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STENTOFON raises the bar for product presentation in the VoIP-industry
Source: STENTOFON | Date: 04/11/2013
?The Turbine has a unique look and features market leading functionality. When discussing the possibility of a video presentation, we decided to take it up a notch and present the product in a fashion that serves justice to its design and great looks?, said Ole Hjetland Falck online marketing manager for STENTOFON.

The station is extremely robust, but instead of telling that the product is IP 66 and IK 10, STENTOFON wanted to show it. In order to do so the video ended up including flamethrowers, several kilos of sand and dust, ice and a body builder with a sledge hammer.

?There’s a reason why STENTOFON delivers these stations made for harsh environments. Engineers demand this level of quality and robustness when spec’ing projects where communication is critical. But what these specs actually mean outside the world of technical jargon, is rarely demonstrated?, said Falck.

The mission for the video is to visualize a datasheet filled with technical terms and make the datasheet come alive. While live presentations demonstrate the HD-sound quality, echo cancellation features and the 105 dB audio pressure, there was really no realistic way to demonstrate the extreme robustness of the Turbine live in meetings and at events.

?The Turbine have changed the way we look at Intercom, our engineers have solved a challenge that none of our competitors have managed. They have created an Intercom station with market leading specifications and functionality that actually looks like something more than a flat aluminum plate. We wanted the video to do justice to our engineers brilliance, hard work and passion for great design and looks?, said Falck.

Has STENTOFON succeeded? Watch for yourself:
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