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2013 Security50 intruder alarms: Ride on automation and regulation waves

News Feature

Although the intruder alarm is a matured product, the intruder alarm industry is bright with potential. In the matured markets, especially, the industry is receiving an infusion of new opportunities that are promoting growth. Home automation and video verification regulation are two important factors driving the market.

2013 Security50: Macroeconomic uncertainty still affects security

News Feature

The Security 50 providers represented about 68 percent of the total global security equipment market in 2012. The 12.3-percent average growth rate for 2012 doesn't seem very promising. This shows the uncertain macroeconomic outlook is still affecting the majority of leading security suppliers.

A prelude to 2013 a&s Security 50

News Feature

We proudly present the winners for 2013 Security 50, who stayed focused and agile to weather the uncertain economy and harsh market competition. Lingering uncertainty in global economy has hindered the progress of many industries since the recession in 2008. Compared to consumer electronics, the security industry still grows steadily.

The future of access control: It's all about "you"

News Feature

Change in the access control industry, together with innovation, is occurring at a rapid pace. The virtualization of contactless smart cards, and their residency on smartphones, allows new innovative thinking, along with the ability to combine access control applications into a single, very convenient solution

Key standards for smart homes: Z-Wave Alliance

News Feature

Standardization makes it economically possible to support the developer with rich documentation, developers trainings and other rich support methods such as developers conferences and extensive development and test tools. The end user benefits from standardization as it brings multiple manufacturers into competition and supply.

Key standards for smart homes: KNX Association

News Feature

In smart homes, there are about a dozen standards for signal processing and communications. a&s invites some of these standards to the SMAhome column, to share their insights and future roadmaps.

Gartner unveils 2014 top 10 strategic technology trends

News Feature

Gartner highlighted the top ten technologies and trends that will be strategic for most organizations in 2014.

To IP or not, that is the question

News Feature

For businesses dealing with money — the fuel of the modern economy — banks are surprisingly late adopters of IP technology. Although there are some forerunners adopting IP-based solutions in the banking sector, most are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for more favorable incentives to make the migration. This article delves into the hearts of banks to understand their hesitation in regards

WDR applications: Now and after?

News Feature

WDR technology is an important function for cameras, especially those placed in environments with constantly changing lights.

Sound offers alternatives to NFC

News Feature

Although near field communication(NFC) has been said to be the next big thing for many years, its adoption is only happening in small and incremental steps. The main problem is that people would have to purchase an NFC-enabled phone, usually found in newer and more expensive smartphones. Acting as an alternative solution to NFC, innovative purely acoustic-based software has attracted the eyeballs

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