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Avigilon acquires video analytics company VideoIQ for $32M

Business Talk

Avigilon Corporation (“Avigilon”), a security company that provides high-definition (HD) surveillance solutions, announces it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the video analytics company VideoIQ (“VideoIQ”) for cash consideration of $32 million. The transaction is expected to close in early this month.

2014 market forecast: Europe gets back up after fall

Business Talk

2013 was a year full of uncertainty and modest growth; nevertheless, European countries have finally started to get back on their feet from the economic slump, right on the eve of 2014. Despite current economic circumstances not being favorable adventurous investments, some companies have found ways to survive these difficulties.

Consumer interest spikes with platform proliferation

Business Talk

According to recent Parks Associates research, consumers rank traditional safety and security capabilities high among their desired connected home features. Real-time and mobile notification capabilities have really enhanced traditional security features: smoke, gas and water leak detectors. Energy management features — monitoring electricity usage and automatically adjusting devices to minimize e

A perspective on the future of surveillance market

Business Talk

Big data's growth has encouraged demand for high-definition surveillance. According to a report from market research firm IHS, the growth of big data within the video surveillance market is leading a growing demand for high-definition (HD) video cameras.

2014 market forecast: Financial, education and healthcare markets to grow in US

Business Talk

Even though US economic recovery is still staggering, Dan Schroeder, Vice President of Sales of Tyco Integrated Security, still remains optimistic — predicting the financial market, as well as education and healthcare will still present outstanding sales figures in 2014.

2014 market forecast: Middle East ready to bounce back after slide

Business Talk

The Middle East video surveillance and video surveillance equipment market has reached US$320 million in annual revenue during 2012, according to research from IHS, a leading global source of critical information and insight. The Middle East has been one of the fastest growing regions in the world for video surveillance equipment in recent years, propelled by high levels of construction spending,

2013 Security50 access control(2-2): Product trends from mechanical to electronic

Business Talk

Industry experts feel that a number of technologies are maturing and will likely continue to grow incrementally in market share. These include, in addition to the shift from mechanical to electronic locks that has been in progress over the past decade, NFC, biometrics, and PoE and wireless systems.

Korea Update: Hitron takes on formidable competition from China

Business Talk

a&s recently talked to Jae-Hee Choo, General Manager of Overseas Business of Hitron Systems, to gauge his view on competition from China and expansion plans into China.

2013 Security50 access control(2-1): Standardization hits industry

Business Talk

The access control industry is doing well and the market continues to present opportunities. In line with the above perspective, IMS Research, an IHS company, forecasted that the global access control market will reach US$2.3 billion by the end of 2013, from $2.1 billion in 2011.

2013 Security50 video trend(9-9): High picture quality, extreme-light and low-light performance

Business Talk

What's trending in network video surveillance in 2014? In this article, a&s provides a comprehensive look from the industry's top players.

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