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CBC dabbles in NVR and smartphone app

The European subsidiary of surveillance solutions provider CBC recently launched a new range of full HD Ganz IP NVRs. Available in four or eight channels, the NVRs provide 1,080p HD quality images along with a free app and central management software, allowing images to be displayed remotely, quickly and easily in quad or full-screen on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

When solid state meets mobile applications

Safety Vision, a solutions provider of mobile video and multimedia fleet automation for more than 20 years, recently introduced a mobile-rated NVR that supports up to 12 IP HD cameras with H.264 compression. The mobile security system utilizes a patent-pending technology that combines 1-TB, 2.5-inch hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs) for enhanced redundancy.

Tailor mobile onboard monitoring to different fleet types

Mobile, onboard monitoring is not a one-size-fits-all market, thanks to the various types and functions of land transport fleets. In this feature, a&s collects tailored onboard monitoring solutions for specific usage scenarios.

Gas leak detection, with a camera!

Opgal Optronic Industries, a global provider of thermal and long-range near-IR imaging solutions, released a new long-range model of its EyeCGas IR gas-imaging camera, using a 75mm lens. Utilizing its proprietary optical design, the EyeCGas IR camera enables remote inspection of potentially leaking areas by detecting and visualizing even the smallest gas leaks from hundreds of meters away. EyeCGas

11 things about ‘smart' cams

More and more we see the idea of “smart cameras” being introduced in the physical security marketplace. Why is that? Actually, it's for a couple of good reasons. Smart cameras excel at addressing highly constrained, single-purpose detection needs. A key factor instrumental in the proliferation of smart cameras is that they address tasks that are generalized across physical sites, such as counting,

New kid on the VMS block

3VR, the video intelligence company, announced that it is opening up its Video Intelligence Platform for integration with select hardware partners for the first time. This is a first for 3VR's Video Intelligence Platform as its Video Management Software (VMS) has only been available for use with its own Network Video Recorders (NVRs) and Hybrid NVRs in the past.

Anixter unveils IP video migration program

Anixter recently unveiled its new ipAssured: defining network video migration (DNVM) program that will provide a road map for security end users and integrators looking to migrate their video surveillance networks to a real-time, scalable, IP-based solution. The new program establishes an open system, standards-based network video architecture to address current and future video surveillance appli

Sony, EMC, Next Level partner up to offer VSaaS, restriction free

Sony Electronics Security Systems Division and Next Level Security Systems are jointly developing a cloud-based video surveillance solution designed to deliver affordable, scalable security services and technologies to its worldwide customer base.

Cisco releases new VMS version based on medianet architecture

Cisco announced Video Surveillance Manager 7.0, the industry's first solution built from the ground-up and certified to run in Cisco's virtualized Unified Computing System (UCS) environments. These new solutions now make it possible for customers in healthcare, public sector and retail to move beyond traditional basic safety and security surveillance deployments and use video to transform the w

Vanguard Software Solutions debuts real-time H.265 software encoder

Vanguard Software Solutions (VSS), a provider of H.264/MPEG-4 AVC CODEC technology since 2004, trial runs a new generation of encoders based on HEVC (H.265), the Draft International Standard approved by the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding (JCT-VC) in July 2012. The ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG) established JCT-VC to develop the

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