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  • GTSI Provides Perimeter Security and Communications for Port of Oakland
    GTSI, an infrastructure solutions and services provider to government, was awarded a US$7 million contract by the Port of Oakland's Commissioners. The contract calls for GTSI to upgrade the port's existing perimeter security system and install a fiber-optic communications system. Awarded under GTSI'
    Editor / Provider: Source: GTSI | Updated: 8 / 20 / 2009
  • StarVedia Technology: Honing Its Competitive Edge
    The first half of 2009 has seen StarVedia Technology's sales increase by 300 percent, and similar growth is expected for the rest of the year. Such robust performance can be attributed to the company's unrelenting commitment to innovation with a "simple" design.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 8 / 20 / 2009
  • Success with Multisite Surveillance
    Around the world, MNCs and governments are gradually turning to multisite surveillance systems to gain greater visibility and management control. From upgrading analog to installing new and complete IP solutions, this phenomenon is setting successful stories in stone.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Barco, Milestone Systems and Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 8 / 18 / 2009
  • Port of Miami Chooses NICE Solution to Enhance Security
    NICE Systems, a provider that enables organizations to extract insight from interactions to drive performance, announced that it has been selected by the Port of Miami to provide its IP video surveillance solution. The Port of Miami will deploy the NICE IP video surveillance solution as part of an u
    Editor / Provider: Source: NICE Systems | Updated: 8 / 14 / 2009
  • Etrovision Technology: Beating the Market with Application-Driven R&D
    In the midst of the global credit crisis, an increasing number of manufacturers are saturating the market with products with no distinguishing features and are only competing on price. Taiwan-based Etrovision Technology has a different philosophy. With a clear focus on professional security, the com
    Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 8 / 13 / 2009
  • Honeywell Secures Port of Miami with Radar Security System
    Honeywell announced the implementation of a waterside radar system that provides situational awareness of the waterways in the general areas surrounding the Port of Miami, one of the United States' busiest seaports.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Honeywell | Updated: 8 / 3 / 2009
  • Orsus Holds Conference for Situation Management Users
    Orsus, the innovator in the field of Situation Management, a comprehensive approach that coordinates the interaction between people, alerting sources and responses, announced it recently held its first Users Group Conference to bring together a group of core North American users of its Situator solu
    Editor / Provider: Source: Orsus | Updated: 7 / 23 / 2009
  • NUUO Intelligent Video Surveillance Protects Belawan International Container Terminal
    In reaction to the 9/11 attacks, Belawan International Container Terminal (BICT) needed to implement the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code that had been a standard requirement for International Sea Ports in the world as mandated by the United States Coast Guard. PT.SENSORLINK YUMITA
    Editor / Provider: Source: NUUO | Updated: 7 / 3 / 2009
  • Bringing Security up to Par at International Ports
    Security providers devise ways to bring integrated and sophisticated solutions to ports around the world.
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Mobotix, Identica and Honeywell Security | Updated: 7 / 1 / 2009
  • Bosch Renovates the Port of Greater Baton Rouge with its IP-Based Solutions
    Large coastal and inland ports have facilities covering thousands of square meters of waterfront, terminal buildings and open cargo handling areas. Significant challenges arise with respect to the installation and operation of safety and security systems at ports. These include access control and CC
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 6 / 24 / 2009 provides weekly and monthly e-Newsletters which include the latest security industry news, vertical solution case studies and product information.

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