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2015 Access control: ACaaS as an alternative to traditional systems

Administering access control can be a burden, and the industry is taking steps to address this concern. More than ever before, suppliers and integrators are looking at new ways to improve the end user experience, and access control as a service (ACaaS) fits this model. ... Full story

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Thai economy uncertain but interests remain

News Feature

The Kingdom of Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, right behind Indonesia, and up until now, filled with bright prospects. The country was thrown into an unexpected “recession” after showing signs of slow growth for two quarters in a row in the first half of 2013. The second half of 2013 looks a little more promising due to upcoming opportunities, but the influence from the t

Chinese manufacturers to improve products’ value

News Feature

Manufacturers from China, Korea, and Taiwan each have their strengths in production. However, China is quickly overpowering the rest.

Soft powers in alarm and home management

News Feature

Property owners today expect reliable, easy-to-use applications on their smartphones to stay aware of what's happening at their property and to control and automate devices for efficiency, convenience and security. Home security businesses that choose the right technology partner will be ideally positioned to take advantage of the growth that interactive security and home automation promise.

Asia Update: NEC, Toshiba and others to supply aviation security infrastructure in Myanmar

News Feature

Sumitomo together with NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation, Toshiba and Morita Corporation concluded an agreement on September 10 with the Department of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transport, Republic of the Union of Myanmar on the “Project for Improvement of Nationwide Airport Safety and Security”.

Under control: Crowd management and threat detection

News Feature

Aside from surveillance, proper threat detection and crowd management tools must be enlisted to minimize threats at large-scale events.

Aerial and ground surveillance secure events from all angles

News Feature

Combining the volatile and unpredictable nature of large-scale events, security service providers must keep an eye out for all signs of looming danger and potential risks in all areas of and within the vicinities of the event.

Security heightened at large events

News Feature

The importance of safety and security at large-scale events is escalated since such events are often high profile in nature, garnering nationwide, if not worldwide attention.

Major security players compete to offer VSaaS

News Feature

The VSaaS market, which is already crowded with emerging video hosting service providers,is attracting more and more security manufacturers to seek its share of the pie in this newmarket. Previously merely device providers, these incumbent security companies are alsodeveloping their VSaaS solutions through partnerships and acquisitions.

New shape of Chinese manufacturing

Business Talk

Hikvision is starting to gain global recognition amongst worldwide buyers. R&D and quality control has laid the foundation for Hikvision's accomplishment. a&s talked to the company for more in-depth understanding toward their internal management.

Asia Update: Malaysia's dilemma

Business Talk

In terms of new technology uptake, Malaysia is always an early adopter in the region, be it 4-G LTE telecommunication or IP-based video surveillance. From a recent trade show, general consensus was that the country already turned the 50/50 analog-to-IP corner earlier this year. The pickle that it is in today is keeping the momentum while stakeholders sort out political-economic issues.

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