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Usability Key to Access Control Software Success

Although the marketplace is replete with software providers, not all can offer user satisfaction. speaks to three Asian vendors and identifies how they embody the fundamental characteristics of effective access control management software.

Intelligent Video Makes the Central Management System Sing

ObjectVideo offered some guidelines on the acquisition and deployment of video analytics for the most effective central management system possible.

Developing IP Surveillance Systems Based on H.264

Internet Protocol (IP) technology is rapidly changing the way organizations look at video surveillance. Conventional wisdom used to conclude that digital cameras were more expensive than analog. This is no longer the case, as IP cameras have fallen in price and the total cost of IP surveillance systems is offset by lower cable, housing, installation and maintenance costs. Other benefits of IP tech

IP Video Security System Leads the Market

Panasonic System Solutions Company discussed its innovative i-Pro IP surveillance solution at the Global Digital Surveillance Forum, part of SecuTech Expo 2008 held in Taipei, Taiwan.

Hybrid IP Video Solutions

IP is a hot topic for nowadays securit industry. According to many industry experts, hybrid IP video solutions may be the most feasible solution for current markets. asked Ruud Toonders from the Bosch Group, one of the worldˇs leading suppliers of technology and services, to explain the most relevant points around hybrid IP video solutions.

IP Video CCTV Systems: Choosing the Right Path

It is increasingly important that end users understand the difference between single-vendor and multi-vendor IP video systems. Oliver Vellacott, President and CEO of IndigoVision , discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and the impact of choosing a system.

Bust Out of Proprietary Jail

Why choose open-platform, IP video solutions? It is all about decoupling software from hardware to deliver the freedom to choose best-of-breed components and future-proof investments.

Reasons to Choose IP Cameras

Modern IP security cameras are getting rid of the false beliefs that have long argued against using network video systems - and are shaking things up at the same time.

Megapixel Cameras: Worth the Price?

Why are end users switching to megapixel technology? Despite conventional wisdom that reliable, industrial-quality megapixel network cameras are three or even four times more expensive than comparable low-resolution (4CIF) cameras, megapixel cameras are in fact cheaper.

Hybrid is the Path to IP

Internet Protocol (IP) video is security technology's new frontier. It offers new functionality, extends enterprise command and control, and economizes on installation costs. While roughly 80 percent of the surveillance cameras on the market are still analog, the world is heading toward full IP. The question is: Are you ready?

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