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  • Need for security mass notification in higher education
    Deadly violence on university campuses is an unfortunate reality. Less than one month into 2014, 3 reported incidents of gun violence were reported in the U.S. — 2 of the incidents lead to 2 deaths. However, deadly attacks are not limited to gun violence — a stabbing attack in 2013 left 14 injured a
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom | Updated: 2 / 19 / 2014
  • LILIN lauches Automation Experience Center and Solution Center in N.America
    LILIN North America, the US entity of IP video provider Merit LILIN, announced its continued expansion in the markets of IP video and automation with the launch of 2 new demo rooms – the Automation Experience Center (AEC) and the LILIN Solutions Center (LSC).
    Editor / Provider: LILIN | Updated: 2 / 18 / 2014
  • CCTV CENTER signs distribution partnership with IDIS
    CCTV CENTER, a distributor of video and access control solutions in Spain, announced a strategic alliance and distribution agreement with IDIS. The partnership sees CCTV CENTER as the exclusive distributor of next generation DirectIP full-HD surveillance solutions to the Spanish and Portuguese marke
    Editor / Provider: IDIS | Updated: 2 / 18 / 2014
  • Security in higher education faces unique challenges
    Unlike K-12 campuses that are closed to the public, college and university campuses are open and spread out, often integrated into the local community. Because of this, perimeter detection is not plausible.
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom | Updated: 2 / 17 / 2014
  • Higher education strengthens security
    The number of students enrolled in post-secondary institutions has been steadily climbing. With more bodies to watch, secure, and protect, campuses are looking for ways to streamline their security measures. Add in the number of violent incidences on college and university campuses and it is no surp
    Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom | Updated: 2 / 17 / 2014
  • GMS Motorsports equip with Skywatch cameras
    Established in 1989 by a German engineer, GMS specializes in race car preparation and supercharger / turbocharger installation and maintenance. The brother team of Mr. Alvin and Albert Lee took over the ownership of GMS in 2007 after the retirement of the original founder, and began actively partici
    Editor / Provider: Skywatch | Updated: 2 / 17 / 2014
  • Theia Technologies receive ISO 9001:2008 certification
    Theia Technologies, announced that their quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2008 standards by UL DQS. The registration was effective January 23, 2014 and is valid through January 22, 2017.
    Editor / Provider: Theia Technologies | Updated: 2 / 17 / 2014
  • Raytec expands with new Australian office
    Raytec announced the opening of a new sales office in Melbourne, Australia, following a year of significant growth and success in the region. The new office is dedicated to serving Raytec customers in Australia and New Zealand and is headed up by Amy Quinn, Raytec Business Development Manager ANZ.
    Editor / Provider: Raytec | Updated: 2 / 14 / 2014
  • CNL Software to open regional office in Abu Dhabi
    CNL Software, supplier in Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, will be exhibiting its IPSecurityCenter PSIM solution at the upcoming International Security National Resilience Exhibition & Conference (ISNR) in Abu Dhabi, 2014.
    Editor / Provider: CNL Software | Updated: 2 / 13 / 2014