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  • Using DaVinci for Video Surveillance
    In the rapidly expanding video surveillance space, customers are demanding higher resolution, more channels and computationally hungry analytics – all at lower cost and power. In this article we explore how HikVision, a provider of digital video recorders (DVR), digital video servers (DVS) and surve
    Editor / Provider: By Oliver Zhang, HikVision | Updated: 5 / 12 / 2009
  • Zenitel Expansion in China
    Zenitel, a provider in integrated communication solutions for the professional market, is pleased to confirm its contribution to Caofeidian, mapped to become China's largest steel production base by 2010. Uniquely, the site has been designated as a model for the country's environment-friendly indust
    Editor / Provider: Source: Zenitel | Updated: 5 / 11 / 2009
  • Network Control Devices Form the Backbone of IP Security
    IP surveillance is a definite trend, made possible through a reliable network. Fierce competition in the IP market offers more flexible networks to users. A&S looks at ways to build an efficient and cost-effective IP network.
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 4 / 28 / 2009
  • Network Dome Cameras Focus on Security
    Network dome cameras offer wide views and the connectivity of IP, forming a combination in global demand.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 4 / 28 / 2009
  • North America Seaway Continues Investment in IndigoVision's IP Surveillance
    IndigoVision's IP Video technology is at the heart of a major four-year surveillance upgrade to the Welland Canal section of the St. Lawrence Seaway. Dubbed Highway H2O, the Seaway is the safe, reliable and environmentally friendly transportation route of choice to the heart of North America. Indigo
    Editor / Provider: Source: IndigoVision | Updated: 4 / 27 / 2009
  • Adesta Awarded Contract with Pasadena Refining Systems to Secure Facilities and Future
    Adesta, a systems integrator and project management company for communication networks and electronic security systems, was awarded a US$2.7 million contract to design and install an access control system as well as a fiber based, fence mounted perimeter intrusion detection and CCTV/radar waterside
    Editor / Provider: Source: Adesta | Updated: 4 / 24 / 2009
  • Protecting Oil Interests
    As the demand for energy, in particular, oil, continues to skyrocket to meet international market needs, reliable and efficient delivery systems, such as pipelines, must be maintained and protected against operation interruptions.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 4 / 21 / 2009
  • Video Encoders Pave the Path to IP
    With worldwide recession at the forefront, video surveillance users turn to encoders as a cost-effective and efficient migration path to IP. A&S investigates the market potential for video encoders, the differentiating criteria and its applications outside of security. Additionally, the competitive
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 4 / 8 / 2009
  • ABI Research Predict Video Surveillance to Maintain 10 Percent Growth Despite Recession
    The global economic downturn has slowed the expansion of video surveillance markets in 2008 and 2009. But they have nonetheless posted a healthy 10 percent growth rate which will accelerate — led by the retail and financial segments — as the economy starts to recover in 2010. In the United States, g
    Editor / Provider: Source: ABI Research | Updated: 4 / 2 / 2009
  • Axis Opens Configuration and Logistics Center in Atlanta
    Axis Communications announced that it is establishing a new configuration and logistics center in Atlanta. The new center will further improve the supply of products to North and South America, enable Axis to offer enhanced services closer to its customers and strengthen its presence in these market
    Editor / Provider: Source: Axis Communications | Updated: 3 / 24 / 2009 provides weekly and monthly e-Newsletters which include the latest security industry news, vertical solution case studies and product information.

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