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Cloud Video in Demand?

The cloud is a tantalizing opportunity for video surveillance. By doing away with hard disk drives (HDDs) and storing everything to the cloud, gone is the most costly and failure-prone part of a video system. IMS Research estimated the global market for video surveillance as a service (VSaaS) was worth more than US$500 million in 2011, up 25 percent from 2010. Itpredicts the VSaaS market could sur

Switches and Routers at the Heart of Security Networks (Part 2)

Let's take a look at how these various devices and networks combine in some very complex building installations. The first is a two-tower project known as the Emirates Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This office/hotel complex accommodates business and vacation travelers alike. The office tower is home to numerous MNCs requiring the latest fiber-optic technology and integrated systems. The f

Switches and Routers at the Heart of Security Networks (Part 1)

Most often, corporate officials prefer to converge their security, building and other operational systems onto one large enterprise computer network. That creates a challenge for the IT department, to marry disparate systems with varying degrees and requirements of access, bandwidth and security. That challenge is typically met through the creation of sub-networks known as LANs and WANs. A LAN is

Reducing Signal Noise for Audio/Video Systems

Interference between audio and video signals used to cause buzzing; however, it is rarely an issue these days, especially with IP networks, said Derek van der Vorst, CEO of Sound Intelligence. Even though video and audio signals are captured within the same box, video and audio data is sent in separated packets over an IP network. These two signals generally do not interfere with each other. “Howe

What It Takes to Get Wireless Surveillance Right

In addition to having a solid technical background in IP, it is critical to know how radio frequencies (RF) propagate. “When cellular carriers deploy networks, they don't just throw up cellular base stations in random locations,” said Geoffrey Smith, VP of Business Development and Strategic Accounts, Proxim Wireless. “It's the same thing, for wireless, with base stations and subscriber radios. You

Sending Security Video Through Thin Air

The wireless technology market for security is growing at a double-digit rate, as systems become easier to user and more cost-effective. Beyond city surveillance, there are other surveillance applications where wireless networks show a lot of promise, including transportation/transit, utilities and remote industries.Wireless technology is becoming more capable of handling burdensome video data tha

Preparations for IP Video Storage

- Users can reserve channels in advance, so that no additional cost is required - Servers are better at handling larger expansions. - Proper planning by consultants or integrators is a key requirement for a cost-effective solution meeting the required security levels

Keeping IP Video Reliable and Resilient

- Window-based software is more prone to stability issues, hacker issues and requires firewalls. - Linux-based software is comparatively low-maintenance. - When PCs play a bigger role in the recording and movement of data, the processing power is of greater importance.

How to Achieve Video and Audio in Synchronization

Many network cameras offer audio support, be it built-in microphones and/or mic-in/line-in jacks. Audio signals are transmitted across the network the same way video data is. In digital systems, audio and video data is sent in separate packets. In order to achieve perfect synchronization, the audio and video packets must be time-stamped. Video/audio synchronization happens at the bit level. “We cl

What's Next in Video Recording and Storage?

Stand-alone NVRs will continue to thrive in low-cost environments, such as independent retail stores and SMBs, said Jeff Whitney, VP of Marketing at Intransa. “Their main benefits are cost, simple functionality and setup. Preconfigured systems, especially those that include cameras and cabling, will continue to take up much of this unsophisticated market segment.”

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