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Opgal EyeSec Thermal Imaging Cameras

Opgal EyeSec Thermal Imaging Cameras
Supplier: Opgal Optronics Industries
Region: Israel
Updated: 10/24/2012
Click Frequency: 1088
Product Specifications

EyeSec is one of the most extensive series of thermal imaging cameras providing solutions for all security and surveillance needs. It delivers crisp and clear thermal images in total darkness, light fog or smoke, and features Opgal's state-of-the-art uncooled thermal technology. With a spectral range of 7.5-14 μ, and resolution and pitch options of 640 x 480, 17 μ and 384 x 288, 25μ, the line offers some of the company's newest on-camera innovations like fire-detection analytics, 12x digital zoom, and several novel lenses. EyeSec is available either as a fixed camera or on an integrated pan-tilt platform, and can be configured with TCP/IP video and control.

* High Image Quality - High resolution, small pixel pitch
* Best Suited for Analytics - Unmatched image processing algorithms provide enhancedcontrast for VMD and fire detection
* Advanced Optics - Continuous Zoom, Dual Field of View, f1.0 Motorized Lenses, Auto-Focus
* Versatility - Wide variety of fixed, PTZ, and optic configurations
* Easy Installation - Pelco D protocol, common industry mounting options, serial communication
* Rugged Design - Designed and certified to IP66 and MIL standards

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