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Samsung Techwin Introduces Affordable HD Camera Range

Samsung Techwin Introduces Affordable HD Camera Range

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 7/26/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung has introduced five additional ‘affordable' HD network camera models following on from the highly successful launch in June 2012 of the SNB-5001 1.3 megapixel network camera.

“The level of interest in the SNB-5001 from customers across Europe has been remarkable but has not surprised us,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “We knew from our conversations with installers that there would be a greater demand for HD cameras that can capture evidence grade images if they could be offered at a price which would make them affordable for the majority of office and retail video surveillance projects. The introduction of these additional models will provide installers with the flexibility to choose a camera specification which matches their client's specific requirements.”

All of the ONVIF compliant models support H.264 and MJPEG compression methods, providing the option to simultaneously transmit images to multiple locations at various frame rates. A number of different users, if authorised, are therefore able to monitor live images at one location, record video evidence at another or view live and recorded images on a Smartphone or iPhone via the Samsung iPOLiS application.

The five new models are:
SND-5011 - 1.3 megapixel network dome camera with 3mm fixed lens
SND-5061 - 1.3 megapixel network dome camera with 3~8mm varifocal lens
SNB-7001 - 3 megapixel Full HD network camera
SND-7011 - 3 megapixel Full HD network dome camera with 3mm fixed lens
SND-7061 - 3 megapixel Full HD network dome camera with 3~8mm varifocal lens

Each of the models are equipped with a scene change tampering feature which creates an alert if, for example, paint is sprayed on a camera lens or if there is unauthorized movement of a camera away from its usual field of view.

Other shared features include four programmable Motion Detection zones, 12 programmable Privacy Zones and PoE (Power over Ethernet). The new models also have a Day/Night feature which automatically configures the camera to capture either colour or B/W images depending on the prevailing lighting conditions. Fully compatible with Samsung's license free NET-i-Viewer software, the cameras and domes have a multi–language webpage for easy set up.

As is the case with all Samsung professional security products, the five new models are supplied with full support services from Samsung Techwin Europe, including free system design, free technical support and a full three-year warranty.

Singaporean Shopping Center Upgrades Video Security Using Bosch Budget Line

Singaporean Shopping Center Upgrades Video Security Using Bosch Budget Line

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 7/23/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Lend Lease is a leading, fully integrated, international property and infrastructure group. The group manages Parkway Parade, which is one of Singapore's first major and biggest suburban mall. Managed by Lend Lease, the shopping mall has over 250 retail outlets conveniently located over 6 levels. It is every shopper's choice of destination, offering the largest ranges of stores on the East Coast of Singapore.

The main challenge was to upgrade the system without causing significant disruptions to daily operations as any camera was not allowed to be down for more than 3 hours whether in the day or at night. In addition, there should be installation had to be discreet so as not to cause inconvenience to patrons at the mall.Some cameras were to be mounted in areas which were relatively inaccessible in terms of positioning. Hence, a customized bracket was required to ensure personnel safety during installation.

- The shopping mall was equipped with video systems from Bosch's Advantage Line including Dome cameras, and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) functional camera.
- The Bilinx Data Interface unit was used for complete control of the PTZ functions of Bilinx enabled AutoDome Series cameras. In addition, complete programming of AutoDomes via their on-screen menus is supported.
- The discreet compact dome cameras offer a complete network surveillance system with progressive scan for sharp images of moving objects.

Additional Customer Benefit
- Modular design allow for future expansion needs
- Cost savings due to low maintenance needs
- High reliability

Samsung Techwin Introduces Full HD 20x PTZ Network Dome Camera

Samsung Techwin Introduces Full HD 20x PTZ Network Dome Camera

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 7/10/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Air and sea ports, car parks, schools, large retail stores, petrol station forecourts and sports stadia are just a few of the environments where operators are likely to value the 20x optical zoom facility incorporated into the SNP-6200, Samsung's recently introduced network Full HD network PTZ dome camera.

The SNP-6200 is capable of capturing 2 megapixel evidence grade images which can be displayed in 16:9 format at Full HD 1080p resolution and utilises Progressive Scan technology to provide sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles.

“Despite its competitive price, we have packed the SNP-6200 with an almost endless list of features which can offer practical benefits to security personnel who are endeavouring to keep one step ahead of thieves and vandals,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “The SNP-6200, for example, supports multi-streaming of video using either H.264 and MJPEG compression and can therefore be simultaneously used for real-time monitoring, mobile monitoring, high quality or high-efficiency recording, SD memory recording and for E-mail notification purposes.”

The ONVIF compliant SNP-6200 is equipped with license-free Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), which includes optical tripwire and enter/exit direction detection, as well as an Appear/Disappear function to detect the movement of objects.

In addition, Samsung's Smart Codec technology offers facial recognition and for specific areas of interest within a scene to be captured at a higher resolution than the rest. This means that areas such as doorways, human faces, or windows are transmitted or recorded at full resolution, whilst other areas with the scene are reduced to save file sizes and put the user firmly in control of bandwidth management.

Other features include Wide Dynamic Range, PoE (Power over Ethernet), a multi language on-screen display and an Internal SD memory card slot to locally store or back up alarm triggered video. The SNP-6200 is also fully compatible with Samsung's licence-free NET-i viewer software which allows remote viewing, control and administration of single or multiple site security systems via a PC anywhere in the world.

The SNP-6200H which has been launched at the same time, shares the same features of the SNP-6200 but is designed to operate effectively in harsh environments where the temperature may be as low as -50°C or as high as +50°C. It is IP66 rated and supplied inside an aluminium housing with a sunshield, fan and heater.

The SNP-6200 and SNP-6200H are offered with an extensive range of accessories and brackets to provide a choice of wall, pole, parapet, pendant, corner and in-ceiling mounts.

Costa Rica Judiciary Relies on Milestone Protection

Costa Rica Judiciary Relies on Milestone Protection

Editor / Provider: Milestone Systems | Updated: 6/28/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Milestone XProtect open platform IP video management software (VMS) has been implemented in more than 30 government judicial buildings in Costa Rica. The new surveillance system is the foundation for defense against violence for judicial employees to be less vulnerable to the risk of attacks in the office.

With an increase in reported violent crimes throughout Costa Rica, the prosecution of more offenders has resulted in a correlated increase of threats directed toward judicial employees in government offices around the country. Controlling all legal matters in the Central American country, more than 10,000 employees work in 31 buildings ranging in size from 1,312 – 81,200 square feet. They had previously been left vulnerable with out-of-date analog surveillance systems.

To help protect the employees and property of the Costa Rica judicial system, the government agency has implemented a highly effective solution to control the entire video monitoring infrastructure with high image quality, reliability and the ability to integrate with technology from leading security manufacturers and suppliers. Milestone XProtect Enterprise VMS was implemented for a full-scale surveillance improvement throughout the nation's government buildings.

For the new system, two types of IP network cameras were installed: the SNC-RS86N pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) day/night outdoor rapid dome camera with 36x zoom capability and H.264 data compression, and the SNC-DH180 network 720p HD vandal-resistant, fixed mini-dome camera with view-DR technology and IR illuminator – both manufactured by Sony.

Milestone XProtect Enterprise software operates through the Wide Area Network (WAN) of the organization to the monitoring centers with client stations, where administration and supervisors are located. Each building has its own local monitoring center running through a client station. In total, the system has around 30 operators.

"XProtect Enterprise has allowed government security personnel to perform intelligence work remotely, increasing the effectiveness of our human resources," states Carlos Solano, Project Development Manager at Sonivision, Costa Rica, the Milestone partner who implemented the solution. The Milestone solution offers an advanced surveillance system with top-of-the-line technology and open architecture, providing coverage of all surveillance needs through managing high-resolution, high-definition IP cameras, which would not have been possible with analog technology. Milestone XProtect Enterprise can access the video in both real time and recorded information - simultaneously.

"Milestone XProtect Enterprise has a very intuitive user interface that allows access to remote viewing of different points of interest simultaneously, as well as recordings. With the intelligent search tools we can look for evidence easily that can be quickly exported and used as evidence," stated German Rojas Monje, Security Director, Judiciary System of Costa Rica. "In addition to its powerful remote surveillance, the XProtect Smart Client interface has improved our ability to view and record events that take place both inside and outside the buildings. This has improved security and allowed us to strengthen our position against possible threats."

When the first stage of implementation was finished, operators of the system and the IT personnel who provide technical support were trained in two stages: basic training for both types of users, and one focused solely on the IT personnel in recommended practices for maintaining the XProtect Enterprise software and Sony cameras.

Solano continued: "All of the end users are in agreement – due to its graphic design and intuitive interface, it is a significant improvement for the government's security. Whether running through scheduled monitoring routines or exporting and generating video evidence, Milestone's ease of use is significantly more helpful in protecting those who serve in the justice department."

Hikvision Megapixel Solution Working on Brazilian Rail

Hikvision Megapixel Solution Working on Brazilian Rail

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 6/22/2012 | Article type: Security 50

While the project Supervia Stations Surveillance System may not immediately resonate with some in the security-related industry, the location where it operates surely does: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

It is in the metropolitan region of what Brazilians simply refer to as Rio that a groundbreaking surveillance system was developed for the urban passenger rail network. This rail network, on average carrying 450,000 passengers a day, represents Brazil's first-ever megapixel surveillance railroad project.

One Camera, Two Uses
“The key to this solution was the ability of Hikvision megapixel technology,” summed up Alvaro de Souza, CCTV manager at VMI Sistemas de Seguranca – Brazil's official Hikvision Distributor and partner of Interimagen (the Brazilian integrator responsible for this project).

As noted, this Brazilian megapixel solution represented a landmark first; yet for VMI Sistemas de Seguranca, it was also a business landmark: this was a tangible opportunity to distance themselves from other distributers/integrators that do not use megapixel technology in solutions of this nature.

“In taking this approach with Hikvision megapixel camera technology, we were able to add both tremendous value to the project and simultaneously position ourselves – from a business standpoint – as a provider of high-technology components,” Mr. Souza explained.

One such component that added this dual value was Hikvision's DS-2CD883F-E 5 Megapixel Network Camera. This camera was vital for issues such as recognizing individuals, as well as clear, defined images of fast-moving trains. Mr. Souza elaborated: “Quality – this camera embodies the term. Since this camera needed to be used in two distinct locations; and since both of these locations have fundamental differences, we needed something that possessed both quality and the technical ability to achieve these concurrent goals.”

Boasting a bevy of technological features, including up to 5 megapixel resolution, full HD 1080P real-time video resolution, H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video compression, true day / night, and PoE, the DS-2CD883F-E is a natural fit to handle the requirements of this railroad project.

Yet, unlike many solutions, the DS-2CD883F-E is tasked in providing exceptional surveillance for two distinct arenas.

The primary location, consisting of 80% of these units, is providing surveillance for the rails themselves. In this instance, the DS-2CD883F-E is connected through fiber optics to a control center that is responsible for the overview of the moving trains, the actual rail, or any other circumstance that warrants further investigation. “The DS-2CD883F-E is a great fit for a project where you have quickly-moving objects. This is due to the 1/2.5” progressive scan CMOS, which provides both excellent resolution and enhanced video applications for these Rio trains,” Mr. Souza added.

The other 20% of the DS-2CD883F-E cameras are located on the platform walls overlooking the embarkment areas of the actual train cars themselves. In this instance, the goal of these cameras is not to view moving trains, but moving passengers – as Mr. Souza noted: “On the platforms, we use this camera for issues such observing customers embarking and debarking train cars. . . We need to have the capacity to record clear images of the passengers' faces in the event a problem arises.”

Additionally, PoE capabilities were used to simplify the installation and power of these platform-adjacent cameras.

In both cases whether over the rails or over the platforms, the environment is outdoors. To protect the DS-2CD883F-E, Hikvision's DS-1311HZ Outdoor Camera Housing was selected to protect these units against any corrupting conditions they might encounter.

Indoor Camera
Around the actual train terminals themselves, a different Hikvision camera was chosen for optimal surveillance. In this instance, the DS-2CD7153-E 2 Megapixel CMOS Mini Vandal Proof Network Dome Camera was the choice.

Due to the placement of this camera – which ranged from on top of the ceilings to inside terminal corridors – it was important to address any potential distance issues that might adversely affect the performance of an indoor camera. Due the DS-2CD7153-E's 4mm lens, this was not an obstacle.

The DS-2CD7153-E also benefited this project through its compact design. In this particular case, compact design brought a less visible presence, thereby reducing the possibility of vandalism – either accidental or malicious.

Additionally, adding to the potent visible deterrent a security camera provides the general public, the DS-2CD7153-E's 1/3” progressive scan CMOS“ provides the ability to view the thousands and thousands of everyday passengers running to catch their trains – and always in a clear and accurate fashion,” as Mr. Souza explained. Hikvision technology such as up to 2 megapixel resolution, HD 720P real time video, a day / night auto switch, PoE (used in this Supervia indoor solution), and 3-axis adjustment allow security personnel all the tools they need to keep an accurate eye on the quickly-changing internal environment of these stations.

In 2011, with Hikvision's technical know-how, VMI Sistemas de Seguranca and Interimagen were able to secure 5 full stations of this Rio de Janeiro metro line. 2012 promises 10 more stations being secured with this same solution. As such, Brazilian passengers can ride easy knowing that wherever they go – in the station, on the platform, or in the cars themselves – they are being taken care of.

Samsung Introduces Camera With Built-In IR LEDs

Samsung Introduces Camera With Built-In IR LEDs

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 6/21/2012 | Article type: Security 50

With built-in IR LEDs, Samsung's new weatherproof 37x optical PTZ dome camera, the SCP-2370RH, is capable of capturing high resolution images both during daylight hours and in pitch-black darkness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications requiring effective 24-hour surveillance, including car parks, industrial estates, petrol forecourts, schools, hospitals and retail parks.

With an IP66 weatherproof rating and equipped with a fan and heater, the SCP-2370RH will also be at home in more demanding external environments that are prone to severe weather conditions such as airports and ports.

At night, or in any environments where there may be inadequate lighting, the camera's built-in IR LEDs are automatically activated and provide effective lighting up to a distance of 100 metres. The IR intensity is automatically adjusted to provide the appropriate level of IR light, depending on the zoom ratio.

Incorporating Samsung's W-5 DSP chipset, the SCP-2370RH, which features a true day/night camera with an integrated infrared cut filter, benefits from SSNRIII Samsung Super Noise Reduction technology which eliminates image noise in low-light conditions without creating ghosting or blurring and with the bonus that it can save up to 70% hard disk space whilst minimising bandwidth requirements when viewing the video over a network.

Other features include eight privacy masking zones, motion detection and Highlight Compensation technology which identifies and neutralises excessively bright areas in an image, enabling an operator to view previously hidden details. The SCP-2370RH is also equipped with Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS) technology which can negate the effects of the camera shaking due to high winds or building vibration.

Coaxial control compatibility allows the SCP-2370RH's multi-language on-screen display menu to be accessed from the comfort of the control room via a compatible DVR. This allows both video and telemetry to be transmitted via the coaxial cable, giving full access to camera set-up and pan-tilt-zoom functions via a compatible digital video recorder.

Axis Safeguards UNESCO Heritage Site in Italy

Axis Safeguards UNESCO Heritage Site in Italy

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 6/18/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Faenza's International Ceramics Museum was founded in 908 at the conclusion of the great International Exposition dedicated to Evangelista Torricelli, who carried the products of many Italian and European manufacturers. In 2000, UNESCO recognized it as “a monument professing a culture of peace” as the “expression of ceramic art throughout the world.” In order to protect its rich one-ofa- kind collections, the museum needed a video surveillance system equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

In order to design and build the video surveillance system, MIC contacted Lucchi engineering studio and R.C.M., a corporation that created an IP infrastructure that was easy to install and scalable, equipped with 85 cameras with standard and HDTV resolution and a new video encoder managed with image analysis software developed by Axis' Application Development Partner ARTECO.

Surveillance and control are therefore performed through a dedicated supervision system capable of focusing on specific control stations through “intelligent” video surveillance to follow events taking place in specific areas as defined by users.

R.C.M. was able to completely integrate the 13 preexisting analog cameras with 85 new generation Axis network cameras. The museum's entire 9,000 m2 area is effectively monitored while containing costs, ensuring safety and preventing acts of vandalism and theft of the valuable ceramics collection and works that make Faenza's MIC unique in the world.

Faenza ceramics are secure thanks to Axis IP surveillance
Faenza's International Ceramics Museum (MIC) planned to reorganize the surveillance system used, which had become uneconomical, and a video surveillance solution was needed to monitor the entrance and the numerous halls set up to showcase the museum's extensive permanent collection. The choice of the museum managers was to install an IP infrastructure that could be implemented for temporary exhibitions that require specific arrangements. Other determining factors were ease of installation, the ability to remotely confirm alarms in real time, cost containment and the use of a GPS system and an emergency generator that provides power in case of a blackout.

The pre-existing analog system that included 13 cameras was integrated via network video to take advantage of all of the system's typical characteristics and the benefits of digital technology. Furthermore, 85 Axis new generation network cameras were installed using Power over Ethernet that allowed the museum to resolve the logistical limits of installation by eliminating the need for dedicated power lines. Thanks to the Axis cameras' smart functions, monitoring the entire system is extremely simple. The dedicated staff, supervising from 3 work stations are able to concentrate solely on relevant events reported in real time.

The system includes fixed network cameras (AXIS P1343 and AXIS P1346) and PTZ dome camera (AXIS 215 PTZ) that fulfill the objectives requested by the Museum. More specifically, the AXIS 215 PTZ Network Cameras were installed primarily in the middle of the halls to cover the largest possible area thanks to the camera's ability to perform a 360 degrees rotation and recline to 180 degrees The camera's compact design is tamper-proof because all the mobile parts are located inside the dome of the camera. Additionally, the automatic reverse functions and electronic inversion enables the possibility to follow a moving person or object, regardless of the direction of the movement. The 12x optical zoom, combined with the 4x digital zoom allows for high quality enlargements, with rich details thanks to the 48x total zoom.

AXIS P1346 Network Cameras with megapixel/HDTV resolution allow users to capture much wider shots by allowing the operator to choose whether he wants to enlarge the photo or maintain a wider visual field without compromising the ability to see and observe the picture's most minute details useful for identifying people and objects. Featuring 3MP resolution and HDTV quality images, these network cameras are installed in the most strategic locations within the Museum such as at the entrance, therefore guaranteeing complete and reliable monitoring for the general safety of the client.“Since we have been Axis partners for 5 years, we hadno doubt about our choice of video surveillance camera installation. We wish to acknowledge the reliability of Axis products and the company's availability which allowed us to better perform our duties” said Paolo Mancini, R.C.M. Sales Manager.

Secutech Int'l 2012: Industry Perspectives from Taiwan (Part 2)

Secutech Int'l 2012: Industry Perspectives from Taiwan (Part 2)

Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 6/19/2012 | Article type: Hot Topics

With a strong presence at Secutech in Taipei this year (April 18 to 20), Taiwanese exhibitors capitalized on home court advantage by demonstrating the latest products/solutions along with R&D prowess. As dark clouds of uncertain world economy continue to linger, hardware and software developers were eager and determined to promote more cost-effective but tailored solutions with good quality and reliability.

Our new o fferings are complete HD-SDI solutions, including panoramic cameras with embedded defog function along with 1,080p resolution at 30 fps and mobile DVRs.

Our commitment to customers is to provide creative products, quality assurance and good service. Our main focus now is on HD-SDI products, and we are getting good feedback — mostly from Europe. The Southeast Asian market will be our next region of expansion in the near future. HD-SDI is just at an early adopting stage, and we believe that SDI will gain more market share with lower overall cost. We will continue promoting HD-SDI solutions and pursuing to be the No.1 provider in HD-SDI products by 2015.

Our marketing strategy is to promote new, creative products to current partners and keep finding new partners through word-of-mouth recommendations.

We are showcasing our latest NVR series with touch screen capability. Mouse clicking and joystick moving are very “last-decade,” so we hope this new series will “touch” customers' heart.

Also, we are collaborating with Taiwanese e-learning platform design company, Mao-Lin Digital Technology. By integrating our video/audio capability with the intuitive e-learning platform, cram school students can enjoy learning even if they cannot be physically in the classroom. To meet this unique requirement from the education vertical, our WDR and HD features are quite a perfect fit.

Another unique feature is that Mao-Lin has put a QR code into video footage to prevent end users from copying or recording the video. If students try to record with their smartphone without authorization, notifications will be sent to the corresponding school or teacher.

We are demonstrating our latest hybrid recording solutions at Secutech. Our slim series features a fanless design with low power consumption, making them fit in tight corners and run silently while requiring less power than traditional DVRs and PC-based NVRs. The series is especially suitable for ATMs, transportation and traffic/city surveillance. The most challenging part was to keep everything small in size without sacrificing functionality while retaining great efficiencies in heat emissions and low power consumption. In working with numerous network camera models, the key is to maintain great relationships with camera manufacturers. Since we do not manufacture cameras ourselves, our camera partners are more willing to share their APIs.

With the overcast in Europe and North America, we are looking for more system integrators in emerging countries, such as India. To avoid price competition, we always focus on projects instead of unit-selling. By proactively attending road shows and sharing dealer/ integrator partnerships with our camera partners, we believe we are stamping a strong impression on many key local players.

On display are our full lineup of 2- to 8-drive VioStor NVR models along with the latest VS-12100U-RP Pro VioStor NVR series available in 40, 48, 56 and 64 channels with Intel quad-core Xeon E3 processors — a wide range of options to suit various needs. We feel that the current NVR market is saturated with embedded models, so we will focus more on providing high-quality NAS and CMS solutions. Our greatest strengths are our hardware reliability, heat dissipation performance, fail-over design and easy-to-use setup. We are confident that end users can complete system setup within our six steps.

While keeping steady growth in the European and North American markets, we are optimistic about the potential in Russia, South Africa and India. We have local companies with 24/7 support to meet customers' various requirements in time.

Utechzone was founded in 1992, with automated machine vision as core technology. One of our highlighted products on the show ground is the Eye Key for access control. It features the latest pupil-tracking technology, which automatically detects where the user is focusing on. Users can enter the password/code by looking at the numbers on the screen in the right sequence and unlock the door/lock, eliminating the hassles with lost or stolen keys. Applications include credit card authorizations, ATMs, bank vaults and laboratories. Our target markets at the moment are Japan and China.

We are showcasing our latest smart-stream, region-of-interest camera feature, supreme series with WDR, fisheye camera with PTZ, vari-focal features for retail applications, and a 10-megapixel trial run.

We are also demonstrating our first 5-megapixel solution, the FD8372, which has a viewing resolution of 1,080p at 30 fps. It is equipped with a smart focus system for easy installation and maintenance. Lenses with built-in stepping motors are implemented for installers to remotely control the focal length and precisely adjust the camera focus. We are very excited about the launch and are confident that many applications, such as stadiums, parking lots and industrial warehouses, will benefit from it.

Our highlight this year is the latest D5210 dome camera, featuring 2 megapixels, 1,080p full HD, vari-focal auto-iris lens, removable IR-cut filter and IR LEDs. It is designed for 24/7 indoor surveillance with vivid image quality. The LEDs' working distance is up to 15 meters. The D5210 also offers PoE, micro SD local storage support and free bundled 32-channel NVR software.

Targeting home and SMB applications, our R&D is dedicated to making sure an intuitive user experience while maintaining stable and superb product quality. Whether in Europe, North America or emerging countries, we are seeing constant demand for quality products at affordable prices. We will keep focusing on meeting such demand and put forward products that best address customer needs.

High-End Quality and Variety Makes a Difference in Malaysia

High-End Quality and Variety Makes a Difference in Malaysia

Editor / Provider: HIKVISION | Updated: 5/4/2012 | Article type: China Corner

The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges — this should come as no suprise to anyone. As such, the number of companies looking for a competitive edge is greater than ever before.

Maureen Khoo, Project Manager at IS Solutions and Consultancy Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, is responsible for Prince of Wales Island International School security project had found this very edge in Hikvision products. "Chinese products have a reputation for focusing on low cost, yet Hikvision solutions are very different. Hikvision offers us, and our customers, what we are looking for: high-end solutions" said Ms Khoo.

This international school offers: a British-based secondary education, full dormitory accommodations, and a large campus that rivals many international schools. With these many amenities, school administrators were keen to add a comprehensive security solution to the package.

For outdoor areas, Hikvision's DS-2AF1-517-B 36X WDR speed dome was selected. "Regardless of the time of day, this gives us a very detailed picture of who or what we are looking at" said Ms Khoo. Also, "the ability of Hikvision's WDR technology guarantees unprecedented image quality — in varying lighting situations — to meet the school's security needs" added Miss Khoo.

Rounding off the camera aspect of this solution is the DS-2CC575P(N). A high definition & low light dome camera and the DS-2CC577P(N) a high definition & WDR dome camera. With over 150 units between these two models on campus, they secure both general and niche-type areas. While camera placement is an important issue as direct sunlight can diminish the quality of the picture, both of these cameras excel based on the fact that they only require minimum light to function.

Attaching these cameras into a central control room is the DS-9016HFI-SH

embeddedhybrid DVR. The DS-9016HFI-SH offers the ability to record, and view, in real-time — but in both analogue and IP. Supporting up to 8 SATA hard disk drives, and up to 2TB each, has given the school "the ability to easily store HD video and quickly retrieve cannot be understated, most local manufactures cannot come close to matching Hikvision's storage space," said Khoo .

Ms. Khoo stated that she relied "on Hikvision's expertise in providing a unique security solution that fit our individual needs." The DS-6308DI Decoder Server complements this DVR as both an efficiency measure, and as a tool to improve security productivity. One of the main requirements was to boost the capacity of the number of cameras able to reach the guard house.

Additionally, if there is a power failure to the school — which periodically happens in Malaysia — the DS-6308DI will automatically reboot the security system with the programmed security settings. This saves the school and the security provider the trouble and inefficiency of reprogramming everything after each power outage.

From high technology to aesthetics: Hikvision ensures facilities such as the Prince of Wales Island International School a quality comprehensive solution that promises both efficiency and safety.

Vivotek Launches Mini IP Fixed Dome

Vivotek Launches Mini IP Fixed Dome

Editor / Provider: Vivotek | Updated: 4/12/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Vivotek is launching the world's smallest network-based fixed dome camera at a size of 90 mm in diameter with an installation time of less than 120 seconds.

Equipped with a 1-Megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280x800 at 30 fps, Vivotek small network-based fixed dome camera supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, which drastically reduces file sizes and conserves valuable network bandwidth. MPEG-4 and MJPEG compatibility enables the user to transmit video streams in any of these formats for versatile applications. The camera also comes with selectable focal lengths suitable for various environments, including but not limited to: offices, elevators, campus, chain stores, boutique stores and health care facilities.

Designed with built-in SD/SDHC card slot for on-board storage, the FD8136 allows recording to take place independently on the camera itself. This perfect stand-alone device also boasts user-friendly installations as easy as one-two-three, Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality and a choice of either black or white casing colours. With numerous advanced features available, the FD8136 is truly an all-in-one surveillance solution that meets a wide variety of needs for indoor surveillance.

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