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Key Specifications
The Bravo 6 Dual Element PIR Motion Detector is designed to prevent false alarms while ensuring security under the widest possible range of real life conditions. Nothing can match a Bravo PIR for its sensitivity, accuracy and built-in immunity to false alarms. Even lightning, static shocks and power surges are no match for its superior design. A Bravo 6 PIR is built to provide the highest immunity to false alarms possible without compromising catch in any way. By ensuring significantly higher levels of accuracy and stability under all environmental and climatic conditions, the Bravo 6 PIR offers precisely the level of security while leaving pet free to roam user''s home.


 Digital signal analysis for consistent detection throughout the coverage pattern

 Digital temperature compensation for improved catch performance at critical temperatures

 Patented Multi-Level Signal Processing (MLSP) for accurate detection of human IR over a broad range of temperatures

 Sensitivity adjustment to configure the detector for normal or hostile environments

 High-level static and transient protection

 Exceptional white light immunity

 Excellent RF immunity

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