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  • Hallbergmoos High School Fitted with Bosch Security
    Security through video surveillance system, intrusion and fire detection system, access management system as well as emergency sound and clock system
    Editor / Provider: Source: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 10 / 2 / 2009
  • IDTECK Streamlines Waste Management for Lahore, Pakistan
    The city of Lahore, referred to as the cultural heart of Pakistan, is the capital of the of Punjab and the second largest city in Pakistan. For the solid waste management solution for over eleven million population of the city, the Government of Punjab manages a fleet of over 450 waste collecting t
    Editor / Provider: Source: IDTECK | Updated: 10 / 1 / 2009
  • Oil Rigs Stay Alert
    Offshore oil rigs require maximum security due to their volatile and demanding environments. Protecting them from threats and ensuring safe operation are equally important. Today's state-of-the-art technologies keep drilling facilities safe.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 9 / 17 / 2009
  • Home Automation Adds Comfort to Secured Living
    Have you ever gotten in a car and wondered if you turned off the air conditioning or heater at home? Have you ever sat at the airport, wondering if the stove was off or the garage door locked? Home automation can provide real-time remote control and management for homeowners. A&S takes a look at the
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 9 / 9 / 2009
  • Confidex Tops New ABI Research Tag Vendor Matrix Ranking
    Omni-ID and William Frick & Company/TROI claimed the second and third spots in the company's new evaluation of worldwide passive UHF (ISO 18000-6C/Gen 2) specialty tag vendors.
    Editor / Provider: Source: ABI Research | Updated: 7 / 8 / 2009
  • Suprema adds 125KHz RF card options to BioEntry Plus & BioLite Net
    Suprema, a provider of biometric technology, broadened BioEntry Plus range by adding HID Prox. card version to its line up. Combined with its latest access control software ‘BioStar', Suprema now offers comprehensive range of access control products featuring array of card options, IP/standalone, Wi
    Editor / Provider: Source: Suprema | Updated: 6 / 23 / 2009
  • Bosch Provides Security and Communications Solution for German Coal-Fired Power Plant
    Bosch Security Systems got the contract for providing the communications and security technology for the Hamburg-Moorburg coal-fired power plant run by Vattenfall Europe Generation AG & Co. KG. The contract incorporates everything from public address systems to alarm signaling and evacuation, as wel
    Editor / Provider: Source: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 4 / 29 / 2009
  • Bombay Stock Exchange Adopts RFID to Secure Parking Access
    Essen RFID, one of India's RFID OEM provider headquartered in Mumbai, announced that one of its lead VAR channel partners has installed RFID hardware solution at the landmark Bombay Stock Exchange building located in South Mumbai. The RFID hardware solution Xtenna will track vehicles belonging to th
    Editor / Provider: Source: Essen RFID | Updated: 3 / 17 / 2009