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UTP Passive Video Balun Guarantee Hub
Supplier: AAS Tech / UTP BALUN
Region: Taiwan
Updated: 2010/07/26
Click Frequency: 1252
Product Category:Transmission > Fiber-Optic Transmission > Video
Key Specifications

The UTP pas s ive video balun can power cameras with 12V DC and transmit the data up to 1,000 feet , which faci l i - tates long-distance transmission and guarantees nonstop power supply. The power-guaranteed device transmits 36V DC, while the passive balun with power stabilizer steps down the voltage at 12V DC when supplying power to the camera.

The VBP36DC-04HA power input supports 100V to 240V, regulates 36V DC output power and use three pairs of UTP cabling to carry more current. The over current recovery IC enables true isolation of each channel, while the RJ-45 jack design ensures easy connection. The connector reverses polarity and offers short-circuit protection design.

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