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Making operation second nature: Designing the ideal man-machine interface for the modern video security system

Gone are the days when CCTV could be regarded as a separate security system, independent of its application environment. Today users want video to be integrated with their own working procedures so that CCTV reaches directly into the business processes. However, this combined with the increasing complexity and variety of the technical systems and the enormous data flows generated, particularly by

Managed Services Moving Mountains

With network connectivity and cloud-based services becoming readily available, device manufacturers and service providers have found new ways to protect end users' properties and serve their evolving security and operational needs. A&S surveys current market conditions for managed video as a service and examines real-life usability issues, technical limitations and business development opportuniti

Honey,I Shrunk the VIDEO!

Video compression is necessary for efficient transmission and storage of video feeds from edge devices to back-end recording devices and servers. As adoption of hybrid and HD systems accelerates, manufacturers and solution providers must now address video compression and reusability issues in order to better help the integrator/installer community and expand market share.

Comparing NVR Designs

The emergence of the NDVR — an NVR construct with several hybrid DVR features — has created a great deal of discussion and confusion among manufacturers, channel partners and end users alike. Why did they come into being, and what are they for?

Lights, Camera, Action:Tuning Megapixel Cameras for Real Life

Megapixel cameras see great amounts of detail, but require a carefully selected supporting cast of storage, networks and displays for an outstanding performance. A&S finds out from experts how to set up video systems for real-life megapixel surveillance, as well as how to specify cameras.

Capturing Crystal Clear Images With Megapixel Technology

Megapixel surveillance is not a new concept — its applications and benefits are starkly clear. What has changed are smarter cameras, taking advantage of the added pixels and a better understanding of illumination in real life. In the first of a two-part report, A&S examines how smarter megapixel cameras are getting; the second part looks at best practices for optimal performance.

Tuning Domes for Top IP Performance

The migration to IP from analog affects dome performance. High-resolution cameras, fisheye lenses and network constraints influence optimal dome operation. Higher resolution dome cameras enable greater detail, but also introduce network issues. In turn, networks facilitate greater connectivity, but may also incur lag. One consideration for IP devices is the cabling distance, which was rarely an

IPv6 Implications for Physical Security

As the number of IP addresses runs out, IPv6 adds many more addresses. Edgar Martinez, Senior Technology Engineer at KBC Networks, examines how this network change affects physical security equipment.

Demystifying Wired Communications for IP-Based Security Applications

Demystifying wired data communications for security applications initially sounds like a very broad topic, but if we assume a useful distance and reasonable data rates, plus the ability to deliver power, then in fact it can be narrowed down to just a few technologies. Many common wired communications formats can be discounted due to their very short range (such as USB, SCSI, Firewire and others

Linking Cloud Computing and Security

Cloud computing has amassed a legion of fans over the past two years, including tech giants Google and IBM. Physical security players are keen to take advantage of its benefits, but its applicability remains unclear. A&S takes a look at what cloud computing has to offer and how the security industry can benefit from it.

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