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Identifying Asian Manufacturing Elites


SecuTech Expo 2009, held in Taipei from April 22 to 24, was the largest in its 12-year history, featuring more than 700 exhibitors, 1,600 booths and 94 seminars. Recognizing the need for a platform between Asian manufacturers and global buyers, A&S hosted the first-ever Asian Manufacturer Summit during the exhibition. Six security veterans debated over how to identify the right partners with the r

Spreading Surveillance to Save Lives


From cameras to video management software, to failsafe and efficient network connections, city surveillance solutions involve various specialists, spreading the burden of improving public safety to rest upon the shoulders of security providers.

Fine-Tuning Traffic


To run safe and efficient cities on a daily basis, traffic control systems and operators must be in tune with public surveillance systems and first responders to gather and share information.

H.264 Facts and Fiction


It seems everyone in the security industry is talking about the use of the H.264 compression standard for digital video, which produces high-quality video using less bandwidth than the commonly used JPEG compression. But how does H.264 differ from JPEG, and are the proposed benefits of H.264 compression too good to be true? Are there any hidden costs to using H.264 in security applications? Let us

H.264: Enhancement or Hype?


A white paper considering the ins and outs of this increasingly popular standard.

Locking in a Niche Market


Sometimes, taking a step back and looking at the basics is necessary to come up with new solutions. The security market is at a turning point where it would benefit from doing just that.

SecuTech Expo 2009 Offers World-Class Security Conferences


Attendees can enjoy quality seminars at SecuTech Expo 2009, including the Global Digital Surveillance Forum, CompoSec and New Market Conferences.

Guards and Improved Technology to Support Growth of European Manned Guarding Market


As the ever-escalating threat of terrorism continues to push security issues to the foreground, optimization of security solutions is assuming great importance. Alarm monitoring and rapid response solutions are being increasingly deployed in enterprises to effectively tackle any critical situation. Great stakes are placed on the quality of the service, and vendors in this space are offering a synt

Does RVMaS Signal the Death of the Low-End Analog CCTV Market?


At the lower end of the video surveillance market, home and small business owners have traditionally installed analog cameras and DVRs to cover their video surveillance needs. However, remote video monitoring and surveillance (RVMaS) solutions are now vying for a share of this market. The term RVMaS refers to network camera-based solutions that allow the end user to remotely view live or recently

Maximizing and Future-Proofing Your Security Investments


With the struggling economy, security practitioners have turned to doing more with less, essentially protecting existing infrastructure and investment with cost-effective upgrades. A&S investigates the conditions for which upgrading proves to be a smarter and cheaper option.

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