for the Most Demanding Markets


There are two ways of using audio surveillance in an integrated solution. One is using audio inputs as an alarm or surveillance trigger. Another is using the audio data as evidence; in this case, it is highly important to save video data in synchronization with audio data. In the U.K., for instance, it is legal to record audio at casinos and such capability enables operators to hear the activity

Personnel Training and New Tech Work Closely to Tighten Stadium Security


Training systems can simulate security scenarios, so responders are better prepared and make better decisions. Louis Marciani, Director of the National Center for Spectator Sports Safety and Security, worked on a training program for security staff and responders. The computer program simulates the environment of the stadium, as well as resources that affect decision making, such as fire trucks, h

Home Security Market Boom Attracts New Players

News Feature

- Video monitoring and home automation features will expand the market beyond traditional security by 2016 - New Vendors — telcos/ISPs/cable TV companies- join the home security market. - The DIY surveillance camera market is forecast to reach roughly $1 billion by the end of 2012.

Changing Role of the Security Consultant


The increasingly significant role of IT in the security space, in the ongoing evolution from analog to IP-based security solutions, has had profound effects on the different stakeholder groups. It has affected manufacturers in the range of solutions that the market demands, installers in the technical, business and sales competencies to sell, deploy and support security systems, and end users who

Assessing DIY Surveillance Cameras for Home Security

News Feature

Surveillance cameras specifically designed for homeowners or small business did not exist in the past. However, “things are changing right now with the advances in IT and IP, which enable people to remotely view video from any location, at significantly lower price points,” said said Joseph Cheng, GM for China, Edimax Technology. Some catalysts in play include growing availability o f DIY camera

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