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Key Specifications
The CXP81840A/81848A is a CMOS 8-bit microcomputer which consists of A/D converter, serial interface, timer/counter, time base timer, vector interruption, high precision timing pattern generation circuit, PWM generator, PWM for tuner, 32kHz timer/event counter, remote control receiving circuit, as well as basic configurations like 8-bit CPU, ROM, RAM and I/O port. They are integrated into a single chip.

Also CXP81840A/81848A provides sleep/stop function which enables to lower power consumption and ultra-low speed instruction mode in 32kHz operation.

* A wide instruction set (213 instructions) which cover various types of data
* Minimum instruction cycle
* Incorporated ROM capacity
* Incorporated RAM capacity
* Peripheral functions
* Interruption
* Standby mode
* Package
* Piggyback/evaluation chip
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