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  • Address: 10F, E Building, No. 19-11, San Chung Rd., Nankang, Taipei, 115, Taiwan
  • City: Taipei
  • Contact Person: andy.lee
Company Introduction
As a company which works through a business model involving business creation and risk management, AVTECH, founded in 1996, increases the sale revenue with its breakthrough and innovation ability, and earn profits stably with its practical business running philosophy. EPS of more than NTD 10 for consecutive 9 years since 1999.
AVTECH makes every effort on the innovation of technology, product and implementation, and has become one of the world''s largest standalone digital video recorder (DVR) manufacturers over these years. Our color cameras and quad processors are also the best-selling products in the marketplace. We have clear channels all over the world, constantly release cutting-edge products, and lead the trend of this CCTV industry.
AVTECH is dedicated to increase the popularity of CCTV products and enable the products to go deep into our daily life, business / industrial area, and the public environment. People will be comfortable to see security products everywhere. We dare to challenge and implement new technology, and bringing new vision into the world is the endless goal we never stop.

Basic Profile
Country: Taiwan
City: Taipei
Address: 10F, E Building, No. 19-11, San Chung Rd., Nankang, Taipei, 115, Taiwan
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Contact Person: andy.lee
Corporation Brief
Established Year:1996
Capital Sum:NTD 708,910,200
Employee's Number:101-200
OEM/ODM experience:no
Countries of Export:American Virgin Is.; Eastern Europe; China; Southeast Asia; Brazil
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