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Hikvision around-the-clock surveillance chosen by Pakistani Museum

Hikvision around-the-clock surveillance chosen by Pakistani Museum

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 8/30/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Much of Pakistan's cultural history is located in Punjab, Pakistan. Specifically, the Lahore Museum in Punjab. This government-run facility allows patrons to view the millions of coins, paintings, and artifacts that collectively define both Pakistani history and its people.

The building itself presented a variety of security challenges. Notably, the building chosen to serve as the museum was both historically significant and famous. However, while beautiful, this huge structure has large halls and lobby areas that were originally designed without surveillance in mind. As proof of this challenge, the museum's previous security solution had proved inadequate with cases of thefts unfortunately resulting.

Museum administrators decided it was time for a better solution. Digital Links, the Pakistani integrator of this project, provided a successful demo that heavily relied upon Hikvision technology and Digital Links know-how.

Specifically, Digital Links chose a solution that offered comprehensive coverage of the entire museum - not just the interior (as the previous solution did). Obviously, the museum's galleries, lobbies, and hallways would be focused on; but now the museum's perimeter, main gates, and parking area would also have surveillance.

Importantly, Digital Links decided that Hikvision's IR technology would play an integral role in this upgrade and provide the around-the-clock surveillance that museum administrators now required.

Previously, Lahore Museum used lower-quality cameras that did not have any IR functionality. This was partly due to Pakistan's uneven electricity availability. In the museum's case, security camera coverage was virtually non-existent in the evening. After the museum closed, the lights were turned off due to these electricity concerns, and coverage was lost. This was not ideal, and administrators set out to rectify it.

The first step was to place Hikvision's DS-2CC592P-IR3 IR Dome Camera inside the museum. Piggybacked by a generator that provides an uninterrupted power supply when electricity is unavailable, the DS-2CC592P-IR3 does not require museum lighting to operate. This is due to its IR capability.

As noted, the DS-2CC592P-IR3's IR capability was vital. However, its up-to 40 meter range is just as important. However, it wasn't simply a matter of light ... or no light. Instead, the museum presented a variety of lighting conditions that spanned the entire range of dark, to dim, to well-lit, to bright - and all on a daily basis.

Khuram Chohan, Operations Manager at Digital Links explained, "At night, the museum operates at a near zero-light environment. However, during working hours - and due to the museum's architecture - certain areas oscillate between dim to very bright, and back again. So for us, the DS-2CC592P-IR3's IR and IR range are paramount; as is its day / night auto switch function."

Specifically, this dome was placed on the internal ceilings of the museum. And taking advantage of great TVL resolution, it is also placed above display areas that require additional coverage.

On the outside, Hikvision's DS-2CC1192-IR3 650TVL Weatherproof IR Bullet Camera provides security. Placed on boundary walls and the main gates, the DS-2CC1192-IR3 provides coverage of the entire external perimeter and parking areas. "Especially here, outside, a 30 - 40 meter IR range really helps us know exactly what is happening. With an IP66 rating, super low illumination functionality, and excellent resolution, this IR3 bullet fits the requirements of this project to a t," noted Mr. Chohan.

Administrators at Lahore Museum decided that a main security control room would largely monitor and control this solution. Inside this room are multiple 52" monitors that split footage of the museum's cameras between them. The backbone of this setup is the Hikvision DS-7216HVI-ST/SN Standalone DVR. 4CIF resolution recording and a VGA output of 1280 × 1024 resolution provide the needed resolution (as well as a significant upgrade over the previous solution) and is exactly what administrators required.

Furthermore, a LAN cable connects this nerve-center to the manager's office, thereby allowing another set of eyes to observe what is happening inside, and outside, of the museum. In many respects, this is symbolic of Digital Links new solution: from very limited coverage that was only seen by a few, to a robust 24/7 solution seen by many.

Samsung launches WiseNetIII 2MP full HD Network dome camera

Samsung launches WiseNetIII 2MP full HD Network dome camera

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 8/15/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The latest addition to Samsung Techwin's WiseNetIII 2MP Full HD (1080P) network range is a vandal-resistant camera which has been designed to meet the challenging conditions on-board trains, buses and other modes of public transport.

The SNV-6012M mobile flat camera, which complies with the EN50155 standard, is able to operate reliably when subject to the rigorous conditions and extreme vibrations which can occur on-board and it also meets the EN50121 standard, which covers electromagnetic emissions in railway environments. The SNV-6012M is IP66 rated and is equipped with a rugged M12 connector that is able to withstand vibration and harsh weather environments.

Utilising bandwidth friendly H.264 compression with the option to also use MJPEG compression, the SNV-6012M can capture high quality colour images when the lighting level is as low as 0.03 lux and has an ultra fast frame rate of 60fps at 1080p which results in latency free clear images. This can be particularly beneficial in a scene with moving subjects by ensuring image edges are kept sharp and clear, whilst Samsung's Motion Artefact Reduction technology also ensures there is no motion blur.

A Defog feature can be used to help improve the clarity of images captured in poor weather conditions such as rain, smoke or fog, whilst Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) negates the effects of vibration. This also greatly reduces the rolling shutter effects such as image wobbling or skew that can be seen in high quality images.

The enhanced Wide Dynamic Range built into the WiseNetIII DSP chipset, with performance greater than 120dB, can accurately produce images in scenes that simultaneously contain very bright and very dark areas.

The SNV-6012M is also ONVIF compliant to work with all types of recording and viewing solutions, creating the solution that matches your requirements.

Avigilon Q2 2013 financial results: revenue up 61%

Avigilon Q2 2013 financial results: revenue up 61%

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 8/12/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon announced its financial results for the three and six months ended June 30, 2013. All figures are stated in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

Second Quarter 2013 Financial Highlights
- Revenue was $39.2 million, an increase of 61% over Q2 2012 revenue of $24.4 million.
- Gross margin was 53%, up from 48% a year earlier.
- EBITDA1 was $5.4 million, a 159% rise over Q2 2012 EBITDA of $2.1 million.
- Net income was $3.4 million, a 159% increase from net income of $1.3 million in Q2 2012.

"The second quarter was another strong period for the company with 61% year-over-year revenue growth, reflecting the success of our growth strategies and the rapid rise in demand for high-definition surveillance systems," said Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO at Avigilon. "We continue to expand our sales and product development teams aggressively and invest in marketing to increase brand awareness - efforts we believe will allow us to maximize revenue growth and long-term profitability."

Mr. Fernandes continued: "Innovation is a hallmark of Avigilon, and in the second quarter we built on our track record with the introduction of the world's smallest HD dome camera and the release of our Avigilon Control Center (ACC) 5.0 software. We also acquired RedCloud Security, Inc., which has developed highly innovative web-based, physical and virtual access control systems. This acquisition provides complementary technology and an entry point to the growing access control market."

Financial Review
Avigilon reported Q2 2013 revenue of $39.2 million, an increase of 61%, or $14.8 million, compared with revenue of $24.4 million for Q2 2012. Revenue growth continues to be driven by a strong rise in product sales volumes worldwide, reflecting further penetration of new target market regions, greater customer adoption in existing markets, and sales of new products introduced throughout the previous year and the current quarter. Avigilon experienced strong year-over-year sales growth across all six of its key target geographic regions, with growth between 40% and 174% relative to the same period in 2012.

Q2 2013 gross margin was $20.7 million (53% of revenue), compared with $11.7 million (48% of revenue) in Q2 2012. The increase in gross margin reflects a higher-than-typical mix of software sales in the period, as well as the ongoing impact of higher purchasing power, greater economies of scale and improved manufacturing efficiencies. Although the gross margin increased year-over-year, with the Company's near-term objective of rapid growth in revenue and market share, management does not expect additional gross margin expansion in 2013.

Q2 2013 selling and marketing expenses were $10.7 million, a 55% increase compared to $6.9 million in Q2 2012. The increase reflects planned investments to expand Avigilon's global sales team and increase marketing efforts, pillars of the Company's growth strategy. Further investment in these areas is a priority in 2013. As a result, sales and marketing expenses could increase as a percentage of revenue in the near term and start to decline by the end of the year. Over the longer term, the Company expects selling and marketing expenses as a percentage of revenue to decline.

Research and development (R&D) expenses, net of related income tax credits, were $2.4 million for Q2 2013, a $1.2 million, or 96%, increase compared to $1.2 million in Q2 2012. Gross R&D spending was $2.8 million in Q2 2013, compared to $1.5 million in the prior year. The increase in R&D expenses reflects additional headcount, in line with the Company's plan to expand its product development team to further enhance its product offering. There were a significant number of new hires in the second quarter. Avigilon expects to continue to increase its R&D expenses, as a percentage of revenue, to a level more typical with industry norms as the Company focuses on enhancing and expanding its product offerings. As with selling and marketing expenses, research and development expenses are incurred in advance of the related revenue from new products.

General and administrative expenses (G&A) for Q2 2013 were $3.4 million, an increase of $1.6 million, or 88%, from $1.8 million in Q2 2012. The increase was primarily due to higher share-based compensation expense, reflecting the general increase in the Company's headcount year-over-year and, more specifically, the issuance of options in 2012 and 2013 to a broader group of employees, which management views as an important tool for attracting and retaining talent. . The Company expects G&A expenses to increase in support of its continued growth plans. However, Avigilon believes these expenses will increase at a slower rate than the Company's revenue growth.

The Company's total headcount at June 30, 2013 was 346, compared with 255 at December 31, 2012.

EBITDA was $5.4 million in Q2 2013, an increase of 159% compared to $2.1 million in Q2 2012. The year-over-year improvement largely reflects the Company's strong increase in revenue and improved gross margin, as well as the impact of delays in planned hiring in the quarter, which led to lower than expected personnel expenses in certain areas of the business for the quarter. The Company filled a number of these positions by the end of the quarter, with all planned hiring for the year expected to be filled before year-end. As a result, the Company expects to see some limited downward pressure on EBITDA margins in the near-term.

Q2 2013 net income was $3.4 million, up 161% compared with net income of $1.3 million in Q2 2012. Earnings per share were $0.09 (basic) and $0.08 (diluted) for Q2 2013, compared to $0.04 (basic and diluted) a year earlier.

As at June 30, 2013, Avigilon had cash and cash equivalents of $32.1 million, down from $49.9 million as at December 31, 2012. The decrease reflects the acquisition of RedCloud Security, Inc. in the second quarter.

Samsung Full HD dome cam SNP-6200RH to offer cost-effective solution

Samsung Full HD dome cam SNP-6200RH to offer cost-effective solution

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 8/6/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung Techwin's new SNP-6200RH Full HD 20x optical zoom IR network dome camera is intended to provide a cost-effective video surveillance solution for challenging environments such as airports, ports and other transport facilities, as well as car parks, open spaces, retail and industrial estates.

The SNP-6200RH PTZ network dome camera is able to capture superb quality Full HD (1920x 1080). Its built-in IR LEDS can illuminate objects at a distance of up to 100m by focusing the beam as the camera zooms, resulting in clear imaging even when the field of view is in total darkness.

The ONVIF conformant SNP-6200RH is equipped with WDR technology for environments where there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions. It is also weatherproof to IP66 as well as IK10 vandal resistant, and can withstand high temperature variations of -50°C to +55°C, making it an ideal video surveillance solution in even the most challenging environmental conditions. It utilises bandwidth friendly H.264 compression with the option to also use MJPEG compression.

The SNP-6200RH has been developed as a direct result of a market research programme which identified what users and installers felt were the key requirements for a robust external PTZ dome camera that could operate effectively in a wide range of conditions. As a result, it has been equipped with a long list of features to enable the capture of images of the highest quality, and particularly so in low light conditions. UPnP (Universal Plug and Play, eight privacy masking zones and bi-directional audio are just some of the SNP-6200RH's key features. It also provides Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) to detect activity by various means such as face detection, tripwire and enter/exit direction, object appear/disappear, and ‘tampering' which creates an alert if paint is sprayed on a camera lens or there is unauthorised movement of a camera away from its usual field of view.


VIVOTEK IP cams on guard at 50 toll stations in India

VIVOTEK IP cams on guard at 50 toll stations in India

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 8/5/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

A reliable surveillance system plays an important role in the management of toll station operations. Data such as traffic volume, fare collection and license plate numbers need to be clearly recorded for inspection when requested. Besides, whenever unexpected incidents occur, video footage can be the most valuable evidence to check. Late in 2012, International Road Dynamics (IRD), the world-leading traffic management solution integrator, conducted an Indian toll station project for which high-quality VIVOTEK products were chosen.

International Road Dynamics Inc. (IRD), which has operated internationally for more than 30 years, is a prestigious integrator in the field of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). The company's area of specialization includes advanced traffic control and toll management technologies. For this project, IRD sought high-quality cameras with great flexibility and interoperability with its software for securing the smooth operations of all toll stations included in the project. After consultation with EPhton Technologies, the SI partner of VIVOTEK's India distributor AUTOCOP, VIVOTEK's IP cameras, with their superior image quality, capacity to cope with challenging environmental conditions, advanced day-and-night functionality, and excellent compatibility with third-party software, were adopted.

For this project, 800 of VIVOTEK's IP cameras, including 700 IP8332, 50 FD8136 and 50 IP8331, were deployed to provide security at approximately 50 toll stations.

For surveillance of toll station access lanes, IP8332 and IP8331 bullet-style outdoor network cameras were installed. Both are designed with an IP66-rated housing and a weather-proof casing to shield them from harsh weather conditions and withstand dust. In order to adapt in real time to changing light conditions and secure superb image quality around the clock, the IP8331 is equipped with a dual-band lens and built-in IR illuminators with an effective range of up to 10 meters, while the IP8332 features a removable IR-cut filter as well as IR illuminators effective up to 15 meters, enabling the clear imaging of license plates and vehicles. Moreover, both cameras support tamper detection. Actions such as blockage, redirection, and spray-painting can be detected and timely alerts provided to administrators. As for monitoring of the toll booths themselves, VIVOTEK's FD8136, the world's smallest 1-megapixel network fixed dome camera, was chosen. With easy installation, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) support and real-time H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG Triple Codec compression technology, FD8136 is an ideal option for a wide range of indoor surveillance applications. Mounted inside a toll booth, the wide view angle of FD8136 can capture clear images of drivers in all sizes of vehicles. In addition, with selectable focal lengths, FD8136 provides flexible viewing angles, making the images of drivers and passengers be highlighted if needed.

Customer Feedback
Vishal Rajput, Head of India Operations at IRD Inc. said, “We tested VIVOTEK cameras and found them to be effective for us both technically and commercially. The results delivered in the field were also precisely as promised. The support from EPhoton Technologies on VIVOTEK has been excellent whenever we needed it. We are delighted to have VIVOTEK's products from EPhoton Tech as the default choice for surveillance solutions in all our upcoming projects for LPC, LPR, Booth Security and ALPR.”

VIVOTEK IP cameras to secure Moldavian city hall

VIVOTEK IP cameras to secure Moldavian city hall

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 8/1/2013 | Article type: Government & Public Services

Chisinsu, with more than 700,000 inhabitants, is the largest city in Moldova and also the country's political, economic and cultural center. The very first record of Chisinsu dates back to the 15th century. It achieved city status in the early 19th century and became the capital when the Moldavian Soviet Socialistic Republic was established. With the city's long and fascinating past, there are many historical sites that attract tourists. Chisinsu City Hall, located in the central part of the city, is more than 110 years old, and acts as the hub of the capital city. Built in an Italian Gothic style, Chisinsu City Hall is itself one of the city's historical and architectural monuments. In view of the need to provide high-quality security for the historic building and grounds, as well as for VIP guests from all over the world, Chisinsu City Hall sought better surveillance solutions from Moldova Security, which is VIVOTEK's local distributor. With their high performance and superior video quality, VIVOTEK's cameras were chosen.

In this project, a few VIVOTEK IP camera models were installed, including the day/night bullet camera, dome camera and speed dome camera. All are equipped with a 2-megapixel CMOS sensor and removable IR-cut filter. With superior video technology, these cameras can not only deliver the superb image quality around the clock, but also optimize the bandwidth usage. Exceptional image quality is especially important for the Chisinsu City Hall, where accurate identification 24 hours a day is required.

Designed for outdoor surveillance, the bullet camera features several advanced features that ensure excellent monitoring performance, including an auto-iris lens, mounting bracket with cable management, tamper detection and weather-proof IP67-rated housing. The speed dome, another outdoor camera used for this project, is designed especially for monitoring wide-open indoor or outdoor spaces or situations where high precision is required. In addition to using a weather-proof housing, the speed dome can operate in a wide range of temperatures between -40°C and 55°C, ensuring normal operation even under extreme weather conditions. Since Moldova's average temperature in January is -4°C, the speed dome, with such strong weather-proofing features, turns out to be the most suitable choice. Moreover, because it is equipped with WDR technology, the speed dome provides clear images even under high-contrast or backlit lighting conditions. The dome camera, featuring superb megapixel image quality, provides wide coverage while delivering the finest details. With other advanced features such as 802.3af PoE, an SD/SDHC card slot, and real-time MPEG-4 and MJPEG compression technology, the three cameras are ideal cameras for enhancing security inside and outside of Chisinsu City Hall.

Sharon Lee, Director of VIVOTEK's Europe Business Division, stated: “It's our great pleasure to have been chosen by Chisinsu City Hall. Preservation of the historic building and surroundings should be emphasized and highly valued. A comprehensive security infrastructure with a high-quality and seamless surveillance system is pivotal to this preservation. VIVOTEK's cameras, with numerous advanced features, such as video cropping for bandwidth saving, tamper detection, removable IR-cut filter, and built-in IR illuminators, are the best choices for this project.”

Samsung SNP-6200 dome wins CCTV Product of the Year Award

Samsung SNP-6200 dome wins CCTV Product of the Year Award

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 7/26/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Samsung Techwin's SNP-6200 Full HD 20x PTZ network dome camera has been voted 2013 CCTV Product of the Year by the readers of PSI (Professional Security Installer) Magazine.

The prestigious award was announced at the PSI Premier Awards dinner which was attended by over 150 representatives from the security industry at Brocket Hall, Welwyn on 23rd July 2013. The awards are given in recognition of innovation and quality with the individual products both being nominated and voted for by professional security installers.

The ONVIF compliant SNP-6200 2 megapixel Full HD 20x PTZ network dome utilises Progressive Scan technology to provide sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles. It supports dual-streaming of video using either H.264 and MJPEG compression and can therefore be simultaneously used for real-time monitoring, mobile monitoring, high quality or high-efficiency recording, SD memory recording and for E-mail notification purposes. It is also equipped with license-free Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) and incorporates Samsung's Smart Codec technology which provides facial recognition and for specific areas of interest within a scene to be captured at a higher resolution than the rest.

“We are naturally delighted that one of our most popular dome cameras has been recognised by PSI readers for its high performance and reliability, as well as its long list of technically advanced features,” said Simon Shawley, General Manager, UK and Ireland for Samsung Techwin Europe. “The award coincides with the imminent launch of the SNP-6200RH which shares many of the features of the SNP-6200 but also has built-in IR LEDS which can illuminate objects at a distance of up to 100m by focusing the beam as the camera zooms, resulting in clear imaging even when the field of view is in total darkness.

Oldest uni in Spain adds a new wing with security flare

Oldest uni in Spain adds a new wing with security flare

Editor / Provider: Axxonsoft | Updated: 7/4/2013 | Article type: Education

The University of Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain. Together with the University of Bologna, Oxford University, and Sorbonne University, it is one of the four oldest universities in Europe. The university includes a technology park, with research and design laboratories as well as offices for developers of innovative products and technologies. A recent addition was made to the technology park: an ultra-modern multifunctional four-story building with over 8,900 square meters (approximately 96,000 square feet) of floor space.

The new building needed an effective security and surveillance system. The client wanted a flexible next-generation system with support for IP cameras and easy scalability, as well as integration with the building's access control system: this integration helps to prevent burglaries, vandalism, and unauthorized intrusions. This is why the new system was built around Intellect Lite video management software, which is an optimal solution for mid-sized and small facilities that can later be upgraded to the full-fledged Intellect package for handling the largest sites. Since lighting conditions inside and around the building constantly change, it was necessary to install ultra-sensitive cameras that can capture high-quality video at any time of day or night.

The Axxonsoft VMS was coupled with Brickcom 1.3 Megapixel Bullet Camera and  dome camera. The  IP dome anti-vandal camera with a Sony Exmor sensor is for increased image brightness in low-light scenes and has an IP67 rating for weather- and vandal-proof ruggedness for surveillance that is effective both indoors and outdoors.

The Axxonsoft system allows viewing live video and archives, as well as remote monitoring, a convenient feature for operators. The solution met all the requirements of the University of Salamanca, whose staff was enthusiastic about the integrated protection system for the new building.

Hikvision provides high-quality security to luxury hotel in Dubai

Hikvision provides high-quality security to luxury hotel in Dubai

Editor / Provider: Hikvision Digital Technology | Updated: 6/28/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Prominently located among this cluster is the Grosvenor House Dubai – the first luxury hotel built in the Dubai Marina. The Grosvenor House consists of two 45-story towers, encompassing 749 rooms, suites, and apartments. Furthermore, these towers also include a wealth of exclusive bars, restaurants, and spas, as well as spacious meeting and banqueting facilities. While these amenities promise state-of-the-art luxury and service, the Grosvenor House required equally state-of-the-art security to ensure the well-being of its valuable guests.

In particular, the lighting condition in the main entrance area proved especially noteworthy. Mohamed Kasim, Manager of Security Solutions at HCL Infosystems MEA (the Dubai-based integrator for this project) chose Hikvision's WDR Dome Camera to overcome these potential pitfalls.

Along with the main southern exit, as well as the hotel's auxiliary exits, the WDR camera is required to face directly outside to accurately identify incoming and outgoing customers. As such, this dome camera faces the brunt of direct sunlight in the day and near total darkness in the evening.

Yet moving just a touch more inside the facilities is the HD WDR Box Camera. Furthermore, tasked with identifying customers, and similarly burdened with a daily changing landscape of lighting conditions; the HD camera's 160x WDR technology and 540TVL (in color) and 600TVL ( in black & white) resolution provide the foundation for equally strong clarity and coverage in these daily lighting obstacles.

Liberally located throughout the many corridors of the hotel's two towers are 440 units of Hikvision's Low Illumination ICR Dome Camera. Obviously, since placed inside, the ICR dome is not faced with Dubai's blistering daytime and chilling darkness like its two aforementioned brothers. Yet, this is not to say that each environment is the same. “Since the Grosvenor House encompasses a wide variety of amenities, from bars to spas, the ambience – and by extension, the lighting conditions – varies greatly throughout the hotel. As such, we needed a flexible indoor dome that provides great quality in a variety of differing locations,” explained Kasim. Helping to provide this versatility is an ICR filter auto switch, 540TVL (color) and 600TVL (black & white) of resolution, as well as a 2.8~11mm auto iris lens and digital noise reduction to achieve the desired overall clarity.

Rounding out this solution is Hikvision's DVR. Providing the ability to utilize both analog and digital cameras, this camera promises futurability for any security solution. Yet, in the case of the Grosvenor House, an equally important trait was evident: hard-drive storage space. On a larger scale, this is testament to the quality Grosvenor House displays in all aspects of its daily operations – from facilities to its centralized location, all cumulating in its #1 Dubai customer service ranking. Concurrently, this attention to detail extends to HCL Infosystems MEA. and Hikvision, as well – with both also earning recognition. Recently, Dubai's Police Department noted the Grosvenor House as a security model to be emulated and have also publically stated their approval for this Hikvision solution.

Avigilon releases in-ceiling HD dome with special mounting tech

Avigilon releases in-ceiling HD dome with special mounting tech

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 6/14/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon welcomed the HD PTZ In-Ceiling dome camera to their product line-up. With the same quality and performance of the HD PTZ, the In-Ceiling dome has a patent-pending mounting technology that dramatically reduces installation time. The new camera also has a removable trim ring so customers can easily customize its color.

“At Avigilon we're always looking for ways to bring innovation into our products,” said Ian Povey, Director of Product Marketing and Management at Avigilon. “Time is money, and that's especially true for integrators. If we can make our product installation more efficient it adds to our customers' bottom line.”

Ease of Installation
The patent-pending mounting technology uses spring-loaded mechanisms to reduce installation times. As a result, no screws are required to secure the camera in the ceiling and the HD PTZ In-Ceiling dome camera takes only minutes to install. The removable HD bubble comes in clear and smoked finishes. It allows for easy painting of the trim ring to suit the camera's surroundings.

Precise and Predictable
The 1 and 2 MP PTZ cameras offer unsurpassed image quality with precise positioning and predictable high-speed tracking. Strengthened by the H3 platform with enhanced HD Stream Management, customers with manned operations, such as large retail stores, airports, petrochemical, casinos, and commercial spaces, will benefit from lower bandwidth and storage requirements.

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