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VIVOTEK launches four new 5-megapixel network cameras

VIVOTEK launches four new 5-megapixel network cameras

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 1/20/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Continuing its pursuit of the highest possible image quality, VIVOTEK has launched four new 5-Megapixel network cameras: the professional outdoor bullet network cameras IB8381and IB8381-E; the outdoor dome network camera FD8381-EV; and the indoor dome network camera FD8181. Equipped with enhanced image processing technology, these four new cameras provide excellent image quality and finer detail than ever before.

Incorporating advanced features such as 3D Noise Reduction, Smart IR and Smart Stream technology, the IB8381, IB8381-E, FD8381-EV and FD8181 all four cameras are able to suppress sensor noise, prevent overexposure and result in clear images around the clock while further reduce bandwidth consumption and enhance image detail in extremely bright as well as dark environments. In the near future, new features as video rotation for corridor view and electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology will be introduced to the four new cameras. Video rotation for corridor view can provide wider vertical coverage for more depth while EIS technology enables cameras to mitigate the effect of camera vibration due to wind and ensure a stable image. The four new 5-Megapixel network cameras IB8381, IB8381-E, FD8381-EV and FD8181 are absolutely ideal options for city surveillance, campus, train station, parking lots, critical infrastructure and nature monitoring.

The FD8381-EV, the outdoor version of FD8181, is specially designed with a robust IP66-rated and IK10 housing to ensure the camera body withstands rain and dust and is protected against vandalism or tampering. The IB8381-E and FD8381-EV, with an extended operating temperature range of -50~50°C, are further able to ensure performance and reliability in extremely cold and warm weather even with just 802.3at PoE power.

VIVOTEK is honored to be named in 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards

VIVOTEK is honored to be named in 2015 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 1/16/2015 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK is honored to announce that its four new network camera products - the ultra mini fixed dome network camera FD8168; the ultra-mini bullet network camera IB8168; the IR fisheye network camera FE8181V; and the Split-type Camera System VC8201 - have been endowed the 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award. Selected from among 1,155 products, VIVOTEK is extremely proud to be among those recognized with the award, which was unveiled in early January.

The "Taiwan Excellence Award" was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) in 1992. For more than two decades, the award has been widely regarded as the mark of quality products from Taiwan. Judges bestow the award based on how well products ranked in the four key categories of "R&D", "Design", "Quality" and "Marketing".

Owen Chen, the Chairman of VIVOTEK, stated, “I would like to thank MOEA, the organizer of Taiwan Excellence Awards and the honorable judges for their affirmation. VIVOTEK, as the leading network surveillance solutions provider in Taiwan, will keep our commitment to delivering high quality products and surveillance solutions, making Taiwan safer and stronger!

VIVOTEK Award-winning four network cameras:
Ultra-mini fixed dome network camera FD8168: The FD8168 is an ultra-mini size fixed dome network camera with an elegant design, especially suitable for indoor applications in which discreetness is of utmost importance. Featuring 2-Megapixel CMOS Sensors, the FD8168 can produce superb image quality around the clock.

Ultra-mini bullet network camera IB8168: The IB8168 is a 2-Megapixel ultra-mini bullet network camera. Similar to the FD8168, the camera is especially ideal for indoor applications in which cameras need to blend in with the surroundings. 

IR fisheye network camera FE8181V: The FE8181V is a 5-Megapixel fisheye network camera. The removable IR-cut filter for Day & Night functionality and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view make the camera standout in the fisheye camera market. 

Split-type camera system VC8201: The VC8201 is comprised of two recessed dome type camera units, the CU8131 and CU8171, and a VC8201 video core. Specifically designed for use with the VC8201, the bodies of these camera units are much more compact than general network cameras, making them easier to install and harder to notice.

Sido Muncul installs VIVOTEK system to revolutionize plant security and ensure the high quality of health products

Sido Muncul installs VIVOTEK system to revolutionize plant security and ensure the high quality of health products

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 1/14/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Sido Muncul: Safeguarding Indonesian Health Since 1940
Sido Muncul is one of Indonesia's leading producers of Jamu (an herbal health drink) as well as a wide range of other health products. From the humble beginnings of a small household business in 1940, Sido Muncul has grown steadily to become a key provider of herbal health products while constantly striving to provide only the highest quality nutritional supplements and guaranteeing the purity of their ingredients.

This is no simple task as Sido Muncul's factory occupies a huge 34 hectare plot of land in Klepu, Semarang, in Central Java, and includes 7 separate laboratories focused on Instrumentation, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Formulation, Pharmacognosy, Stability, and Chemistry. These laboratories are all equipped with the latest tools and devices and operate to the highest standards. Further, Sido Muncul's state-of-the-art production process adheres to extremely high standards and exceeds the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines. Sido Muncul also pays great attention to product safety and therefore keeps strict records of the production process in order to maintain process uniformity and ensure products of a consistently high quality.

The Challenge: Sido Muncul's Old CCTV Surveillance System Had Reached Its Limits
Within this context of extremely high demands on the safety and security of the production process, Sido Muncul decided that its old system of analog CCTV security monitoring was no longer offering high enough quality coverage and lacked an IR capability. Further, its old PC recording and viewing system was unreliable – often crashing or randomly going offline. A new video management system was also needed. In short, this high-tech operation had outgrown its previous surveillance system and required a high-tech security system to match its exacting standards.

The Solution: VIVOTEK – A Natural Fit with Sido Muncul
A total of 200 VIVOTEK cameras were installed across Sido Muncul's largest plant. The high quality coverage, IR capability, and smooth operation of VIVOTEK cameras in all conditions ensured that the production process could be monitored, losses prevented, and human resources managed effectively. Further, some cameras were used to monitor any waste from the production process. VIVOTEK also supplied a brand new video management system, bringing Sido Muncul's total surveillance system into a new era of functionality and stability.

High Quality IP Cameras Secure the Integrity of the Production Process
For the warehouse and factory, 150 VIVOTEK IP8332 Day and Night Network Bullet cameras were chosen for their high image quality and versatility. Equipped with a 1-megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280x800 at a smooth 30 fps, the IP8332 is an all-in-one camera capable of capturing high quality and high resolution video. Further, it can adapt to any lighting conditions as it features a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 15M for superior image quality around the clock. Making this VIVOTEK camera an even more enticing choice, the extensive features of the IP8332 are provided in an economical package, meaning Sido Muncul was able to install a large number of cameras and ensure total coverage of their production process.

For office spaces, IR capability was desired by the Sido Muncul, and FD8134 Fixed Dome Network Cameras provided this, as well as the highest possible image quality in all lighting environments while maintaining a sleek and stylish appearance. For a camera with a 1-megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280x800 at 30 fps, users need to look no further for an all-in-one camera capable of capturing high quality, high resolution video.

For outdoor areas, IP8362 2MP Full HD Network Bullet Cameras and IP7361 Day and Night Network Bullet Cameras provided coverage of the huge 34 hectare grounds. The WDR feature of the IP8362 ensures startlingly clear images in all light conditions, and its IR illuminators and IR-cut filter mean that this image quality is provided throughout the day and night. Both cameras feature rugged housing designed to protect the integrity of the surveillance system from both the environment and any attempts to tamper with the cameras.

The Latest Surveillance Solution, the Simplest Installation.
Finally, this quantum leap in security and production-process surveillance at Sido Muncul's largest plant was able to be achieved easily and quickly thanks to VIVOTEK's commitment to providing cameras and systems that are not only easy to install, but also simple to maintain. In fact, in moving from the old CCTV system and its reliance on extensive cabling networks, Sido Muncul's new VIVOTEK surveillance system is actually easier to maintain, while providing astonishing advances in coverage and image management. As a result of this upgrade, Sido Muncul now boasts a surveillance system

Hikvision to showcase its new WiFi router NVR at INTERSEC

Hikvision to showcase its new WiFi router NVR at INTERSEC

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 1/14/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, the global leader of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, reveals the new generation DS-7108NI-E1/V/W WiFi Router NVR, in an expansion of the company's highly trusted Easy IP line-up. The versatile WiFi NVR, which will be included in Hikvision's display at its INTERSEC booth, provides the most convenient way yet to set up a network video surveillance system. It allows automatic IP camera connection and video recording without any interference, making this stylish product a perfect solution for SMB applications. With the straightforward WiFi NVR set-up steps, anyone can easily equip their home or office with the WiFi NVR.

Wireless router
The DS-7108NI-E/V/W boasts a built-in WiFi router supports 802.11 b/g/n and has a built-in dual WiFi antenna. Connect to the NVR WiFi router's strong wireless internet hotspot from anywhere in the home or office with your stationary and mobile devices. Save on cost with an NVR and router rolled into one.

Silent fan
The WiFi router NVR is equipped with a silent fan that automatically adjusts its speed as necessary for heat dissipation, making it an un-intrusive addition to a productive work environment. This is particularly suitable for home application.

Internal hard drive
The new WiFi Router NVR provides the added convenience of containing an internal hard drive, which circumvents the need to install one manually. Users can choose between capacities of 1T, 500G, or opt for none.

The product supports up to 6 megapixel resolution recording, and up to 1920x1080P resolution for HDMI output. Additionally, it supports up to 8-ch real-time live video viewing and playback at 1080P.

A WiFi surveillance solution you can bank on
As a part of Hikvision's Easy IP Solution, the WiFi Router NVR brings Easy Connection and Easy Viewing when coupled with Hikvision Easy IP WiFi cameras and video management software. By scanning the QR code on the back of the camera and NVR through the free Hikvision EZVIZ app, these devices can be added to the EZVIZ platform. After being added to the platform, users can view live video and playback, as well as manage video information over the internet anytime and anywhere.

The DS-7108NI-E1/V/W WiFi Router NVR will be on display at the upcoming INTERSEC Expo in Dubai, January 18-20. For more information about this product, please visit the Hikvision booth at SA-C11.

Dahua upgrades IP cameras for Brazil's presidential palace

Dahua upgrades IP cameras for Brazil's presidential palace

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 1/12/2015 | Article type: Government & Public Services

Dahua Technology, one of the world-leading manufacturers and suppliers of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China successfully secured Brazil's Presidential Palace.

The Palácio do Planalto is the official workplace of the President of Brazil.It is located in the national capital of Brasília which built in 1960. It is a solemn and sacred place with a long history. In order to adequately secure such an important place, Dahua upgraded the IP Cameras and DVRs according its particularity. The project is intended to replace the aging analog cameras with HD IP Camera while keeping part of the original analog surveillance system. Meanwhile a surveillance center was installed in order to connect all the cameras for better management.

The whole Palace covers an area of 36, 000 square meters. The main building has four floors above ground and one floor underground. Dahua HD IP Cameras were installed in each floor. The first floor consists of the main reception area, access control and security, entrance hall and press office.The large entrance hall is used frequently for temporary exhibitions on themes related to the federal government's programs. To ensure every corner was fully protected, the Palace upgraded a part of analog cameras with Dahua HD IP Cameras and added more units to level it up to another higher stage.

There is a supreme meeting room and press secretariat in the second floor. The supreme meeting room is normally used for ministerial, government and presidential meetings. For those large ceremonies or important meets the high resolutions become the first requirement. Dahua HDW2100 IP camera features1.3-Megapixel and infrared function, allowing better image resolution and higher performance at the low-lux scenarios.

The third floor is the President and senior staff's offices. It composed of waiting rooms, the noble room, the Presidential office and the offices of the senior advisors. Moreover a large lounge area and the offices of senior government officials are in the fourth floor. Dahua HDW2100IP camera features neat and stylish design which goes perfectly with the surroundings while also providing 24/7 real-time surveillance and snapshot function for the office visitors.

To meet the security demands of the Presidential Palace, DVR1604HF-AL from Dahua supports full channel 960H real-time recording and GRID interface & smart search. It features multiple networks monitoring such as web viewer, CMS and DMSS. Dahua customized the DVRs for the project in terms of the display mode, encoding settings, holiday functions and asset management functions.

Expanded IP camera portfolio from Bosch makes professional surveillance easy for everyone

Expanded IP camera portfolio from Bosch makes professional surveillance easy for everyone

Editor / Provider: Bosch | Updated: 1/12/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The recent release of the IP 2000, IP 4000 and IP 5000 camera families from Bosch Security Systems creates a comprehensive portfolio of IP cameras that make it easy for small and medium-sized organizations to set up professional surveillance solutions. With these cost-effective cameras, Bosch raises the bar and sets new standards in security and data management for everyday surveillance situations, including schools, hospitality sites, retail shops, commercial buildings and more.

The IP 5000 family offers resolutions up to five megapixel to make it easy to distinguish individuals or minor details, significantly increasing the effectiveness of retrospective analysis. For applications where cost is more important than fine scene details, the IP 4000 family offers 720p resolution. And, the IP 2000 family is ideal for small retail businesses, as it includes two-in-one solutions that combine a built-in passive infrared (PIR) sensor and a 720p HD IP video surveillance camera – guaranteeing easy identification of events or intruders day and night.

All cameras are equipped with Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) to tailor camera settings to scene contents. Depending on movement and varying light intensity, the camera settings are continuously and dynamically adjusted to ensure perfect exposure of objects of interest while reducing bitrate by up to 50 percent. Consequently, storage costs and network strain are reduced significantly without compromising video quality.

Video data can be stored in the cloud, on a network video recorder like the DIVAR IP 2000 recording solution from Bosch, or on the built-in SD card offered by many of the cameras. Users can easily access video data and control cameras with the free Video Client or Video Security app from Bosch. The Video Security app combined with Dynamic Transcoding technology delivers both smooth live video streaming and instant access to HD images when needed, regardless of available bandwidth. Users can easily control cameras and view live video streams and HD images via a mobile device anytime and from anywhere. The IP 2000, IP 4000, and IP 5000 cameras support Dynamic Transcoding when used with a DIVAR IP recording solution or VIDEOJET transcoder from Bosch.

The cameras also work seamlessly with security software and recording solutions from Bosch and many other industry providers. This is backed by ONVIF conformance (Open Network Video Interface Forum) and the Integration Partner Program (IPP), which gives developers immediate access to software development tools to easily integrate Bosch products with third-party systems.

Hikvision protects India's Uka Tarsadia University

Hikvision protects India's Uka Tarsadia University

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 1/8/2015 | Article type: Education

Recently, Hikvision's assistance was enlisted to secure Uka Tarsadia University's newer Maliba Campus in India. This solution was notable for a number of reasons.

However, first and foremost, providing a secure environment for the 4200 students and 200 faculty members on this campus was paramount.

Uka Tarsadia University is located in India's northwestern coastal state of Gujarat. Due to the location, historical footnotes, and other environmental factors, Gujarat is one of India's primary economic hubs. Since Uka Tarsadia University is considered one of this state's elite centers of learning, it was vital for this facility to be safe.

In this vein, Indian-based installer Master's Mind Technologies was contacted to help the university:
* Build a state-of-the-art CCTV system
* Future-proof the solution
* Provide an easy learning curve for university IT administrators
* Provide top-shelf support for the solution

Starting from Scratch
Ketan Patel, owner of Master's Mind Technologies noted, "This solution was unique in the sense that the Maliba Campus was a blank slate - the campus did not have any existing CCTV solution when we began."

Mr. Patel explained that generally in large-scale projects such as this, it is often a case of upgrading an existing solution - not building one from scratch. "This presented both opportunities in the caliber of solution we could offer, as well as potential drawbacks. Namely, the costs associated with building a solution from the ground-up and cost of hardware provided," furthered Mr. Patel.

Ultimately, both Mr. Patel and the university's IT department determined that, despite the size, instead of a more economical analog CCTV system, an IP solution would better serve the university's overall needs. Additionally, it would help future proof the solution in coming years.

This was due to a number of factors.

High-Tech Components and Performance
Due to the massive distances between academic departments and outdoor surveillance points, fiber-optics were run between these locations and connected to each other using PoE switches. While fiber-optics are expensive, multiple PoE switches helped reduce the costs associated with installation. Importantly, this setup allows state-of-the-art video transmission, as well as providing an easy platform for any future upgrades that the university may request.

However, the lynchpin of the solution is a pair of Hikvision camera models: the DS-2CD2112-I 1.3MP IP66 Network Mini Dome Camera and the DS-2CD2012-I 1.3MP IR Mini Bullet Camera.

The DS-2CD2112-I IP66 Network Mini Dome Camera was primarily tasked with the interior of the campus. Mr. Patel stated, "This camera's 720p real-time video is much better than analog, which obviously serves the school's security goals to a higher degree. Furthermore, Hikvision's support really allowed us to customize this camera to our specific needs."

Mr. Patel was referring to Hikvision's ability to help modify the camera's lens. Out-of-the-box, the DS-2CD2112-I is equipped with a 4mm standard lens. This 4mm lens provides 75° of coverage. However, due to the specific dynamics of many of the school's classrooms, a wider field of coverage was needed. In conjunction with Hikvision engineers, Mr. Patel instead placed a 2.8 lens on the DS-2CD2112 to provide 90° of coverage - enough for the entire classroom.

Furthermore, while some indoor facilities are lighted overnight, the majority of classrooms are not. In this instance, "the up-to 30m of IR visibility is invaluable for proper surveillance in off-hours," added Mr. Patel.

Ironically, outdoors, the vast majority of the environment is lighted, thus reducing the need for the DS-2CD2012-I 1.3MP IR Mini Bullet Camera's identical 30m IR range. However, the unit's 1.3 megapixel high resolution is vital for university IT personnel to quickly identify a possible threat, regardless of time of day. Additionally, the DS-2CD2012-I's IP66 rating is critical to withstand India's notoriously punishing weather conditions.

Master's Mind Technologies Promising Future
Citing a need to both reduce the learning curve for the university's IT department (the operators of the CCTV system), as well as reduce costs, Mr. Patel used Hikvision's iVMS software to create a PC-based solution. Instead of NVRs, IT administrators are able to view up-to 135 cameras per PC, allowing the entire network to be fully viewed on 4 PCs.

Mr. Patel again cited Hikvision's exemplary product support as a boon for the growth of his company. With Hikvision engineers quickly and efficiently addressing any issues that arise, Mr. Patel is excited for the future of this solution and the prospects of his own company.

Network Video Recorder gives you impeccable surveillance experience

Network Video Recorder gives you impeccable surveillance experience

Editor / Provider: Michelle Chu | Updated: 1/5/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

According to the latest Security 50 Industry Report, released by a&s International earlier last month, explosive growth in IP video surveillance sector is now gone. Despite an average growth rate of 25 to 30 percent could still be seen over the past couple years, some major pure IP surveillance suppliers have started to experience slowdown in 2013, according to their financial reports. This phenomenon reflects the maturity of IP surveillance technology; therefore, in order to stand out in this fierce competition, suppliers have started to offer more comprehensive IP surveillance systems and solutions, instead of providing single products alone. To maintain annual growth, Axis and VIVOTEK, for example, have recently developed NVRs and management software and systems.

By the end of 2014, would like to feature a series of NVRs that are ideal to deploy in enterprise environment, banks, public utilities, city surveillance, and retails manufactured by some of the leading players in the security industry.

When it comes to selecting NVR for your surveillance systems, the compatibility between the cameras and recorder is the utmost crucial factor for an impeccable recording performance. Other than that, recording performance such as frames rate, resolution, and user's interface of the management system are all critical considerations for a better user experience.

GKB DN1601 Presents True Plug & Play
GKB standalone ONVIF NVR is a combo unit of video recording and hosting cloud-based server which features the easiest management and configuration through IE/ Firefox/ Chrome browsers,” said Anna Hsiung, Marketing Manager at GKB. “GKB NVR is specially designed as a two way communication device, indicating that any GKB IP cameras can be automatically detected by our NVR anytime and anywhere without extra setting time, which fulfills a real plug & play. It's not only for LAN but also the Internet application. It also integrates all ONVIF 2.0 series and seamlessly conforms to GKB IP portfolio as well. This NVR is most suitable for the SMB sectors.”

I-View AnyNet-6424, Features Performance-Optimized NVR
I-View's AnyNet-6424 enterprise server class Embedded NVR comes with a selection of 24 Hot-swap removable rack bays, up to 96 Terabytes recorded data and support Raid 0/1/5/6/10/50 capability. Flexible RAID function to secured every important data and reducing the risks of data loss.” said Yen Ou, Sales Branch Manager at I-View Communication. The NVR system makes data storage more stable and management interface more convenient. Plus, AnyNet-6424 NVR can support displaying and recording of up to 64 pcs of megapixel-IP cameras simultaneously with the third-party ONVIF or RTSP-compliant devices. With Ultra performance, reliability and high-level data protection features, AnyNet-6424 is the trustworthy for you.”

QNAP VS-12164U-RP Gives Users Professional Video Monitoring Experience
“The QNAP VS-12164U-RP Pro+ VioStor NVR supports up to 64CH high quality real-time video/audio monitoring, megapixel recording (up to 10 megapixels), and playback from multiple IP cameras. QNAP Security integrates electric engineering, mechanical design, and professional video management software into VioStor NVR series which supports 24/7 real-time surveillance video recording. QVR 5.0 video management software provides users a professional management system preloaded with intuitive, easy-to-use, and versatile QVR software that allows real-time monitoring, recording, playback, alarm notifications, and other management tools to safeguard assets and property when used with supported IP cameras,” said Joe Jen, Senior Manager of QNAP.


>>> Click the image below to see the full NVR collection  :)



VIVOTEK debuts the world's smallest fisheye network camera FE8180

VIVOTEK debuts the world's smallest fisheye network camera FE8180

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 12/25/2014 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK, with solid R&D resources and extensive experience in fisheye technology, is pleased to announce the launch of the world's smallest 5MP fisheye network camera, the FE8180. The FE8180's extremely low profile, with a diameter of only 90mm, further bolsters VIVOTEK's fisheye network camera products portfolio and satisfies diverse market needs. The launch of the FE8180 signals the dawn of a new era of simple but powerful panoramic surveillance.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, stated, “The most unique part of a fisheye camera is the wide angle view, which enables surveillance covering the entirety of a wide open space. From an economical perspective, users are able to capture a panoramic image that would usually require two or three cameras, saving on the total cost of implementation and simplifying the entire surveillance system. In the past few years, VIVOTEK has invested deeply in advanced and innovative fisheye network camera development. With the series launch of several high quality fisheye network cameras with excellent functionality and discreet outlook, VIVOTEK gained invaluable experience and took the leading position in the fisheye camera market. Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the world's smallest fisheye camera, the FE8180, a truly all-in-one surveillance solution with comprehensive functionality suitable for indoor surveillance. Looking forward, VIVOTEK will continue our commitment to fisheye camera development and continue to provide markets with more advanced fisheye network cameras for diverse applications.”

Featuring a detailed 5-Megapixel resolution sensor, the FE8180 is able to deliver clear and detailed images. When combined with WDR Enhancement and 3D Noise Reduction features, unparalleled visibility and image quality can be guaranteed around the clock while simultaneously improving on bandwidth efficiency. Designed with a 1.57 mm fisheye lens for 180° panoramic view (wall mount) or 360° surround view (ceiling/floor/table mount) with zero blind spots, the camera is able to provide coverage of wide, open areas, such as airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, offices and more. Add to this local or client side dewarp functionality and hemispherical images captured from the FE8180 can be converted into conventional rectilinear projection for viewing and analysis. Further, by utilizing the ultra-smooth ePTZ and cutting-edge Pixel Calculator functions, users can easily zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI) and be confident that the image will remain clear and of the highest quality. In order to make the installation and surveillance even more flexible, a flat back-panel mounting bracket for the FE8180 is also available. This bracket allows the FE8180 to be mounted on walls or a ceiling with a 15° tilt mount bracket.

Currently available VIVOTEK fisheye network cameras include the 5-Megapixel FE8174/74V and FE8181/81V. In addition to 5-Megapixel and fisheye fixed dome features, FE8181/81V are equipped with a removable IR-cut filter for Day & Night functionality, and a built-in 10 meter IR Illuminator for uniform lighting across a 360° surround view. Additionally, in order to deliver even more value to our customers, the full VIVOTEK video content analysis suite, including Field Detection, Line Crossing Detection, and Object Counting modules, is available immediately on VIVOTEK's FE8174 and FE8174V cameras.

Hikvision unveils 1080P Ultra Low-light PTZ network camera

Hikvision unveils 1080P Ultra Low-light PTZ network camera

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 12/23/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision is expanding the DarkFighter range of ultra-low-light surveillance cameras with the release of the DS-2DF8223I-AEL PTZ network camera. This cutting-edge camera utilizes Hikvision's industry-leading, ultra-low-light MP lens and is designed specifically to capture sharp color and monochrome images in extreme, low-light conditions. The result is crystal-clear color images in conditions that would defeat conventional monochrome IP cameras and competing low-light cameras.

The DS-2DF8223I-AEL DarkFighter PTZ opens up new opportunities for 24-hour CCTV surveillance. The incorporation of EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization), 120dB WDR and a host of Smart Detection technologies further improves image quality and operational convenience. The overall excellence of the camera has been recognized by the IFSEC Security & Fire Excellence Awards which has nominated the new DarkFighter PTZ as a finalist for "CCTV Camera Equipment of the Year".

Award-winning low-light specifications
The DarkFighter camera features a large, two-megapixel, 1/1.9 inch progressive scan CMOS image sensor for capturing full color images down to 0.002 Lux and B/W to 0.0002 Lux. Together with a 120 dB WDR (wide dynamic range) and Hikvision's 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology, the camera is capable of streaming full HD 1920 x 1080 video at full frame rate. IR distance of up to 200 metres is further supported to ensure image capture in the darkest environment.

Smart features
The camera features a wide range of Smart detection features, including face detection, intrusion detection, line crossing detection and audio exception. The great improvement on security efficiency benefits users and, more importantly, key events/objects are recorded for further forensic needs. These features, combined with smart tracking, which enables the camera to detect any progressively moving object and follow it within the camera's area of coverage without fault, place the DarkFighter head and shoulders above other PTZ and IP cameras. Smart Defog and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) are further supported to improve image quality in challenging conditions.

High power optics
DarkFighter PTZ is fitted with a fast and powerful 23x optical zoom lens, which zooms from wide open to fully zoomed in less than five seconds. This high-power lens is capable of rotating endlessly through a full 360 degrees and tilting from -20 to 90 degrees. Besides, its ultra-low-light performance is augmented with infrared capability over a range of 200 meters. In addition, up to 300 preset positions can be programmed and the new camera also enables up to 32 presets in up to 8 patrols. The DarkFighter PTZ will also scan up to 4 patterns and supports up to 24 ROI areas.

The DS-2DF8223I-AEL DarkFighter PTZ is the latest member of the growing DarkFighter family of ultra-low-light CCTV cameras. It is fully protected by an integrated heater in the sturdy IP66 and vandal-proof housing, making it the perfect candidate for deployment in challenging outdoor environments both day and night down to temperatures as low as -40°C. High-PoE and 24VAC power supply are supported as well.

In addition, Hikvision is also expanding customer choice with the introduction of another DarkFighter PTZ member, the DS-2DF6223-AEL 2MP Smart PTZ Outdoor Network Camera. This camera shares all the other excellent functionalities of the DS-2DF8223I-AEL with the exception of IR capability.

For more information on the DarkFighter PTZ network cameras, please be sure to stop by the Hikvision booth SA-C11 at the coming INTERSEC show.

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