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Milestone CEO: Open the analog mind block to boost your business

As the trend towards digital video progresses, we are seeing corporations that are not taking full advantage of the possibilities for enhancing their business with visual data. ... Full story

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The Physical Security Industry Delivered A Stellar Performance in 2011 —Can It Continue to Defy Gravity in 2012?


Physical security business in 2012 will look to emerging markets, new technologies and M&A activity. This is the second article of a two-part analysis from Allan McHale, Director of Memoori Business Intelligence.

a&s China Awards Honor Top Security Brands

News Feature

Outstanding security brands were recognized at an awards ceremony in November. Sister publication a&s China asked readers to identity the best local and international companies, tallying nominations from more than 2,500 system integrators, users and consultants.

Physical Security Delivers Growth, Valuations Rise and Acquisitions Reach Historic High

News Feature

Business this year was better than ever in physical security, as detailed by Allan McHale, Director of Memoori Business Intelligence.

Year in Review: Security Surges in 2011 from Delayed Projects

News Feature

The economic crisis seems to be largely over in 2011, but new debt concerns are sparking anxiety about a second depression. As security deals with market uncertainty, we look at the year's milestones in events, regional and vertical markets, technologies, challenges, and drivers and differentiators.

Product Management Puts Customers First, Not Profits

Business Talk

New development is the focus of product management, delivering solutions that serve market needs. It should not fixate on profitability. a&s looks at identifying customer problems, incorporating changes and future scalability throughout the product life cycle.

Your Face Reveals More Than You Think


Distinguishing lies from truths has never been easy. A developing lie detection technology from the University of Bradford in the U.K., thanks to the R&D efforts led by Hassan Ugail, Professor of Visual Computing, leverages facial-recognition cues and is about to undergo a real-life trial.

Technology Trends: IP, Cloud and Intelligence


IP Fallout IP offers tremendous benefits, but presents a high technology threshold to cross over. “The market is highly fragmented,” Holtenhoff said. “As the world moves to IT-fication, we're going to see shakeout.” Scaling the IP learning curve can be lucrative but difficult. “Since the cost of entry to IP-based security is higher than it used to be with analog, there will be fewer players i

Service-based Approach to Stay Competitive


The past 10 years of security have been predefined by Sept. 11, 2001. A tremendous boom with double- or even triple-digit growth took place until the recession dampened the market's giddiness. With market uncertainty, what's next for the coming 10 years? We find out more from Security 50 participants, along with industry players who are not at liberty to disclose physical security sales.

Targeting Emerging Markets and Innovations


Targeting Emerging Markets The seemingly recovering yet shaky global economic conditions required security companies to tighten their belts. Top performers found success in emerging markets, and aimed to increase market presence in these regions through partnerships, acquisitions or new offices. Assa Abloy saw 2 percent growth in EMEA in 2010, up from a -12 percent drop in 2009. The Americas

Ways to Survive in Recession


Growth picked up significantly in the latter half of 2010, allowing the security industry to take a few gulps of fresh air amidst the suffocating effects of the recession. While the transition to IP-based security and the demand for sharper images have enabled companies catering to the video surveillance market to enjoy healthy growth, things have been rough for other segments of the security indu

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