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Samsung SNP-6200 dome wins CCTV Product of the Year Award

Samsung SNP-6200 dome wins CCTV Product of the Year Award

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 7/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung Techwin's SNP-6200 Full HD 20x PTZ network dome camera has been voted 2013 CCTV Product of the Year by the readers of PSI (Professional Security Installer) Magazine.

The prestigious award was announced at the PSI Premier Awards dinner which was attended by over 150 representatives from the security industry at Brocket Hall, Welwyn on 23rd July 2013. The awards are given in recognition of innovation and quality with the individual products both being nominated and voted for by professional security installers.

The ONVIF compliant SNP-6200 2 megapixel Full HD 20x PTZ network dome utilises Progressive Scan technology to provide sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles. It supports dual-streaming of video using either H.264 and MJPEG compression and can therefore be simultaneously used for real-time monitoring, mobile monitoring, high quality or high-efficiency recording, SD memory recording and for E-mail notification purposes. It is also equipped with license-free Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and incorporates Samsung's Smart Codec technology which provides facial recognition and for specific areas of interest within a scene to be captured at a higher resolution than the rest.

“We are naturally delighted that one of our most popular dome cameras has been recognised by PSI readers for its high performance and reliability, as well as its long list of technically advanced features,” said Simon Shawley, General Manager, UK and Ireland for Samsung Techwin Europe. “The award coincides with the imminent launch of the SNP-6200RH which shares many of the features of the SNP-6200 but also has built-in IR LEDS which can illuminate objects at a distance of up to 100m by focusing the beam as the camera zooms, resulting in clear imaging even when the field of view is in total darkness.

Oldest uni in Spain adds a new wing with security flare

Oldest uni in Spain adds a new wing with security flare

Editor / Provider: Axxonsoft | Updated: 7/4/2013 | Article type: Education

The University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain. Together with the University of Bologna, Oxford University, and Sorbonne University, it is one of the four oldest universities in Europe. The university includes a technology park, with research and design laboratories as well as offices for developers of innovative products and technologies. A recent addition was made to the technology park: an ultra-modern multifunctional four-story building with over 8,900 square meters (approximately 96,000 square feet) of floor space.

The new building needed an effective security and surveillance system. The client wanted a flexible next-generation system with support for IP cameras and easy scalability, as well as integration with the building's access control system: this integration helps to prevent burglaries, vandalism, and unauthorized intrusions. This is why the new system was built around Intellect Lite video management software, which is an optimal solution for mid-sized and small facilities that can later be upgraded to the full-fledged Intellect package for handling the largest sites. Since lighting conditions inside and around the building constantly change, it was necessary to install ultra-sensitive cameras that can capture high-quality video at any time of day or night.

The Axxonsoft VMS was coupled with Brickcom 1.3 Megapixel Bullet Camera and  dome camera. The  IP dome anti-vandal camera with a Sony Exmor sensor is for increased image brightness in low-light scenes and has an IP67 rating for weather- and vandal-proof ruggedness for surveillance that is effective both indoors and outdoors.

The Axxonsoft system allows viewing live video and archives, as well as remote monitoring, a convenient feature for operators. The solution met all the requirements of the University of Salamanca, whose staff was enthusiastic about the integrated protection system for the new building.

Hikvision provides high-quality security to luxury hotel in Dubai

Hikvision provides high-quality security to luxury hotel in Dubai

Editor / Provider: Hikvision Digital Technology | Updated: 6/28/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Prominently located among this cluster is the Grosvenor House Dubai – the first luxury hotel built in the Dubai Marina. The Grosvenor House consists of two 45-story towers, encompassing 749 rooms, suites, and apartments. Furthermore, these towers also include a wealth of exclusive bars, restaurants, and spas, as well as spacious meeting and banqueting facilities. While these amenities promise state-of-the-art luxury and service, the Grosvenor House required equally state-of-the-art security to ensure the well-being of its valuable guests.

In particular, the lighting condition in the main entrance area proved especially noteworthy. Mohamed Kasim, Manager of Security Solutions at HCL Infosystems MEA (the Dubai-based integrator for this project) chose Hikvision's WDR Dome Camera to overcome these potential pitfalls.

Along with the main southern exit, as well as the hotel's auxiliary exits, the WDR camera is required to face directly outside to accurately identify incoming and outgoing customers. As such, this dome camera faces the brunt of direct sunlight in the day and near total darkness in the evening.

Yet moving just a touch more inside the facilities is the HD WDR Box Camera. Furthermore, tasked with identifying customers, and similarly burdened with a daily changing landscape of lighting conditions; the HD camera's 160x WDR technology and 540TVL (in color) and 600TVL ( in black & white) resolution provide the foundation for equally strong clarity and coverage in these daily lighting obstacles.

Liberally located throughout the many corridors of the hotel's two towers are 440 units of Hikvision's Low Illumination ICR Dome Camera. Obviously, since placed inside, the ICR dome is not faced with Dubai's blistering daytime and chilling darkness like its two aforementioned brothers. Yet, this is not to say that each environment is the same. “Since the Grosvenor House encompasses a wide variety of amenities, from bars to spas, the ambience – and by extension, the lighting conditions – varies greatly throughout the hotel. As such, we needed a flexible indoor dome that provides great quality in a variety of differing locations,” explained Kasim. Helping to provide this versatility is an ICR filter auto switch, 540TVL (color) and 600TVL (black & white) of resolution, as well as a 2.8~11mm auto iris lens and digital noise reduction to achieve the desired overall clarity.

Rounding out this solution is Hikvision's DVR. Providing the ability to utilize both analog and digital cameras, this camera promises futurability for any security solution. Yet, in the case of the Grosvenor House, an equally important trait was evident: hard-drive storage space. On a larger scale, this is testament to the quality Grosvenor House displays in all aspects of its daily operations – from facilities to its centralized location, all cumulating in its #1 Dubai customer service ranking. Concurrently, this attention to detail extends to HCL Infosystems MEA. and Hikvision, as well – with both also earning recognition. Recently, Dubai's Police Department noted the Grosvenor House as a security model to be emulated and have also publically stated their approval for this Hikvision solution.

Avigilon releases in-ceiling HD dome with special mounting tech

Avigilon releases in-ceiling HD dome with special mounting tech

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 6/14/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon welcomed the HD PTZ In-Ceiling dome camera to their product line-up. With the same quality and performance of the HD PTZ, the In-Ceiling dome has a patent-pending mounting technology that dramatically reduces installation time. The new camera also has a removable trim ring so customers can easily customize its color.

“At Avigilon we're always looking for ways to bring innovation into our products,” said Ian Povey, Director of Product Marketing and Management at Avigilon. “Time is money, and that's especially true for integrators. If we can make our product installation more efficient it adds to our customers' bottom line.”

Ease of Installation
The patent-pending mounting technology uses spring-loaded mechanisms to reduce installation times. As a result, no screws are required to secure the camera in the ceiling and the HD PTZ In-Ceiling dome camera takes only minutes to install. The removable HD bubble comes in clear and smoked finishes. It allows for easy painting of the trim ring to suit the camera's surroundings.

Precise and Predictable
The 1 and 2 MP PTZ cameras offer unsurpassed image quality with precise positioning and predictable high-speed tracking. Strengthened by the H3 platform with enhanced HD Stream Management, customers with manned operations, such as large retail stores, airports, petrochemical, casinos, and commercial spaces, will benefit from lower bandwidth and storage requirements.

Hikvision launches 3-MP mini IR range for SMBs

Hikvision launches 3-MP mini IR range for SMBs

Editor / Provider: Hikvision Digital Technology | Updated: 6/10/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision has chosen to broaden its IR network camera portfolio with the introduction of DS-2CD2032-I 3MP IR Mini Bullet Camera and DS-2CD2132-I 3MP IR Mini Dome Camera, both of which are specially designed for applications that require extra illumination at night (retail stores, office buildings, residential communities, etc.). The two cameras contain a variety of excellent features, including high resolution video imaging, super low-light performance, DWDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range), and 3D DNR all of which ensure that superb image quality is captured and recorded regardless of lighting or environmental conditions.

The DS-2CD2032-I and DS-2CD2132-I both incorporate a switchable IR cut filter for true day/night operability. Equipped with enhanced IR LEDs, the two cameras are able to deliver outstanding video images with a long-range visibility of up-to 30 meters in completely dark environments. Images are further optimized with 3D DNR, which works to greatly reduce noise and motion blur. This is in conjunction to DWDR functionality to best ensure image clarity in strong lighting and contrast environments. With the latest 1/3” progressive scan CMOS, the two 3MP cameras can capture sharp and clear images for identification purpose, moreover, they even provide full HD 1080p real-time images as well.

The compact design of these cameras allows for users' different installation needs, and makes these cameras a versatile and affordable choice for any small-to-medium sized business. Additionally, they both carry an IP66 rating for outdoor applications, while the DS-2CD2132-I IR mini dome camera also incorporates vandal-proof housing. Furthermore, the two cameras support Onvif, PSIA, and CGI open protocols for interconnectivity purposes and differing surveillance needs.

In addition, Hikvision's mini IR network camera range includes two other models - DS-2CD2012-I 1.3MP IR Mini Bullet Camera and DS-2CD2112-I 1.3MP IR Mini Dome Camera, with a resolution of 1.3MP.

Hikvision launches 720-TVL analog cam series

Hikvision launches 720-TVL analog cam series

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 5/30/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision is proud to announce the release of its 720 TVL analog camera series. Notably, this series features a new technical concept called PICADIS: a "Perfect Imagery Capturing - Advanced Digital Image System". This new analog camera series is designed to empower surveillance users to achieve the highest level of image quality in the analog world.

The new 720TVL PICADIS analog camera series consists of the DS-2CE55C2P Dome Camera, DS-2CE55C2P-IR Dome Camera, DS-2CE55C2P-IRP Dome Camera, and the DS-2CE15C2P-IR Bullet Camera. All of them feature 720TVL ultra-high resolution by employing a 1.3MP (1280x960) image sensor; the effective pixels are more than twice than that of a 960H (976x582) camera. This helps to better capture detailed images for identification purpose.

Images are further optimized with high dynamic range that helps to capture critical detail, including highlights, shadows, and mixed lighting – all the while without compromising on image quality or color accuracy. An Adaptive Local Tone Mapping algorithm is also incorporated to maximize imaging performance.

Excellent low-light performance is another highlight of this 720TVL PICADIS camera. The shutter speed of all four cameras can reach up-to 40ms – even in poor lighting environments. This is twice that of conventional analog cameras. All of these improvements ultimately result in significantly improved camera light sensitivity. Coupled with digital noise reduction, users are able to better discern shapes, sizes, and of course movement in near-complete darkness. The DS-2CE55C2P(N)-IR Dome Camera, DS-2CE55C2P(N)-IRP Dome Camera and the DS-2CE15C2P(N)-IR Bullet Camera even support smart IR to address overexposure issues, while still providing clearer and sharper images.

In addition, the 720TVL PICADIS analog camera series operates effectively in a wide range of weather conditions, including a temperature range of -40°C to 60°C (-40°F to 140°F), as well as a humidity level of up-to 90%. The models DS-2CE55C2P-IR and DS-2CE15C2P-IR even support an IP66-rated housing for outdoor surveillance.

Additionally, Hikvision also provides the DS-2CE16C2P-IT3/IT5 720TVL IR Bullet Camera and the DS-2CE56C2P-IT3 720TVL IR Dome Camera. Both feature Hikvision's excellent EXIR infrared array technology and provide best-in-breed illuminators and enhanced low-light performance for any zero-dark environment, indoors or out.

Hikvision introduces night vision analog cams

Hikvision introduces night vision analog cams

Editor / Provider: Hikvision Digital Technology | Updated: 5/13/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, is pleased to announce the release of its new IR analog camera series at the upcoming IFSEC 2013 trade show at NEC Birmingham, UK, in May. This series is comprised of the DS-2CC52A2P-IT3 700TVL IR Dome Camera, DS-2CC12A2P-IT3 700TVL IR Bullet Camera, and the DS-2CC12A2P-IT5 700TVL IR Bullet Camera. These cameras incorporate Hikvision's EXIR infrared array technology to provide best-in-breed illuminators for any zero-dark environment – indoors or out. Compared to conventional IR analog cameras, Hikvision's high-performance EXIR series delivers the most advanced levels of night-time surveillance available on the market today.

These EXIR cameras provide a highly-efficient light source and enhanced LED light strength. By employing the most advanced thin-film and light-emitting technology, this series provides up-to 30% more illuminant efficiency over traditional LED array technology. Furthermore, the EXIR series even provides a 40% light-extraction rate improvement when compared to traditional models, resulting in stronger light for long-range visibility usage.

To make the most out of IR LED light, EXIR analog cameras produce LED light in the form of a rectangle. This allows a better fit for a screen's normal size (4:3 or 16:9). Additionally, it helps improve LED utilization efficiency and reduce light pollution in the surrounding environment. Images are further optimized with EXIR's luminance uniformity functionality, which eliminates traditional LED lens issues, such as over-exposure at the center of images, as well as darker areas at the corners. Featuring an excellent horizontal resolution of 700TVL, these EXIR analog cameras deliver superb image detail in poorly lit environments, better providing for solutions at industrial parks, harbors, roads, airports, etc.

Specifically, all three models offer a minimum illumination of 0.001 Lux @ F1.2 (0 Lux with IR). However, all provide different IR ranges, giving consumers various additional options. The DS-2CC52A2P-IT3 and DS-2CC12A2P-IT3 provide a viewing range of 30m ~ 40m, while the DS-2CC12A2P-IT5 is designed with a farther IR range of 50m ~ 80m.

Furthermore, excellent heat dissipation, longer lifespan, and greater energy savings are but a few of the advantages that Hikvision EXIR cameras bring. IP66 protection, in both bullet and dome styles, further provide users with options to best fit their specific needs.

Additionally, a horizontal resolution of 600TVL is standard with the EXIR series line, models comprise of Hikvision DS-2CE5682P-IT3 600TVL IR Dome Camera, DS-2CE1682P-IT3 600TVL IR Bullet Camera and DS-2CE1682P-IT5 600TVL IR Bullet Camera.

Avigilon releases small HD dome

Avigilon releases small HD dome

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 5/2/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon announced the world's smallest HD Dome camera. The small yet powerful 1 and 2 megapixel (MP) HD Micro Dome cameras open up the advantages of HD surveillance to budget-conscious installations requiring discreet cameras.

“Stores, hotels, office buildings and restaurants want discreet cameras that provide exceptional image detail. Traditionally, you could get one or the other. Now with our HD Micro Dome, you get both,” said Rick Ramsay, Senior Product Manager at Avigilon. “With this introduction, small and medium-sized businesses can easily transition from analog to HD surveillance.”

Innovative Design
The HD Micro Dome camera is the patent-pending smart cable design that enables the camera's discreet size. By designing the camera's intelligence into the smart cable, Avigilon is able to provide the smallest HD dome camera in the industry. Slightly larger than a golf ball, the discreet HD Micro Dome and the smart cable weigh a combined 70 grams. This small, lightweight camera will ease the transition from analog to HD for end users.

Big Detail
The HD Micro Dome provides a horizontal angle view of 86 degrees at 30 images per second. With an IP66 rating, the HD Micro Dome camera can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. The ONVIF compliant camera is the latest addition to Avigilon's next generation H.264 platform and can be coupled with Avigilon Control Center or other leading video management software suites.

The indoor and outdoor HD Micro Dome camera with smart cable technology was designed specifically for discreet, budget-conscious installations, like retail stores, office buildings, restaurants and hotels, that want to upgrade their surveillance to high-definition. The HD Micro Dome will begin shipping in August 2013.

Samsung Techwin launches 1.3-MP PTZ dome

Samsung Techwin launches 1.3-MP PTZ dome

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 5/2/2013 | Article type: Security 50

With users almost spoilt for choice as a result of the large numbers of megapixel cameras now available, Samsung's new SNP-5300H 1.3 Megapixel IP network PTZ dome is able to stand out from the crowd by offering a 30x optical zoom capability that provides operators with the opportunity to observe close up detail of far away people or objects without pixilation occurring.

“The combination of 1.3 Megapixels and 30x optical zoom has until now been an expensive option,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe. “The good news is that Samsung's innovative 1.3 megapixel lens technology has made it possible for us to offer the SNP-5300 at a price point which makes it affordable for a wide range of applications.”

Another key feature incorporated into the SNP-5300 is PoE which offers the potential for substantial savings on cable and installation costs, as it means that power can be drawn from the network. It is able to provide sufficient power for all of the dome's features as well as for a built-in heater to work effectively when the outdoor temperature may be as low as -30°C.

The SNP-5300H, which supersedes the highly successful SNP-5200H, has a totally new design. With an IP666 rated external housing, it is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and is equipped with a fan as well as a heater.

With a true day/night capability, WDR technology which makes it ideal for locations where there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions, the Samsung SNP-5300H provides a highly effective PTZ dome camera option for video surveillance projects such as airports, ports and other transport facilities, as well as retail and industrial parks.

Utilising H.264 and MJPEG compression, the SNP-5300H provides the option to simultaneously transmit images to multiple locations at various frame rates and at different resolutions. Up to 10 different users can monitor live images simultaneously on a PC, smartphone or tablet via Samsung' license free NET-i viewer software. At the same time JPEG images of an incident can be attached to an alarm email notification with the facility of storing pre and post-alarm images on an internal SD memory card.


Arecont showcasing WDR panoramic cam at CeBIT

Arecont showcasing WDR panoramic cam at CeBIT

Editor / Provider: Arecont Vision | Updated: 3/6/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Arecont Vision, announced the availability of the 12-megapixel 180° panoramic dome camera with true WDR. The revolutionary camera is on display at CeBIT. In addition to its superior performance under challenging lighting conditions, Arecont Vision's new 12-megapixel WDR 180° panoramic camera is 25 percent smaller than previous SurroundVideo models. Arecont Vision's WDR technology delivers a dynamic range of up to 100dB at full resolution and without lowering the frame rates. By combining long and short exposures in the same field-of-view, WDR maximizes the amount of detail in both bright and dark areas of a scene. The WDR performance of Arecont Vision cameras represents an up to 50dB improvement (300X) in dynamic range compared to non-WDR cameras.

"Panoramic cameras are superior solutions for general surveillance, covering wide areas with sufficient resolution to zoom-in for details," said Peter McKee, VP of EMEA Sales at Arecont Vision. “By adding WDR to the panoramic view, our engineers have delivered a camera without equal in the industry."

Arecont Vision megapixel technology delivers superior image quality and reduces overall system costs by covering larger areas with fewer cameras. Four 3-megapixel WDR image sensors inside the 180° camera each provide 2,048 x 1,536-pixel resolution for a total resolution of 8,192 x 1,536-pixels. The WDR 180° panoramic camera's dome housing is IP66 environmentally rated and IK10 vandal resistant. The camera is both ONVIF and PSIA conformant.

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