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huperLab Selected for Taiwan’s Memorial Hall with People Counter Technology
Source: huperLab | Date: 11/18/2010
A long-history memorial hall in Taipei, Taiwan accommodates two to three thousand visitors every single day, in order to enhance surveillance and marketing benefits, hall manager adopted huperLab’s intelligent People Counter solution as to build a complete real-time environment security control with economic budget.

For instantly managing crowds and turning visitor data into business intelligence, Taiwan’s well-known solution provider, GCC, deployed huperLab’s vision-based people counter solution along with the integration of statistics analysis system at entry points of memorial hall. Chang, Project Manager of GCC, points out, “This is a good case of how people counting system can be well implemented in sightseeing spots. We mounted analog cameras on the top of every hall entry to capture people flow data, and further integrated huperLab’s people counter system with back-end server for detailed analysis. By connecting to the LED signage, the number of visitors and hall traffic data will be shown immediately to reflect the people admitted in the memorial hall.”

Unlike most people counting systems in the market, such as infrared-ray counters and radar sensor equipments, huperLab’s vision-based people counter is able to allocate and count each person from the crowd to ensure 90[[]%] accuracy, even when people walk side by side or the crowd passes in and out at the same time. By connecting to either CCTV or network cameras, huperLab’s people counter is easy to install and integrate with existing surveillance systems without extra hardware costs.

The people counter can be scheduled by day, by week, or by month, and its captured data is able to import to the back-end system to generate detailed information, such as RPS statistics, via the people counting system server. More than that, the data can be accessed remotely without area limitations for greater convenience.

Based on high accuracy of raw data, detailed analysis helps hall managers to get more understanding toward visitors’ satisfaction and consuming behavior, if any, to improve and
evaluate the whole marketing benefits and routes plan. They are able to see clear statistics to learn marketing performance of various activities, and then adjust their strategies accordingly. The hall managers even can moderate air conditioning to ensure good ventilation in the memorial hall based on the change of visitor flow.

In comparison with general surveillance solutions, huperVision’s video analytics not only secures people’s properties but also provides business insights for different industries.

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