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Ambarella acquires VisLab, a European developer of computer vision and intelligent automotive control systems

Ambarella, a leading developer of video compression and image processing semiconductors, announced the acquisition of VisLab, a privately held Italian company based in Parma, Italy for $30 million in cash. VisLab, the Vision and Intelligent Systems Laboratory at the University of Parma, is a pioneer in perception systems and autonomous vehicle research and was founded by Professor Alberto Brogg... Full story

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Residential video doorphone goes IP and wireless

News Feature

The video doorphone, also called the video intercom, is evolved into a multifunctional device in conjunction with network capability and home automation. Video doorphones for smart home are integrated with security, intercommunication and home automation features. With enhanced importance beyond entry management, it is moving from home entryways to the home center.

Smart home solution on a camera


Most camera makers in Taiwan are heavily hardware-oriented, but StarVedia is taking a different approach.

TOP10 most popular security products for April 2014

News Feature

In April Top 10, most of the products make first presence in the TOP10 in April while two seats, unsurprisingly were taken by Hikvision's IP cameras, DS-2CD2412F-I (W) and DS-2CD2432F-I (W) as previous winners in the last three months.

Global gaming market changes after recession


The landscape of the global casino market has dramatically changed as Asian countries are demonstrating all kinds of possibilities and surpassing major regional markets within only a few years. Despite being deeply affected by the recession, the US casino market remains the largest in the world. Meanwhile, it is forecasted that Las Vegas will no longer lead the US casino market, as more and more l

A decade in the making: VCA takes center stage (2)


Although video analytics is not new to the security industry, adoption has only been gradual. Video analytics is not yet a standard, but seeing the added value of VCA technology, many security companies have acquired, partnered with, or developed their own analytics to add to their offering.

A decade in the making: VCA takes center stage (1)


In 2014, this year, VCA vendors and security players sense that this really is the year for VCA.

Indian security market to grow after May election 2014(2)


As the massive India market is picking up the pace, more players are moving in and intensifying the competition. Price, quality and service that meet customer needs are keys for triumph.

Indian security market to grow after May election 2014(1)


After Mumbai Bombing, the mideset just changed. Corporates, government segments, and even rich consumers now see security a must.

Milestone: IP video is becoming mission critical to worldwide business

News Feature

IP video these days is for more than just security: people who install it for security monitoring reasons are finding other uses for it.

Wise buying mindset for access control in Middle East

News Feature

Multinationals try to analyze buyers' mindsets in this region when they consider buying access control products and solutions. Besides technologies, end users here also care about the extra value that the technologies can bring to them.

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