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Panoramic Cameras for Budget-Wise Choice

Aside from the growing demand for more coverage at higher resolution, panoramic cameras also have the benefits of lower costs in installation and maintenance due to fewer cameras, which also require less recording resources. There are real-world applications that need panoramic cameras, such as situations requiring three to four cameras in an indoor environment, said Patrick Lim, Sales and Mar

Growing Demands of Fisheye and Panoramic Cameras

Since the dawn of photography, people have been scratching their heads over how to fit more of the world into that little viewfinder. The latest solution to this problem for video surveillance lies in panoramic and 360-degree cameras, achieved mainly through packing multiple lenses and image sensors into a single unit and using specialized lenses, respectively.

Mapping VMS Uptake in Different Regions

Why do certain VMS vendors do so well in some regions? Find the secret to regional VMS success. When we look at VMS adoption,several vendors have global presence. However, many VMS vendors talk about their market shares by region. Axxonsoft is No. 1 in Russia, reporting 60 percent market share. Digifort is fifth in Latin America, with a market share of more than 80 percent in Brazil. ISS is se

Verticalization: VMS Sticks Up For End Users

VMS is evolving according to the needs and expectations of end users. One method to meet user needs is to design VMS with specific verticals in mind. In this article, we discuss what variables change between VMS for different verticals.

Courtesy of IP Video: Tough Love for Open-Platform VMS

Video management software (VMS) is exactly that — software that manages a video surveillance system. While this used to mean monitoring the video streams from various cameras, open-platform VMS is gaining momentum, riding on the coattails of the IP revolution and catering to the needs of increasingly complicated and interconnected security systems. Yet the complexity of IP networks mean that VMS p

Shedding Light on Lux Ratings

We examine whether megapixel cameras are ready for their low-lux debut and what else to look at aside from minimum lux levels. The outlook for low-light megapixel cameras also depends on global economic conditions, which could limit uptake.

Making Megapixel Cameras Shine in Low Light

The migration to IP surveillance is driven by megapixel cameras. However, low-light performance remains an unknown, as smaller and less light-sensitive pixels are crowded onto an image sensor. a&s finds out whether megapixel cameras are ready for nighttime surveillance, compared to analog models, and how components affect performance.

When Cyber Security Meets the Guard –The Integration of Physical and Cyber Security

Holistic security solutions that unite physical and logical defenses can strengthen an organization. John Carney, Senior Manager for Government Practice, Cisco Systems, examines how deeper integration can yield business benefits.

Stepping Back From the Edge

The advantages of HD over SD are evident, but even after two years of “evangelization,” issues that hinder the overall performance of HD surveillance systems still linger. Transmission and storage are complex but easily resolved when enough money is thrown at the problem. Things are a bit different on the management and display side, where manufacturers still have a bit of work to do to optimize t

Practical Considerations for Pretty Pictures

Earlier this year, a major typewriter manufacturer closed down its last facility. While initial reports claimed that it marked the extinction of the revolutionary device, it is far from dead. However, the magical device that took the world by storm has withered significantly and now serves only in niche markets. The typewriter changed the world. It was a simple, elegant solution that solved a

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