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The merger of Dorma and Kaba creates second-largest supplier

The access-control industry – including readers, panels, cards, software and electronic locks -- is highly fragmented, and the top ten vendors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) comprised about half of the market last year. According to the most recent IHS report on electronic access control, the merger of Kaba and Dorma would make the combined company the second-largest player in EMEA's... Full story

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An opportunity to swap experiences during the first Hikvision EU Distribution Conference 2015

Business Talk

'It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.' (C. Darwin). This quote was shared by Jiangfeng Zhi, President at Hikvision Europe BV to the audience during the two-days event dedicated to the first European distributors' meeting held in Lisbon on April 23-24, 2015.

Taiwanese products well positioned in mid-to-high-end markets

Business Talk interviewed the secutech 2015 visitor, Dean Klobucar, Export Director for Alarm Automatika, from Croatia.

Youngkook Electronics shows specialty for the special security sector

Business Talk

Youngkook Electronics, a Korean professional security company, has introduced their latest product in secutech 2015. Besides the surveillance system, Youngkook has also specialized in the security systems for special purpose including industrial, medical, and military. This year, Jungyeon Hwang, the employee of Sales Head Office of Overseas Sales Department, talked about, Cryogenic camera, whic

DXG's new battery cameras fascinate with its sleek look and mobility

Business Talk

DXG brings new ideas to the market by providing a prototype of the battery-powered "Satellite Cameras" where each 2~4 mobile cameras can be paired with a control base, allowing users to settle the control base in one place, and carry the cameras wherever they are in a house.

Batio demonstrates software prowess via the creation of Forview Pixie

Business Talk

Batio creates the easy-to-use but powerful Forview app, which has Pixie camera as its first family member in its home solution, displaying the power to understand and satisfy end users' needs.

iSmart showcases smart home kit and Wi-Fi doorbell HiBell

Business Talk

iSmart showcases its Smart Home Kit and HiBell at the SMAhome Expo 2015.The kit includes Alarm Camera (AC8019DN2), Wireless PIR Detector (AF2), Wireless Smoke Detector (AF3), Wireless Gas Detector (AF4) and Wireless Video Records. Accompanying mobile apps for both products are available for users to easily manage the devices.

Tai Twun enterprise demonstrates Android-based movable intercom system

Business Talk

Tai Twun Enterprise demonstrates its e-home solutions at the SMAhome Expo 2015. One featured solution is NA-200, a movable intercom system based on Android.

Security & Best adds style to access control cards

Business Talk

Access control cards that users carry to work tend to be dull and unstylish. That's what one Korean access control solutions provider wants to change.

Jieshun showcases speedy pedestrian gate

Business Talk

Jieshun, based in Shenzhen, is demonstrating what it says is the world's fastest pedestrian gate.

Yu De features their white light technology

Business Talk

Yu De Technology presents their white light technology in this year's secutech. Originally this technology was developed to overcome the issue of red brake lights on vehicles in license plate recognition (LPR) applications, and now,

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