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Iris Scans on the Fly

BlinkSpot announces national availability of the company's first to market biometric solution for identifying, monitoring and reporting students as they board and exit school buses. School officials have faced the challenge of knowing which 26 million students are riding which buses and having real time information as to when and where each student got on and off. When a child is missing or in the

Valens Semiconductor Introduces Uncompressed Connectivity to Network Cams Market

Valens Semiconductor, a provider of semiconductor products and inventor of HDBaseT technology, announced the new VS020 chipset, a digital connectivity solution for the CCTV market that enables unprecedented long-distance distribution of multimedia content to cameras and displays via a single Cat5e/6a LAN cable.

Sprint BYOD Management Now Available for Businesses

With the consumerization of mobile devices and services, more businesses are adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and they need a simple approach to manage the security, administration and shared costs associated with this complex challenge.

“Along with our focus on helping businesses solve their mobile security and management needs, they can feel assured about Sprint's commi

EMC Back in Physical Security

EMC provides the systems, software, and services to leverage one of your most strategic assets—your business data. EMC's goal is to optimize your information infrastructure to meet growing demands for enterprise content management, video surveillance, security, archiving, storage, and virtualization. The EMC Physical Security Solutions team helps organizations understand how to benefit from tec

10 Ways to Smoothen IP Video Transmission

Megapixel cameras are supposed to help people see better, react faster, but oftentimes limited network resources prevent them from working at their full capacity or capability. Camera manufacturers have devised a number of ways to cope with this harsh reality, enabling their cameras to stream smarter and deliver full HD footage.

Future of Access Control (Sponsored)

In the past, access control has been a “fit and forget” system that can last in excess of 15 years. However, according to access control manufacturer TDSi, there are some exciting innovations and trends emerging in the industry that are making security managers re-evaluate what they have and how it can be improved. These advances are penetrating every aspect of access control from controllers a

World's First Outdoor Gigapixel Webcam

The world's first automated and outdoor gigapixel webcam, EarthCam's GigapixelCam, is now available to help project teams monitor jobsites and document progress with greater scope and precise detail. Using propriety technology and software, the revolutionary system has a unique robotic camera with a custom lens that surgically pans a jobsite at defined intervals, capturing multiple high resolut

Selecting Outdoor IP Cams

CCTV surveillance cameras are now a common sight in cities around the world, with cameras used at major intersections to catch speeders and would-be runners of red lights. However, as many drivers have learned, outdoor cameras have a high failure rate, and consequently only a fraction of the cameras installed are actually operational.

Because of the high failure rate, maintaining

IP-Based Storage for Mission-Critical Applications

Network video is the leading driver of the growth in the video surveillance security market. It's not only altering the fundamental infrastructure of security systems, but it is also spurring innovation in tangential area, such as marketing, behavioral analytics and traffic management. Servers, storage and workstation technologies are therefore key components of an IP-based physical security so

Resolving Cloud Surveillance Challenges

Software is fairly consistent, but hardware comes in all shapes and sizes. An open platform is required for VSaaS IP connectivity, but network video has yet to be plug-and-play. "IP video technology is a ‘mixed bag' in this regard: the negatives are the incompatible standards of IP video, but the benefits include the ability to view over the Internet on a wide range of off-the-shelf – and in many

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