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Mobile Witness

Key Components, CCTV, IP Surveillance

Basic Profile

Country: United States

Tel: 800-464-0831

Fax: 800-464-0832

Address: 520 E. Montford Ave., Ada, OH 45810


Contact Person: Hyatt O'Connell

Corporation in Brief

Established Year : 2002

Capital Sum : 10,000,000

OEM/ODM experience : no

Company Introduction
Mobile Witness specializes in ??-of-the-line mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs) and accessories. Our products are manufactured for law enforcement vehicles, public transit vehicles, charter buses, school buses, ferries, surveillance vehicles, ambulances, and emergency response vehicles. We offer 1, 4, and 8 channel MDVRs with a broad variety of options to custom fit them in almost any mobile security application.
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