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Samsung Techwin launches 1.3-MP PTZ dome

Samsung Techwin launches 1.3-MP PTZ dome

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 5/2/2013 | Article type: Security 50

With users almost spoilt for choice as a result of the large numbers of megapixel cameras now available, Samsung's new SNP-5300H 1.3 Megapixel IP network PTZ dome is able to stand out from the crowd by offering a 30x optical zoom capability that provides operators with the opportunity to observe close up detail of far away people or objects without pixilation occurring.

“The combination of 1.3 Megapixels and 30x optical zoom has until now been an expensive option,” said Tim Biddulph, IP Product Manager for Samsung Techwin Europe. “The good news is that Samsung's innovative 1.3 megapixel lens technology has made it possible for us to offer the SNP-5300 at a price point which makes it affordable for a wide range of applications.”

Another key feature incorporated into the SNP-5300 is PoE which offers the potential for substantial savings on cable and installation costs, as it means that power can be drawn from the network. It is able to provide sufficient power for all of the dome's features as well as for a built-in heater to work effectively when the outdoor temperature may be as low as -30°C.

The SNP-5300H, which supersedes the highly successful SNP-5200H, has a totally new design. With an IP666 rated external housing, it is smaller and lighter than its predecessor and is equipped with a fan as well as a heater.

With a true day/night capability, WDR technology which makes it ideal for locations where there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions, the Samsung SNP-5300H provides a highly effective PTZ dome camera option for video surveillance projects such as airports, ports and other transport facilities, as well as retail and industrial parks.

Utilising H.264 and MJPEG compression, the SNP-5300H provides the option to simultaneously transmit images to multiple locations at various frame rates and at different resolutions. Up to 10 different users can monitor live images simultaneously on a PC, smartphone or tablet via Samsung' license free NET-i viewer software. At the same time JPEG images of an incident can be attached to an alarm email notification with the facility of storing pre and post-alarm images on an internal SD memory card.


Cali beach club shaded from risk

Cali beach club shaded from risk

Editor / Provider: Hikvision Digital Technology | Updated: 3/27/2013 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

Founded more than 75 years ago, the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club in San Diego, California recently upgraded its security by integrating two Hikvision Digital Technology HD cameras and VMS with existing analog and cabling infrastructures. For more than 15 years, ACS Cable Systems has been supporting the club's cabling infrastructure, and the club sought to integrate a security system into its network.

The main challenges encountered in the project was covering security on the large premise and integrating the system into ACS cable network. Two cameras were deployed on the ceilings to cover the extensive ground. One was a 2-megapixel mini dome camera, and the other a vandal-proof network camera with a wide-angle view of 101 degrees to 30.4 degrees. Essentially, the existing analog PC based DVRs were maintained and upgraded to an embedded DVR, which makes the most out of the legacy analog system.

The system is managed with Hikvision VMS, which covers the HD cameras and DVR's to achieve a well integrated video surveillance system. The software functionalities include multi-live video, playback, event alarms, remote configuring, and multi-level user management.

The new IP cameras enabled security personnel to have a comprehensive view and complete control from a single workstation through the VMS remote client software. Camera feeds were sent in real time and recorded for further investigations if needed. Data integrity in its legacy system was maintained and the new scalable system could serve the club for many years to come.

Arecont showcasing WDR panoramic cam at CeBIT

Arecont showcasing WDR panoramic cam at CeBIT

Editor / Provider: Arecont Vision | Updated: 3/6/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Arecont Vision, announced the availability of the 12-megapixel 180° panoramic dome camera with true WDR. The revolutionary camera is on display at CeBIT. In addition to its superior performance under challenging lighting conditions, Arecont Vision's new 12-megapixel WDR 180° panoramic camera is 25 percent smaller than previous SurroundVideo models. Arecont Vision's WDR technology delivers a dynamic range of up to 100dB at full resolution and without lowering the frame rates. By combining long and short exposures in the same field-of-view, WDR maximizes the amount of detail in both bright and dark areas of a scene. The WDR performance of Arecont Vision cameras represents an up to 50dB improvement (300X) in dynamic range compared to non-WDR cameras.

"Panoramic cameras are superior solutions for general surveillance, covering wide areas with sufficient resolution to zoom-in for details," said Peter McKee, VP of EMEA Sales at Arecont Vision. “By adding WDR to the panoramic view, our engineers have delivered a camera without equal in the industry."

Arecont Vision megapixel technology delivers superior image quality and reduces overall system costs by covering larger areas with fewer cameras. Four 3-megapixel WDR image sensors inside the 180° camera each provide 2,048 x 1,536-pixel resolution for a total resolution of 8,192 x 1,536-pixels. The WDR 180° panoramic camera's dome housing is IP66 environmentally rated and IK10 vandal resistant. The camera is both ONVIF and PSIA conformant.

Chinese highway in Guangdong gets high-def

Chinese highway in Guangdong gets high-def

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2/18/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

Boluo-Shenzhen Expressway is an important part of the fourth vertical expressway that links Shenzhen, Hunan and Renhua in Guangdong province. Connected to Yanpai Expressway, it is a major north-south road for the province and a key express link between Hong Kong/Macau and Hunan/Jiangxi. The entire expressway is designed for six 2-way lanes and a vehicle speed of 100 km/h. 50% of the expressway comprises of large bridges and tunnels. In order to enhance safety management of the expressway, there is a need to ensure uninterrupted 24-hour surveillance of road conditions and create a safe, trustworthy, high-definition smart video security system that includes surveillance of the tollbooth management center and rest areas. This also meets the requirement for superior security technologies for expressway surveillance.

Axis HD cameras including Axis Q6035-E, P1343 and P3363 are placed at 350 surveillance points along Boluo-Shenzhen Expressway. The entire network comprises of HD cameras along the main expressway, tunnel surveillance cameras, tollbooth surveillance cameras and surveillance cameras at the management centers and rest areas. Real-time transmission of high-definition images is achieved through fiber-optic communication. The surveillance system is designed such that different camera models are selected for each surveillance area based on the required functions: Axis P3363 low-illumination dome camera fitted with the latest sensor chip is used for the office area and tollbooth; Axis P1343 network camera fitted with a special 50mm lens is used inside the tunnel; Axis Q6035-E 1080p 2 megapixel high-speed IP dome camera with 20x optical zoom is used along the main expressway.

This is the first time that a fully digital surveillance system and high-definition IP cameras are used for an entire expressway by Guangdong Provincial Transportation Group. The entire system is transmitted via Internet, phasing out the optical transceiver model of conventional analog surveillance systems and producing huge savings of construction and maintenance costs. It brings HD clarity, high resolutions and huge growth potential that were once far-fetched. The Axis IP cameras directly send digital video images through the IP network (LAN/intranet/internet), allowing users to view high-definition real-time surveillance images with a resolution of up to 1080p on connected computers anytime, anywhere through the client terminal so long as there is sufficient bandwidth. This facilitates visual management and adds variety to the system.

S. African boutique resort safeguards VIPs with networked surveillance

S. African boutique resort safeguards VIPs with networked surveillance

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 1/31/2013 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

The Saxon has been voted the World's Leading Boutique Hotel for the past six consecutive years, it is a sumptuous destination designed to offer luxury and comfort to top echelon guests whilst ensuring that their security and privacy are never compromised. Catering to local and international note-worthy personalities, such as the illustrious Nelson Mandela, the visiting prominent patrons choose the hotel for its exclusivity, serene beauty and unsurpassed attention to detail.

Due to the high profile of the clientele, it is of utmost importance that the security be discreet, non-intrusive, yet absolutely fail-safe. "No intrusions, no interruptions" is the mantra at The Saxon and surveillance needs to ensure that it obeys this dogma. A system revamp was required to integrate the existing CCTV cameras and introduce a high-tech security solution that is as distinct as the premises and people it protects.

Camsecure, an Axis partner, selected almost 80 Axis network cameras for the surveillance, whilst Axis video encoders were utilized to convert the analog signals from six existing CCTV systems scattered around the property to digital signals, allowing the recordings to be centralized to a single control room. Milestone XProtectR Professional IP video software supports the cameras. The video encoders have also facilitated an easy expansion of the system, as cameras can be added at any time with minimal effort.

Security in critical areas, such as the main gate and reception, has been reinforced by the installation of Axis221 network cameras. The Axis 221 offers exceptional image quality boasting up to 45 frames per second in VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels), it uses a high performance lens and a progressive scan CCD image sensor that enables moving objects to be presented without distortion. These cameras are supported by Axis 231D+ high-speed dome network cameras that provide additional detail, where required, in vital areas.

Axis 209FD network cameras were chosen for their discreet, low-profile appearance. The AXIS 209FD is a fixed dome camera specifically designed for deployment in cases where inconspicuous monitoring is imperative. The tamper resistant casings also enhance the cameras overall appeal.

The Saxon is not only a temporary home to many visiting VIPs, it also houses an extensive collection of original artwork that is protected by this technologicallyadvanced surveillance system.

"The surveillance is also a preventative measure," says George Cohen, MD of the Saxon Boutique and Spa, knowing that the imposing guards at the gates can react faster to any impending matters with alerts from the system. The tranquility and privacy of the important guests inside is not compromised. "On the few occasions where we've had incidents, we were able to prevent them from coming into the hotel property and to give both ourselves and the police a very quick review of what was going on for the best response and resolution."

Senior managers are able to track employees' progress and monitor the effectiveness of staff interactions with guests to further ensure the Saxon Hotel's superlative standard of service.

"The beauty of Axis network cameras is their endless versatility and the vast product range that allows for an installation that meets all of our customer needs," remarks Francois Malan, Technical Director of Camsecure, "The Saxon has taken advantage of the latest technology in order to maintain the exceptionally high standards that they are renowned for."

Mobotix welcomes outdoor lighting tech partner Totus Solutions

Mobotix welcomes outdoor lighting tech partner Totus Solutions

Editor / Provider: Mobotix | Updated: 1/31/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Mobotix, an provider of high-resolution, network-based surveillance systems, announced that Totus Solutions, a manufacturer of outdoor lighting-based security platforms, has joined the Mobotix global technology partner network. Participation in the program ensures seamless integration of Mobotix IP surveillance devices with Totus technologies.

The global partner network is designed to help Mobotix partners take advantage of the business opportunities within the fast growing IP video surveillance market. Partners benefit from direct contact with Mobotix for sales and marketing tools, as well as professional training, technical support and the latest developments in IP video technology and home automation from Mobotix.

Totus' security platforms use LED lighting as a deterrence mechanism in commercial and government applications. The Totus technology incorporates Mobotix megapixel IP video surveillance, multi-day media storage and communications options to provide reactive capabilities and evidentiary support.

Robust IP video surveillance capabilities are provided by Mobotix Q24 hemispheric cameras, which deliver 360-degree views and feature a compact, weatherproof design. The Mobotix Q24 hemispheric camera is an ultra-compact, IP network dome camera with a special hemispheric lens. When mounted on the ceiling, the camera is capable of providing a complete 360-degree all-around view or when mounted on the wall, provides a 180-degree panoramic view. The Q24s high image quality is achieved through the use of a 3.1 megapixel sensor. An integrated Micro SD/SD card provides up to 80 hours of continuous recording with audio. Furthermore, the Mobotix Q24 includes MxControlCenter, a professional video management system with event search, image processing, lens distortion correction, PTZ support and more, at no cost.

The Totus security platforms also benefit from video analytics built-in to the Q24 to trigger lighting control and audio functionalities. When a Mobotix camera detects motion according to user-defined alarm parameters, the solution flashes lights, plays pre-recorded messages and sound, and emails video clips to predefined users. Since the Mobotix cameras feature edge-based recording, all data is processed within the camera to lower network bandwidth, which maximizes the use of virtual PTZ, video analytics and 360-degree hemispheric technology with panoramic view.

"Totus security platforms incorporate ‘green' LED lighting optimized for video surveillance. These purpose-built platforms transform passive surveillance into a deterrent to provide an all-in-one solution for a vast number of market opportunities," said Gregory G. Williams, President and CEO of TOTUS Solutions. "As a leader in the IP surveillance space, Mobotix is an ideal partner to help further improve upon the robust capabilities of our products."

"The Totus security platforms are highly effective for crime deterrence in remote and perimeter applications," said Steve Gorski, GM for Americas at Mobotix. "Our partnership with Totus will capitalize on their innovation by adding evidentiary support, powerful analytics and 360-degree surveillance. We look forward to being able to serve even more customers by integrating our surveillance technologies with this feature-rich solution."

Hikvision unveils entry-level DVR series and low-light IP cams

Hikvision unveils entry-level DVR series and low-light IP cams

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 1/25/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, the global provider of video surveillance products and solutions, launches a new series of low-light network cameras – the X55 series – that enables users to achieve impeccable vision of meticulous details in extremely dark environments. There are four models in the series: the DS-2CD755F-E(I)(Z) indoor dome camera, DS-2CD7255F-E(I)Z(H) outdoor dome camera, DS-2CD855F-E network box camera and DS-2CD8255F-EI(Z) bullet camera. Each offers super low light technology (up to 0.05 lux/f1.2, with AGC on), and boasts of a full HD output and noise reduction technology (3D DNR).

The super low-light capability is the hallmark of the X55 series, making the cameras well ahead of their time in technological advancement. With a minimum illumination of 0.05 lux @ F1.2, these cameras have a level of sensitivity that allows users to discern colors, shapes, sizes, and of course movements in near complete darkness. Coupled with a wide range, the most meticulous details can be brought to life and captured with extreme clarity.

Each of the models in the series captures images of up to 2 megapixels and provides full HD 1080p real-time video recording. The DS-2CD8255F-EI(Z) and DS-2CD7255F-E(I)Z(H) both incorporate a weather proof rating of IP66 and operate effectively in a wide range of weather conditions, including a temperature range of -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F) and humidity of up to 90%.

The DS-2CD8255F-EI(Z) bullet camera, DS-2CD755F-E(I)(Z) indoor dome camera and DS-2CD7255F-E(I)Z(H) outdoor dome camera all offer optional infrared LEDs and provide an IR range of up to 30m (98.4 feet), as well as motorized Vari-focal lens that facilitates quick and easy lens installation. Besides, the DS-2CD7255F-E(I)Z(H) even supports a built-in fan and heater.

Besides, Hikvision introduces new standalone DVR series – the DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH. This product is specifically designed to cater towards the entry-level security market by using a high-definition video output, a friendly user interface, and multi-channel real-time monitoring. Offered in an attractive price range, this DVR series is the perfect recording solution for smaller-scale applications, such as homes, offices, or for retail purposes.

Compared with Hikvision's DS-7200HFI/HVI-ST(/SN/SE) series of standalone DVRs, the new DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH series supports VGA and HDMI outputs simultaneously, with up to 1920x1080 resolution. This provides users a versatile solution for real-time video viewing, and also allows them the experience of a cost-effective, but high-quality method to secure their businesses.

The DS-7200HFI/HVI-SH features high-quality 4CIF recording in real time across its up-to 16 channels. It even allows up to 128-channel streaming of remote live viewing (within 60M bandwidth), allowing users to access their videos anytime and anywhere over the internet. This DVR further supports alarm functionality with motion and tampering detection. When critical events (such as theft) occur within owners' premises, this DVR's alarm event recording is triggered, generating instant notification via E-mail to allow owners the ability to take whatever proactive response they deem necessary.

EverFocus receives Taiwan Excellence Award for EPN4220

EverFocus receives Taiwan Excellence Award for EPN4220

Editor / Provider: EverFocus Electronics | Updated: 1/24/2013 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus IP speed dome, EPN4220, has received this year's Taiwan Excellence Award.

Delivered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taiwan Excellence Award recognizes technologically innovative products produced by enterprises in Taiwan. As an award winner for five consecutive years, EverFocus continues to impress.

EverFocus EPN 4220 is network-based speed dome camera specifically designed for professional applications. This masterpiece offers 2-Megapixel resolutions and a built-in 20x optical, guaranteeing impeccable image quality, in addition to cutting-edge features, such as digital slow shutter, wide dynamic range, dynamic noise reduction and digital image stabilizer.

Equipped with IP66-rated housings and true day/night function with removable IR cut filter, the EPN 4220 is certain to withstand all environments. The advanced motion detection function also meets the needs of every end-user.

On the installation side, the speed domes boast the unique feature of one-click easy installation and up to 192 preset positions, deserving of the name as user-friendly surveillance camera devices.

"EverFocus is proud to be named once again as an award winner and will deliver more award-winning products for the years to come," said Jessy Lee, Director of System Planning and Development Center at EverFocus.

The Awards Program invites an international panel of judges to participate in the selection. Criteria include R&D, design, quality and marketing. Proven to have exceeded expectations of all four categories, EverFocus indeed sets a fine example for all other surveillance camera manufactures in Taiwan.

Security management made easy

Security management made easy

Editor / Provider: Tevin Wang, a&s International | Updated: 1/18/2013 | Article type: Tech Corner

Having physical access control integrated with video surveillance, intrusion detection and logical access systems as a complete security management platform enables a wider range of capabilities and possibilities. a&s explores how recent innovation in integrated access and security management helps better provide visible benefits to all involved.

The ability to integrate surveillance with access control is no longer considered a luxury in the market, but a necessary step to providing a comprehensive picture of security operations to an end user, said Dr. Michael Luetzeler, member of the ONVIF Steering Committee. "Using products that conform to interoperability specifications such as ONVIF, those integrations are simplified with the use of a common interface. ONVIF's pending release, for 2013, of its specification to include access control functions such as door monitoring and control will govern interoperability between access control and video surveillance systems, as well as among individual components of an access control system."

Physical access control systems integrated with network video devices would use the specification to position a PTZ dome camera for recording a person's entry after a card swipe at a particular door or activating network video recording on an invalid card swipe, Luetzeler continued. "By providing a common language, an access control standard will allow a system that enables IP-based door controllers from a variety of different manufacturers to browse devices, creating a list of types of readers and connections, and subscribe to card reader and door controller events. The same standard would also be used for device discovering and management, and controlling the outputs of the system, such as opening and locking doors, enabling or disabling access points, or switching networked field devices on and off."

Tangible Benefits
The integration should deliver complete, multilayered and versatile authentication. It should also provide broad support for authentication devices and methods. The goal is better prevention of malicious denial of service attacks, improved and more streamlined incident management when breaches occur, and more efficient risk management, said John Davies, MD of Time and Data Systems International (TDSi).

The system should use an open-standard platform that can integrate with existing computing environments, such as Windows, Linux and Mac, for desktop authentication. “When enterprises need to upgrade, they should be able to simply download firmware updates or deploy field-upgradable solutions,” said Wei Jin Lee, Sales Director for ASEAN, HID Global (Assa Abloy). “Converged access solutions help organizations enforce consistent policies, and they foster the use of consolidated audit logs throughout the enterprise. Another important consideration is for organizations to future-proof their investments on mobile platforms.”

The true benefit to the end user is the increased level of security. “By automating the integration between the physical and logical systems, identities are automatically deactivated upon termination of an employee, removing any chance of someone forgetting to remove or deprovision an identity,” said Eric Joseph, Solutions Engineering Manager, S2 Security. “Additionally, it reduces the opportunity for logical accounts to be hacked by only allowing them to be accessed by valid cardholders in the facility.”

Lowering the TCO and increasing the ROI are also highly demanded. “The end user saves time and money because they are only managing one system and using one credential for both systems,” said Kim Rahfaldt, PR Manager at Amag Technology (a G4S Technology company).

Manageability and Outlook
Network stability and bandwidth will influence system performance, especially if there is video surveillance involved. “One of the biggest network challenges we face is educating the IT department on the effect of a security management system on the network,” Joseph said. “When initial conversations are started, the IT department can be very standoffish about having additional systems and information riding on their network, and potentially slowing it down. Once we are able to explain the minimum impact access control events have on the network, this becomes alleviated. Additionally, with video recording being done at individual sites or on the edge, and streamed back to security operations centers as needed, video bandwidth can be managed in a much easier way.”

The deployment does not stop at the IT department. “The management of access control systems regularly involves several departments within an organization, such as HR, IT, building management, parking services, food services, and, of course, security management,” said Steven Lewis, Senior PM at Tyco Security Product. “It is imperative that the management teams within these departments are aligned with consistent policies and procedures to ensure the performance of the platform.”

Another challenge of traditional systems is software updates. Microsoft regularly provides service packs and other updates to the Windows operating system for maintenance purposes. “This leads to increased responsibilities for the IT department,” Joseph said. “As we are able to provide alternatives to Windows-based systems, we are easily able to avoid these challenges and reduce the strain on IT personnel.”

Access control management systems have long life spans of typically more than 10 years, meaning there is more to think about than the initial cost. With TCO considerations, four key points should be taken into account: cost of acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance.

Other considerations include openness to other vendors' hardware, zero downtime, reliability and robustness, Holger Maier, PM for Security Systems, Bosch Security Systems cautioned. “It's been challenging to find and certify good sales partners or systems integrators in all parts of the world to handle the combination of many different domains, from access control over surveillance to fire and building management, plus IT and network knowledge.”

For now, proprietary systems make true integration difficult, as access control is not as tightly regulated as the intrusion and fire industries are. “In Europe, the existing EN50133 standard has been around for a while, but isn't used by everyone because the technology has moved on so rapidly,” Davies said. “There is, however, a new IEC standard which started development about 18 months ago and is currently out for parallel voting. As is usual with a lot of standards when in development, there are some good points and some contentious points. It is refreshing, though, to see a new standard being developed at the global level, and what is encouraging is the speed at which this standard has evolved.”

Stay tuned for more development!

Vivotek releases new lineup of cameras for retailers

Vivotek releases new lineup of cameras for retailers

Editor / Provider: Vivotek | Updated: 12/28/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Vivotek has announced three new megapixel-class cameras tailored to the needs of retailers. The CC8130, IP8130/31, and IP8152/52-F4 join the PD8136 compact pan/tilt dome camera and the FD8136-the world's smallest fixed dome camera-to complete Vivotek's lineup of security cameras designed for the retail industry.

The CC8130 is a compact cube camera designed with a flat back-panel for easy mounting on walls or countertops, ideal for locations such as checkout stations. With a 180° viewing angle, the camera provides full coverage of monitored areas without blind spots, while a built-in microphone to record audio further enhances its value as a security tool.

Vivotek's IP8130/31 is a compact cube camera with an elegant physical design for mounting in more conventional locations. In addition, the IP8131 is equipped with infrared LEDs and a removable IR-cut filter, enabling it to provide clear video day and night.

An innovative new mini-box camera design distinguishes Vivotek's IP8152/52-F4. This extremely compact camera can fit into different types of enclosures and offer access to numerous lens options. In addition to a removable IR-cut filter, Supreme Night Visibility technology enables the IP8152/52-F4 to capture high-quality video in the visible spectrum even in low-light conditions.

All of Vivotek's new cameras targeted at retail environments support industry-standard H.264 compression, and come with the ST7501 32-channel recording software. Customers can also take advantage of the iViewer remote monitoring app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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