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Miami City Fights Crime With Messoa Surveillance

Miami City Fights Crime With Messoa Surveillance

Editor / Provider: Messoa | Updated: 2/24/2012 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

Downtown Miami, Florida has a long history of crimes related to mob and drug activities, and the city still ranks among the top of having one of the highest crime rates in the United States. In effort to make the city safer, the Miami Dade County pledged to improve its public safety. A key part of the plan was to deploy a video surveillance system at security hotspots in high-risk neighborhoods.

The project took place at a County-owned housing for low income families. The housing management was looking for high-resolution yet cost-effective network cameras that clearly capture details in the monitored scenes and would provide police officers with real-time, evidence-grade video streams in case of incidents. The cameras also had to perform well in low light situations when criminal activities are most likely to occur.

Munway Technology, an experienced IP surveillance integrator based in Miami, set up a wireless system with MESSOA dome cameras, which were strategically installed at crime hotspots throughout the neighborhood. Without requiring extensive cabling, the wireless network enabled live streaming video to be sent to the NVR server at main office wirelessly and saved considerable installation costs. The clearly-captured images could be used to retrospectively investigate any illegal activities via the high-resolution playback footage.

The dome camera was chosen due to its excellent video quality and night visibility that makes it perfect for monitoring and positive identification. The project manager from Munway was especially impressed with the MESSOA's proprietary Lumii technologies at low light without seeing a lot of video noise.

The housing management was also very pleased with the image quality that the dome cameras provided. With the surveillance cameras in place, the security personnel can now easily monitor the hotspots at all times and have a better control of the situation around the neighborhood. The crime rates are expected to drop significantly, as those involved in crime-related activities will be fully aware they have now been closely watched.

Bosch Supplies Security Technology for Football Stadiums in South America

Bosch Supplies Security Technology for Football Stadiums in South America

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 1/19/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Large crowds and big emotions are a dangerous combination. Therefore it is crucial for every sports stadium to have accurately designed emergency plans and advanced safety measurements in place. At two major South American arenas, Bosch Security Systems recently demonstrated which precautions it takes to enable trouble-free sports competitions on a large scale:

To mark the completion of the Copa America in 2011, the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium was overhauled. Its renovation included an enhancement of amenities and facilities, as well as a major update of the stadium's safety technology. A total of 17 Bosch's mobile dome cameras were placed at entrances, corridors and training rooms. Also, every chamber contains Intelligent Video Analysis from Bosch and through a fiber optic network it was possible to integrate the video surveillance system into the CEO (Center of Strategic Operations) of the city of Mendoza. Angel Pitton, head of the department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the Ministry of Medoza says: “We are now able to control the access of people to the stadium, detect crimes or unusual situations in real time and, crucially, logistical support is given to security personnel. The link to Mendoza's emergency center not only ensures prompt police services, but also the support of the fire-fighters and medical emergency.”

Being one of the chosen venues to host the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2011, the Hernan Ramirez Villegas stadium in Pereira, Colombia, assigned Bosch Security Systems to support the adaptation and modernization of the entire stadium according to the FIFA's strict technical recommendations. A newly installed surveillance system now allows video monitoring, public voice messaging and the reproduction of anthems as well as audio playbacks from the stadium's large screens. To capture detailed images at all times, PTZ cameras, Autodome Series supported by fixed cameras, Dinion XF and the Dinion Series were installed throughout the venue. In addition to the surveillance system, the 700 Series storage system was implemented. Furthermore an extensive Audio System was mounted, which not only ensures clear emergency messaging and PA announcements, but can also be used for music replays in order to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Peruvian Malls Select Total Video Solution from Hikvision

Peruvian Malls Select Total Video Solution from Hikvision

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 12/21/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Peru, like the majority of countries in South America, believes in a distinctive security approach when adopting new surveillance solutions.

One such example is the famous department store chain Oechsle, located throughout Peru's major cities. Oechsle's success is also analogous to Peru's economic revival.

Only a few years ago, Oechsle was an all but forgotten brand name. A once famous Peruvian symbol that had fallen on hard times and been forced to close its doors. But as the nation's economic health has rebounded with an eight to nine percent annual GDP growth rate; the Oechsle brand was similarly reenergized with new owners and a host of new stores throughout Peru's biggest cities – locations that host 80 percent of the country's population.

Yet, just as Peru's economy and Oechsle's fortunes rebounded, one significant difference remained: security. Much had changed in the world since Oechsle's initially closed its doors in the 1990s, but most South American companies were still not embracing technological improvement. The concept of CCTV is new to Latin American countries – Peru included. As recently as only a couple of years ago, many major corporations and businesses were relying almost exclusively on traditional security guards to protect their investments.

As such, in 2009, Hikvision approached Oechsle's new management with speed dome cameras and DVR units. After testing Hikvision products against a variety of other competitors, Oechsle chose to go with Hikvision in order to better secure their stores.

After careful consideration, Oechsle management decided upon three Hikvision products for their stores. The first was the analog speed dome. This camera was selected for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, this camera particularly filled the security needs for a department store. It has proven to be a great match for Oechsle because of the nature of the business. Oechsle needed an analog solution that offered high resolution and was also extremely flexible.

Both high resolution and flexibility were, and are, key to Oechsle. This is based on the nature of the shopping environment: an open space with customers continuously moving to various areas. The analog speed dome allows personnel in the store's security center to discretely follow individuals and eliminate obvious and offensive traditional tactics such as prompting a security guard to continually follow this person. This is accomplished by this Hikvision speed dome's 1/4 inch SONY CCD, providing the essential ability to zoom onto questionable situations with a great degree of resolution; and 360 degree of endless pan range, providing the ability to discreetly monitor groups or individuals without their knowledge.

Additionally, Oechsle management opted for two Hikvision standalone DVR units. Both DVRs have greatly enhanced security efficiency and productivity at Oechsle's many stores throughout Peru. As with Hikvision's speed dome camera, this DVR revolution has changed the way that security departments now approaches these matters. In Peru, security video is generally stored for one month, but the DVRs allow Oechsle to easily exceed this. In fact, with up to 8 hard discs and 16 terabytes of memory, Oechsle can store more than 2 months of footage on one DVR alone.

Besides benefits such as this, easy-to-use functionality, and an overall high standard of quality, Oechsle's security department was greatly pleased with an additional benefit: the ability to view high-resolution video in order to settle customer disputes, and if needed, to provide as evidence in cases of theft or fraud.

Furniture Factory in Israel Selects Messoa for Property Management

Furniture Factory in Israel Selects Messoa for Property Management

Editor / Provider: Messoa | Updated: 12/13/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Located in the suburb of Nazareth, Israel, the furniture factory specializes in manufacturing wooden furnishings, such as shelves and dining tables. The factory owner was looking for a reliable, cost-effective video monitoring system that not only could provide a security means to ensure property security, but also to watch over production line while improving the operating efficiency.

The factory building consists of three main areas: the office area for administration, product demonstration and customer reception; the manufacturing area for production; and the stock area for storage and shipping handling. Realizing each area varies in sizes and security requirements, the Messoa PTZ and dome cameras were recommended for this project.

First, the PTZ cameras are installed on both the interior and exterior walls for securing the premises. With its superior sensitivity and WDR function, the PTZ camera enables operators to watch over difficult-to-see spots with exceptional clarity regardless of the lighting conditions. The camera's 360-degree pan, 360-degree tile and panoramic rotation capability makes wide-area surveillance easy.

A number of dome cameras are deployed together with the PTZ cameras at corners where the sight is blocked by pipelines to complement the view angles by avoiding any blind spots.

For indoor surveillance, the high-resolution dome cameras were chosen to oversee critical locations inside the building, such as the main entrance and the production sites. The dome camera's mechanical ICR cut function allows 24/7 indoor surveillance in fine details.

Messoa Network Domes Provides Safer Nightlife at Dutch Pub

Messoa Network Domes Provides Safer Nightlife at Dutch Pub

Editor / Provider: Messoa | Updated: 12/2/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Sorbonne is a popular dance café located in the center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The two-story pub opens 7 days a week, offering dining services during lunch/dinner hours and turning into a lively nightlife venue late in the evening. However, situated in the heart of the most unsafe city in the country, the owner of Sorbonne is concerned with any crime-related incidents that are likely to happen in the block, as well as within the pub.

To protect his customers and employees, he was prompted to deploy security cameras. He additionally requested for remote monitoring accessibility to real-time streaming video on mobile devices to keep an eye on what goes on around the pub.

Sorbonne turned to XSERIUS, a local system integrator partner with MESSOA, for professional installation. To make mobile access possible, a network IP surveillance system seems to be the only viable choice to go with for this project. Meanwhile, taking the complexity of lighting in a nightclub environment into consideration, it is essential to deploy a network camera with outstanding imaging performance in difficult lighting conditions to meet the harsh requirements.

After identifying Sorbonne's needs, XSERIUS, with its extensive proficiency in IP technology and a wide spectrum of client base, recommended MESSOA IP dome camera, to do the job. A total of 12 IP dome cameras are strategically positioned both inside and outside of the pub to get a comprehensive overview of the entire premises.

All sorts of lighting effects may be encountered in an environment like nightclubs, where there may be dim lighting, multi-colored lighting or even strobe lighting for creating such ambiance. But from the security's point view, this poses a serious threat for cameras from capturing useful images while adjusting to the constantly-changing lighting background.

The camera features digital day/night capability to dynamically adapt to complicated indoor lighting environment. The camera is further powered by the proprietary Lumii imaging technology that significantly enhances light sensitivity and noise reduction to deliver crisper images in the low-light settings. The Full HD 1080p resolution adds to the already superior image quality that has to offer.

To achieve remote access from mobile devices as required, the ONVIF-compliant day/night camera is flawlessly interoperated with the NVR and a spotter app from Mirasys designed for Smartphone and tablet PCs. The app in combination with MESSOA cameras allows the user to view live video streams and to access recorded footage remotely in superb picture quality.

Design-wise, the vandal-resistant casing of the day/night camera is able to protect the camera from external impacts, while its low-profile look blends perfectly in the modern pub interior.

After the surveillance system is in place, the staff at Sorbonne now has a much more effective tool to help them when they are trying to validate any brawl or confrontation that may happen inside the pub from time to time. The owner could also be notified in the first place via his mobile device should any incident occur and make necessary arrangement to solve it remotely without having to be physically on-site. Risks of robbery and other crime activities are also expected to drop in the long run with the help of high-definition recorded footage as the most powerful proof.

Frankfurt Light-Rail Stations Secured by Hikvision Network Video Solution

Frankfurt Light-Rail Stations Secured by Hikvision Network Video Solution

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 12/2/2011 | Article type: Infrastructure

As an important financial, commercial, and transportation center of Germany, Frankfurt takes great pride in the city's overall infrastructure improvement. While advanced transportation systems are trademarks of the city's foresight, the implementation of a comprehensive solution for all of its 31 underground stations and 16 light rail transit stations – with the later completely located upon the unforgiving German surface - mark an integral moment.

The security solution for the light rail stations, implemented by the German-based company - Indanet AG, was developed to upgrade the existing analog surveillance system to better meet the client's demand for higher image quality and remote monitoring in a more timely fashion; and specifically, in response to emergency situations. Yet, the ability to achieve these security improvements were a direct result of utilizing Hikvision products; both in the design and in the mounting of IP Cameras at these outdoor facilities.

Previously mentioned, there was one significant hurdle these 16 light-rail transit stations had to overcome that many other Frankfurt civic projects did not: these light rail stations were outdoors.

Jurgen Fuchs, Indanet's Director of Strategic Projects at explained, "The German climate can be very unforgiving. These stations are completely outdoors, so the challenges we faced were very different than those at a primarily indoor facility, such as a subway. Outside, we have to deal with absolutely everything."

Using German ingenuity, Indanet AG decided a two-pronged security solution would best fit this environment. One aspect would be for the larger platform area, and the other would be tailor-made for one specific area located upon the platform itself. Yet, both plans needed Hikvision technology to turn these ideas into reality.

Mr. Fuchs chose to monitor the general platform area with Hikvision's 1.3MP Vandal Proof & Weather Proof Network Dome Camera. This was done for a number of reasons, as Mr. Fuchs explained, "This camera was a natural choice. It worked very well with the IP-network we built for the Frankfurt public transportation system, and these cameras gave the system operators' a video image that that had tremendous resolution. But, very importantly, it successfully met the IP65 weather standard – something specifically required by this client."

The 1.3 MP dome camera achieves all of these through a variety of Hikvision technological applications. The high clarity aspect is provided through 1280 x 960 pixels of digital resolution; while the ability to successfully function in the extreme outdoor Frankfurt climate is a direct result of the vandal/weather proof housing encasing this camera.

In fact, this casing ensures an IP66 weather rating, which actually exceeds the pre-existing requirements placed upon this project. Mr. Fuchs further elaborated that "this housing is a very complex and vital part for this camera. There is an internal heater to control temperature differences in the winter, and there is a water-proofing element that keeps out rain, snow, and condensation from adversely affecting the camera. Without these, a camera would not function in Frankfurt's climate."

While, in most cases, the general platform was monitored by the 1.3 MP dome camera, there were certain stations that presented a special challenge: finding a location to mount the camera that would allow an unobstructed view of the emergency columns.

Mr. Fuchs overcame this problem with creativity and Hikvision's 2MP Mini Dome Network Camera. These cameras were installed within the actual column and next to the emergency button. In the event of an emergency, a passenger need only press the button. This immediately triggers the camera and conveys the image in real-time to the control center; thereby alerting security personnel of the situation. Furthermore, a voice panel allows staff to speak with the passenger.

Mr. Fuchs noted, "This camera allows a full realization of security with an efficient, all-in-one tool to immediately diagnose the situation. Importantly, personnel in the security center are able to receive real-time HD video with H.264 video compression from these cameras; thereby greatly helping security staff to recognize the nature of the problem and correctly respond." Additionally, all video footage is permanently recorded and stored for 48 hours, which is the maximum duration allowed by authorities.

Tying both of these Hikvision cameras together to a main security center is an IP-network solution compatible with Nexus VMS codec.

And while this network is centrally monitored, IP also presents an additional benefit: the ability to use PCs to view the cameras' video. Mr. Fuchs noted, "This feature is especially important to early responders, such as firefighters. There is a vital need for these individuals to be able to visually see what is happening in real time."

Santa Fe Deploys Messoa Video for City Surveillance

Santa Fe Deploys Messoa Video for City Surveillance

Editor / Provider: Messoa | Updated: 11/29/2011 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

The city of Santa Fe is the 9th largest city in Argentina. Located near railroad terminals and ports, it is an important commercial and transportation center. Colonial buildings mixed with a bustling night life make Santa Fe a popular tourist destination. Santa Fe continues to grow and is getting more and more prosperous every day.

With a population of 450,000 and growing, city officials became concerned about security issues. The city was experiencing a growth in theft, vandalism and assault. One particular area of concern was downtown. Cameras were needed with the aim of enhancing security. They would have to be able to monitor the city live; including traffic control. Also, they would be used to track crimes and obtain video evidence. These cameras needed to be tough enough to withstand vandals and harsh conditions. Consequently, MESSOA was chosen as the preferred one in order to build a safer city environment.

One of the cameras chosen was speed dome security camera with low lux capabilities. A Sony CCD, 128X Wide Dynamic Range and Day/Night function with ICR ensures 24 hour monitoring in even the most difficult conditions. It uses a 36X optical motorized Sony zoom lens which allows it to capture details from long distances. Furthermore, high quality construction and a 750kg Vandal Proof and IP66/67 Weatherproof housing with heater and blower ensure that it works in all conditions.

The other camera was MESSOA IR camera. The camera is a security camera with IR LED and low lux capabilities. MESSOA Lumii II technology enhances sensitivity to deliver crisp images in even total darkness. It has 540 TVL resolution and a flexible 3.3-12mm IR-corrected varifocal DC Iris lens for different installation requirements. External focus controls make adjusting the varifocal lens simple. It is housed in a compact die-cast aluminum body with tempered glass, making it suitable for outdoor applications. A cable management bracket allows easy installation and maintenance.

The MESSOA dome camera is the ideal choice for the most challenging applications while the MESSOA IR camera is ideal for a wide range of indoor/outdoor video surveillance systems. The cameras were linked directly to the 911 system. Feeds from cameras on the street can be directly accessed by 911 dispatchers. Dispatchers can keep an eye on the crowds of shoppers and respond to emergencies within seconds. The cameras help gather evidence, improves response times and is a crime deterrent. They are fully operational and have demonstrated excellent functionality, performance and reliability.

Belgian Industrial Site Protected by Axis Network Cameras

Belgian Industrial Site Protected by Axis Network Cameras

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 11/29/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

SA Cometsambre is part of the Comet group, specializing in the acquisition, sale, and treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and their derivatives. The group has since its founding become the largest industrial client and supplier to the steel industry in Belgium. The main activity is the recycling of ferrous metals. Since the plant's launch, a security company has been employed to guard precious merchandise on-site on a 24/7 basis. This quickly became a very costly solution. The company thus looked for a more viable and effective alternative in terms of cost: video surveillance with video analysis and a management solution.

The combination of different types of Axis network cameras with ACIC video facilities and a solution to monitor management and access to Genetec proved to be the best solution for the 8 hectare site. Considering its compact design and resistance to vandalism, a dome camera was the clear solution. In addition, it is difficult to detect where the camera is pointing, making it particularly discreet. The dome camera maps out a specific area with optimal image quality. As the area is very extensive, a complementary Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera was chosen to guarantee optimal flexibility. A total of some 30 Axis network cameras have been installed by Digital, the specialist in video surveillance solutions and IP monitoring access.

Each part of the solution is complementary, creating overall high-level security. The synergy between the high-quality Axis camera network that could be integrated with access monitoring and a video analysis system led to a spectacular reduction in the number of incidents.

Norbain Video Keeps a Watchful Eye on UK Nursery

Norbain Video Keeps a Watchful Eye on UK Nursery

Editor / Provider: Norbain | Updated: 11/28/2011 | Article type: Education

Nottingham's new premier nursery, the Applegarth Day Nursery, is the first in the region to have connected its CCTV cameras to the Internet to enable customers to log in via a secure Internet connection.

Mums and dads, with access to the Internet at home, work, abroad or through their mobile phones, will be able to see live video of their children learning and playing at the nursery.

Cameras in each room of the nursery (and the areas for older children) are connected to a video server which both digitally records and connects to the Internet. Parents with permission from the nursery can then view live video from the rooms their child is in via a secure, encrypted Internet connection.

Teletoddler chose Microtec Security to carry out the installation. “We needed a company with national cover and excellent experience in all aspects of security, not just CCTV,” says Mr. Bathurst. “We also know that we can rely on them to do a fast and professional installation to a fixed cost, even when schedules are very tight,” he explains.

In turn, Norbain SD was selected to supply the required CCTV equipment and give advice on which cameras would be most suitable for the task. “We regularly use Norbain because of the flexibility of their returns policy and the next day delivery,” comments Graham Alexander, Director of Microtec. “This allows us to cut our costs and means that we don't need to hold any stock.” On Norbain's advice, 15 Vista fixed internal dome cameras and three dome cameras were selected.

Great care was needed when positioning the cameras. If they were positioned, like many CCTV systems, on the ceiling, they would be too far away from children playing on the floor below and you would see the tops of their heads rather than the expressions on their faces. “Enabling parents to see their children playing happily was the whole point of the system,” explains Mr. Bathurst. “So whenever possible Teletoddler always positions cameras at about six feet from the floor.”

“The 3-gimble solution provided by the Noobain's dome camera, was necessary because of the wall mounting of the cameras,” explains Jon Ward, Internal Sales Engineer for North West Accounts at Norbain and the primary contact for the project. “The camera module needed to be capable of moving horizontally and vertically, as well as freely swivelling to any angle required to ensure the correct image was captured. The internal dome cameras proved ideal due to their very flexible lens size, price point and specification. “Jon's advice and knowledge of the available solutions was key in the success of this type of project and typical of the level of service we receive from Norbain”, compliments Mr. Bathurst.

Special emphasis is being placed on security. The password protected area of the website is encrypted and Internet servers at the school are protected by a firewall and high specification security software. This warns the nursery of any suspicious behavior.

Mr. Bathurst added: “Our company has been founded by people who have an understanding not only of new technology but also of running early years facilities and looking after children. Our aim is to bring educators, parents and children closer by facilitating better communication.”

Teletoddler has seen strongly increased demand for places at schools and day nurseries where parents can tune in to live action of their children. Mrs. Norma Leslie, the nursery Director of Operations and HR, said: “As well as the obvious advantage to parents, this system allows my staff and I to show our pride in our standards of care.”

American Long-Haul Trucking Facility Deploys Avigilon Video Management for Staff Safety

American Long-Haul Trucking Facility Deploys Avigilon Video Management for Staff Safety

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 11/17/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Xpress Cargo staff seamlessly manages the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system using the Avigilon Control Center network video management software (NVMS) with High-Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology. The commercial trucking company installed Avigilon HD cameras ranging from 1 MP to 8 MP to monitor activity at its main entrances and exits both inside and out, along with all major traffic areas to ensure maximum protection. Additional Avigilon HD cameras were installed in the parking lot to protect docked trailers and trucks from theft and damage, while several Avigilon HD dome cameras provide complete coverage of the warehouse. An Avigilon HD dome camera monitors the company's repair shop and outside employee lounge area. The company also added audio recording functionality in the dispatch office, repair shop, and drivers lounge area for added safety. Storing two weeks of continuous surveillance video, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is monitored live around the clock.

By installing Avigilon HD dome cameras, Xpress Cargo was able to achieve greater coverage with fewer cameras and lower installation costs. With indisputable evidence in hand, the company has also been able to reduce liability costs by 15 percent. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system provides complete oversight of all trucks being loaded to ensure the proper handling of client goods and to confirm that safety and freight handling requirements are being met, helping to boost overall operational efficiencies. In addition, Xpress Cargo employees now enjoy a heightened sense of security while on the job.

With a fleet of more than 150 trucks, 700 trailers, and 25 years in the business, Indiana-based Xpress Cargo offers consolidated freight and expedited transportation services across the United States. Specializing in team transportation of dry goods, refrigerated goods, and specialty freight, Xpress Cargo manages up to 375 trucks on the road at any given time, traveling from coast to coast. To protect its valuable assets, facilitate cargo management, and maintain employee safety, Xpress Cargo has deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system at its 20,000 square foot

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