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Housing market in China welcomes electronic locks

China's electronic lock market is forecast to grow quite fast at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13 percent, from 2015 through 2019. The residential sector will be the key driver of overall category growth, with a CAGR of 17 percent, during the same time period, according to the IHS Access Control Market Intelligence Service.... Full story

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Now available! AirKey Wall Reader

News Feature

AirKey is the innovation from EVVA. The electronic locking that turns your smartphone into the key provides a flexible solution especially for companies with distributed locations. One year after the market launch, the new AirKey wall reader ideally enhances the AirKey application options.

Security events drive access control growth despite recession

News Feature

August will mark a&s International's 200th issue, and it's worthwhile to take a look back at the access control industry over the past eight years, between our 100th and 200th issues. One major event that happened during this time was the financial crisis of 2008, which led to a slowdown in constructions and spending on security. The access control industry, inevitably, was affected.

RFID: Small size, big possibilities

Business Talk

RFID tags are the most well-known example of IoT in retail. Without them, managing thousands of goods in-store could be daunting and costly. RFID labels tagged to the goods can help easily inventory the goods, identify the missing style on display, and replenish from back stock. By connecting to mobile devices, the shop assistant can help shoppers check the product availability, placement, and sto

Electronic locks dominate the access control industry

Business Talk

Electronic locks have evolved significantly since the 1970s when they were used mostly in hospitality and relied upon holes that were drilled into the cards themselves. Three decades later, electronic locks are now one of the fastest growing segments of the access control industry and have unmatched versatility. These lock types can be constant online wireless, semi-online wireless, data on card,

Effects of the Apple and Ecobee agreement on the smart thermostat industry

Business Talk

Last week Ecobee announced that their new smart thermostat, the Ecobee 3, will be sold at Apple Stores in the United States. This is the first Ecobee thermostat sold by Apple that is the HomeKit enabled.

IoT is here already, for retail

News Feature

The retail sector is one of the early adopters of the Internet of Things (IoT) concept of system and sensor integration to provide better management and business intelligence. One major benefit of implementing IoT technologies is that retailers can leverage the information gathered and improve customer's in-store experience.

Security over the years: Slowing economy and speeding low-cost products

News Feature

For the 200th issue of a&s International, we are featuring a series of stories reflecting on the past decade of the global security industry. Here's a sneak peek at what to expect!

Dallmeier launches new video analysis appliance DVS 800 IPS

News Feature

The DVS 800 IPS completes Dallmeier's entry-level analysis portfolio. The video appliance supports the analysis of up to four IP video channels and the recording of up to eight IP video channels. The DVS 800 IPS is a compact and versatile SEDOR video analysis server appliance. The proven platform of VideoNetBox II is used as hardware. The SEDOR Analysis Server software for analysis as well as t

SALTO and BLOC's smartphone innovation heralds UK's first keyless hotel

News Feature

In the competitive, not to mention crowded, world of hospitality, standing out from the competition and convincing travelers that you have something different to offer can be a hard call. BLOC Hotels have pulled this off in style at Gatwick Airport's South Terminal. Establishing a niche by taking the hotel room as a blank design, stripping out all the stuff you don't need while upgrading the fi

4K surveillance with extra intelligence

News Feature

Sony's 4K technology gives video security professionals powerful new ways to get the whole picture. The ruggedised SNC-VM772R 4K network outdoor minidome camera delivers exceptional detail and sensitivity, day or night. In addition to providing an extraordinary high resolution wide area overview in 4K, it offers a range of valuable additional streaming modes – including intelligent cropping and mu

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