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Indian hospital sets a digital surveillance benchmark with Hikvision

Indian hospital sets a digital surveillance benchmark with Hikvision

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 11/2/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

In operation for roughly one and half years, Hikvision security solution has already provided a variety of benefits for India's Clara Swain Hospital (CSH). This hospital, located in the prosperous and vibrant city of Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh (a northern Indian state) which was suffering from “various troublemakers and individuals that really did not have any business being inside the hospital,” explained Deepanshu Girish Gupta, MD and Owner of Coral Infocom, the system integrator for this project.
Fortunately for the CSH, Mr. Gupta's customized solution has greatly changed this dynamic: “Now, the hospital is far more secure and a safer place for both patients and employees. Moreover, we have also seen a great improvement in employee work performance. This is directly due to the Hikvision units we have installed,” said Mr. Gupta.
Protecting and Improving
This aforementioned solution included Hikvision two products DS-2CC 575P-M 540 TVL low illumination ICR dome camera and the DS-8116HFI-S Standalone DVR.
About 50 individual units of the DS-2CC575P-M dome camera were placed throughout the hospital's administrative offices, corridors, security areas, ward lobbies, operating facilities, patient waiting rooms, outpatient facilities, as well as the ICU, main entrance and emergency doors – essentially everywhere except the patient rooms. Mr. Gupta explained, “Obviously, from a privacy standpoint, we do not want cameras inside actual patient rooms. But, these patients are still secure based on the fact that the corridor areas leading to these rooms are secure.”
Since all of the cameras are indoors, and as such, in a controlled-lighting environment, the dome proved to be the perfect model for this solution. In particular, its compact design is unobtrusive tools and doesn't make patients and employees feel disturbed. “As noted, we were able to remove individuals that should not be at the hospital, and this was vital. But, also of importance, we greatly improved employee production by allowing managers a tool to review and correct errors. This camera proved to be a non-threatening benefit in helping the hospital run more efficiently,” said Mr. Gupta.
Mr. Gupta also explained “We chose the standalone DVR primarily because of its quality and to give this customer the ability to remotely monitor cameras from their mobile phones. Due to this client's busy schedule, they are not generally in the office, ruling out the general PC-based viewing experience. Instead, we needed to allow 3 or 4 individuals to simultaneously see the cameras on their mobiles. Hikvision's ivms-4500 software and dual-stream technology facilitated this process.”
Furthermore, the up to 8 SATA HDD in each DS-8116HFI-S unit allows the recording space needed for a large hospital, as well as the “ability to future-proof this project,” added Mr. Gupta.
Additional features, such as up to 1024×768 VGA output resolution, dual-stream support, and up to 16-ch synchronous playback, combine to make the DVR that allows customers a wide variety of security options.

Mr. Gupta concluded “The key for us is that Hikvision products work. For our customers, the success we have already enjoyed is proof that our Hikvision solutions will work for them, as well.”

French prison locks it down with Hikvision day/night solution

French prison locks it down with Hikvision day/night solution

Editor / Provider: HiKvision | Updated: 10/19/2012 | Article type: Security 50

La prison de Lille-Annoeullin, a new prison in northern France, opened in July 2011, with one central control room and 13 secondary ones. According to surveillance solution designer and integrator Aris Technologies, the overall goal was to “convince the customer that a new, open solution based on Hikvision equipment provides both robustness and cost savings, without requiring any special technical knowledge,” said Samir Rekik, R&D Engineer.
Products chosen for this project included analog box cameras, analog vandal-proof dome cameras, stand-alone DVRs and video servers. Installation of the outdoor analog box camera and the indoor vandal-proof dome camera provided a noticeable change. Previously, inmates were able to utilize natural elements – such as changing lighting conditions or cover of the night – to engage in suspicious behavior. That is no longer the case. “The two models render security operators good nighttime contrast and sharpness as they would get in the day,” Rekik explained.
Both models each features a day/night auto switch, a 1/3” Sony CCD, auto white balance, auto gain control, electronic shutter control and BLC to achieve such nighttime performance. “Prisoners used to have a greater degree of autonomy once the sun went down, but now security personnel have the upper hand. Inmates quickly learned that they are no longer unobservable at night.”
Reliable System Uptime
Hikvision's 16-channel stand-alone DVR, single-channel video server, and single-channel video decoder provide an equally important element: system stability. “Since this is a prison, any issues of instability must be reduced to a bare minimum,” Rekik said. Interface response time is also kept under 300 milliseconds, as a great deal of information is being processed each second. “After we had tested a number of brands, we found there were no system crashes or memory lapses associated with Hikvision; our choice was obvious.” Hikvision DVRs are utilized to directly record camera footage before it passes through to the video servers and, ultimately, the network. Thus, recording is completely independent of network availability, ensuring built-in redundancy, data protection and system stability.
La prison de Lille-Annoeullin utilizes these Hikvision components over a ring multicast LAN and a distributed fiber-optic system that adds resiliency to the network. In particular, the video server supports TCP, UTP, RTP, multicast, DHCP, PPPoE and HTTP; while the video decoder supports up to four-screen circle decoding, with a configurable sequence group feature.
For the moment all the devices are connected thorough the ring LAN to allow for full-multicast video streams from any camera to any monitor inside the prison. With scalability preplanned, the system can be easily expanded by adding cameras, DVRs, video servers, decoders and monitors. Using these five Hikvision components and one software program VIRIX (virtual matrix) developed by Aris, this solution offers operational simplicity and low maintenance that ensure the required reliability in an application of this nature.

Bosch introduces 1080p HDR cameras

Bosch introduces 1080p HDR cameras

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 10/3/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Bosch Security Systems is setting the standard for HD imaging with the launch of its two megapixel (2 MP) / 1080p high dynamic range (HDR) cameras. The DINION and FLEXIDOME HDR cameras deliver exceptional image quality in both bright and dark environments. Even in high-contrast scenes or when looking from dark locations into well-lit areas, the devices provide an exceptionally wide dynamic range to capture more detail in both highlights and shadows.

The cameras feature integrated HD-optimized Intelligent Video Analysis and adaptive video processing to automatically detect objects—such as license plates or faces—and adjust scene exposure to maximize details in these areas. To further enhance effectiveness, regions of interest can be defined, allowing the user to zoom into certain details of the full image. The close-up images are transmitted in a separate stream so that both overview and detail can be viewed at the same time–all in high resolution.

The intelligence embodied in the cameras also reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. The intelligent digital noise reduction feature optimizes bandwidth by dynamically tuning the degree of noise reduction based upon an analysis of important objects moving through the camera's field of view. When nothing important is happening, bandwidth is minimized. When an important object is detected, the bandwidth increases to eliminate motion blur and capture maximum details.

Edge recording is enabled with a Micro SDXC card cable of up to two terabytes of local storage, and the cameras come with free Bosch Video Client (BVC) software for up to 16 channels. BVC provides easy live viewing of multiple cameras, playback, forensic search and export.

Certified interoperability
The cameras conform to the Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) standard which guarantees interoperability between network video products regardless of the manufacturer. ONVIF conformant devices are able to exchange live video, audio, metadata and control information. They are automatically discovered and connected to network applications such as video management systems.

Built-in durability and flexibility
The FLEXIDOME HDR ruggedized dome camera comes with a choice of pre-installed high quality telephoto, mid-range and ultra-wide-angle lenses. Each lens is specifically matched to the sensor to ensure full resolution even in the corners. The 1.8 to 3 mm optically-corrected ultra-wide-angle lens provides outstanding performance without the need for de-warping software, delivering more coverage without distortion.

The enhanced imaging system, diverse mounting and lens options, and the rugged environmental housing that withstands the equivalent of 120 lbs of force makes the FLEXIDOME HDR dome the right choice for challenging installations, such as railways, airports, transportation hubs, industrial areas and the exterior of commercial and government buildings.

Samsung Techwin launches 1.3-MP, compact, flat network dome

Samsung Techwin launches 1.3-MP, compact, flat network dome

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 10/2/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung has added a space saving 1.3 Megapixel flat dome camera to its ‘affordable' LiteNet HD network camera series.

Measuring just 100 x 115 x 42mm, the SND-5010 is designed to provide an affordable HD video surveillance solution for environments where there may be limited space, such as in lifts, entrance lobbies, stair wells, small shops and transport applications.

“As is the case with the other six models in the LiteNet camera series, the SND-5010 is ideal for applications where a large number of HD cameras may be required,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd. “Regardless however of the number of cameras, the SND-5010's low price point enables it to be considered as a cost alternative to analogue cameras at locations where there may be a need to capture evidence grade images.”

The ONVIF compliant SND-5010 supports H.264 and MJPEG compression methods, providing the option to simultaneously stream images to multiple locations at various frame rates and resolutions up to 1.3 megapixel (1280 x 1024) and it also supports 16:9 HD (1280 x 720) display. A number of users are therefore able to monitor live images at one location, record video evidence at another location, or view live and recorded images on a Smartphone or iPhone via the Samsung iPOLiS application.

The SND-5010, which is equipped with a 3mm fixed lens, has a scene change tampering feature which creates an alert if, for example, paint is sprayed on a camera lens or if there is unauthorised movement of a camera away from its usual field of view.

Despite its compact size, the SND-5010 is packed full of user and installer friendly features, including four programmable Motion Detection zones, 12 programmable Privacy Zones and PoE (Power over Ethernet). It also has a Day/Night feature which automatically configures the camera to capture either colour or B/W images depending on the prevailing lighting conditions, and utilises third generation Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNR) to eliminate image noise in low light conditions to enable bandwidth and recording space savings.

Fully compatible with Samsung's license free NET-i-Viewer software, the SND-5010 has a multi–language web page for easy set up.

The other models in the Samsung LiteNet line-up are:
SNB-5001 - 1.3 megapixel network camera
SND-5011 - 1.3 megapixel network dome camera with 3mm fixed lens
SND-5061 - 1.3 megapixel network dome camera with 3~8mm varifocal lens
SNB-7001 - 3 megapixel Full HD network camera
SND-7011 - 3 megapixel Full HD network dome camera with 3mm fixed lens
SND-7061 - 3 megapixel Full HD network dome camera with 3~8mm varifocal lens

Axis Communications introduces affordable panoramic cameras

Axis Communications introduces affordable panoramic cameras

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 9/26/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications presents 360° fixed mini dome cameras with a 5 megapixel sensor that enables detailed, high-quality 360° or 180° panoramic views of wide areas. The competitively priced indoor AXIS M3007-PV and AXIS M3007-P Network Cameras provide retail stores, hotels, schools and offices with cost-effective solutions to getting wide overviews that help users detect activities and track the flow of people.

“Axis' new 360° fixed cameras give price-sensitive market segments the option of using just one camera to get the big picture, with great details, at an affordable price,” says Erik Frannlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications. “The cameras also have substantial capacity for intelligent video applications and support a range of video management software including the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion.”

The cameras, which are the latest additions to the AXIS M30 Series, can be mounted on ceilings for 360° overviews or on walls for 180° panoramic views. Both AXIS M3007-PV and AXIS M3007-P support several viewing modes, including 360° overview in 5 megapixel resolution, as well as horizontal panoramic views and quad views that have been dewarped for easy viewing. The quad view mode is suitable, for instance, when the camera is positioned at an intersection of corridors. The cameras also provide view area modes that allow users to digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on areas of interest. Multiple streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG can be sent simultaneously.

AXIS M3007-PV—as with the recently announced AXIS M3006-V and the launched AXIS M3004-V and AXIS M3005-V cameras in the series—is a vandal and dust-resistant fixed dome camera. AXIS M3007-P, which has a different outer shell with no cover over its lens, is an extremely discreet camera that can be mistaken for a smoke detector.

AXIS M3007-PV/-P cameras come focused at delivery, which shortens the installation time. They are also fitted with a 2 m (6.6 ft.) network cable and support Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), which eliminates the need for power cables and reduces installation costs.

AXIS M3007-PV/-P offers considerable support for the installation of intelligent video applications through the AXIS Camera Application Platform. In addition, the cameras' built-in microSDHC card slot enables several days of recording to be stored locally on a memory card. When local storage is used together with the free AXIS Camera Companion, users have an easy way to remotely view and manage video from up to 16 cameras per site.

Hikvision launches 600-TVL DIS analog cameras

Hikvision launches 600-TVL DIS analog cameras

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 9/20/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision announces the release of its new and improved DIS series analog cameras – the DS-2CE1582P(N)-VFIR3 600TVL IR Bullet Camera and the DS-2CE5582P(N)-VFIR3 600TVL DIS IR Dome Camera. Both of these new, and affordable, analog models offer higher resolution and ultra low illumination, which instantly make them extremely competitive in overall analog camera market.

Developed by Hikvision, the DIS (Digital Image System) series boasts advanced features, such as image quality, power consumption, and greater overall system stability. Features such as these are helping Hikvision reinvent how customers view analog technology.

Additionally, both cameras in the DIS family feature a 1/3” DIS image sensor with 600TVL ultra-high horizontal resolution. Compared with conventional analog cameras, which only offer 480 / 540 TVL horizontal resolution, these new cameras provide higher video quality and improved image detail.

These units employ a vari-focal lens, which benefits users by allowing easier focusing without requiring any movement in the initial camera set-up. Moreover, the two cameras incorporate excellent low-light performance with a minimum illumination of 0.1Lux @ F1.2 (with AGC on) and 0 Lux with IR. Armed with this advantage, they are able to deliver superb quality images for objects within 40 meters (131 feet) under low-light conditions or even in total darkness.

Of note, the DS-2CE1582P(N)-VFIR3 and DS-2CE5582P(N)-VFIR3 are able to operate in weather conditions ranging from -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F) without an external heater, which greatly enhances camera stability in virtually any working environment. Furthermore, the power consumption requirement is as low as 4W (6.5W with IR cut filter on), providing additional working flexibility. Rounding out these units, Hikvision's IP66-rated housing additionally protects the cameras from external elements, such as rain or dusty environments found in harbors, industrial parks, and the like.

Brazilian palace gets comprehensive coverage from Hikvision total solution

Brazilian palace gets comprehensive coverage from Hikvision total solution

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 9/17/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Within the heart of Brazil's Federal District lies the capital city of Brasilia: a location where the nation's core governmental institutions and facilities are located. But, nestled among these governmental buildings sits Itamaraty Palace - the head office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Naturally, as Brazil's direct connection to the rest of the world, this facility takes on an additional dimension of security importance. In 2010, the decision was made to secure this facility with a state-of-the-art surveillance program; and as such, 2011 brought a series of Hikvision products into Itamaraty Palace – marking the first instance of a Brazilian governmental facility to enjoy this level of high-tech surveillance protection.

The Bread & Butter of Palace Security Befitting such an important building, Hikvision rolled out four different high-tech cameras to provide ideal coverage over a variety of specific locations and varying circumstances. This comprehensive package included the DS-2CD7133-E VGA Vandal-proof Network Mini Dome Camera, the DS-2CD712F-E Network Dome Camera, the DS-2DF1-516 Network High Speed Dome, and the DS-2DF1-517-B WDR Network High Speed Dome.

“Each of these Hikvision models was selected for a precise purpose. But, they all have in common the same great Hikvision technology, providing both 24/7 surveillance and 24/7 confidence – exactly what a project of this stature required,” noted Alvaro de Souza, CCTV manager at VMI Sistemas de Seguranca – Hikvision's official distributor in Brazil; and an integration partner in this project.

In the case of the DS-2CD7133-E VGA Network Mini Dome Camera, this model was placed in a variety of locations throughout the facility. “We needed a small camera, something not immediately noticeable, to place in both indoor and outdoor locations,” explained Mr. Souza.

But, this versatility required a unique technology-set to successfully accomplish its goal in these many different locations: “For example, for units placed on the roof – both inside and out – required the DS-2CD7133-E to provide excellent coverage ... as well as the ability to see wide areas of real estate, due to sight-obstruction issues from ongoing construction,” explained Mr. Souza.

This construction, a natural extention of the architecturally-beautiful Itamaraty Palace's 40 years of service, was an aspect that VMI took into account. Yet, regardless of any modifications achieved through modernization, nothing would change the fact that many of the conditions – indoors included – were not truly environmentally secure.

Fortunately, the vandal-proofing on these units also serve as weatherproofing, thereby allowing the DS-2CD7133-E to seamlessly operate in outdoor, semi-outdoor, and totally-indoor environments. Complimenting this vandal-proofing is a 1/4” progressive scan CMOS, H.264 / MPEG4 / MJPEG video compression, super-low illumination, a day / night auto switch, 3-axis adjustment, an IP66 rating, and PoE.

Securing the indoor corridors is Hikvision's DS-2CD712F-E Network Dome Camera. Chosen for its vari-focal lens, allowing precise focus and control in rooms of vastly varying dimensions, the DS-2CD712F-E's “proved perfect for this specific digital application,” Mr. Souza related.

Additionally, a high-performance Sony CCD, H.264 / MPEG-4 dual stream real-time video compression, SDHC card local storage, and support IE client for network preview all help the DS-2CD712F-E to overcome Itamaraty Palace's architectural challenges.

With the indoors already confidently secure, the outdoor arena required a different technological skill-set. Due to the differing circumstances, two Hikvision models were employed to provide coverage. The first was for low-light areas, such as the corners of buildings and parking areas – so, the DS-2DF1-516 Network High Speed Dome fit-this-bill perfectly.

Designed with up to a 36× optical zoom, a powerful PTZ control, 3D intelligent positioning and true day / night functionality all allow this camera to optimally track movement; such as individuals or automobiles moving – regardless of lighting conditions.

Finally, the outdoor compliment: Hikvision's DS-2DF1-517-B WDR Network High Speed Dome. With additional features, such as a 128× wide dynamic range, 3D noise reduction, and an IP66 rating; this unit is a perfect outdoor speed dome to “monitor non-controlled lighting environments,” Mr. Souza explained. “We installed the DS-2DF1-517-B for the borders of this building, where certain areas do not have much light, and others vary in brightness depending on the time of day. The low shutter of this model is ideal since it allows more light to enter the lens,” he contiuned.

IndigoVision zooms in with new 1080p HD PTZ

IndigoVision zooms in with new 1080p HD PTZ

Editor / Provider: IndigoVision | Updated: 9/13/2012 | Article type: Security 50

The new BX500 HD PTZ Dome camera from IndigoVision provides customers with a high-resolution camera that is both ONVIF conformant and fully compatible with IndigoVision's Security Management Solution, SMS4. The camera, which is equipped with powerful optical zoom, enables customers to install a 1080p HD camera, with audio capability that benefits from the complete IndigoVision solution including its distributed architecture. Cameras can be located anywhere on the network and streamed to many users without the need for a central server. This distributed architecture enables a security system to be expanded easily and eliminates the single point of failure risk of central servers.

Speaking of the camera's versatility, Juan Salleg, President, EGC COLOMBIA, a major telecom company, said: “The new IndigoVision BX500 HD PTZ Dome provides us with a trusted ONVIF HD camera suitable for use in large outdoor areas where it can zoom in with great precision on specific areas and details. Working alongside IndigoVision's existing camera range, it also allows us to maximise the benefit of the complete solution.”

With a 20x optical zoom, the BX500 HD PTZ excels in the most challenging indoor and outdoor lighting conditions incorporating an auto mechanical IR filter for true day/night functionality. Designed to meet requirements for use over low bandwidth connections and with dual streaming functionality, it offers the ability to view and record locally in high resolution, as well as using a lower bitrate for remote viewing. User configurable resolution, framerate and bitrate are all part of the camera's in-built versatility, making for ease of use and adaptability for any network. The BX500 HD PTZ also allows customers to view live and recorded video from the camera within IndigoVision Control Center, SMS4's user interface.

The external camera has an IP66 rating for use in outdoor environments and a temperature rating of -30℃ to +50℃ (-22℉to 122℉). The internal version can operate over PoE, reducing installation time and costs. The BX500 HD PTZ Dome is a further expansion to IndigoVision's BX camera range, which includes HD Minidomes and an HD Bullet camera, and works seamlessly with the full IndigoVision IP camera offering and with SMS4.

Axis introduces affordably priced, wide-angle, 3-megapixel, 1080p fixed dome

Axis introduces affordably priced, wide-angle, 3-megapixel, 1080p fixed dome

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 9/11/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications presents a competitively priced 3-megapixel, vandal- and dust-resistant fixed mini dome camera with a wide-angle view and HDTV 1080p. The easy-to-install indoor AXIS M3006-V Network Camera has been designed to meet the video surveillance needs of price-sensitive market segments such as retail stores, hotels, schools and offices.

Axis Communications, the global market leader in network video, today presents a competitively priced 3-megapixel, vandal- and dust-resistant fixed mini dome camera with a wide-angle view and HDTV 1080p. The easy-to-install indoor AXIS M3006-V Network Camera has been designed to meet the video surveillance needs of price-sensitive market segments such as retail stores, hotels, schools and offices.

“AXIS M3006-V has the performance, the easy installation features and the price to be an attractive offering for many market segments,” says Erik Fr?nnlid, Director of Product Management, Axis Communications. “The camera provides wide coverage, 3-megapixel images for superb details and HDTV 1080p for capturing movements clearly. It has considerable capacity for intelligent video applications, support for video management software such as the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion, and enables quick installation on walls or ceilings -all at a great price.”

AXIS M3006-V provides a viewing angle of 134°. When installed near a corner of a store, for instance, it offers complete coverage, enabling users to even look into the shelves on either side of the camera. Other viewing angles can be achieved through optional lenses.

With a 3-axis camera angle adjustment, the camera can be mounted on walls or ceilings, the direction of the camera can be easily adjusted and the image leveled. The camera also supports Axis' Corridor Format, enabling vertically oriented video streams that optimize coverage of areas such as corridors, hallways or store aisles.

AXIS M3006-V supports digital pan/tilt/zoom, which can be used as a “digital varifocal lens” that allows the angle of view to be adjusted remotely after the physical installation. The camera's digital PTZ, together with its support for multi-view streaming, enables different areas of a scene to be cropped from the full view and streamed simultaneously for viewing or recording—simulating several virtual cameras that can help minimize the bit rate and storage needs. Multiple streams in H.264 and Motion JPEG can be sent simultaneously.

The camera comes focused at delivery, which shortens the installation time. It has a 2 m (6.6 ft.) network cable attached and supports Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af), which eliminates the need for power cables and reduces installation costs. To enable the camera to better blend in with the environment, optional skins are available.

AXIS M3006-V offers substantial support for the installation of intelligent video applications through the AXIS Camera Application Platform. In addition, the camera's built-in microSDHC card slot enables several days of recording to be stored locally on a memory card. When local storage is used together with the free AXIS Camera Companion, users have an easy way to remotely view and manage video from up to 16 cameras per site.

Samsung Techwin reacts with quick response at UK college

Samsung Techwin reacts with quick response at UK college

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 9/7/2012 | Article type: Education

Nature has played its part in helping Easton and Otley College bring forward a decision to upgrade its video surveillance system. The college, which is situated eight miles north of Ipswich, was recently struck by lightning during a ferocious storm and most of the cameras and control equipment were damaged.

“We were already considering upgrading the existing system as we wanted to ensure we were taking advantage of the latest technology to help us implement our anti-social behaviour policy,” said John Negus, Facility Manager at the Otley College campus of Easton and Otley College. “Fortunately, we were therefore in a position to quickly replace the damaged cameras with those of a higher specification.”

Originally created as an agricultural educational establishment, Otley College was established at its present site in 1970 with, as legend has it, a couple of tractors, a barn, two lecturers and sixty students. Today the college provides further education for around 5,000 students and has an ongoing programme to develop its facilities. Most recent developments have included an Equestrian Centre, a farmhouse business, a conference facility and an aquatics zone that houses Piranhas. Most recently they have joined forces with Easton College in Norfolk and the new college has been named Easton and Otley College.

The college commissioned Smarter Security Solutions, who are based in Earls Barton, Northampton, to install new dome cameras and DVRs, all of which are manufactured by Samsung. Paul Chater of Smarter Security Solutions Ltd said: “We have successfully installed Samsung video surveillance equipment at many other sites and we were therefore able to confidently recommend a single source solution to Easton and Otley College.”

Ten of the Samsung domes are SCP-2270H which have a 27x zoom capability allowing John Negus and other authorised users to observe close up activity of any suspicious activity, whilst five others are Samsung SCV-2081 vandal resistant dome cameras.

Both models are designed to provide a cost effective video surveillance solution for environments such as schools and colleges. They are equipped to capture high resolution 600TV lines colour images and incorporate advance technology, much of which is unique to Samsung, such as Super Noise Reduction (SSNRIII) and Samsung Super Dynamic Range (SSDR), which is a progression of backlight compensation that automatically enhances detail in dark areas across the entire scene to reveal objects hidden in shadow.

All of the images from the new camera domes, as well as from the cameras which survived the lightning strike, are recorded 24/7 onto one of three Samsung SRD 1650DC 16 channel digital video recorders which capitalise on Samsung's high level H.264 compression to ensure superb picture quality, whilst minimising hard drive space and bandwidth requirements. They also feature Virtual Progressive Scan (VPS) which eliminates the problem of blurred edges on moving objects to provide picture-perfect still frames.

The dome cameras and DVRs are controlled via a Samsung SPC-6000 keyboard which is located in the College's control room utilising Samsung licence free NET-i Viewer software.

“The camera domes have been located throughout the College in order to ensure we deter and detect any anti-social behaviour that has the potential to disrupt the excellent educational programmes that the College provides for our students,” said John Negus. “There have been some incidents which we have been able to act on as a result of the camera domes' ability to deliver high quality images. In particular, we have been able to stamp out dangerous driving in our car parking area as students are now very much aware that we can catch them on camera.”

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