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Key Specifications
This solution supports video input with multiple video formats and can output with De-interlacing and Scaling effects. It can be used for most video conversion and processing applications.


a. Supports ITU656/ ITU601 YUV video format input.

b. Supports Non-interlaced RGB/YPbPr Analog and 24bit R/G/B Digital outputs

c. Film Detection with Inverse 3:2/2:2 Pull Down

d. Advanced Motion Adaptive De-interlacing

e. Independent Scale Up and Down in both Horizontal and Vertical direction

f. Built-in LUT for Gamma Correction and Color Adjustment

g. Dithering Logic for Color Depth Enhancement

h. 2-Wire Serial Bus or Parallel Port Registers Access

i. Built-in 2K Bytes OSD RAM and supports External OSD Font ROM

j. Frame capture Mirroring supported in Horizontal or Vertical direction

k. NTSC/PAL video Input Auto-Detection supported



b. DTV & Front Projection/Rear Projection/Progressive Scan TVs

c. TV to PC Monitor Format/Scan Rate Converter

d. Video Enhancer/TV Tuner box

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