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TVT launches TVI, ready for the huge potential in Asia markets

News Feature

TVT was ranked number one in the world in terms of global shipment of HD-SDI products. Traditional video surveillance installers and systems integrators from Europe and the U.S. are the major clients of HD-SDI. Compared to TVI, HD-SDI targets high-end markets using coaxial cables.

Climax ML Smart Home Alarm Series manages home security from smartphone

News Feature

Featuring world-leading communication range, Climax's ML Smart Home Alarm Series takes any house, no matter how big or complex, under its mighty wings of protection.

Secutech 2015: Synchronizing security & business intelligence

News Feature

Secutech will be held from 28 – 30 April 2015 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Cohering with the fast pace of security technology evolving and HD migration, 2015 will see exciting changes for Secutech, the ONE place where IP technology comes together.

4K trend pushing the launch of H.265

News Feature

H.265, which produces videos of the same quality as H.HEV264 yet taking up only half the bandwidth, is poised to replace its predecessor as the mainstream video coding standard. Full-fledge deployment in the surveillance industry is inevitable, even though major challenges, such as complexity of coding and an imbalance between cost and functionality, still need to be overcome.

EL.MO.Vicompact enhances intrusion detection & alarming capabilities

News Feature

EL.MO.'s VICOMPACT as new addition to the Villeggio line, comes in white housing with a Epleasant design, featuring 32 wireless inputs on board.

Chinese home camera makers' aggressive moves for exports

News Feature

China makers deem the home security camera industry to be uprising in the following years. Being export-oriented, they smell a business opportunity in the global market demand of usability and trendy outlook.

iCatch shines in security surveillance industry

News Feature

iCatch — a promising company comes with global perspectives, firm determination, and ambition in international market penetration — is inarguably one of the leading providers in the security surveillance industry.

FLIR security solutions: temperature measurement and condition monitoring application explained

News Feature

FLIR introduces a complete family of products ranges for temperature measurement in security and surveillance environments.

Spot the fishy incidents — 11 perspectives from the industry

News Feature

Panoramic fisheye cameras have seen fast growth in the surveillance industry. With the key feature in surround view monitoring and the advantage in reduction of installation cost, they are becoming the popular adoption in security system. With a promising market ahead, differentiation of product and market strategy from competitors is the way for major manufacturers to think when planning next mov

Asia, a sourcing hub for smart home cameras

News Feature

Asia is the largest manufacturing base of home security cameras and surveillance kits, with hundreds of competing suppliers. For these suppliers, the major export markets for smart home security cameras and surveillance kits are areas with well-developed network infrastructures, such as Europe and the U.S.

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