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  • The NLSS Gateway 3000 is the mid-sized solution for medium to large installations. It can manage up to 32 HD streams and 256 doors. Customers include schools, government buildings, multi-story office buildings, big box retailers and more.
  • Facial recognition analytic with this unique software, users can create or upload an image database to be searched against across multiple cameras for potential matches.
  • Audio Alerts: Included with Gateway 3.0 is the ability to send audio alerts via the Gateway's web interface to notify personnel of an event, enabling swifter response to a security event.

Next Level Security Systems |

Next Level NLSS Gateway 3000



  • Flexible for future upgrade, camera licenses and advanced featured modules. Equipped with simple NAS features and default in single RAID function for true video data security. Multi-screen live viewing supports up to 10
  • 10 layout views with multiple motion detection fields per camera. Support multi recording video formats such as H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG, and exporting in AVI, JPEG or SAFE file. Upgradable to an unlimited inter-connected servers and cameras to a VideoWall or being integrated with POS or car plate system, etc.
  • Intel's latest Atom Cedarview platform processor that supports HDMI/VGA output for local display

Thecus Technology |

VisoGuard V4510-C4 NVR



  • Main Product description(300 words, in paragraph form.) ASCT ASH-1100 is the HD-SDI camera which is using high quality Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor to transmit 1080p real-time video thru coaxial cable; Built-in OSD function for video fine tuning; Extremely low light performance with WDR and DNR supported.

  • Sony Exmor CMOS Image Sensor
  • Real-time 1080p video transmission


ASCT ASH-1100 1080p HD-SDI Box Camera

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  • OB9252D transmits eight channels of composite video over one single mode or multimode fiber. Additional multi-channel bi-directional audio, data (RS232, RS422/485), contact closure, telephone, and 10M/100M Ethernet signal could be added to provide cost effective solution for enhanced application.

  •  Exceeds the RS250C standard for SNR, DG and DP
  •  8MHz bandwidth, SNR≥65dB

OB Telecom Electronics Co., Ltd |

OB Telecom OB9252D 8-Channel Video Fiber Optic Multiplexer



  • New Analog + IP technology enables wider adoption of digital IP video surveillance TW3801
    (Camera Modem PHY) Key Features:
  • Simultaneous transmission of analog CVBS video & digital IP data over along coaxial cable (up to 500m)
  • Analog CVBS video preview supportusing same BNC output
       - CVBS-only output via proprietarysmart detection technology

Intersil Corporation |

SLOC Technology (TW3801 and TW3811)



HUNDURE Technology Co., Ltd |

RAC-960PEF/PMF Fingerprint Access Controller

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  • Designed to meet the demands of full 1,080p/720p/D1/VGA, the Lilin NVR Touch series is an ideal and easy-to-use recording system, via a touch screen panel, for IP-based video surveillance and network cameras. With H.264 compression and real-time streaming, each channel can be configured for full HD or SD recording. HDMI and VGA engines are built-in with 3-D intelligent, adoptive motion detection refinement, as well as vivid image enhancement algorithms to provide the best possible video quality. TV wall design allows NVRs to be cascaded via TCP/IP networks for easy cabling. IP cameras can be controlled by 3-D joystick/keyboard(s). WS-Discovery protocol allows for automatic, quick IP address setup for IP cameras and NVRs. The NVR series provides various backup features, including Slim DVD/RW, USB DVD/RW, USB flash disk, HTTP download and Backup Manager for multiple NVRs' files. Mobile, remote monitoring is also supported. Browser-based, remote live monitoring and video playback features are also included. Self-diagnostic features monitor the internal temperature, cooling fan failure detection, HDD I/O speed, and network status via health check reports. The NVR series provides real-time recording and playback, various backup options, quick camera and NVR IP addressing, multiple self-diagnostics, easy cabling, easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up features.
  • Multi-touch screen supported
  • 1080P 16 channel real-time up to 48 Mbps throughput


MERIT LILIN 1080P 25 FPS Multi-touch16-Channel Standalone NVR



  • Features;
  • HD-SDI 1080p Video Input
  • 4 Channel HD-SDI DVR with H.264 Codec


Full HD SDI H.264 Real-Time DVR



  • wireless and network-compatible biometric reader-integrates

SimonsVoss Technologies GmbH |

Q3008 Biometric Reader and Digital Locking Cylinder 3061