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Automatic Systems ParksPlus and TollPlus are fully compatible with ALPR

According to an IHS study, the market for ALPR systems is set to reach over $800 million in 2018.

Raytec wins Security Essen Award for VARIO IPPoE

Raytec is reported to have won a coveted Security Essen Technology Innovation award for their new VARIO IPPoE range of network illuminators.

Milestone Systems navigates new sales channels with Netgear and Zucchetti

Milestone Systems has just announced a close relation with Netgear enabling over 10,000 Netgear resellers and more than 2,400 partners to sell solutions with Milestone XProtect.

How security enhances metro emergency management

Taking public transportation has become a normal way of life for people constantly on the go. Yet despite various safety measures implemented by the operator, disasters, whether natural or caused by human, occur from time to time. Luckily, today's security technologies have evolved to enable better emergency management for operators, and passengers can travel with peace of mind.

You know EverFocus! But do you really know EverFocus?

Yes we can! For the past 19 years, EverFocus has been supporting and working with our partners down the river of success. “Partner for growth” is what EverFocus has been doing and we believed that to provide something that can efficiently solve the problems is what we can do with our partners to grow together. To provide something valuable to the world has always been our goal to contribute to the

Total Security Protection and Universal Security Systems earn highest certification on C.CURE platform

Software House, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, is pleased to announce that two systems integrators in the UK have achieved Enterprise Level Certification, the highest level of certification and training on the Software House C•CURE Security and Event Management system.

Clustered RAID storage and enterprise CMS protect capital of Mongolia

City surveillance calls for not only high performance and reliable solutions, but the capability to handle the harsh outdoor environment and large data storage for 24/7 non-stop recording for 90 days

Suprema's latest fingerprint WSQ algorithms cetified by FBI

Suprema, a leading global provider of technology in biometrics and identification, announced its fingerprint image compression algorithms received the latest version of FBI WSQ (Wavelet Scalar Quantization) Certification which requires highly accurate implementation in the WSQ Gray-Scale Fingerprint Image Compression Specification, Version 3.1.

Morpho selected by ADTC to build the National NFC infrastructure in Taiwan

Morpho (Safran) works together with its local partner HwaCom Systems for a five-year contract with Alliance Digital Technology Co. (ADTC) to build a Secure Elements Issuer TSM* (SEI TSM) and a Service Provider TSM (SP TSM).

ccHDtv is the answer to a facile surveillance system upgrades

As school shooting incidents have been soaring in recent years, school administrators are paying more attention to campus security system upgrades. Among all the solutions, upgrading out-dated analog CCTV surveillance systems to more e¬ffective high resolution surveillance has been a priority.

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