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Morpho acquires Dictao

Morpho acquires Dictao

Editor / Provider: Morpho (Safran) | Updated: 8/29/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Morpho (Safran) finalized the acquisition of Dictao, the leading publisher of software solutions for security and digital trust. Based in France, Dictao has 100 employees and offers innovative solutions for strong authentication, secure online transactions and secure archiving, for both public and private sector customers worldwide.

The acquisition of Dictao reflects Morpho's development strategy and confirms its leadership in the security market. The two companies' digital identity businesses are highly complementary, from ID document management to use. Morpho will now be able to offer an even more extensive range of highly secure solutions to both governments and private sector companies (banks, insurance firms, manufacturers, etc.). These synergies will also foster excellent growth potential, especially in international markets because of Morpho's global presence.

"Dictao is a trusted partner, working with us for many years as a supplier of digital security products for large-scale ID programs," said Philippe Petitcolin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Morpho. "This acquisition clearly reflects our commitment to covering all aspects of digital identity, allowing us to guarantee more secure and convenient authentication for all online transactions."

Jacques Pantin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dictao, added: "By joining Morpho we will amplify the technical excellence and innovative mindset that have driven our success for more than a decade. We now have the resources needed to support our international development strategy. The highly complementary nature of our businesses will enable us to offer customers complete, integrated security and authentication solutions, tailored to the needs of the new digital economy."

Axis secures Moscow commercial center with reactions to unusual situations

Axis secures Moscow commercial center with reactions to unusual situations

Editor / Provider: AXIS | Updated: 8/29/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

The main objective when planning the video surveillance system was to monitor key zones inside the business center: hallways, elevator banks, reception area, service entrances, etc., as well as the entire surrounding site. The system also needed to be able to record the license plate numbers of vehicles entering the business center site.

AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras with a resolution of 1 Mp/HDTV 720p and 2 Mp/HDTV 1080p respectively, were selected for video surveillance inside the business center. AXIS P1355Е Network Cameras with Lightfinder technology are used for 24-hour video surveillance of the surrounding site. This technology enables the system to obtain a quality color image under low light conditions.

Where there is no outdoor lighting, AXIS T90A40 infrared illuminators were installed along with the cameras. AXIS Q1604-E Network Cameras were used for vehicle license plate recognition. Video data is recorded on video servers with Intellect software. The AUTO-Intellect software module is used for license plate recognition. There is also a video surveillance post where images from all video cameras are displayed on eight monitors. A total of over 80 Axis network cameras were installed for the project.

As a result, key zones inside the business center and surrounding site have been placed under surveillance, which allows the system to immediately react to any unusual situations.

High definition IP video surveillance
AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3005-V Network Cameras with a resolution of 1 Mp/HDTV 720p and 2 Mp/HDTV 1080p respectively, were selected for video surveillance in elevator banks, hallways and the reception area. In addition to other advantages, these cameras have 3-axis adjustment and Axis' Corridor Format. This format is optimized for video surveillance in tall, narrow spaces, such as hallways or stairwells, and it maximizes the amount of useful data in the frame.

Video surveillance under poor lighting conditions
Providing quality video surveillance in the dark of night using megapixel cameras is currently quite a significant challenge. There are areas with insufficient artificial nighttime lighting around the Berezka business center perimeter. AXIS P1355ЕNetwork Cameras were selected to provide video surveillance under poor lighting conditions. These cameras use Axis's unique Lightfinder technology, which provides exceptional light sensitivity with color, even in low light.

AXIS T90A40 infrared illuminators were installed for some areas. A unique feature of these illuminators is that their optical path angle can be adjusted over quite a wide range. This means that the area illuminated with infrared can be adjusted to match the video camera view field.

License plate recognition
AXIS Q1604-E Network Cameras and AUTO-Intellect software (Uragan Slow-2) were selected for vehicle license plate recognition. Thanks to Wide Dynamic Range and the latest video image processing algorithms, AXIS Q1604-E Network Cameras can clearly identify license plates, even under changing conditions, such as oncoming vehicle headlights or pronounced contrast.

The AUTO-Intellect software recognizes 288 types of license plates containing numbers and Cyrillic and Latin characters. This is important, since vehicles with foreign license plates may enter the business center site.

Reliable signal transmission
70 high definition IP cameras create significant digital streams and traffic on active cross connect hardware. Under these conditions, it is important to select highperformance, reliable equipment. Additionally, specific features inherent to video surveillance must be considered when selecting equipment, such as the fact that all outdoor video cameras have High Power over Ethernet. Allied Telesis series AT-X610 high-performance switchboards were selected as a result of engineering calculations. Using stacking modules, all switchboards were connected to form one large virtual switchboard, which results in even greater overall performance. Switchboards were equipped with 800 W power sources in order to provide the outdoor cameras with power via High PoE.

Milestone and Axis secure the largest Scottish University campus

Milestone and Axis secure the largest Scottish University campus

Editor / Provider: Milestone | Updated: 8/29/2014 | Article type: Education

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) and network cameras from Axis Communications are helping all of the campus locations for the University of the West of Scotland to more efficiently manage security through one unified surveillance solution, designed, delivered and maintained by Boston Networks.

The University of the West of Scotland (UWS) is one of the country's largest modern universities, providing higher education and innovative research, with campuses in Ayr, Dumfries, Hamilton and Paisley which indicates an important regional role in the communities. The university currently has over 18,000 students and approximately 1,300 staff. Ensuring their safety is a top focus.

The four campuses across the west coast of Scotland had all been previously running disparate security systems. The university recognized that a centralized approach to the control and maintenance of its entire security estate would create a more effective solution and safer campuses. UWS had already begun the migration of its infrastructure to a more streamlined IP video solution, resulting in multiple variations of Milestone VMS which were not yet centralized.

Boston Networks then worked with the university to review each of its existing installations across multiple campuses, to produce a detailed migration plan which incorporated the following:
- Centralized Milestone XProtect Expert VMS to control the largest campus
- Integration of all Axis digital cameras to provide ubiquitous surveillance
- Maintenance and support service to ensure ongoing maximum system performance

The initial phase of the migration included the introduction of additional Axis IP cameras across indoor and outdoor areas of the Paisley campus to provide surveillance throughout key areas, including hallways and corridors, libraries, building entrances and exits, car parks and outdoor campus areas. Boston Networks then began the integration of more than 200 new IP cameras and the consolidation of the existing VMS platforms to a central monitoring station at the Paisley campus. The platforms were then wholly upgraded to one standard Milestone XProtect Expert platform.

The use of industry-leading technology coupled with the professional consultancy, design and deployment services from Boston Networks has enabled the university to increase security with enhanced image quality and centralized control. The advanced Axis network cameras and Milestone XProtect Expert open platform IP VMS provide HD-quality footage with a powerful management interface to effectively control the university's multi-campus surveillance in a single, uniform system.

Paul Goodbrand, Director of Intelligent Buildings, Boston Networks, says: “This solution provides many benefits for the university: superior image quality from Axis cameras, future-proof integration capabilities from the Milestone open platform software and distributed intelligence with IP scalability and cost effectiveness. Moreover, Boston Networks will continue to work with the university to maintain its system and ensure that performance and security are never compromised.”

Milestone XProtect Expert VMS was chosen for its strengths as a central management tool. The software interface delivers a wide range of dynamic resources to streamline the system administration of the university's multi-campus solution, including device group management which ensures efficient and structured handling of hundreds of cameras. The XProtect System Monitor also gives real-time feedback on system performance to drive proactive administration, and there are intelligent configuration reports.

High-performance video recording is achieved with the XProtect 64-bit recording server, which allows the university to efficiently run more cameras on less hardware. Unlimited system scalability gives full flexibility to add additional servers and expand the system to suit the university's changing requirements over time. Multi-live streaming of live footage, with optimized bandwidth and viewing performance, is ideal for the university's multi-campus estate.

Boston Networks continues to work with the university to maintain the new security system, in its entirety. The maintenance service provides direct access to the Network Operations Centre (NOC) and 24/7 vendor-accredited support to deliver maximum service availability.

VIVOTEK furnishes a factory for Shakelli Dairy Company in Iran

VIVOTEK furnishes a factory for Shakelli Dairy Company in Iran

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 8/28/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Upgrading a 100 year-old facility with a top of the line surveillance system
Like many companies before it, Shakelli Dairy Company started out small. Before making a splash in the food industry, Shakelli grew from roots planted in the northwestern Iranian town of Tabriz – a city that today boasts a population of almost 1.5 million people. Steady development throughout the early 20th century saw the butter, honey, ghee, and cheese producer distributing products to farther and farther reaches of the country. A point was reached in 1952 when the company outgrew itself, and its ever-expanding operations eventually forced them to relocate to the bustling capital of Tehran. The Shakelli butter and packaging that can be seen in Iranian stores today was actually first presented 50 years ago in 1964. By 1978, the company's operations were completely mechanized. Shakelli has long succeeded in local markets and dairy industries because they have stuck to their guiding principles: ensure quality of the already established product line and engage in extensive R&D to make better products in the future.

Being one of the biggest suppliers of dairy products in Tehran, it is no surprise that Shakelli Dairy Company has a lot of equipment and property, namely large, automated production lines and 4 saloons. The factory has been in operation for over 100 years, making it one of the oldest of its kind in the capital city. In order to stay relevant and remain a major dairy industry player, an important decision had to be made by Shakelli's manager – it was time to upgrade the 100 year-old facility with a top of the line surveillance system. The initiative was put forth by Raymand Pardazesh Pasargad Co., the System Integrator of PFN Technology in Tehran, and the first phase of the project was carried out in collaboration with VIVOTEK. Chosen for their superior quality and competitive pricing, VIVOTEK's products were set for action in the following project phase, as soon as add-ons to the saloons were complete.

Comprehensive surveillance system Safeguards the overall factory operation
A total of 96 cameras across 12 models were installed in the factory, but a special mention goes out to the FE8172V, IP8372, IP8362, and FD8335H cameras. The FE8172V model was selected due to its fish eye lens and 360-degree surround view, making it an ideal ceiling camera. A single such camera covers a lot of ground and is a sufficient solution for all mid-sized rooms. The IP8372 was chosen particularly for monitoring points of entrance and exit, as the vicinity sees a multitude of large trucks with trailers and other vehicles. With the capability of capturing license plate numbers clearly, 5-Megapixel resolution, and WDR technology, this camera does not let anything slip through the cracks. When it comes to visibility under poor lighting condition, the IP8362 shines. In addition to excellent image quality and night vision capabilities, the camera is designed for outdoor settings and can easily be mounted on fences and walls. Lastly, to monitor the interior space of trailers and trucks, the FD8335H was mounted on a loading dock. With WDR Pro technology, the cameras can produce a clear video feed of what is occurring inside large vehicles, in spite of the dark areas. This ensures that the administration team at Shakelli can monitor every move when goods are loaded and unloaded at the site.

In order to improve and centralize video management at the site, VIVOTEK's professional central management software VAST was adopted. With intuitive functions and numerous features, the 96 cameras can be managed in a hierarchical system structure, making for efficient and effective monitoring, recording, playback, and event trigger management.

Safer environment ensures a better business operation
“By March of 2014, the entire project was up and running,” said William Ku, VP of the International Business Division at VIVOTEK, “and we couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. By installing an extensive and high quality surveillance system with VIVOTEK's cameras, the operation efficiency and security at Shakelli's factory has improved tremendously.”

IDIS appoints John Psyllos DirectIP Project Manager

IDIS appoints John Psyllos DirectIP Project Manager

Editor / Provider: IDIS | Updated: 8/28/2014 | Article type: Security 50

IDIS has appointed John Psyllos to the role of Product Manager reporting to Brian Song, Managing Director, IDIS Europe based out of the Korean manufacturer's European headquarters in Brentford, London.

John joins IDIS to lead DirectIP™ product management across Europe and the Middle East. His appointment strengthens the IDIS commitment to further develop third party integrations, which deliver powerful off-the-shelf functionality to increase the flexibility and cost effectiveness of DirectIP™ surveillance solutions. John will work closely with IDIS technical support as well as the sales and marketing team to increase sales of the DirectIP™ line up by developing and maintaining high levels of product value, quality and industry recognition.

John brings with him extensive security industry experience across technical design, engineering, project and account management. An electronic and IT network engineer with a deep understanding of IP surveillance technology, John spent over ten years with leading UK security systems integrator, First City Care. In his most recent role as a technical design consultant, John oversaw the implementation and maintenance of tightly integrated security solutions at London headquartered corporate enterprises.

Commenting on his appointment, Brian Song, Managing Director at IDIS Europe, said, “I am confident John will further strengthen our DirectIP™ integration capability and rich functionality, to meet the growing demand for seamlessly integrated security solutions from across a range of markets. I'm delighted that John is already a fantastic addition to our team, and will ensure IDIS continues to be the partner of choice for our customers.”

John Psyllos, Product Manager, IDIS Europe, added, “We will continue to work closely with our system integration partners and end users customers to develop ground-breaking innovation to lead the market and extend our enterprise offering.”

John holds a Higher National Diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Tshwane University of Technology in South Africa as well as Cisco and Microsoft certifications. He has also held various engineering and training roles at Siemens Telecoms.

IDIS offers DirectIP as an end-to-end solution, comprising a range of cameras, monitors, NVRs and comprehensive video management software. DirectIP™ delivers prominent plug-and-play simplicity, combined with highest-quality performance and industry-leading pricing levels.

Verint receives best physical security information management system award

Verint receives best physical security information management system award

Editor / Provider: Verint | Updated: 8/28/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Verint Systems has just been recognized by Government Security News (GSN) as part of the publication's 2014 Airport, Seaport, Border Security Awards Program, in which its Verint SMC solution was named Best Physical Security Information Management System (PSIM).

The annual awards are presented to “vendor companies that have provided invaluable security technologies to the airports, seaports and border security facilities with whom they work,” according to GSN. “Verint joins many longtime leaders in these fields, in addition to new names that were recognized for their innovations and advances.”

“We're honored to have our technology recognized by Government Security News,” says Steve Weller, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions. “This distinction recognizes our focus on innovation and helping ensure the best possible security and public safety solutions, along with the real-world impact our physical security management systems can have.”

Verint SMC is a comprehensive software solution with capabilities that span all phases of situation management, including real-time situation awareness, efficient response and notification, investigation and debriefing, planning and compliance, and preventive intelligence. Based on an open, scalable and expandable platform, it integrates with a multitude of sensors and systems to help increase situation management and improve security and safety of people, property and assets.

HID Global brings Intelligence to Door with EDGE EVO Solo Solution

HID Global brings Intelligence to Door with EDGE EVO Solo Solution

Editor / Provider: HID Global | Updated: 8/27/2014 | Article type: Security 50

HID Global announced the release of its EDGE EVO Solo IP-enabled solution that brings intelligence and decision-making to the door for advanced and highly customizable networked access control. As a single-door solution, EDGE EVO Solo is part of the company's new generation EDGE EVO open and scalable controller platform that enables an extensive range of access control functionality, including real-time monitoring, report generation and the use of the system hardware for complimentary applications.

EDGE EVO Solo is a remotely managed stand-alone solution that utilizes a standard web browser and does not require software to be installed on PCs. It also provides the ability to power all devices around a door using Power over Ethernet (PoE), significantly reducing total door installation costs by removing the need to install a separate, dedicated power supply. EDGE EVO Solo utilizes less expensive CAT5 wiring compared to traditional structured cable, and it can be fully upgradeable to an EDGE EVO Host solution as access control demands increase.

“Offering the convenience of contactless physical access control along with PC login and a variety of additional smart card-enabled applications, EDGE EVO Solo is ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses managing a single door for ten to hundreds of cardholders,” said John Fenske, vice president of Product Marketing, Physical Access Control with HID Global. “The solution's intuitive web interface also enables a number of simple management features, making it easy understand for users that know little to nothing about access control.”

Honeywell adds voice commands to Tuxedo Touch for Smart home

Honeywell adds voice commands to Tuxedo Touch for Smart home

Editor / Provider: Honeywell | Updated: 8/27/2014 | Article type: Security 50

The home of the future took another step toward reality when Honeywell announced voice command capabilities for Tuxedo Touch, its touchscreen security and home automation controller that can serve as the central hub of a connected home or business. The technology now allows homeowners to use select voice commands such as “leaving the house” to perform a range of tasks, including arming their security systems, adjusting their thermostats, turning their lights on or off and locking their doors.

“Security today is just as much about the user experience as it is about keeping homes and businesses safe, and adding voice command capabilities to Tuxedo Touch is the latest illustration of that trend,” explained Alan Stoddard, senior marketing director, Honeywell Security Products Americas.

In addition to the voice capabilities, Honeywell announced several other enhancements to Tuxedo Touch, including:

* The ability to record video captured by security cameras
* Remote-upgradeable software that can be updated remotely without having to schedule on-site service
* ZWASupport for higher-resolution cameras that use H.264 and ONVIF protocol

Tuxedo Touch is the newest member of Honeywell’s VISTA series of home and building control solutions, which also include the newly launched VISTA Automation Module (VAM) that provides affordable, local home monitoring and control on mobile devices. Tuxedo Touch can connect a home’s or business’ VISTA security system with Z-Wave thermostats, locks, lighting systems and shades. Consumers can program the Tuxedo Touch, for example, to automatically lower thermostats and close shades when the security system is armed. Additionally, the product features a built-in Web server that allows users to control it using Web-enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets while on premises. Tuxedo Touch is also compatible with Honeywell’s Total Connect™ Remote Services, which allows homeowners to control their systems anywhere with an Internet connection.

UK Security Market(2-2): Hot and crowded

UK Security Market(2-2): Hot and crowded

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 8/27/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

The UK security market carries some special features; the most notorious is its large number of legacy analog systems. In addition, bearing the consideration over extra cost of re-cabling and labor, complexity of different projects, and requirement toward high quality, UK customers naturally take extra caution in making purchases and adopting new technologies, such as IP. Over the years, the IP adoption speed has picked up dramatically for a country with high resistance to IP; however, it is still comparatively slower than the US, Middle Eastern, and Scandinavian regions. According to different vendors' comments, the ratio of analog to IP installation in the U.K. is around 50-to-50 or 40-to-60. Steve Carney, Director of Video Product Line Management at Tyco Security Products, dissected the IP growth momentum and said, “The price of IP security products has become more challenging over the past 12 months. It pushes the higher-end IP market to generate more values, such as embracing more intelligent video and mobility in security systems. It also helps stimulate the traditional, cost-driven, analog market (such as the U.K.) to adopt more IP.“

Fully Supports Different Technologies
In a country with widespread legacy systems, companies in the U.K. pay extra attention to developing different technologies, such as encoders/ switchers or hybrid systems to fulfill the requirements for fusing analog and IP systems together. Gerard Otterspeer, Regional Marketing Manager of Video Systems for EMEA at Bosch Security Systems, suggested, “The U.K. has a large base of legacy systems. So, there is always a need to make sure if your systems are able to integrate with legacy systems. We feel that the UK market is going IP quite fast; roughly, 60 percent of our projects here use IP. When providing the IP products here, we also have to ensure they connect with other analog systems too.” In addition, “It is very important to have full product portfolios to support the large legacy market. We do have a wide range of products, such as encoders, and also HD hybrid cameras supporting IP and analog,” he highlighted.

This was also echoed by Axis. Andres Vigren, Product Manager for Axis Communications said, “The U.K. has a history of analog. We are coming from IT. It is very important to have a complete portfolio also including encoders and media converters, to make sure that customers can easily upgrade from analog to IP. Media converters are easy to deploy which you can still keep your coaxial cables.”

Looking to another group of companies, they bring a different statement in appropriate solutions to this market by highlighting the major benefits of using hybrid systems. Carney said, “We have heavily invested in the migration solutions, particularly hybrid solutions that employ a mix of analog and IP technology. I think the encoder market has disappointed some people in some aspects since it costs more for hardware and software for further upgrade. Some people expect encoders could be the transition point, but I would say the transition actually begins with hybrid NVRs and DVRs.” He further explained, “Tyco's American Dynamics and Exacq hybrid NVRs have IP and analog inputs. So, just because in the future the customer fully upgrades to IP, the processing power remains the same whether the device is handling analog or IP video."

March Networks also focused on hybrid NVRs, Stefano Torri, European Sales Director at March Networks said, “Inside the hybrid NVR is a box of encoders, so you can connect it with IP cameras and of course support analog. It is one well set-up alliance, embedded with video management software and added in video analytics. We develop our own video analytics, which we called ‘business intelligence.' We provide a very strong video analytics and value-added software for transaction integration with POS and ATM systems, particularly for big commercial, retail, and banking sector.”

End-to-End Solutions to cater to SIs
Due to the aforementioned considerations of UK customers and extra cost over installation, companies usually have to cater to what systems integrators really need and also bring more added values. Therefore, the total cost of ownership (TCO), return on investment (ROI), and ease of installation are most often evaluated when selecting products and designing systems.

The number of companies who provide end-to-end solutions rise in the market to further ensure systems have seamless compatibility and interoperability. Andrew Myung, Director of Strategy & Planning Team for Global Business Division at IDIS emphasized, “To optimize the values of total video surveillance solutions, education to customers is very important. The obvious example is especially when the retail customers have chain stores around the country; it carries extra time and cost to upgrade their systems within all their branches. Therefore, what we propose is the simplicity of IP systems with the idea of ‘plug-and-play,' which is very similar to the old, analog systems. Since what we provide is a very wide, end-to-end product line, the hefty increase of installation and maintenance time, labor and difficulties can largely be alleviated.” In the U.K., brand awareness and quality are important. What is worth noticing is IDIS, well-known in the OEM business for a long while, spent a very short timeframe preparation to complete its full IP video product lines and market its own brands in the U.K. and other European regions. This year, it has already launched 4K cameras, NVRs, and also monitors.

Full Video & Access Control
Integration to Simplify Work for SIs Solution providers are also working on developing integrated systems. Avigilon, another end-to-end solutions provider, this year, further demonstrated its integrated access control platform, which is able to manage an alarm from access control and video in one single platform. “Our most recent version of access control software includes the introduction of an appliance, which is an ideal solution for up to 32 readers, to address the physical security needs of small to mediumsized sites. It simplifies security with a cost-effective, all-in-one appliance,” said Ian Povey, Director of Product Marketing and Product Management for Avigilon, in a press release.

Carney continued, “Tyco also invested very heavily in integration of our video and access control systems. Both of our video and access control now are able to be integrated into one single platform, which we see as being a requirement for the middle to high-end market. These integrated solutions can better manage the work flow and cost, and provide better service.”

Since the UK market is quite crowded, companies are looking for more added values to differentiate their security systems. Meanwhile, end users no longer want standalone products but integrated solutions from a single company. Andrew Dicken, GM of System Solutions Group of Panasonic System Communications Company Europe said, “The market trend we have seen over the past five years across the EU, not just the UK, is a move toward integrated systems. Panasonic's System Solutions Group has engineering teams working globally on projects that integrate numerous products with proprietary or third party software and total security technologies.”

On the manufacturers' side, forming partnerships over technologies or strategic alliances is a common approach to develop integrated solutions. Panasonic's entrance into the European access control market is a very obvious example. To become a total solution provider, Panasonic Europe expanded its access control product line by forming a strategic alliance with Bravida Fire & Security, a leading access control and intruder alarm company based in Scandinavia. Dicken commented, “Through this strategic alliance, Bravida is able to use Panasonic's video surveillance and fire platform, and Panasonic uses Bravida's access control and intruder platform. Two companies are forming an alliance, a synergy of two major brands in Europe. We are designing products together and also are integration partners. Besides, we are able to share the market intelligence as well as engineering and sales resources.”

Third-party Partnership Calls for Open Platform
To cater to what systems integrators and end users need, some companies work on third-party integration and partnerships. Peter Ainsworth, Head of Product & Marketing at Samsung Techwin Europe said, “What we are highlighting this year is the processing power of our latest DSP chipset that is incorporated into our latest generation of video surveillance cameras is such that we can offer customers complete freedom and flexibility to choose the edge based video analytics App, which best matches their individual requirements. The DSP chipset has the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously and so, in addition to utilizing video analytics for security or business intelligence purposes, customers have the option to run a wide range of other types of Apps such as, for example, cloud storage.”

Another example is PSIM, which benefits most large enterprises, is able to integrate more non-traditional security sensors into the solution to get more operational benefits and save money to increase ROI, according to Jamie Wilson, Marketing Manager of Security of EMEA at NICE Systems. One case is PSIM collocates with VMS in building management systems to control lights, ventilation systems, and lift management. The integration enables the data from other systems to come in PSIM.

Constructing Security ecosystems
Telling from the latest development in the UK security market, it won't work if companies just follow the traditional way to do security business. Even manufacturers need to leverage the strength from other manufacturers to create new business and markets, not to mention other channel players. We can expect in the future for many security ecosystems to be built up. Again, companies working hard in the U.K. provide valuable examples for other markets, too.

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UK Security Market(2-1): Hot and crowded

UK Security Market(2-1): Hot and crowded

UK Security Market(2-1): Hot and crowded

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 8/26/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Thanks to the U.K.'s recent cheerful economic performance, their security market has started to regain its momentum. The upwind of its end market's demand toward security also comes along with fierce market competition. The market is indeed hot and crowded. Demanding UK customers and unique installation environments are testing manufacturers' agility.

The euro area is turning the corner from recession to recovery. The U.K. is one of the very first European countries to get back on their feet from the economic downturn. What really impressed the world is how just a year after the London riot in 2011, London still successfully organized the Olympic Games and also gradually paced up its economic recovery afterwards. Overall private spending has increased and the projects, which were put on hold, now have started again. Security projects ranging from construction, education, healthcare, retail, and commercial in general have more obvious growth. While growth in large government projects in critical infrastructure still remains slow, the UK security market has benefited from the wave of restoration and heated up with versatile security solutions and services.

Ecnomic Stability Brings Confidence to the Market
The U.K. is taking the lead in the euro zone with a projected GDP growth of 3% in 2014 and 2.6% in 2015, up from 1.7% in 2013. Private consumption is forecast to remain a key determinant of growth and an increase in investment spending is also projected. Due to the UK government still following a modest fiscal consolidation strategy to ease its debts and possible inflation, which might come along with the growth, overall government spending is still weak compared to the private side, but is ready to pick up. However, growth in the longer future will remain moderate. PwC's 2014 UK Economic Outlook pointed out, “Government spending should continue growing over the next two years but at slower rate after the 2015 election as the new government attempts to balance the books.”

This positive economic outlook also reflects on the UK security industry. “With the selling off of national companies in the 80‘s and 90‘s, it was inevitable that the large private sector would fuel growth of any industry, the security is no exception,“ said Adlan Hussain, VP Marketing at CNL Software. “This is also fuelling demand for our PSIM software. This demand is coming from a wide range of private organizations, from nuclear power stations to manufacturing to blue-chip corporations.”

BSIA confirmed the growing momentum from the U.K.'s private security sector and also commented that the competitive UK-manufactured products and services are also appealing to the rest of the global security market now. The promising domestic market still supports the country's economy growth but exports are also gradually strengthening year by year.

The Market is Hot and Crowded!
Aside from being a buoyant market itself, the demand for security in the U.K. is also coming from constant, internal and external, threats. The U.K. has been prone to many security threats, causing high security awareness in the government and local citizens since long ago. The long-standing political and religious conflict with Northern Ireland has caused several severe bombings. International terrorism is also a national security threat that the U.K. is currently facing. The 2005 London Underground bombings were the biggest terrorist attack in UK history, which stimulated the country to face new threats and strengthen its security facilities. This was followed by the 2011 London riots, also known as the “blackberry riots.” With all these historical terrorist attacks and social riots, it seems reasonable to explain why the U.K. needs very comprehensive coverage of surveillance cameras. Generally speaking, in 2007, the U.K. had around 1% of the world's population but 20% of its video surveillance cameras. The latest report also shows that for every 11 to 14 persons in the U.K. there is one surveillance camera, and the total installation will reach 5.9 million in the near future.

The country has already high security awareness. Hussain said, “In more recent years, the U.K. has been at the forefront of developments within video content analytics and PSIM, and UK companies were some of the earliest adopters of this technology. For exmaple, we have deployments in the UK such as Greater Manchester Police and IBM which date back almost 10 years.”

The market, from many security experts' point of view, is quite mature, with a local presence by all the multinational companies. In the meantime, the rise of many local manufacturers has joined in on the market competition. Last, the entrance of Chinese manufacturers has also made competition even tougher for all the players in the country. Chinese products are taking more market shares here and even competing with some companies in the higher-end market sector. "We have been really focused on the improvement of IP technologies and also put what the systems integrators' needs in the first place. Recently, we have experienced quite good growth in the U.K., especially with IP projects," said Tony Yang, GM of UK at Hikvision Digital Technology. Adopted from the book title, authored by Thomas L. Friedman, the UK security market is also “Hot and Crowded.” It is not easy for companies to stand out in this market, unless they carry unique business strategies.

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