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Smoke Detector

Smoke Detector

Supplier: IMAKE International Co.,Ltd
Region: China
Updated: 2014/03/21
Product Category:Fire & Safety > Active Fire Safety > Active Fire Safety
Key Specifications

* Dual LEDs for 360-degree visibility

* Stainless steel inner housing for high ANTI-RFI

* Two?or?four?wire?models?optional

* Sleek,?low-profile?housing?design

* Low?power?consumption,?high?precision?and?stability

* Durable?Sensor?Head;?Excellent?smoke?access

* Power-off?reset?for?2?wire?connection

* Auto-reset?or?power-off?reset?optional?for?4?wire?connection

* Easy?Installation?and?maintenance


*Operating Voltage

SD-96-2 wire:DC 10~35V

SD-96-4 wire:DC12V

*Standby Current

SD-96-2 wire:≦100uA

SD-96-4 wire:≦15mA

*Alarm Current

SD-96-2 wire: 70mA(at DC 24V)

SD-96-4 wire: ≦15mA

*Detecting Area: 80 square meter(with the installation height of 6m-12m), and 60 square meter (with the installation height less than 6m)

*Alarm Output

SD-96-2 wire:Conventional Output and LED flash

SD-96-4 wire:Relay output (N.O/N.C) and LED flash

*Installation Method: Ceiling Mounted

*Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ +55°C

*Operating Humidity: ≦95%RH

*Dimensions: 104mm(Dia)x51mm(H)

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