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Machine Vision Monitors for Quality


Manufacturing today churns out more products with fewer people, thanks to automated production processes. Upholding quality requires watching products closely, with intelligent video analytics — or machine vision — helping human operators do their jobs better.

Intelligent Traffic Systems Untangle Roadblocks


Intelligent transportation systems offer benefits along with complexities. A&S takes a look at how problems integrating IP and analog are being resolved.

Sourcing from Asia's Powerbase


International visitors to SecuTech Expo 2009 stressed the importance of establishing and nurturing partnerships with Asian manufacturers, and many see Taiwan, Korea and China as leaders in video surveillance and access control systems.

Fiber Optics Improving at Light Speed


Fiber optic transmission can transfer large amounts of data over a long distance. With today's advanced technology reducing material and installation costs, fiber optics has become more affordable. A&S takes a look at the latest technology that contributes to cost reductions and the future of fiber optics.

Tough Action against Crime


A&S examines protection against crime, identifying what could happen and available security solutions.

Industry in Flux Remains Hush-Hush About Entry Level


In a globe-sweeping trend, major security players are providing entry-level, no-frills products or else lowering the prices of previously considered enterprise-level offerings. Whether to target the burgeoning SMB market or to provide more options for existing customers in the subsiding but ongoing credit crisis, manufacturers have reacted to this topic in a more or less hush-hush manner. A&S expl

Back to Basics with Video Verification


With the recession still looming, the industry turns to basic solutions with proven results. Video verification integrates alarms with cameras, fusing their strengths for clear security.

Oil Rigs Stay Alert


Offshore oil rigs require maximum security due to their volatile and demanding environments. Protecting them from threats and ensuring safe operation are equally important. Today's state-of-the-art technologies keep drilling facilities safe.

Bridging Gaps in Security


The current financial adversity and economic downturn have "forced" manufacturers to think more about product development, business strategy and risk management. Having witnessed the largest three industry events this year — namely SecuTech Expo, ISC West and IFSEC — A&S presents its key findings to, hopefully, shed some light on the future of security.

Animating New Era of IP Surveillance with Creativity


Creativity sets Sony apart. As an early bird in IP surveillance, Sony, with its IPELA series, develops beautiful technologies and proposes creative ideas for new applications. A&S talks to the company for its insight into the future of electronic security.

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