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  • US pizza franchise in China puts finger on operations and attendance
    Restaurants of US pizza franchise Papa John's in China have deployed DigitalPersona fingerprint biometrics to speed and secure employees' and managers' daily tasks. More than 30 company-owned restaurants in northern China are using DigitalPersona fingerprint readers with NCR restaurant (formerly Com
    Editor / Provider: DigitalPersona | Updated: 4 / 17 / 2013
  • Identive secures $20M funding from Lincoln Park Capital
    Identive Group announced today that it has entered into a $20 million common stock purchase agreement with Lincoln Park Capital Fund (LPC), a Chicago-based institutional investor. Following its execution of the agreement, LPC will purchase $2 million in common stock from Identive at a purchase price
    Editor / Provider: Identive Group | Updated: 4 / 17 / 2013
  •  Italian housing complex keeps eye on underground parking with IP  control center
    The Aventis Tecnoliving housing complex, recently constructed and located in a strategic position for access to amenities and key location in the new heart of Brescia, Italy, deployed a closed-circuit video control system to give residents and visitors using its underground parking facility peace of
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 4 / 16 / 2013
  •  12th century Spanish uni gets 21st century smarts
    The University of Salamanca, the oldest university in Spain, and one of the fourth oldest universities in Europe deployed a smart surveillance system composed of Axxon's VMS and Brickcom IP cameras to monitor its new four-story building at its technology park. The building covers more than 2.20 acre
    Editor / Provider: AxxonSoft | Updated: 4 / 16 / 2013
  • Honeywell adds open tech partners Pelco and Sony
    Continuing its commitment to increase the interoperability of security technologies, Honeywell announced seven new members have joined the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance (HOTA). Formed in 2010, the alliance is comprised of physical security and IT manufacturers committed to developing open and i
    Editor / Provider: Honeywell Security | Updated: 4 / 16 / 2013
  • Cyprus prison puts system smarts over the edge
    Central Jail of Nicosia, the only correctional facility in Cyprus, deployed a video analytics and laser-based perimeter protection system designed and implemented by Sicura Systems and their technology partner CBC Europe. The project uses behavioral algorithms as a first line of validation to alert
    Editor / Provider: Sicura Systems | Updated: 4 / 15 / 2013
  • Italian incinerator kisses military presence goodbye with IP
    The incinerator at Acerra is a waste-to-energy plant built in 2009 in the Province of Naples, Italy, with the aim of solving the so-called “garbage crisis” in the Campania area, which has received widespread attention from the media, partly due to the presence of the Italian army, who were brought i
    Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 4 / 15 / 2013
  • Verint launches integrated audio and video
    Verint Systems announced the launch of an integrated audio and video intelligence solution that provides command, control and communications centers, as well as public safety answering points, with a unified application interface to investigate incidents leveraging information from voice, video and
    Editor / Provider: Verint Systems | Updated: 4 / 15 / 2013
  • Identive releases new controller
    Identive Group, a provider of solutions and services for the identification, security and RFID industries, announced the launch of the Hirsch Mx Controller to deliver an unprecedented level of integrated intelligence for high assurance access control.
    Editor / Provider: Identive Group | Updated: 4 / 15 / 2013