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VIVOTEK IP cams safeguarded ITC in Iran

VIVOTEK IP cams safeguarded ITC in Iran

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 12/3/2013 | Article type: Education

Iran established the Instructor Training Center & Technical and Vocational Researches (ITC) in 1974 in Karaj City, Alborz province. In cooperation with the International Labor Organization (ILO) and United Nation Development Plan (UNDP), ITC has provided the biggest and most significant vocational training center.

The center is being tasked with enhancing and developing human resources, meaning that seamless security with high surveillance sensitivity all around campus is a requirement. The manager of ITC decided to install several IP cameras, and VIVOTEK was their first choice due to the excellent quality of their products and reasonable price tag.

Having the full support from VIVOTEK's local distributor Pooya Fara Negar (PFN) and local System Integrator Saina Development Network Company, the installation process was smooth. The project was completed in July, 2013.

Solution: Surveillance Quality, Reliable Campus Safety
VIVOTEK's network cameras were adopted for outdoor and indoor monitoring, including bullet-style network cameras IP8332 and IP8362, an FD8136 ultra-mini dome network camera and a SD8121 high performance day/night speed dome network camera. In order to centralize monitors and manage all the cameras, a wireless connection system was installed, making monitoring more effective, efficient, and cost-saving.

VIVOTEK's IP8362 and IP8332 cameras are both designed with water-resistance capability for diverse outdoor applications. The two cameras are also equipped with removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators for adapting to constantly changing outdoor lighting conditions and delivering superior image quality around the clock. In addition, the IP8362 model supports WDR Enhancement for unparalleled visibility in environments with extreme lighting, making it the best choice for the most demanding outdoor surveillance applications such as the parking lots, entrances and exits at ITC.

Positioned as one of the world's smallest network cameras, the FD8136 is designed with a 90 mm diameter profile and Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality for easy and quick installation. In addition, because of its selectable focal lengths, the FD8136 is ideal for applications in various environments like, elevators, health care facilities, offices, and the campus.

Another additional camera for indoor application is VIVOTEK's SD8121, a high performance day/night speed dome network camera. Equipped with a sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism and a 12x optical zoom lens, the camera can move quickly and precisely. With endless 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt the camera can capture images with fine details from long distances and clear videos of fast-moving objects. In addition, with WDR Enhancement technology, the SD8121 can cope with diverse lighting conditions. The SD8121 is truly a full-featured speed dome and ideal solution for all levels of indoor applications.

Dahua introduces new Eco-Savvy 2MP IP mini speed dome series

Dahua introduces new Eco-Savvy 2MP IP mini speed dome series

Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 11/27/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua introduced the new Eco-Savvy 2Mp full-HD 12x network mini speed dome series, maintaining the Eco-Savvy three “low's” functionalities and also providing impressive surveillance effects.

As mentioned, this mini speed dome series consists of the three “Low”s — low streaming, low consumption and ultra-low-lux as it is based on Ambarella platform. From the test report, it is noticeable that the bit rate is less than 4Mb/s during encoding@1080p, and less than 2Mb/s@720p; its frame rate can reach 60fps@720p, making it easier focus on every movement and detail of the object in high-speed motions. In addition, compared with the previous generation camera, the cameras are able to save over 50kW/h energy annually.

The mini speed dome series employs in-house block cameras, which has all-in-one design, namely video, audio, alarm, network and SD card interfaces embedded. In addition, this mini speed dome series has realistic color reproduction capability, and as for the night vision effect, “revolutionary” should be the word as the image is quite clear and sharp with less noise, no matter in color or the B/W mode.

The mini speed dome series supports 12x optical zoom, the angle ranges from 4.64 degrees to 51.3 degrees, managing to cover wider domains. Also worth mentioning is the “smart eye”, which picks up instant focus with zero latency, enabling quick response and better intelligent functionality. The dome series also support a maximum of 300 °/s pan speed and PoE+. All Dahua network products conform to ONVIF protocol.

Dahua SD40/42/42C212S-HN mini speed domes series is suitable for stations, airports, malls, hotels, boutiques and etc. The series provides various installations, such as wall-, pendant-, ceiling- as well as in-ceiling-mounting depending individual needs.

Dahua secures Autodrome di Modena motorsports park

Dahua secures Autodrome di Modena motorsports park

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 11/26/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Modena, known as "the capital of engines", is an ancient town in Italy. It is the heaven for racing enthusiasts since a lot of factories of the famous Italian sports car makers like Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati are now or once located here.

Autodrome di Modena is a Motorsports Park and located in a famous area called “Motor Valley”. The circuit length of the park reaches 2.7Km and the pit lane is with 21 boxes, new telemetric system and a well-equipped paddock.

Both of the well-knowing high risks of racing and its open outdoor environment pile up the difficulty and complexity for Autodrome di Modena in terms of security. During the design phase, two requirements were on the table, one was for the sake of security control, the other one was to offer checking on the racing of cars & motorbikes.

The structure of the circuit was taken into account; the decision then was to install 24 network megapixel cameras in the most important position of the track and also some speed domes in the open areas. The finally applied camera models include Dahua 2-megapixel full HD network cameras (IPC-HF3200) & speed dome cameras (SD6982A-HN), the storage device is Dahua 128 Channel Super NVR.

With Dahua VMS, this set safeguards the venue with superb image quality with every detail captured, along with flexible and convenient management; most of all, the open architecture of super NVR makes it possible for a further implementation in the long run.

Hikvision launches 960H smart PTZ dome cams

Hikvision launches 960H smart PTZ dome cams

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 11/20/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision recently introduced two smart analog PTZ domes (the DS-2AF7268 and DS-2AF7264, respectively) which both incorporate a 960H image sensor to capture superior images at a horizontal resolution of 700TVL. This 960H image sensor presents a leap in current analog surveillance performance and provides a 36% resolution improvement when compared to 4CIF. Utilizing these PTZ domes with Hikvision 960H embedded DVRs allows users to experience highly-detailed images and also provides insurance against security risks such as theft and burglary.

These two PTZ domes provide enhanced IR illuminators and offer up-to 150m clear visibility in low or zero lighting conditions. Digital WDR and 3D DNR are also supported to improve image sharpness, and provide a more accurate color reproduction in variable lighting environments.

Smart Tracking
Engineered with a smart tracking function, both domes are able to detect a moving object and track it within the camera's area of coverage without fault. Moreover, this smart tracking technology ensures the target always stays centered in the middle of the picture during tracking. This greatly increases the effectiveness of a video surveillance system, and is especially apt in locations where the presence of people or vehicles requires special attention (such as parking lots, streets, residential communities, schools, etc.).

Speed Dome with Wiper
Hikvision's dome housing can be ordered with a wiper to automatically clean the lens when exposed to rain, snow, or dusty environments. As such, image clarity is insured, while maintenance costs are minimized based on the elimination of onsite cleaning.

Both PTZ domes provide a maximum pan speed of 160°/s and a maximum tilt speed of 120°/s. The DS-2AF7268 offers a 36x optical zoom, while the DS-2AF7264 offers a 23x to efficiently zoom onto objects of interest. Additionally, a maximum of 256 camera target preset points can be programmed for surveillance, while users can also define 8 automatic patrols and up-to 32 presets per patrol.

Rounding out this benefit portfolio, Hikvision also offers another two 5” Smart PTZ Dome Cameras: the DS-2AF5268 and DS-2AF5264. While these two models do not support IR capability or a wiper function, they do offer a much faster pan/tilt speed (the DS-2AF5268 features a 540°/s pan preset speed and the DS-2AF5264 features a 400°/s tilt preset speed). Both models are excellent options in a solution requiring PTZ functionality.

VIVOTEK releases transportation applications in London

VIVOTEK releases transportation applications in London

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 11/13/2013 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK, as one of the leading brands in the global IP surveillance market, has announced its participation in the Transport security Expo to demonstrate VIVOTEK's latest solutions for transportation applications, and to exchange business ideas with professionals from the aviation, maritime and public transport fields.

In the past decade, security issues concerning terrorism and other crimes in the transportation sector have increased significantly worldwide. Security inside or outside of vehicles and in public transportation have become a top concern since damage to transportation infrastructure directly impact not only the victims, but also the local and worldwide economy. As such, proactive vertical and horizontal assessment to risk, efficient and effective measures for protecting travelers' safety, approaches to minimize illegal initiatives and various security threats have been highly emphasized in the market.

Bearing the market trend and customers' demands, VIVOTEK has been committed to comprehensive development of best-in-class, reliable IP surveillance solutions for transportation. Besides having superb image quality, VIVOTEK cameras also feature IP66- or IP67- weatherproof, IK10-rated vandal-proof and/or NEMA 4X-rated housings for corrosion prevention, as well as vibration resistance EN50155 standard for professional mobile surveillance as prerequisites for products that are designed for transportation applications. VIVOTEK's transportation product lineup ranges from speed dome to fisheye to fixed dome network cameras, including but not limited to SD8363E, MD8562, FD8151V-F2, FD8372,FE8172/73 and IP8371E.

2013 Security50 video trend(9-2):IP continues to penetrate SMB sectors

2013 Security50 video trend(9-2):IP continues to penetrate SMB sectors

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 11/13/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

When it comes to large systems, most have already migrated to IP. Analog has a large existing installation base, but is waning for new projects. In the next five years, how fast IP video is able to penetrate the small to mid-size segment with under 16 cameras will greatly influence its future growth rate. Unlike a previous focus on large, complex, professional solutions, many leading IP video surveillance suppliers, such as Axis Communications, Avigilon, Bosch Security Systems, Milestone Systems and Sony Electronics launched small systems to attract SMB customers.

Riki Nishimura, GM of Visual Security Solutions Division, Professional Solutions Company, APAC, Sony Electronics said, “Sony's IP products have had a good presence and high brand awareness in the high-end and government market sector; in comparison, there is still a room to grow for Sony at the private and SMB sector. Even though the government sector, in some emerging countries, still produces major scale projects, many recent projects got postponed. In recent years, Sony has strategically strengthened its private and SMB sectors globally. Sony's latest launch of all-in-one compact HD camera is a perfect example.”

“The markets which would drive IP video with the highest growth have moved from large-installation projects to smaller ones. So, the next driving force for IP video growth will depend on whether IP suppliers are able to provide a more cost-efficient or ‘unique' solution for markets with under 16 cameras to compete with analog systems. Price for IP is definitely a factor. 720p network cameras will probably overtake the original CCTV market for this sector in the near future.” said Steve Ma, Executive VP, VIVOTEK.

“For SMB markets, VIVOTEK's new panoramic PTZ is especially designed for open-area monitoring with extreme detail. This feature is realized through the synergy of a VIVOTEK megapixel fisheye camera with a speed dome camera. It saves on the overall cost of the surveillance system, effectively reducing the number of cameras, labor cost, power consumption and maintenance expenses, which is perfect and special for the retail sector.”

2013 Top Security50

Dynacolor unveils DynaGuardTM T, I series NVR and DynaHawk 720/820 speed domes

Dynacolor unveils DynaGuardTM T, I series NVR and DynaHawk 720/820 speed domes

Editor / Provider: Dynacolor | Updated: 10/2/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The Dynacolor announces the DynaGuardTM T series Network Video Recorder, an economical lineup of 1080P real-time H.264 NVR. With compact size casing, IP camera Plug & Play supporting, and built-in Power over Ethernet switch, the T series NVR is designed specifically for small to medium-sized business and surveillance markets.

Features such as Full HD crystal clear video via local display output port, IP cameras dual streaming function, and embedded Power over Ethernet switch help system integrators to reduce time and cost on network bandwidth, equipment, power cabling and cumbersome installation.

Furthermore, integrated with Plug & Play function, the T series NVR offers users easy connection without the inconvenience of network, user name, password, and other complicated settings. And with its small size, the T series NVR is suited for areas with limited space. Coming with DynaHawkTM WH/WJ/WL/WM/WN series home security IP cameras, which offer excellent video quality in stunning micro size, the T series NVR is the best solution for SMB surveillance. Besides, all of the W series home security IP cameras are equipped with IR LED, edge recording, PoE powering-on, Plug & Play support, and other convenient functions. The DynaGuardTM T series NVR is extremely perfect to build a 24/7 safe and economical security system for SMB applications.

Looking for small/medium sized NVR suitable for offices, convenience stores, gas stations, communities? Dynacolor's DynaGuard I Series NVR is specially designed with compact unit size that monitors 6 channels IP cameras, ideal for installation with limited spaces.

Standard model of I Series NVR connects IP cameras through LAN network with stress-free setup. In the meantime, Pro model of I Series NVR offers built-in PoE switch that supports Plug Play connection, reducing expenditure on equipment, camera power supply and cabling. Featuring IP cameras configuration function, image quality, video format and motion detection settings can be directly configured on I Series NVR, without having to prepare a PC for separate setup.

Recording with 1080P/D1 dual streaming in H.264 High/Main Profiles, I Series NVR delivers crystal clear video display on local full HD monitor with efficient database consumption. Along with standard display mode, I Series NVR features Portrait display mode that suits for corridor or hallway monitoring.

While searching for playback videos, the preview screens provide pre-scan of desired videos.DynaRemote and DynaGuard CMS are remote clients on PC for distant access to I Series NVR, giving boundless surveillance controls. Likewise, APPs such as NetGuard and DroidGuard fulfill handy monitoring on portable devices with iOS and Android platforms.

Dedicated in IP speed dome market, NH720/820-20x equips with DynaColor's own-development PTZ module which includes high quality Sony progressive scan CMOS sensor, mega-pixel 20 times optical zoom lens providing exceptional details surveillance experience. DynaColor also introduces our latest image enhancing and video streaming technologies into this product. With wide dynamic range (WDR), Digital Noise Reduction (DNR), and Digital Slow Shutter (DSS) features, NH720/820-20x is able to provide high quality image under diverse light conditions. NH720/820-20x can also delivers at most four video streams and H.264 High Profile /Main Profile / Base Line codec to provides more flexibility in different application. It could be powered through High Power over Ethernet (820.3at) which tremendously simplified the installation process since only one network cable is required.

Hikvision safeguards Czech alarm manufacturer Jablotron

Hikvision safeguards Czech alarm manufacturer Jablotron

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 9/30/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Located in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the new location of Jablotron Security company, which belongs to Jablotron Group - leading suppliers of alarms with thousands of authorized installers and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.

Jablotron Security company focus is on alarm receiving centre services in the Czech Republic. Numbers of Hikvision products were chosen to protect both Jablotron's Security reputation and its new building.

Designed, supplied and commissioned by EUROALARM, authorized partner, importer, distributor and system integrator of Hikvision in the Czech Republic, this modern IP camera based system will undoubtedly serve to Jablotron needs for many years to come.

"Jablotron's Security overall goal was to design a high-quality CCTV system, but one that was easy to operate. We put a great deal of emphasis on the ability to obtain clear, quality, pictures in both day and night environments; as well the ability to view them live or by recording," explained Martin Svoboda, Operational Director at Jablotron Security.

The guts, so to speak, of this CCTV system was a quartet of Hikvision cameras: the DS-2DF1-514 5" Network High Speed Dome, DS-2CD8253F-EI IR Bullet Network Camera, DS-2CD764F-E 1.3 MP Network Dome Camera, and the DS-2DF1-402 4” Network High Speed Dome.

Internally, main entrances, as well as emergency exits were deemed areas that needed coverage. Additionally, hallways, various office space, and security management rooms were designated as requiring additional security.

Primarily tasked with this effort was Hikvision's DS-2CD764F-E 1.3 MP Network Dome Camera. "We found this unit to be particularly good in areas such as receiving, as well as other office space. We are really able to see, in great detail, what is important," noted Mr. Svoboda.

Features, such as up-to 1.3 megapixel (1280 x 960) resolution and HD720P real time video, allow the DS-2CD764F-E to successfully achieve this goal.

Located in the server room is the DS-2DF1-402 4” Network High Speed Dome. This camera was specifically chosen because of its 360° endless pan range. It was also put on a 24-hour scan feature to better visually patrol the area. This Hikvision model allows IP - both inside headquarters, as well as those outside (by remote viewing) - to keep constant vigil over this highly-important room.

While on the exterior, Hikvision's DS-2DF1-514 5" Network High Speed Dome mans the roof. Obviously, an IP66 rating is critical to this camera being able to do its job in hot European summers and brutally cold winters. Also, due to the area this camera resides - the roof - it is vital to zoom on any potential threats. A 23x zoom provides this, while a 360° endless pan range and -5°-185° tilt range gives the ability to quickly follow any item of interest. Interestingly, "We really liked this camera, and purchased an extra unit just in case of any emergency situation," added Mr. Svoboda.

Placed liberally along the external facade of these headquarters is the DS-2CD8253F-EI IR Bullet Network Camera. Again, sporting an IP66 rating, the DS-2CD8253F-EI also provides true day / night ability and an IR range of up-to 30m to give excellent coverage all lighting conditions. Mr. Svoboda remarked, "For this particular application, night vision was critical, and we are very comfortable with the DS-2CD8253F-EI's ability."

Finally, tying this CCTV system together is Hikvision's DS-8632NI-ST NVR. "The DS-8632NI-ST allows us to connect all of our internal and external Hikvision cameras into this 32-channel NVR. This conveniently and efficiently provides multiple access for different users, such as personnel at reception, security, or various managers that need require usage of our CCTV system," summed up Mr. Svoboda.

10 latest technological upgrades for speed domes

10 latest technological upgrades for speed domes

Editor / Provider: a&s editor | Updated: 9/3/2013 | Article type: Tech Corner

In 2013, speed domes entered into the arena of ultra high definition. Asmag has compiled a list of 10 technological upgrades that have made speed domes the new favorite in the projects market.

Full HD Network Speed Dome Cameras
Speed domes require special installation and have higher maintenance and operational costs. After upgrades to specifications and efficiency were made, mainstream resolution has been substantially upgraded to 20-30x optical zoom at 1080p. Additionally, the price difference between network and analog is not big, which has allowed network cameras to become the preferred technology for projects.

CMOS Night Vision Optimization
Nowadays, cameras equipped with CMOS light sensors are comparable to those with CCD sensors. The optics industry has strengthened the effectiveness of CMOS sensors in low light; camera manufacturers have raised the light sensitivity on their cameras, allowing speed domes to provide clear images even in low light, as well as filter light given off by street lamps. In addition, speed domes have already built-in ICR and WDR, which allows for clear images.

Supports 4 Streams, 3 Compression Formats, and Mobile Viewing
Dual streaming no longer meets the needs of the market. Nowadays, speed domes equipped with the best processing chips are able to simultaneously export images onto 4 streams; high-end cameras support multiple compression formats (H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG4). Other cameras can support either 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. The above specifications satisfy users' requests for real-time viewing, recording, and mobile viewing, as well as meet image quality and compression format requirements. Among these requests, mobile viewing has become an essential—it is also the newest weapon for users to control PTZ functions from their mobiles at any time.

Built-in SD Card Automatically Saves and Recovers When Disconnected
Supporting SD/SDHC cards is now a standard feature on speed domes. When the network disconnects, images are immediately stored at the front-end of the camera, and if other problems arise it can make a temporary backup. Once the network has been reconnected, the camera will automatically be restored back to the image before the disconnection occurred.

More Presets; Tilt Angles Expand Scope of View
The cruising preset is the speed dome's most unique characteristic and duty. Previously, speed domes had 128 presets, but as technology has developed this number has grown to 256 with 8 automatic cruise settings. Moreover, minute horizontal and vertical movements of only 0.1 degrees can be made, giving more energy to speed domes for operations and use. Regarding installation of speed domes near walls and the issue of ceilings causing blind spots, improved lenses allow tilt angle movements of plus or minus 20 degrees providing a wider field of vision.

Panoramic Thumbnails Allow for Intuitive Operations
With speed dome networking, users can use a mouse for operations. Within three minutes of being turned on, the speed dome automatically conducts a 360 degree panoramic and 180 degree vertical scan and then turns the images into small thumbnails. From the thumbnails, the users can move and select from the images and the lens will immediately move to the selected area; a mouse can also be used to mark a preset point, as well as set up a group and cruising route. The preset point can then be zoomed in or out on and the speed of movement between two points can be adjusted individually.

Calibrate Images from Deviating at Any Time
After a while, the substantial movement of the speed dome will cause disparities to slowly show between the images the lens presents and its actual position. However, it is now possible to set two times for the camera to automatically calibrate and immediately conduct some fine tuning so that the disparities are lessened. Speed domes will store in its memory the set points it was previously moved to without needing any special set up so that the next time it can use the previous memory for its cruising path.

Distinct Auto Tracking Speeds
Auto tracking technology is already mature. It can follow a moving object at the speed it is moving and accelerate and decelerate accordingly.

Audio Detection Makes 3D People Counting More Accurate
3D people counting can detect a three-dimensional person's head, body, and movement. It can also accurately count the total amount of people in its vicinity, as well as determine and record direction and path of movement, allowing the speed dome's IVA to correctly carry out its management tasks.

Due to requirements for government projects, audio detection alarms were developed. Currently, speed domes can only detect audio—when a sound goes over the preset it triggers an alarm; however, over time audio detection will evolve. Eventually, speed domes will not only be capable of recognizing different categories of sounds, but also be able to put the image together with the sound, as well as be able to trace the origin of the sound.

Pairing With Fisheyes for All-Around Surveillance
As the technology for fisheye cameras mature, there are already companies providing fisheye lenses and speed domes as an integrated solution. This allows the users to use the manual or automatic tracing mode to more accurately lock onto suspicious persons or objects from the panoramic image.

The panoramic map taken with the fisheye lens can be used with the speed dome to match and pair images during installation. The user can then immediately use the on-site panoramic image to control the speed dome, which not only allows the user to see a more complete picture, but also allows them to trace every detail within the panoramic image.

LILIN USA supplied video surveillance for Chevrolet dealership

LILIN USA supplied video surveillance for Chevrolet dealership

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 9/2/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

LILIN USA teamed up with Clark Security Products, Dave Clark Construction, Alpha Electric, and Tom Bell Chevrolet to complete the largest renovation of any existing Chevrolet dealership to date.

The ultimate goal of the dealership owners was to retain redundancy with the video backup in the case of a hard drive experiencing downtime failure. LILIN provided a 36-channel server (CMX1036) with RAID storage, offering a back-up drive if the primary hard drive is unavailable. Camera-wised, the show room indoor premises is comprised of more than 30 pieces of HD LILIN iMEGAPRO series IP-based cameras, including the IPD2322ESX3.6 flush mount dome cameras as well as IPR6122ESX3.6 IR dome cameras mounted on the ceiling for both indoor and outdoor areas.

In addition, LILIN IPR7334ESX3.6 outdoor IR bullet-type cameras with built-in ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) feature are able to capture license plate numbers on the driveway. LILIN also supplied an IPS6224M 1.3 megapixel resolution with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) feature high speed dome camera is able to tour the overall car sales lot; the dealership staff can therefore benefit from accessing playback remotely in the facility's office.

LILIN USA is proud to gain this opportunity in creating such ideal retail experience for Tom Bell Chevrolet. Tom Bell Chevrolet is very pleased with the image quality what LILIN security system delivered and would like to thank all of those involved in bringing this project to fruition.

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