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EverFocus upgrades Taipei City to IP surveillance

EverFocus upgrades Taipei City to IP surveillance

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 1/20/2014 | Article type: Security 50

A new EverFocus IP surveillance system was installed to secure entrances, exits, hallways, parking lots, and the outdoor areas near the City Hall building.

Always attentive to technological innovation, Taipei City Government Hall, the government building located by Taipei City Hall metro station in Xinyi District, Taipei, decided to upgrade its video surveillance system from analog to network at the end of 2013.

A new IP surveillance system was designed to secure entrances, exits, hallways, parking lots, and the outdoor areas near the City Hall building. The new IP surveillance system provides Taipei City Government real time image and better image quality, and thus provides citizens a convenient and safe environment to visit.

WebChain Technology is responsible for providing the Taipei City Government building a new network camera surveillance security system. With network system planning, designing, constructing, and maintenance professions, WebChain Technology chose EverFocus' products to cater customer's needs.

3 EverFocus IP cameras are chosen in Taipei City Hall project. EDN3260 2 MP Full HD Network Indoor IR & WDR Dome Camera is mainly installed indoor for hall way monitoring, EZN3260 2 MPHD Outdoor IR & WDR Bullet Network Camera is installed at the entrances and exits, and EPN4220 2 MP True Day/Night Outdoor Network Speed Dome Camera are put outside of the building to protect the surrounding areas.

EDN3260 is a 2 MP HD network camera which delivers high definition image quality. EDN3260 optimizes the IRIS opening under all lighting conditions with motorized Vari-focal P-IRIS Lens. EDN3260 is suitable for indoor applications that require clear image details and WDR supported. EDN3260 conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices – even from other manufacturers. Users can also use EverFocus Mobile Applications to remotely view the live views of the cameras through your handheld devices; or use EverFocus CMS to remotely manage multiple IP devices connected on the network.

EZN3260 captures the most details in stunning HD quality, it supports multi-streaming in both H.264 and M-JPEG for various network conditions. It features a built-in slot for micro SDHC card, providing uninterrupted recording in case network is down. Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) provides power to the camera via a single network cable, eliminating the need for power cables and greatly simplifying the installation. The EZN3260 supports motorized vari-focal auto IRIS lens and remote Zoom & Focus lens control via web browser. With IP66 waterproof rating, the EZN3260 is suitable to perform in moisture and various outdoor weather conditions that require superior image details. The EZN3260 conforms to industry ONVIF/PSIA standard, allowing great interoperability with a wide range of 3rd party network video devices.

EPN4220 is installed outdoor around the Taipei City Hall building. It is a high-performance, multi-stream, H.264 IP speed dome camera that provides MP HD image size at a frame rate of up to 30fps. With a built-in slot for a micro SDHC card, providing local recording when events trigger – EPN4220 conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices –even from other manufacturers. Functions such as exclusive masking, pan / tilt limits, tracking on patrol and flexible resume functions are all supported. The EPN series is designed for simple installation and supports all types of outdoor / indoor mounting applications.

The existing analog camera in Taipei City Hall building has been converted to IP-based technology using EverFocus HD network cameras, allowing real time monitoring in public areas. The speed dome EPN4220 which is installed at the petition area supports dual streams, providing a two-way communication between the control room and citizens when there's a protesting event taking place.

The IR function of EverFocus cameras have allowed the video images of low light areas easier to be captured by the network cameras and send it to the control room, which is not feasible with analog system.

With the new IP-based surveillance system, Taipei City Hall now can sufficiently prevent crimes and obtain the recording data easily in the future.

The top 10 most popular products for December 2013

The top 10 most popular products for December 2013

Editor / Provider: asmag Editorial Department | Updated: 1/17/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

In order to ensure that global suppliers and buyers are better informed on the hottest and trendiest products in different regions; from the start of 2014, asmag editorial department will be showcasing the top 10 most popular products each month. Here we present the most popular product chart for the end of December, 2013.

Judging from the quantity, Hikvision is named the top achiever, listed with 3 items on the chart. Nevertheless, the issue of how to upgrade analog to HD has been heavily addressed; hence, both HD-SDI and 960 H appeared on the chart. More importantly, easy-installation products such as cube camera, video door phone, Smart Door Lock all surfaced in the top 10 hottest products, sending an auspicious sign for the booming Smart Home market.

Following are the individual introductions and analysis of the top 10 products:
American supplier Theia has delivered a splendid performance last year, its SL940 9 – 40mm, 5 megapixel, day/night telephoto lens has been named ‘the most popular product of December, 2013' on with 425 views. Interestingly, this product was released in 2012, yet it only dominated the chart by the end of 2013, showing a soaring demand for 5MP with IR corrected for Day/Night functions in the market. Asides from Africa and Oceania, 30 % of viewers are from across Asia, America and Europe.

2 cube cameras produced by Hikvsion have graced the chart as runner-up and third place. With identical appearance but different specifications, they have generated 364 and 279 views, indicating a steady demand from the home-oriented market, specifically in America and Europe. Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) supports HD real-time video, 1.3MP has 45% views from Europe, 32% from America, 22% from Asia and 1% from Oceania. Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) 3MP has 50% clicks from Europe, 33% from America, 15% from Asia and 2% from Oceania.


Taiwanese brand VIVOTEK's IP8371E is equipped with a 3.1MP CMOS sensor, enabling the camera to capture 1920x1080 resolution video at 60 fps, awarded with Camera Excellence Award at Secutech Taipei 2013; therefore, it was placed 4th on the chart. In December, it generated 273 views, with 41% from Europe and 38% coming from America.

Taiwanese supplier Biwave's 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission for IP Network Camera Connection VDL4000 is ranked 5th on the chart. Released in November, 2013, VDL4000 is not limited by the traditional 100 meters for communication – it managed to prolong its range to 800 meters. Moreover, it also supplies DC power through one coaxial cable. This item has clicked by 253 viewers, with 40%, 31%, 29% coming from Europe, America and Asia.

With the recommendation from's 2013 HD-SDI Buyer`s Guide, Chinese supplier Dahua's 2MP Full HD HD-SDI IR PTZ Dome Camera appearing 6th on the chart, showing great interests from buyers for upgraded HD-SDI. It has generated 189 views, with 43% and 41% coming from America and Asia; 14% from Europe and 2 % from Oceania.

Released in November 2013, Korean supplier Samsung's SHS-P718 Push-Pull Smart Door Lock is specially designed for the Smart Home users. Simply just push and pull, combined with User Access Code, RF Card Key Tag, Mechanical Override Key ,Finger Print and many other ways to unlock, these great features have produced 182 views, became 7th on the chart. However, it also presents a stark contrast in popularity between continents, with only 6% and 3% of clicks from Europe and Oceania; 48% and 43% from America and Asia.

Korean supplier COMMAX's CDV-35A Video Door Phone is named 8th. With its minimalistic aesthetic and 3.5 inches colored-screen, (CDV-35A) Video Door Phone has gained major supporters from America, with 60% out of 179 views from there. Additionally, it also appears to be popular in Asia, with 23% views, Europe and Africa with 9% and Oceania with only 1%.

Korean supplier NEXTCHIP's NVP1918 plays a major component of analog video upgrade. NVP1918 supports 8CH 960H DVR video decoder; therefore, graces 9th on the chart, indicating the latent needs for analog upgrade market. In terms of the views, it has 172 clicks: 47% of views come from Asia, 37% from America, 16% from Europe.

Chinese supplier Hikvision's DS-8100HFHI-ST HD-SDI DVR has also been recommended by's 2013 HD-SDI Buyer`s Guide. Even though DS-8100HFHI-ST HD-SDI DVR is only released in December, 2013; however, with much marketing exposure as well as its powerful functions – it supports 4CH 120fps @ 1080P, DS-8100HFHI-ST HD-SDI DVR has easily become the new comer on the chart. This product has been viewed 166 times, with 48% from American, 34% from Asia, 16% from Europe, 1% from African and 1% from Oceania.

Tyco safeguards Romanian Carrefour

Tyco safeguards Romanian Carrefour

Editor / Provider: Tyco | Updated: 1/3/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

When Carrefour expanded its presence of hypermarkets across 3 continents, they hired security system integrator UTI to establish loss prevention systems within their unique shopping environment. The security company met the challenge, equipped with state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment from American Dynamics and successfully improved Carrefour's security.

A hypermarket like Carrefours is essentially a super-sized supermarket that typically stocks some 70,000 items and has a sales floor as big as 20,000 square meters or approximately 215,000 square feet. But as of 1999, no one in Romania had yet seen a hypermarket — at least not on their home turf. Carrefour executives noticed the void, and devised a plan: open 2 hypermarkets a year in every Romanian city.

A crucial part of any retail endeavor is loss prevention. Shoplifting and employee theft or internal shrinkage can take a balance sheet from black to re. According to Jack Hayes, who conducts an annual retail theft survey, these are serious crimes that not only take a toll on retailers' bottom-line profits but also “hurt our economy, costing consumers higher prices at the cash register, and causing a loss of jobs when retailers are forced to close stores or even go out of business.” Unfortunately, this problem appears to be especially severe in Romania.

Seizing the Opportunity — and Securing It
“Because Romania is so far from our home base in France, I wanted to make sure that if there was a problem, someone would be there to fix it,” he said. Luckily, about this time, UTI Retail Solutions' Managing Director Simona Dinca heard about Carrefour's plans to enter Romania. She called to see if they could help.

Tyco Fire & Security's distributor for the region, UTI's had the technology to address security issues unique to the mega-sized hypermarket. Besson tested the products in their showroom and was impressed with the quality and performance. Very soon Dinca assembled a team and together they set about designing a security system tailored to hypermarket specifications.

Rolling It Out
The first store, Carrefour Militari, located in Bucharest, was slated to break ground in 2000 and would feature a sales floor of 10,500 square meters stocked with 50,000 products. That's a lot to keep an eye on, especially considering the unprecedented temptation such a vast selection of goods posed to the potential shoplifter who was unaccustomed to a market economy.

The UTI team addressed the challenge with 2 SensorRail video systems, 18 SpeedDomeR Ultra IV programmable dome cameras, 4 SpeedDome Optima programmable dome cameras, multiplexers, analog video recorders, and a VM96 matrix switcher system . All are from American Dynamics, part of Tyco Fire & Security's Access Control and Video Systems business unit.

After the installation, Besson had full video coverage of everything— from the commercial areas to the warehouses—just as he had requested. Moreover, The SensorRail, in particular, gives security staff a vantage point over all of the hypermarket's enormous display aisles. It's ideal for warehouses or high-ceilingedbuildings like a hypermarket, serving as a motorized perch for domes that noiselessly move along its tracks the same way a train does, only inverted, to close in on wherever the action is. “The SensorRail enhances the roving perspective that the SpeedDome Optimas offer,” said Viorel Luta, UTI's technical manager for the project. “Combined, they expand your ability to cover broad expanses of retail space far beyond what you can manage with a dome camera by itself.”

In addition, American Dynamics' IntellexR Digital Video Management System and Network Client had also been installed. Intellex enables Besson and his security personnel to establish a perimeter around certain areas, such as the place where employees make cash drops, so that anyone who crosses into these areas triggers an alarm. They can set alarms to go off based on the speed, direction, or size of an object in motion as well. For instance, someone entering the hypermarket through an exit door could trigger an alarm that would appear on the monitor screen.

On the other hand, Network Client grants Besson and his staff remote access to the system. As further protection against shoplifting, UTI outfitted the cash registers and entrances at all Carrefour stores with Acousto Magnetic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). EAS systems help curb shoplifting by tying together electronic article surveillance, video, and point-of-sale systems, and delivering real-time intelligence to the store or corporate office.

A Wholesale Success
The security installation at Carrefour Militari alone paid for itself in the recovery of stolen merchandise within 18 months, helping them catch an average of 10 wannabe shoplifters daily. And now, Carrefour has 4 hypermarkets in Romania.

“We're enormously pleased with how well our high tech surveillance equipment is performing,” said Besson. As he and his staff have found, it does more than stop shoplifters. Stores remain open as late as 10 p.m. and the surveillance cameras outside have helped deter car theft and acts of violence that are more prone to happen at night.

EverFocus announces IP speed domes EPN4220p and EPN4220pi

EverFocus announces IP speed domes EPN4220p and EPN4220pi

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 12/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus Announces Product Release of EPN4220p / EPN4220pi, the newest 2 Megapixel, 20X Optical Zoom, PoE, True Day/Night IP Speed Dome Camera.

The EPN4220p / EPN4220pi are 2 Megapixel outdoor and indoor IP speed domes delivering image quality of up to 30fps at resolution of 1920 x 1080, built-in 20X optical auto focus zoom, with removable IR cut filter for true day/night function. The outdoor model is equipped with a vandal-proof IK10 and weather proof IP66 housing. Both model feature 360°rotation, 0.01°~180° pan and tilt travel along with sheer position accuracy, making it excellent in providing the fast and accurate tracking ability. A maximum of 192 preset positions are available to be programmed for precise location of target areas. The EPN models are designed for simple installation and can be applied to indoor and outdoor usage: airports, ports, casinos, shopping centers, station and parking lots.

According to the product marketing manager Tony Lin, “The biggest difference between the new EPN4200p / EPN4200pi models and previous EPN models is that the new EPN4200p / EPN4200pi models are equipped with Power over Ethernet, which provides the power and network connection through one network cable.”

The camera supports H.264 and M-JPEG multi-stream output for simultaneous live monitoring and high-resolution recording. Moreover, the camera features the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function, which can offer high quality images even under back light circumstances where intensity of illumination can vary excessively.

T In addition, a built-in micro SDHC card slot and Power over Ethernet features are provided. Since the camera conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices, it interoperates with a wide variety of hardware and software systems. EPN4200p / EPN4200pi also support live monitoring of video from mobile devices via EverFocus's CMS & MobilFocus / MobileFocus Plus Apps (iOS and Android), which make it easier for users to monitor their real time images with convenience.

Hikvision solutions assist in Iraqi security industry rebound

Hikvision solutions assist in Iraqi security industry rebound

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 12/19/2013 | Article type: Government & Public Services

Obviously, Iraq has gone through a great deal of upheaval in its recent history. Where much of its infrastructure was damaged by the first Gulf War in the early 90s, 2003's second Gulf War had a far more crippling effect.

Ahmed Shakir, CEO at the Iraqi-based security integrator Khairat Annabaa, explained: "After 2003, the private security industry was dealt a variety of problems; however the lack of IT professionals really affected our ability to provide modern solutions and modern security for our businesses."

However, with a decade's worth of hard work and dedication, both Iraq, and its businesses, are starting to bounce back. Mr. Shakir noted that the private security sector is beginning to thrive and Hikvision products are a growing presence in this revival.

Professional Security
For over 20 years, many private Iraqi businesses relied on an armed guard for security purposes. While this does provide a basic level of security, it also has a great many drawbacks and shortcomings. A guard is far from a comprehensive solution.

However, with the revival of professional solutions, its benefits have extended beyond solely better protection for a particular business. Khairat Annabaa's fuel storage distribution center project in Iraq's Amarah City illustrates this point.

Utilizing Hikvision's DS-2DF1-716 IR Network Speed Dome Camera, DS-2CD8254-EIS Network Bullet Camera, DS-2CD2012-I Network Bullet Camera, DS- 1100KI Keyboard, and DS-9616NI-SH NVR, this Amarah City solution not only provided an upgrade over guards, but also helped build security Infrastructure, improved overall security and most importantly, it promoted tourism

Building Security Infrastructure
Khairat Annabaa was initially an IT company. Now, through the improvement in both Iraqi infrastructure and economy, the time was ripe for Khairat Annabaa to use its IT knowhow and move into the security industry. Mr. Shakir noted, "The emergence of better Internet capacity, namely WiFi, has provided a great opportunity in the security industry for us."

Specifically, WiFi has greatly lowered the cost for solutions. In this fuel distribution center project, Hikvision's DS-2DF1-716 IR Network Speed Dome Cameras are placed on exterior towers to view the adjacent road; and utilizing its 30x optical zoom and 80m IR range functions, the license plates on cars entering the facility.

Additionally, the DS-2CD8254-EIS and DS-2CD2012-I Network Bullet Cameras are placed at specific fixed locations - such as critical areas such the primary fuel storage area - and along the borders to provide broader perimeter security. Both models can be as close as 100 meters or as far away as 4 kilometers from Hikvision's DS-9616NI-SH NVR.

For both camera models, WiFi makes this solution economically viable and provides the ability for managers and security personnel to access these cameras in their own offices; thereby providing an easier, cheaper, and more efficient solution. Additionally, Hikvision's DS- 1100KI Keyboard benefits by allowing 255 cameras to be used by 1 keyboard, and the ability to automatically utilize the cameras' zoom function on this keyboard.

Improving Overall Security & Terrorism Concerns
This fuel depot represents an important link in the overall Iraqi fuel supply chain. As a vital component to the economy, this site requires a suitable solution to the importance it holds.

Located on the main road between Amarah and Basurah, and near a logistically-important bridge for this road, this location is of obvious importance. However, the special nature of this specific site brings additional concern. Not only are important roads, bridges, and this fuel depot at this location, but also a thriving community with homes and an elementary school.

By utilizing WiFi to inexpensively link Hikvision cameras to Hikvision's DS-9616NI-SH NVR, managerial and security offices across great distances, this solution also provides improved overall security for the community at large.

Concurrently, this solution has "greatly reduced issues of terrorism. Now, with these Hikvision cameras monitoring not only the station, but the surrounding area, the community is much safer. This applies to common crime, but also to possible terrorism issues. Earlier, without cameras and WiFi, there wasn't a deterrent. Now, with these cameras and 8 hard disks of NVR hard-drive storage to record incidents, we can provide proactive safety measures," explained Mr. Shakir.

With Hikvision and Khairat Annabaa's IT abilities, Amarah City's fuel storage distribution center gained more than a simple solution. It gained a solution that provides protection - and civic stability.

MOBOTIX shows 5MP light sensitive cameras D25, M25 and Q25

MOBOTIX shows 5MP light sensitive cameras D25, M25 and Q25

Editor / Provider: Mobotix | Updated: 12/16/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The new D25, M25 and Q25 5-megapixel IP camera models deliver high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated scenes due to the new MOBOTIX low-light optimization feature. As a result, they are considerably more-light sensitive than the respective predecessor models and have twice as many pixels as Full HD.

All models feature state-of-the-art motion detection. Whether large objects in the foreground or small ones in the background, the integrated MxActivitySensor only records video or triggers an alarm if an important event occurs. Interference caused by trees moving in the wind, shadows, passing clouds or snowfall is ignored better. The motion sensor configures automatically; it is possible to select the image region and direction of motion of the objects.

The 3 models are weatherproof and operate at temperatures between -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F). The only differences in the models are the design and the additional sensors they offer. The D25 is a compact dome camera for indoor and outdoor use and can be equipped with vandalism protection. The M25 features a microphone and is designed to withstand extreme weather situations.

The Q25 generates 180-degree panorama images with improved details and discreetly secures an entire room without any blind spots. This way it is far easier to capture a scene than with several individual cameras. The number of cameras required and the costs are reduced as zooming in on details is still possible.

All new camera models feature an MxBus connection to integrate additional features such as the GPS-Box, which delivers the exact time reference for the video recordings, in addition to position, ambient temperature and brightness. Recording on all camera models takes place both internally on an SD card and externally on a USB stick or via the IP network on NAS hard drives offering nearly unlimited storage capacity.

Axis improves Shaanxi Rural Credit Cooperative HDTV video network system

Axis improves Shaanxi Rural Credit Cooperative HDTV video network system

Editor / Provider: Axis communications | Updated: 12/9/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

As network technologies advances and IT deployments go further, the video surveillance industry has stepped into the network era. Video surveillance is developing towards networking, modularization, and high definition, to meet user demands for high definition, robustness, reliability, ease-of-use, resilience, scalability, and ease of installation and maintenance. Shaanxi Rural Credit Cooperatives Union grows rapidly, and maintains more than 3,000 points of presence and hundreds of off-premise ATM self-service sites. HDTV network cameras were needed for the key areas at the banking sites, including main gates, bank note handover areas for cash carriers, outer/inner areas, counters, and ATM self-service areas, to address the business-critical requirements for “clear faces”, “clear bank notes”, “clear details”, “clear interior/exterior environments”.

On the basis of the specific HDTV surveillance requirements of the Union's points of presence, Axis network cameras were selected with functionalities and performance purpose-designed for banking, and in accordance with the actual conditions on the sites, as well as the business requirements, the Union formulated the plan as follows:
1. Main gates of the banking offices: Bank employees enter/exit the offices through the main gates, and all clients access the offices through the main gates for financial transactions. So, additional HDTV network cameras at the main gates enable facial recognition. Devices deployed: AXIS Q1604 Network Cameras with WDR functionality.
2. Back doors of the banking offices (bank note handover areas): Bank note handover is carried out in areas between the banking offices and cash carriers, for cash entry into the offices in the morning and cash return to the vaults at night. Naturally, the risk of robbery is great. AXIS P1354 Network Cameras with Lightfinder technology were deployed.
3. Banking office environments: The banking office environments are the areas where clients queue to handle financial transactions. In this place, risks are greater since cash flows between the bank tellers and clients, and the clients are allowed to move as they like. AXIS M3007-PV Network Dome Camera with 360o panoramic view were deployed.
4. ATM self-service settings: All ATMs in self-service settings were originally equipped with analog pinhole cameras, which didn't provide good facial recognition or identification for access control. AXIS Q1604 Network Cameras with WDR functionality were installed.

1. Application of Wide Dynamic Range technology: The Union needs details about persons and vehicles in its operating environments, so the cameras are expected to provide high definition, accurate color revivification, superior WDR effects, sufficient data that allows for identification of the colors and license numbers of the passing vehicles, and excellent image quality, free from high light impact in the environment. AXIS Q1604 Network Cameras were deployed which feature WDR, providing “dynamic capture” capabilities, enabling an ideal solution for monitoring applications in the highly variable lighting conditions, in circumstances where the light comes through a tunnel creating both shadow and bright zones. In these demanding environments, AXIS Q1604 allows for the user to clearly identify people and objects. The cameras' Wide Dynamic Range with dynamic capture uses several images with different exposure times. Advanced image processing results in the video with clarity and sharpness, therefore, no part of the image turns out too dark or too bright.

2. Application of the Lightfinder technology: At the back doors of the Union's banking offices (bank note handover areas), the cameras are expected to provide high clarity, accurate color revivification, and particularly, low light performance for poor lighting conditions at nighttime. AXIS P1354 Network Cameras with Lightfinder technology were deployed. AXIS P1354 is a fixed day and night camera with superb image quality, delivering excellent H.264 performance in a robust design. Superior video quality is provided with progressive scan in multiple individual H.264 streams, as well as Motion JPEG streams. The focus assistant, remote back focus and pixel counter features simplifies installation. The outstanding light sensitivity supplied by Axis' Lightfinder technology, with maintained colors even in very poor lighting conditions, is obtained by a combination of Axis' expertise in image processing, system-on-chip development and selection of the best optical components.

3. Application of 360o panoramic view cameras: In the outer environments in the Union's banking offices, it is necessary to monitor facial features, and activities of the clients during business hours as well as unauthorized entry. Therefore, the cameras are expected to provide high definition, accurate color revivification, no blind zone and wide coverage. AXIS M3007-PV Network Cameras with 360o panoramic view cameras were deployed. They offer multiple viewing modes: 360o overview and dewarped imaging technologies, including panorama, dual panorama, quad views and support for digital pan/tilt/zoom functionality. Multiple video streams in H.264 and dynamic JPEG formats can be transmitted simultaneously.

4. Ultra-low bandwidth and storage requirements: The Union's existing distributed management model will be transformed into centralized surveillance and management with city-level secondary banking surveillance centers, which are then connected to the provincial and national security networks, thus extending the monitoring coverage and tools, freeing the operators at the local sites from device maintenance, and improving the overall efficiencies and effects. Axis cameras with high performance video compression algorithms, deployed in the Union, provide the ability to transmit the HD images with the limited bandwidth. This reduces bandwidth requirements while ensuring the high quality of images.

EverFocus launches new mobile mini vandal-proof IR dome camera

EverFocus launches new mobile mini vandal-proof IR dome camera

Editor / Provider: Everfocus | Updated: 12/6/2013 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus Electronics Corporation releases 600TVL Mobile Mini Vandal-Proof IR Dome Camera – EMD332. EverFocus EMD332 600TVL Mobile Mini Vandal-Proof IR Dome Camera is designed for mobile video surveillance in taxi, police cars, cash-in-transits, and vehicles that pursuit concealed surveillance in a limited space.

Built-in with 3.4mm pinhole lens, EMD332 is a tiny mobile dome delivering 600TVL high resolution image quality with 1/3” SONY Super HAD DDC II Sensor. The 48 x 43mm /1.9" x 1.7" mini size enables EverFocus EMD332 to be the efficient mini mobile camera. EverFocus wanted to create smaller cameras for mobile users since the space in the economy cars is limited compared to buses. The size of EMD332 meets the needs of customers who drive economy cars, sedans, van, and small luxury cars. Equipped with a vandal-proof and IP67 weather proof housing, the camera meets a wide variety of needs for mobile and outdoor surveillance applications, and with the unique 3-axis mechanical designed for adjusting camera angles, which makes it suitable for installation in a variety of different environments.

The starlight super-high sensitivity of 0.00001 Lux/F-1.2 which is achieved by digital slow shutter (sens-up 32x) is another things consumers cannot miss while choosing a mini mobile dome camera. 10 units of IR LEDs enable the night visibility up to 10m / 33ft (Indoor) and 5m / 16ft (Outdoor), better than most of the mini sized mobile cameras. IR LEDs provide further viewing range in complete darkness, which is more practical for drivers to record image clearer at the night time. EMD332 also supports 3D-noise reduction, auto electronic shutter (AES), auto gain control (AGC), auto white balance (AWB).

Dahua introduces new Eco-Savvy 2MP IP mini speed dome series

Dahua introduces new Eco-Savvy 2MP IP mini speed dome series

Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 11/27/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua introduced the new Eco-Savvy 2Mp full-HD 12x network mini speed dome series, maintaining the Eco-Savvy three “low's” functionalities and also providing impressive surveillance effects.

As mentioned, this mini speed dome series consists of the three “Low”s — low streaming, low consumption and ultra-low-lux as it is based on Ambarella platform. From the test report, it is noticeable that the bit rate is less than 4Mb/s during encoding@1080p, and less than 2Mb/s@720p; its frame rate can reach 60fps@720p, making it easier focus on every movement and detail of the object in high-speed motions. In addition, compared with the previous generation camera, the cameras are able to save over 50kW/h energy annually.

The mini speed dome series employs in-house block cameras, which has all-in-one design, namely video, audio, alarm, network and SD card interfaces embedded. In addition, this mini speed dome series has realistic color reproduction capability, and as for the night vision effect, “revolutionary” should be the word as the image is quite clear and sharp with less noise, no matter in color or the B/W mode.

The mini speed dome series supports 12x optical zoom, the angle ranges from 4.64 degrees to 51.3 degrees, managing to cover wider domains. Also worth mentioning is the “smart eye”, which picks up instant focus with zero latency, enabling quick response and better intelligent functionality. The dome series also support a maximum of 300 °/s pan speed and PoE+. All Dahua network products conform to ONVIF protocol.

Dahua SD40/42/42C212S-HN mini speed domes series is suitable for stations, airports, malls, hotels, boutiques and etc. The series provides various installations, such as wall-, pendant-, ceiling- as well as in-ceiling-mounting depending individual needs.

Samsung Techwin launches new 960H WDR 700 TV lines camera series

Samsung Techwin launches new 960H WDR 700 TV lines camera series

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 11/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung Techwin new 960H camera series is packed with a list of innovative features to enable high resolution 700 TV lines colour images to be captured in low light conditions. One of the most interesting features from an installer's perspective is likely to be Simple Focus as it can help reduce installation costs by minimising the time it takes to commission the cameras.

The 2 domes and box camera in the new 960H series are equipped with Samsung Techwin's advanced Wide Dynamic Range feature which compensates for backlight 128 times more effectively than standard WDR. This together with Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR), which automatically adjusts dark areas of an image and Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNRIII), ensures high quality images can be obtained in a wide range of challenging environments including when the light may be as low as 0.1 lux. The new models also utilise Progressive Scan to optimise the high quality video capture of moving objects, making it possible, for example, to read car number plates without a motion blur effect.

A single push of a button located at the back of the camera is all that is needed to automatically focus the camera via the Simple Focus feature which can also be remotely accessed via a coaxial control enabled DVR. An additional operational benefit is that Simple Focus automatically optimizes the back-focus required for clear, sharp images when the camera's true Day & Night function changes from colour to monochrome mode.

Although extremely competitively priced, the models in the 960H series include Intelligent Video Analytics which can assist people counting or the detection of activity by various means, such as tripwire and enter/exit direction, object appear/disappear and ‘tampering', which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is unauthorised movement of a camera away from its usual field of view.

The 3 new models are all compatible with Samsung Techwin's series of 960H DVRs which were introduced in March 2013 set a new standard in digital video recording enabling users to achieve an immediate improvement in the resolution of the live or recorded images that can be displayed on a high definition monitor.

The three models in the 960H series are: 
SCB-3003 box camera
SCD-3083 dome camera with 3.6x motorised varifocal lens
SCV-3083 IP66 vandal-resistant dome camera with 3.6x motorised varifocal lens

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