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Physical Access Control:Same Value Equation,New Dynamics

The physical access control market has long been characterized by the “customer value equation,” a balancing act among cost, security and convenience that influence buying behavior and decisionmaking trade-offs. Validated by a recent Avisian study, this balancing act will continue over the coming years. However, there are new market dynamics that influence the interrelationship among the value equ

Searching For the Right Solution

Finding the perfect solution for a project entails careful planning and understanding client requirements. Points such as the correct management software and choosing between analog and IP devices should be taken into careful consideration.

Milestone Talks About Storage at the Edge

Eric Fullerton, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, and Christian Bohn, VP Marketing & Product Management, have an open chat about the current status, advantages and limitations of using storage at the edge for IP video surveillance data.

Physical Security Going IP

The advent of IP networking has revolutionized security integration, as described by Patrick Lim, Director of Sales and Marketing, Ademco Far East.

ACS Smart Cards Streamline Denver Transit Fare-Collection System

Transit riders in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver will soon notice a green experience as the city implements a fare-collection system with Affiliated Computer Services, (ACS), a Xerox company.

Busting PSIM Myths

Is PSIM a pricey solution only suited for high-risk facilities? Matthew Kushner, President of the Americas for Computer Network Limited, debunks such claims.

How to Configure VMS Successfully

Deploying, integrating and configuring an IP-based VMS is seldom a turnkey event. Even a relatively small installation can require careful preparation. There are many pitfalls that can trap the unwary, not least of which is managing user expectations. The site could involve an existing network and equipment, including DVRs, analog cameras, monitors and a matrix. A customer may be reluctant to give

The Essential Elements of An IP-Based Video System

With the transition to IP-based systems comes a whole new set of concerns and challenges related to system design, integration and budgeting. This article examines the elements of a successful IP-based video system and suggests approaches to maximizing the benefits and minimizing the pitfalls when adopting the newer technologies.

Successful Wireless Implementations Require Careful Calculations

Selecting proper elements to successfully integrate numerous devices using wireless media can be a daunting task. Careful planning and calculations are necessary to minimize setbacks.

Detangling Wireless Technology for Effective Deployments

The recent financial and economic climate has prompted the search for low-cost solutions while still delivering the same quality. Compared to wired transmission, wireless transmission can save tens of thousands of dollars per project on trenching, cabling and building remodeling.

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