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Shenzhen Coson Electronic Co., LTD

Access Control

Basic Profile

Country: China

Tel: 86-755-33358689

Fax: 86-755-33358689

Address: 17F, 6025YingLong Building, shennan Middle Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China


Business Nature: Manufacturer

Contact Person: Karen Kang

Corporation in Brief

Established Year : 1994

OEM/ODM experience : no

Countries of Export : United Kingdom; Australia; United States

Company Introduction
Coson was established in 1994,and in 1995 Coson started common security business, which focused on Access control system. At the same time , Coson obtained a power of attorney of German DEISTER reader in Chinese Mainland while in 1996 Coson achieved a power of attorney of American CSI Access Control System, eff Electronic Locks, HID reader and MOTOROLA reader. In 1998 Coson began to research and develop own Access Control Management-ACM2110. In 1999 Coson bought license from Swiss LEGIC CO., and start to develop and sale LEGIC production.

In 2001 Coson developed ACM6800 series, which based on international markets. In 2003 Coson used Mifare technology of FHILIP CO. to develop a series of readers and unaided door controller. In 2003 Coson developed products of TCP/IP.(ACM6800/LAN) In 2007, Coson will introduce a series of reader of access control both in Chinese market as well as international.
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