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Enhanced image sensor added to Hikvision PICADIS analog cameras

Enhanced image sensor added to Hikvision PICADIS analog cameras

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 3/3/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision is set to extend its PICADIS analog product line with this new, latest offering: the DS-2CE15F5P(N)-VFIR3 720TVL Vari-focal IR Bullet Camera and the DS-2CE55F5P(N)-VFIR3 720TVL Vari-focal IR Dome Camera. Both of these models are aimed to set new standards for both image quality and low-light surveillance. These cutting-edge cameras are designed specifically to capture superior crystal-clear color images in extreme, low-light conditions. Both feature a 1/3” 1.3 MP PICADIS II image sensor and Hikvision's 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology.

An Enhanced Sensor for Superior Image Performance
Similar to previous vari-focal PICADIS analog cameras, these two new models - the DS-2CE15F5P(N)-VFIR3 720TVL Vari-focal IR Bullet Camera and the DS-2CE55F5P(N)-VFIR3 720TVL Vari-focal IR Dome Camera - are now equipped with several new, advanced features. Among these improvements, the most noteworthy is this addition of Hikvision's 1/3” 1.3 Mega PICADIS II image sensor. This sensor was specifically designed to be utilized along with Hikvision industry-leading 3D DNR (Digital Noise Reduction) technology to secure higher image quality under challenging lighting circumstances. Ultimately, this improvement results in unparalleled visibility in extremely bright and dark environments and provides a performance that easily surpasses conventional analog cameras.

OSD Menu Control with an UTC (Up-the-Coax) Advantage
This new camera line of is equipped with a BNC connector to transfer the video signal. When compared to conventional analog cameras, this feature provides remote control of the camera's OSD from the terminal (such as a computer monitor in the control room) to the camera, and vice-versa. This also facilitates faster and easier camera management, allowing for higher precision and control over camera functionality and imaging settings/adjustments from the monitoring room. The result is a substantial savings in configuration time and money.

Moreover, an IP66 rating protects against elements, such as rain and dust, making both cameras ideal choices for almost any application and installation – especially for those that are outdoors. Both new models are available in grey and white color schemes.

Samsung Techwin video surveillance system installed in Moscow

Samsung Techwin video surveillance system installed in Moscow

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 2/27/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Despite tough worldwide trading conditions, Russia is enjoying strong growth in its economy and this is reflected in the increasing demand for office accommodation from international organisations, as well as locally based businesses in Moscow. Developers have responded to the shortfall in the availability of high quality commercial space with a dramatic acceleration in the number of building projects. By the end of 2014, Russia's capital is expected to be able to boast 4 of the 5 tallest buildings in Europe, whilst many prestigious projects have already been completed, including the highly impressive Paveletskaya Plaza complex.

Paveletskaya Plaza, which is constructed in the same architectural style as the adjacent Paveletskaya Railway Station, comprises two 12 storey and one 27 storeys tower. Collectively the buildings offer 65,000 Square metre of office accommodation fully fitted with the most modern technologies to provide tenants, which include Adecco, Allianz, Nestle and Tommy Hilfiger, with the most comfortable and stress-free working conditions. On site there are also several bank branches, a translations bureau, a printing centre and a travel agency, as well as shops, boutiques and restaurants for the benefit of office staff and visitors.

Electronic security and network specialists, YECONS Technology Solutions, were awarded the contract to install the video surveillance system, said: ”It is not perhaps a surprise that there were no shortage of installation companies keen to be invited to tender for this very important project,” said Yusuf Yesilova, General Director of Moscow based YECONS Technology Solutions. “However, although it was a very price competitive tendering process, the owners of Paveletskaya Plaza, ENKA, made it clear from the outset that there should be no compromise in respect of the coverage and quality of the video surveillance solution.”

Single Source
Having successfully installed Samsung Techwin professional video surveillance equipments at a number of other large projects, it gave YECONS Technology Solutions the confidence to single source all the required components of the video surveillance system from one of the fastest growing electronic security manufacturers in Russia.

Working closely with Samsung Techwin's locally based pre-sales support team, YECONS Technology Solutions' engineering design team took a close look at every location where a camera needed to be installed and subsequently recommended what their research had led them to believe was the best model for what it was expected to do.

228 cameras, together with Samsung Techwin network video recorders (NVRs) and monitors, have been installed to enable security personnel to monitor 24/7 all activity within the Paveletskaya Plaza buildings and the surrounding areas.

Fit for Purpose
“At certain locations, where positive identification of unwanted visitors needed to be achieved, we recommended the installation of 3MB Full HD camera models that could deliver evidence grade images, as well as technically advanced features such as Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and face detection,” said Yusuf Yesilova. “In the majority of locations however, 1.3 megapixel cameras were more than able to capture high definition images of a quality which easily met the client's requirements. We were therefore able to deliver a competitively priced solution that took full advantage of Samsung Techwin's product portfolio that includes both extremely high specification cameras, as well as models which, although competitively priced, deliver a high level of performance.”

The Samsung Techwin cameras have been installed on all floors of the three buildings, as well as elevators, reception and parking areas. 124 of the 228 cameras are SND-5010s. Measuring just 100 x 115 x 42mm and part of the LiteNet camera series, the ONVIF compliant SND-5010 1.3 megapixel camera is designed to provide an affordable HD video surveillance solution for environments where there may be limited space. There are also 89 SNB-5000 cameras which are equipped with built-in licence-free Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) capability which includes a scene change tampering function, as well as optical tripwire, enter/exit direction detection and an Appear/Disappear function to detect the movement of objects. Of the remaining cameras, eight are SNB-6004s and seven are SNB-7080s. With the ability to capture superb quality 2MP Full HD (1080P) images, the SNB-6004 is part of Samsung Techwin's highly acclaimed WiseNetIII camera range, whilst the SND-7080 is a 3 megapixel Full HD network dome camera with 3~8mm motorized varifocal lens.

24/7 Monitoring
Images from all of the cameras are transmitted over a LAN to a central control room where they are monitored live 24/7 by Paveletskaya Plaza operators who are able to direct patrolling security personnel to the precise location where an incident or suspicious activity may be taking place. At the same time the images are recorded onto one of eight Samsung Techwin SRN-1000 NVRs which are able to work in harmony to provide a seamless server style video recording solution. Each SRN-1000 provides up to 24TB of on-board video storage capacity with the potential of an additional 24TB of storage via 2 external e-Sata direct storage devices. It also features support for Raid 5 storage.

“The video surveillance system plays a crucial role ensuring that our tenants can go about their daily work activities in a secure environment and that their staff, visitors and customers feel safe whilst taking advantage of Paveletskaya Plaza's superb facilities,” said Zihni Coskun, Facility Management Director of ENKA. “The partnership between YECONS Technology Solutions and Samsung Techwin has been a great success. It has resulted in a system that is working extremely well and the feedback from our operators is that it is highly reliable and easy to use.”

Cube cameras: Enhanced features for improved surveillance

Cube cameras: Enhanced features for improved surveillance

Editor / Provider: Editorial Department, a&s International | Updated: 2/24/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Small business owners or regular homeowners merely want to be able to monitor their property without having to install a full-fledged system. However, most DIY cameras are too basic to fulfill these end users' requirements, such as inefficient resolution or insufficient frames per second, but regular professional systems offered on the market can be quite extraneous for regular home use. Hence, when the compact but full-featured cube cameras appeared on the market, they quickly became the perfect alternative to the costly surveillance solutions that most consumers and SMBs simply cannot afford nor need.

In smaller settings, or for simpler applications, surveillance solutions do not need to be complicated to get the job done. “The need of home surveillance is just basic and easy setting. In the high-end sector, it needs many functions but this sector does not. The complexity of system and position are different than high-end products,” stated John Wu, Sales VP at Hunt Electronic.

Cube cameras are mainly designed for indoor surveillance, such as small- to medium-sized business offices, shops that only need a four- to six-channel system, and home applications. Main features include compact design, wireless connection, Wi-Fi protected setup for easy and secure wireless network connection, mobile surveillance application, and easier and more cost-efficient installation and configuration, according to Ma.

According to Quentin Miao, Head of Global Marketing at D-Link, 1 to 4 cameras are typically needed for home monitoring, located at important entrances (such as front and back doors), bedrooms, nurseries, or living areas. SMBs usually employ 4 to 16 cameras for important entrances, lobbies, stairwells, and storage areas or warehouses.

Furthermore, cube cameras provide flexible installation in indoor areas where restrictions may be imposed on certain types of installation. For example, “in rented spaces, it may not be allowed to mount a full-fledged dome camera into the ceiling or to open walls in order to install cabling. Wireless cube cameras allow for very flexible mounting and positioning without the need to worry about cabling,” added Vigren. This flexibility makes it much more convenient for users as it can be deployed in various applications without any permanent damages to the surrounding environment.

Though they certainly are a possible solution for a majority of the residential and SMB sector, there are some minor disadvantages for cube cameras that can limit their performance. “Due to its form factor, cube cameras are mostly used in indoor environments. Even though some manufacturers have released outdoor versions, the reliability cannot compare to standard outdoor cameras such as a bullet camera. Also, with the fixed lens and limited field of view, cube cameras are suitable for small-sized areas. Cube cameras normally do not have many light-handling capabilities like low light, true WDR etc., so it cannot perform as well as other professional cameras when facing some challenging conditions,” commented Wu from Hikvision. End users must be aware of these particular limitations so they are not used incorrectly in an unsuitable environment or application.

Solutions, Not Devices
By utilizing a wireless connection, cube cameras allow users to view high-resolution videos remotely from their browser or any other mobile devices. It also eliminates the complications caused by multiple cables and wires. Cube cameras can offer professional-grade surveillance that goes up to 2-megapixel resolution at 30fps, which gives much better, smoother video/image quality than DIYs, which typically are 1 megapixel and 15fps max. In terms of low-light performance, some cube cameras are equipped with the mechanical ICR to deliver much sharper nighttime images and truer color at daytime. Also, some cube cameras are built with IR night vision that can reach 10 meters, which is about twice as far than the DIY's that have IR LEDs. The further the IR distance, the clearer the image gets in poorly lit environments, according to Ervin Wang, Sales Director at Messoa Technologies.

Coming from the software business, Mobiscope believes the biggest issue that customers encounter is the software which comes with cameras and work to correct mistakes in software made by hardware manufacturers. For instance, Mobiscope offers motion detection alerts regardless whether the camera has this feature or not, and cloud storage for video recordings that customer can access anywhere – on mobile device, in any web browser, even for the most affordable cameras, according to Alexander Ostrovsky, CMO of Mobiscope.

For those who are unfamiliar, it is necessary to highlight exactly what separates cube cameras from regular DIY cameras on the market. “The main differentiations of our cube cameras are professional performance and features, normally only found in more expensive camera types, especially low-light performance, PoE, edge storage, and support for alarm inputs and outputs. Also, we know that customers nowadays are always looking for solutions, not just devices, so our cube cameras come with both our feature-rich NVR software and our easy-to-use, plug-and-play cloud solution,” Shau-Chau You, VP of Zavio mentioned.

Despite the emergence of cube cameras that are fulfilling the needs of the residential and SMB sectors, a few DIY cameras are actually hitting the benchmark too. For instance, some which are designed for the DIY market also feature low-light technology for color images even in dim light, which makes it possible to resolve details like hair and skin color, license plate numbers, and so on. The cameras are also easy to set up and install due to their unique cloud platform, according to Miao.

The availability of such sophisticated technology on a regular DIY camera certainly goes to show the extent of today's surveillance technology. In order to deal with competition from the DIY camera manufacturers, some professional cube camera manufacturers are teaming up with “security or telecom operators to create more complete solutions with more added value and return on investment for customers,” according to Ma.

LILIN plays a role in flood defense plan in Venice

LILIN plays a role in flood defense plan in Venice

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 2/17/2014 | Article type: Government & Public Services

Suffer from severe flooding
The city Venice, Italy, suffers flooding on a yearly basis. In 1966, nearly 80% of the city was flooded by high tides. Known to Venetians as the“acqua alta” or “high water,” brings high waters that spill into the walkways and streets of Venice. It happens several times a year, and has gotten worse over the past century.

MOSE project has been set in motion to save Venice from the sea
The barrier project, known formally as “Experimental Electromechanical Module” project and otherwise as MOSE, is designed specifically to maintain high tides of 2.7m from reaching the city. There are 3 inlets to the 500km2 lagoon, which will be activated when tides rise higher than 110cm inside the lagoon. During flooding, for example, when the water reaches above normal levels, the locks will spring into action. MOSE is scheduled for completion in 2014, the system will protect Venice from high water levels of up to 3m.

Video surveillance from LILIN to oversee the water level
Video surveillance is an important part of disaster monitoring process, it plays an irreplaceable role, and real-time monitoring around the key areas of water is a must-needed in MOSE project. LILIN CCTV video surveillance solution was selected to be part of MOSE, all due to its exceptional quality of LILIN's mechanical housings against sea environment corrosion as well as the cameras built-in with powerful IR solutions.

Products installed
* 57 pcs of IP-based cameras, LR-7428EX3.6
* 4 pcs of multi-touch 16-channelstandalone NVR, NVR-116
* 5 pcs of 8 Port 130W Network PoE Switch, PMH-PoE88130W
* 6 pcs of vandal-resistant WDR 650TVL Speed Dome camera, SP-8368P
* 1 pc of 16-channel standalone DVR device, DVR-316
* 1 pc of multi-function 3D keyboard controller, PIH-931

The first Gate (Lido Lagoon Inlet) is where LILIN solutions serve to help monitor the entire flood prone area. In this project, there are 63 units of LILIN L series IP cameras LR-7428EX3.6 and waterproof speed dome cameras SP-8368P with 256X digital zooming capacity being installed at sensitive key points to carefully watch over the water level. LILIN security cameras are suitable for application in variety of harsh environments such as tide peaks and sea environment-specific corrosion.

LILIN Italy is very proud to be part of this monumental MOSE project in providing long-term durable video surveillance to save Venice from the sea. LILIN set of monitoring equipment including IP based cameras, speed domes, standalone DVRs, and multi-touch NVRs not only to the timely monitoring of water level, while the rainfall measurement, timely data transmission to monitoring center platform. MOSE project is now well equipped for incoming floods with the help of a complete video surveillance system provided by LILIN.

Sponsored by:

LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

Afidus provides mobile surveillance for city buses in Istanbul

Afidus provides mobile surveillance for city buses in Istanbul

Editor / Provider: Sponsered by Afidus | Updated: 2/14/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

Nowadays, the awareness of surveilllance issues have been rasing around the world. Turkish people are aware of its importance as well. They endeavor to have IP cameras applied to every aspect of their lives, making them feel more secure and convenient. The city bus project in Istanbul is a part in their future blueprint. With the cutting edge technology support and smooth communication, Afidus completed the mission and satisfied all the needs from their customers.

Afidus was responsible for handling the surveillance project of city buses in Istanbul. With Afidus' high technology, each bus only needed to equip with one 3Mega Panorama IP Dome (FH-330F3) and one mobile NVR. After the installation, security was no longer a concern to them.

FH-330F3, 3 Mega panorama IP Dome which is also called Fisheye IP camera. It allows 360° /180° /90° panoramic angle view and e-PTZ control. By installing on the right hand side of bus driver and choosing 4R Display mode (4regions views angle), installers are capable to monitor every corner and situation on the bus, including the bus driver. For low light environment, it is equipped with 0.1 low lux Sony Exmor sensor and Mechanical ICR – well designed for the transportation application.


Before the installation of FH-330F3, Afidus noticed there were some conundrums and challenges that needed to resolve. Firstly, power supply. Afidus understood that the range of power supply is quite different : starting the engine consumes the most power, a stark contrast to regular driving. Therefore, Afidus FH-330F3 was designed to sustain the maximum of 36 volts and to be maintained by 15 volts.

Secondly, the bumpy road. Istanbul is a charming city which is combined with 2 contrasting characteristics: ancestry and modernity. However, in order to maintain the original view of this ancient city, they chose to put less emphasis on reconstructing the roads. Afidus' mechanical department takes on this challenge. They put great efforts in designing and passing the vibration test and drop test. Eventually, FH-330F3 can be used successfully on the bus with stability without any interruption from the mechanical problem.

Afidus not only provided technology support but also cooperated with the third party – a mobile NVR supplier. With good communication, Afidus provided “OCX component”, sample code which is based on “.net system” and “cgi command” to them. Afidus' R&D department successfully supported the mobile NVR supplier to integrate their NVR as well as Afidus IP cameras to cater to customer's needs.

Afidus always provides solutions to fit customers' needs. It is not only about the products, but also the applications. Afidus cares about customers and understands what they need. Afidus not only provides products in good quality, but is also proud of its services and solutions. This is exactly the aspiration that drives Afidus to cooperate with people who are interested in surveillance issues over the world.


EverFocus surveillance products deployed in W Hotel Qatar

EverFocus surveillance products deployed in W Hotel Qatar

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EverFocus | Updated: 2/10/2014 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

The increasing numbers of worldwide terrorist attacks and thefts have become the driving force in explosion of surveillance systems to protect lives and assets. Every newly built public or private building now requires a complete security and safety plan.

As desert dunes soar next to towering skyscrapers, W Doha Hotel & Residences dazzles by the Arabian Sea. As more and more high-end hotels are built in Qatar, W Hotel wanted to provide more secured experiences for their employees and their valuable guests during their stays in W Hotel. Therefore, W Hotel turned to EverFocus for a well –planned surveillance system.

In order to provide a complete safe environment for its guests, W Hotel chose EverFocus's cameras and later installed around 450 EverFocus advanced surveillance cameras in their main entrances, lobby, hallways, stairs, and at the front desk. In order to satisfy W Hotel's requirements, EverFocus worked with the system integrator Genius Vision Digital (GVD) for a complete solution. Installed EverFocus surveillance cameras include EHN3260 IP IR dome, EPN4220 speed dome, and EZN3260, EZN3340 bullet type cameras.

Taiwan Excellence Award winner EPN 4220 is a network-based speed dome camera specifically designed for professional applications. It offers 2 megapixel resolution and a built-in 20x optical zoom, aimed at guaranteeing impeccable image quality, in addition to cutting-edge features, such as digital slow shutter (DSS), wide dynamic range (WDR), and dynamic noise reduction (DNR). Equipped with an IP66-rated housings and true day/night function with a removable IR cut filter, the EPN 4220 is certainly designed to withstand all environments. The advanced motion detection function also meets the needs of almost every end-user.

EHN3260 is a 2 megapixel IP wide dynamic Day/Night outdoor IR dome that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor environment. W Hotel installed 398pcs of EHN3250 cameras in the hotel because its P-IRIS Lends, WDR, high performance noise filter, True Day/Night function provide high quality image and meet the vandal proof needs that the hotel required at the same time.

EZN3260 and EZN3340 bullet type IP cameras are also used in this project. EZN3260 is a 2 Megapixel Wide Dynamic Outdoor Bullet IP camera patented algorithm for expert exposure control in dynamic lighting environments. Its highlight suppression backlight compensation/Control (HSBLC) intelligently masks the extreme blooming effects from high-contrast light sources such as car headlights. EZN3340 is a 3 Megapixel outdoor bullet IP camera with the same design as EZN3260 but higher performances that can monitor further distance in darker areas.

Hotel surveillance has become more important than ever. A well organized and installed surveillance system can not only protect the hotel itself but also the guests. 441 EverFocus cameras are installed for complete surveillance and protection in W Hotel. With the installation of the hotel video surveillance, not only it can keep guests safe from thefts, violence, but also provides evidences, prevents crimes and thus creates a better and pleasant stay for all the guests visiting W Hotel.

Video surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels and resorts. EverFocus surveillance solutions have been widely used in different vertical markets including businesses, housing, banking, retail.

Axis launches Q60-S PTZ dome network camera line

Axis launches Q60-S PTZ dome network camera line

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 1/29/2014 | Article type: Security 50

The new top-of-the-line AXIS Q60-S PTZ Dome Network Cameras in nitrogen-pressurized stainless steel casings are suitable for surveillance and remote monitoring applications in marine, mining, oil and gas environments, as well as food, medical and clean room manufacturing facilities.

The rust-free cameras can resist the corrosive effect of sea water and cleaning chemicals, and withstand high-pressure steam cleaning. Pressurized nitrogen prevents internal condensation.

Axis Communications, a global supplier of network video, launched 3 outdoor-ready, marine-grade stainless steel cameras that enable 360 degrees coverage of wide areas in resolutions up to HDTV 1080p and great zoomed-in detail with up to 36x optical zoom.

“AXIS Q60-S cameras provide exceptional video surveillance and high durability for reliable performance in demanding indoor and outdoor environments,” says Erik Frannlid, Axis' Director of Product Management. “The stainless steel models are the latest additions to our newly upgraded AXIS Q60 PTZ Dome Series.”

AXIS Q60-S cameras, with SAE 316L stainless steel and a nylon clear dome cover, can operate in -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F). They have IP66, IP6K9K, NEMA 4X and MIL-STD-810G 509.5 approvals, ensuring protection against dust, rain, high pressure/steam jet cleaning, snow, ice and salt fog. The cameras come with a multi-connector cable and a media converter switch that allows for network connection using standard network or fiber optic cables. The switch also enables the cameras to connect to external alarm devices via 2 configurable input/output ports and to 12 V power. Stainless steel mounting accessories are sold separately.

AXIS Q6042-S provides Extended D1 resolution and 36x optical zoom. AXIS Q6044-S offers HDTV 720p and 30x optical zoom, while AXIS Q6045-S supports HDTV 1080p and 20x optical zoom.

All AXIS Q60-S cameras support shock detection, which mechanically detects and triggers an alarm if the camera has been hit. AXIS Q6042-S and AXIS Q6044-S provide electronic image stabilization, which reduces the effects of camera vibrations (from wind or traffic) to provide clearer, more useful video.

AXIS Q6044-S also supports automatic defog, which automatically detects fog in the scene and digitally filters it out of view for clearer video. AXIS Q6044-S has nearly three times better light sensitivity than the industry norm for HDTV cameras, enabling excellent video quality in low-light conditions.

AXIS Q6045-S offers the highest video resolution, enabling exceptional detail in wide and zoomed-in views. In addition to auto tracking and Active Gatekeeper—which are available in all AXIS Q60 models—AXIS Q6045-S has built-in video analytics such as highlight compensation (which masks bright lights for ease of viewing), object removed, fence detector, object counter and enter/exit detection.

Milan Cathedral upgrades security solution with Samsung Techwin

Milan Cathedral upgrades security solution with Samsung Techwin

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 1/24/2014 | Article type: Security 50

For more than six centuries, Milan Cathedral has been celebrated the whole world over as one of the finest examples of unique sculpture and architectural masterpieces, and as the very symbol of the city of Milan.

A security incident in July 2013 emphasized the need to update security at the monument and the Enzo Hruby Foundation, a leader in Italy and Europe in terms of offering protection for historical and artistic sites, took quick steps in close collaboration with the professional security division of Samsung Techwin to provide the very latest video surveillance technology in a prestigious protection project.

To guarantee protection for the monument and control the vast urban area around the perimeter of the Cathedral and on the rooftop Terraces, a modern video surveillance system of the latest generation was installed, with 20 remotely managed HD night vision cameras operating 24h/day.

12 cameras with a video analysis function were installed in strategic points around the perimeter, to guarantee complete coverage and leave no area uncovered. 7 cameras of the same kind have been installed on the terraces, with also 1 motor-driven HD camera that covers the entire length of the central part.

All the cameras have built-in IR night vision illuminators, so no modifications to the current lighting was required around the perimeter or on the Terraces, for a non-invasive intervention in terms of installation and infrastructure. The new cameras, the images of which are transmitted to the Local Police operations centre and the Provincial Police Headquarters, are integrated with the images from the urban video surveillance system connected to a high-tech video analysis system that can detect and classify suspicious activity and objects, in addition to the 1,300 cameras already managed by the authorities. Umbra Control from Perugia was responsible for the project.

“With this important project, we're protecting not only the Monument, but also the Piazza and the area around the Cathedral,” said the President of the Venerable Duomo Factory, Angelo Caloia, “5 million people visit the Cathedral every year and in 2015 we estimate 20 million tourists will pass through the doors: the Factory is working hard to keep all areas of the Monument open with 12 building sites, and also thanks to important security measures such as this. This major project is important not only for the Cathedral, it also provides added security for the city with the upcoming Expo 2015 and we can only thank those who, like the Enzo Hruby Foundation and Samsung Techwin, were ready to share this onerous task.”

The work of the Enzo Hruby Foundation and Samsung Techwin didn't finish with the project to protect the Milan Cathedral and its heritage though. The two parties have in fact been called on to protect the Duomo's Museum, which reopened on 4th November after eight years of restoration work.

The security system meets the specific requirements associated with the particular characteristics of the environments and the variety of the works of art in the museum, with solutions aimed at satisfying the aesthetic needs of the building, which has been the home of all sorts of materials that tell the story of the Milan Cathedral since 1953. The museum contains works of art of notable worth including tapestries, sculptures, architectural models, paintings, stained glass, hangings and other works, which require specifically studied protection systems to be kept safe.

The latest generation Samsung Techwin cameras with full HD resolution and the new WiseNet 3 processors were used to guarantee a system with the very highest image quality, offering optimized compression and management of network resources. The most suitable camera was chosen for each environment both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of performance - the museum has 26 rooms with a total surface area of 2,000 m2. Most of the cameras in the museum are mini dome interior cameras with IR illuminators. New fish-eye cameras with 360 degree lenses were also used in some of the rooms to control the whole exhibit space. All the cameras send their signals to a central recording unit, with three Samsung Techwin SRN-1000 NVR.

Samsung Techwin products used in the Milan Cathedral Project

* Cathedral Perimeter:
12 SNO-6084RP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP cameras

* Cathedral Terrace:
4 x SNO-6084RP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP cameras
1 x SNP-6200RHP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP Dome camera

Cathedral Recording:
One SRN-1000 Network Video Recorder

74 x SNO-6084RP 2MP 1080p Full HD IP cameras
2 x SNF-7010P 360? Fisheye interior cameras

Museum Recording
3 x SRN-1000 Network Video Recorders

Hikvision secures Korea with network camera solutions

Hikvision secures Korea with network camera solutions

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 1/23/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, along with the Korean National Police Agency recently designed an IP video surveillance system for public safety usage. More than 750 units of Hikvision's DS-2DF7286-A 2MP Network IR PTZ Dome Cameras are installed in Seoul and adjacent suburbs in South Korea.

These Hikvision cameras are primarily tasked with coverage of streets, intersections, and other vital infrastructure locations, to provide a safer environment for both vehicles and commuters. This solution also serves as a deterrent against theft and other related crime, as well as a useful aid in police investigations.

Hikvision PTZ cameras provide a 360 degrees endless pan range and a -10 degrees to 190 degress tilt range of view. These cameras offer a 30x optical zoom capability to help police with observing the required detail needed for distant vehicles and suspicious individuals. Additionally, the PTZ cameras provide surveillance at distances of up-to 150 meters, even in total darkness. Of special note is the Smart Tracking function, which helps detect moving objects and follow them within the camera's area of coverage without fault.

Integrated with existing network video recorders and VMS from local suppliers, Hikvision's PTZ cameras provide a total VPMS (Video Privacy Management System) solution. This system represents an irreplaceable tool for the concerned Korean National Police Agency, and ensures that while citizens are being protected, their personal privacy is being not violated.

EverFocus upgrades Taipei City to IP surveillance

EverFocus upgrades Taipei City to IP surveillance

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 1/20/2014 | Article type: Security 50

A new EverFocus IP surveillance system was installed to secure entrances, exits, hallways, parking lots, and the outdoor areas near the City Hall building.

Always attentive to technological innovation, Taipei City Government Hall, the government building located by Taipei City Hall metro station in Xinyi District, Taipei, decided to upgrade its video surveillance system from analog to network at the end of 2013.

A new IP surveillance system was designed to secure entrances, exits, hallways, parking lots, and the outdoor areas near the City Hall building. The new IP surveillance system provides Taipei City Government real time image and better image quality, and thus provides citizens a convenient and safe environment to visit.

WebChain Technology is responsible for providing the Taipei City Government building a new network camera surveillance security system. With network system planning, designing, constructing, and maintenance professions, WebChain Technology chose EverFocus' products to cater customer's needs.

3 EverFocus IP cameras are chosen in Taipei City Hall project. EDN3260 2 MP Full HD Network Indoor IR & WDR Dome Camera is mainly installed indoor for hall way monitoring, EZN3260 2 MPHD Outdoor IR & WDR Bullet Network Camera is installed at the entrances and exits, and EPN4220 2 MP True Day/Night Outdoor Network Speed Dome Camera are put outside of the building to protect the surrounding areas.

EDN3260 is a 2 MP HD network camera which delivers high definition image quality. EDN3260 optimizes the IRIS opening under all lighting conditions with motorized Vari-focal P-IRIS Lens. EDN3260 is suitable for indoor applications that require clear image details and WDR supported. EDN3260 conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices – even from other manufacturers. Users can also use EverFocus Mobile Applications to remotely view the live views of the cameras through your handheld devices; or use EverFocus CMS to remotely manage multiple IP devices connected on the network.

EZN3260 captures the most details in stunning HD quality, it supports multi-streaming in both H.264 and M-JPEG for various network conditions. It features a built-in slot for micro SDHC card, providing uninterrupted recording in case network is down. Power Over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) provides power to the camera via a single network cable, eliminating the need for power cables and greatly simplifying the installation. The EZN3260 supports motorized vari-focal auto IRIS lens and remote Zoom & Focus lens control via web browser. With IP66 waterproof rating, the EZN3260 is suitable to perform in moisture and various outdoor weather conditions that require superior image details. The EZN3260 conforms to industry ONVIF/PSIA standard, allowing great interoperability with a wide range of 3rd party network video devices.

EPN4220 is installed outdoor around the Taipei City Hall building. It is a high-performance, multi-stream, H.264 IP speed dome camera that provides MP HD image size at a frame rate of up to 30fps. With a built-in slot for a micro SDHC card, providing local recording when events trigger – EPN4220 conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices –even from other manufacturers. Functions such as exclusive masking, pan / tilt limits, tracking on patrol and flexible resume functions are all supported. The EPN series is designed for simple installation and supports all types of outdoor / indoor mounting applications.

The existing analog camera in Taipei City Hall building has been converted to IP-based technology using EverFocus HD network cameras, allowing real time monitoring in public areas. The speed dome EPN4220 which is installed at the petition area supports dual streams, providing a two-way communication between the control room and citizens when there's a protesting event taking place.

The IR function of EverFocus cameras have allowed the video images of low light areas easier to be captured by the network cameras and send it to the control room, which is not feasible with analog system.

With the new IP-based surveillance system, Taipei City Hall now can sufficiently prevent crimes and obtain the recording data easily in the future.

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