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A Checklist for Jumping from Analog to IP Surveillance

Organizations have experienced increasing demand for surveillance technology, to protect people as well as private and public assets. Mark Wilson, VP of Marketing for Infinova, explores how recent events, from boarding airlines to protecting embassies, highlight the growing needs for security.

The Evolution of Video Surveillance

Video has come to an intersection where analog, IP and hybrid systems' capabilities meet, as explored by Alan Randy Matchett, Security Project Development Engineer III, Building Efficiency, Johnson Controls.

Ethernet Expands Existing Infrastructure

Ethernet is compatible with all transmission data, thus allowing easy integration of separate devices into a single system. It maximizes existing cabling infrastructure to save costs.

Wired Up With Transmission

With convergence heating up, transmission plays a crucial role in an integrated security solution. There are many options to choose from, depending on the devices used and the environment they operate in.

Challenging the Claims of Higher Resolution

Manufacturers have been promoting surveillance cameras with resolution specifications higher than 540 horizontal TVLs, implying that customers will benefit from enhanced resolution. However, even if a camera can pass a test that validates a resolution specification over 540 horizontal TVLs, the end user is not going to get more than 540 lines out of a typical installation because of system limitat

Wireless Performance by Design

Transmission cabling can be tricky, which makes wireless video deployments attractive. Ksenia Coffman, Senior Marketing Manager for Firetide, discusses wireless mesh projects that deliver wired performance.

Real-Life Measures Protect Against Hardware Failure

When it comes to storing large data files at high speeds 24 hours a day, storage systems must be protected from errors that can affect recorded images.

Complete Storage Options Safeguard Video Footage

The expansion of megapixel and HD cameras in the market requires extra storage. But where do DVRs and NVRs back up data? Attached storage devices are the answer, freeing up recorder space while keeping footage indefinitely.

Current Status of PSIM Development

An interview conducted by Adlan Hussain, CNL Marketing Manager, brings a number of insights on PSIM. The following contributions suggest the way Matthew Kusher, CNL President, defines the buzzword.

Complete Venue Solutions Stop Attacks

Integrated solutions secure widespread venues more effectively, allowing operators to respond to problems in a timely fashion.

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