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Axis Safeguards UNESCO Heritage Site in Italy

Axis Safeguards UNESCO Heritage Site in Italy

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 6/18/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Faenza's International Ceramics Museum was founded in 908 at the conclusion of the great International Exposition dedicated to Evangelista Torricelli, who carried the products of many Italian and European manufacturers. In 2000, UNESCO recognized it as “a monument professing a culture of peace” as the “expression of ceramic art throughout the world.” In order to protect its rich one-ofa- kind collections, the museum needed a video surveillance system equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

In order to design and build the video surveillance system, MIC contacted Lucchi engineering studio and R.C.M., a corporation that created an IP infrastructure that was easy to install and scalable, equipped with 85 cameras with standard and HDTV resolution and a new video encoder managed with image analysis software developed by Axis' Application Development Partner ARTECO.

Surveillance and control are therefore performed through a dedicated supervision system capable of focusing on specific control stations through “intelligent” video surveillance to follow events taking place in specific areas as defined by users.

R.C.M. was able to completely integrate the 13 preexisting analog cameras with 85 new generation Axis network cameras. The museum's entire 9,000 m2 area is effectively monitored while containing costs, ensuring safety and preventing acts of vandalism and theft of the valuable ceramics collection and works that make Faenza's MIC unique in the world.

Faenza ceramics are secure thanks to Axis IP surveillance
Faenza's International Ceramics Museum (MIC) planned to reorganize the surveillance system used, which had become uneconomical, and a video surveillance solution was needed to monitor the entrance and the numerous halls set up to showcase the museum's extensive permanent collection. The choice of the museum managers was to install an IP infrastructure that could be implemented for temporary exhibitions that require specific arrangements. Other determining factors were ease of installation, the ability to remotely confirm alarms in real time, cost containment and the use of a GPS system and an emergency generator that provides power in case of a blackout.

The pre-existing analog system that included 13 cameras was integrated via network video to take advantage of all of the system's typical characteristics and the benefits of digital technology. Furthermore, 85 Axis new generation network cameras were installed using Power over Ethernet that allowed the museum to resolve the logistical limits of installation by eliminating the need for dedicated power lines. Thanks to the Axis cameras' smart functions, monitoring the entire system is extremely simple. The dedicated staff, supervising from 3 work stations are able to concentrate solely on relevant events reported in real time.

The system includes fixed network cameras (AXIS P1343 and AXIS P1346) and PTZ dome camera (AXIS 215 PTZ) that fulfill the objectives requested by the Museum. More specifically, the AXIS 215 PTZ Network Cameras were installed primarily in the middle of the halls to cover the largest possible area thanks to the camera's ability to perform a 360 degrees rotation and recline to 180 degrees The camera's compact design is tamper-proof because all the mobile parts are located inside the dome of the camera. Additionally, the automatic reverse functions and electronic inversion enables the possibility to follow a moving person or object, regardless of the direction of the movement. The 12x optical zoom, combined with the 4x digital zoom allows for high quality enlargements, with rich details thanks to the 48x total zoom.

AXIS P1346 Network Cameras with megapixel/HDTV resolution allow users to capture much wider shots by allowing the operator to choose whether he wants to enlarge the photo or maintain a wider visual field without compromising the ability to see and observe the picture's most minute details useful for identifying people and objects. Featuring 3MP resolution and HDTV quality images, these network cameras are installed in the most strategic locations within the Museum such as at the entrance, therefore guaranteeing complete and reliable monitoring for the general safety of the client.“Since we have been Axis partners for 5 years, we hadno doubt about our choice of video surveillance camera installation. We wish to acknowledge the reliability of Axis products and the company's availability which allowed us to better perform our duties” said Paolo Mancini, R.C.M. Sales Manager.

Secutech Int'l 2012: Industry Perspectives from Taiwan (Part 2)

Secutech Int'l 2012: Industry Perspectives from Taiwan (Part 2)

Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 6/19/2012 | Article type: Hot Topics

With a strong presence at Secutech in Taipei this year (April 18 to 20), Taiwanese exhibitors capitalized on home court advantage by demonstrating the latest products/solutions along with R&D prowess. As dark clouds of uncertain world economy continue to linger, hardware and software developers were eager and determined to promote more cost-effective but tailored solutions with good quality and reliability.

Our new o fferings are complete HD-SDI solutions, including panoramic cameras with embedded defog function along with 1,080p resolution at 30 fps and mobile DVRs.

Our commitment to customers is to provide creative products, quality assurance and good service. Our main focus now is on HD-SDI products, and we are getting good feedback — mostly from Europe. The Southeast Asian market will be our next region of expansion in the near future. HD-SDI is just at an early adopting stage, and we believe that SDI will gain more market share with lower overall cost. We will continue promoting HD-SDI solutions and pursuing to be the No.1 provider in HD-SDI products by 2015.

Our marketing strategy is to promote new, creative products to current partners and keep finding new partners through word-of-mouth recommendations.

We are showcasing our latest NVR series with touch screen capability. Mouse clicking and joystick moving are very “last-decade,” so we hope this new series will “touch” customers' heart.

Also, we are collaborating with Taiwanese e-learning platform design company, Mao-Lin Digital Technology. By integrating our video/audio capability with the intuitive e-learning platform, cram school students can enjoy learning even if they cannot be physically in the classroom. To meet this unique requirement from the education vertical, our WDR and HD features are quite a perfect fit.

Another unique feature is that Mao-Lin has put a QR code into video footage to prevent end users from copying or recording the video. If students try to record with their smartphone without authorization, notifications will be sent to the corresponding school or teacher.

We are demonstrating our latest hybrid recording solutions at Secutech. Our slim series features a fanless design with low power consumption, making them fit in tight corners and run silently while requiring less power than traditional DVRs and PC-based NVRs. The series is especially suitable for ATMs, transportation and traffic/city surveillance. The most challenging part was to keep everything small in size without sacrificing functionality while retaining great efficiencies in heat emissions and low power consumption. In working with numerous network camera models, the key is to maintain great relationships with camera manufacturers. Since we do not manufacture cameras ourselves, our camera partners are more willing to share their APIs.

With the overcast in Europe and North America, we are looking for more system integrators in emerging countries, such as India. To avoid price competition, we always focus on projects instead of unit-selling. By proactively attending road shows and sharing dealer/ integrator partnerships with our camera partners, we believe we are stamping a strong impression on many key local players.

On display are our full lineup of 2- to 8-drive VioStor NVR models along with the latest VS-12100U-RP Pro VioStor NVR series available in 40, 48, 56 and 64 channels with Intel quad-core Xeon E3 processors — a wide range of options to suit various needs. We feel that the current NVR market is saturated with embedded models, so we will focus more on providing high-quality NAS and CMS solutions. Our greatest strengths are our hardware reliability, heat dissipation performance, fail-over design and easy-to-use setup. We are confident that end users can complete system setup within our six steps.

While keeping steady growth in the European and North American markets, we are optimistic about the potential in Russia, South Africa and India. We have local companies with 24/7 support to meet customers' various requirements in time.

Utechzone was founded in 1992, with automated machine vision as core technology. One of our highlighted products on the show ground is the Eye Key for access control. It features the latest pupil-tracking technology, which automatically detects where the user is focusing on. Users can enter the password/code by looking at the numbers on the screen in the right sequence and unlock the door/lock, eliminating the hassles with lost or stolen keys. Applications include credit card authorizations, ATMs, bank vaults and laboratories. Our target markets at the moment are Japan and China.

We are showcasing our latest smart-stream, region-of-interest camera feature, supreme series with WDR, fisheye camera with PTZ, vari-focal features for retail applications, and a 10-megapixel trial run.

We are also demonstrating our first 5-megapixel solution, the FD8372, which has a viewing resolution of 1,080p at 30 fps. It is equipped with a smart focus system for easy installation and maintenance. Lenses with built-in stepping motors are implemented for installers to remotely control the focal length and precisely adjust the camera focus. We are very excited about the launch and are confident that many applications, such as stadiums, parking lots and industrial warehouses, will benefit from it.

Our highlight this year is the latest D5210 dome camera, featuring 2 megapixels, 1,080p full HD, vari-focal auto-iris lens, removable IR-cut filter and IR LEDs. It is designed for 24/7 indoor surveillance with vivid image quality. The LEDs' working distance is up to 15 meters. The D5210 also offers PoE, micro SD local storage support and free bundled 32-channel NVR software.

Targeting home and SMB applications, our R&D is dedicated to making sure an intuitive user experience while maintaining stable and superb product quality. Whether in Europe, North America or emerging countries, we are seeing constant demand for quality products at affordable prices. We will keep focusing on meeting such demand and put forward products that best address customer needs.

High-End Quality and Variety Makes a Difference in Malaysia

High-End Quality and Variety Makes a Difference in Malaysia

Editor / Provider: HIKVISION | Updated: 5/4/2012 | Article type: China Corner

The global economy is currently facing a number of challenges — this should come as no suprise to anyone. As such, the number of companies looking for a competitive edge is greater than ever before.

Maureen Khoo, Project Manager at IS Solutions and Consultancy Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, is responsible for Prince of Wales Island International School security project had found this very edge in Hikvision products. "Chinese products have a reputation for focusing on low cost, yet Hikvision solutions are very different. Hikvision offers us, and our customers, what we are looking for: high-end solutions" said Ms Khoo.

This international school offers: a British-based secondary education, full dormitory accommodations, and a large campus that rivals many international schools. With these many amenities, school administrators were keen to add a comprehensive security solution to the package.

For outdoor areas, Hikvision's DS-2AF1-517-B 36X WDR speed dome was selected. "Regardless of the time of day, this gives us a very detailed picture of who or what we are looking at" said Ms Khoo. Also, "the ability of Hikvision's WDR technology guarantees unprecedented image quality — in varying lighting situations — to meet the school's security needs" added Miss Khoo.

Rounding off the camera aspect of this solution is the DS-2CC575P(N). A high definition & low light dome camera and the DS-2CC577P(N) a high definition & WDR dome camera. With over 150 units between these two models on campus, they secure both general and niche-type areas. While camera placement is an important issue as direct sunlight can diminish the quality of the picture, both of these cameras excel based on the fact that they only require minimum light to function.

Attaching these cameras into a central control room is the DS-9016HFI-SH

embeddedhybrid DVR. The DS-9016HFI-SH offers the ability to record, and view, in real-time — but in both analogue and IP. Supporting up to 8 SATA hard disk drives, and up to 2TB each, has given the school "the ability to easily store HD video and quickly retrieve cannot be understated, most local manufactures cannot come close to matching Hikvision's storage space," said Khoo .

Ms. Khoo stated that she relied "on Hikvision's expertise in providing a unique security solution that fit our individual needs." The DS-6308DI Decoder Server complements this DVR as both an efficiency measure, and as a tool to improve security productivity. One of the main requirements was to boost the capacity of the number of cameras able to reach the guard house.

Additionally, if there is a power failure to the school — which periodically happens in Malaysia — the DS-6308DI will automatically reboot the security system with the programmed security settings. This saves the school and the security provider the trouble and inefficiency of reprogramming everything after each power outage.

From high technology to aesthetics: Hikvision ensures facilities such as the Prince of Wales Island International School a quality comprehensive solution that promises both efficiency and safety.

Vivotek Launches Mini IP Fixed Dome

Vivotek Launches Mini IP Fixed Dome

Editor / Provider: Vivotek | Updated: 4/12/2012 | Article type: Security 50

Vivotek is launching the world's smallest network-based fixed dome camera at a size of 90 mm in diameter with an installation time of less than 120 seconds.

Equipped with a 1-Megapixel sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280x800 at 30 fps, Vivotek small network-based fixed dome camera supports the industry-standard H.264 compression technology, which drastically reduces file sizes and conserves valuable network bandwidth. MPEG-4 and MJPEG compatibility enables the user to transmit video streams in any of these formats for versatile applications. The camera also comes with selectable focal lengths suitable for various environments, including but not limited to: offices, elevators, campus, chain stores, boutique stores and health care facilities.

Designed with built-in SD/SDHC card slot for on-board storage, the FD8136 allows recording to take place independently on the camera itself. This perfect stand-alone device also boasts user-friendly installations as easy as one-two-three, Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality and a choice of either black or white casing colours. With numerous advanced features available, the FD8136 is truly an all-in-one surveillance solution that meets a wide variety of needs for indoor surveillance.

Pakistan Power Plants Protected by Hikvision Security System

Pakistan Power Plants Protected by Hikvision Security System

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 3/29/2012 | Article type: Infrastructure

When it comes to security for Pakistan's Nishat Power Limited power plants –located in the city of Jambar Kalan and their Head Office in Lahore – one can see considerable development during recent time.

From late 2010 through the first quarter of 2011, Nishat management took steps to install security at a number of their Pakistani power facilities. For these installations to be made, both inside the plants and out, Hikvision was brought on board to ensure the highest level of quality.

Management at Nishat Mills Limited, the parent company of Nishat Power Limited, decided to introduce a comprehensive security system specifically to monitor movement of personnel and outside traffic. In order to do so, a number of considerations were taken into account: foremost among them, the architectural layout of the facilities, lighting conditions, and the variety of dissimilar working areas. In the later case, the differences extended between employees working outdoors on the top of elevated buildings, to smaller office spaces used for shipping.

Yet, the question of actually how to secure all of these varying locations still needed to be addressed. Mr. Rashid decided “to use a variety of Hikvision cameras, since each of these specific models offers a technological strength to overcome a particular problem.”

Case in point was the outdoor working area, where employees often roamed the top of tall boilers in their day-to-day operations. Hikvision's WDR speed dome was selected to perform this task. These speed domes were strategically placed upon higher facilities, such as chimneys or poles, to take advantage of the Hikvision's WDR speed dome's ability to view all areas of the horizon.

Additionally, “the excellent zoom feature was critical to accurately monitor what these workers were doing as a means of ensuring their safety and the overall security of the plant,” Mr. Rashid explained. Features such as a 1/4' SONY CCD, proportional zoom function, and 3D intelligent positioning function are but a few of the features that allow this speed dome to see both individual workers, and a detailed view of the horizon of this plant. Staying outdoors, the Analog Camera was tasked with securing the perimeter of the facility. To take advantage of a 40-meter IR range capacity, this camera was placed on gates and boundary walls to secure the perimeter. Built within a sturdy and compact structure design, the Analog Camera features a 1/3” Sony CCD, vari-focal lens with auto focus, wireless remote with zooming function and the ability to operate within a minimum Illumination of 0.1Lux @ F1.2 (0 Lux With IR) all combined to offer a “perfect camera to use in the daytime and at night to see what is happening on the periphery of these power plants,” Mr. Rashid explained.

Of particular note, the ability to remotely zoom onto objects at night was exceedingly important. Mr. Rashid noted, “We have the ability to see whatever might be of interest to us – be it an automobile license plate or a person walking – at the touch of a button and all with the confidence that lighting is not an issue.”

Inside the power plants, two different Hikvision speed domes were utilized. For smaller rooms, the Dome camera was chosen. In these areas, often staffed by only a handful of employees for tasks such as shipping, the ability to see detail was paramount. “Obviously, security personnel need the ability to quickly adjust the cameras vantage point and zoom onto an area in great detail. In locations such as this, detail is king,” Mr. Rashid elaborated upon.

The tremendous detail required is provided by another 1/3” Sony CCD, auto white balance, auto gain control, electric shutter control and backlight compensation; all the while guaranteeing high performance regardless of light level with a low illumination capacity of 0.1Lux at F1.2.

Indonesia Seaport Ensures Safety With Bosch Video Systems

Indonesia Seaport Ensures Safety With Bosch Video Systems

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 3/21/2012 | Article type: Infrastructure

The company PT Pelabuhan Indonesia 1 specializes in handling containers for international and domestic transportation in many ports in Indonesia. Due to harsh seaside conditions amidst facilities like container cranes and hypermodern cranes, they require top-class security equipment to ensure safety of employees, while enduring the extreme conditions there. Upon screening through many security providers, Bosch was selected for its ability to fulfill all their requirements at the seaport in Medan.

Muhamad Natsir S. Sos, Safety and Security manager at Belawan International Container Terminal said: "During the rigorous selection process, Bosch Security Systems was found to have outperformed the others in terms of image quality of their video systems, and audio clarity of their public address system."

Installer PT. SensorLink Yumitaro Indonesia brought in the following systems into the seaport: the Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System, dome cameras, and the Video Management System from Bosch (BVMS). In the instance of an emergency evacuation, the Digital Public Address and Emergency Sound System consisting of speakers and microphones will project loud and clear announcements. To protect the pier, the Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA)-enabled cameras provide advanced detection functions ranging from head detection to trajectory tracking. In addition, the dome cameras are vandal-resistant and weatherproof, making them perfect equipments to handle seaside conditions.

Images captured by the cameras are processed by the BVMS which plays a crucial role in daily operations through the monitoring of all port activities. The cost-effective integrated security systems also enhanced overall productivity and quality of service of the ports.

Growing Demands of Fisheye and Panoramic Cameras

Growing Demands of Fisheye and Panoramic Cameras

Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 3/19/2012 | Article type: Tech Corner

Since the dawn of photography, people have been scratching their heads over how to fit more of the world into that little viewfinder. The latest solution to this problem for video surveillance lies in panoramic and 360-degree cameras, achieved mainly through packing multiple lenses and image sensors into a single unit and using specialized lenses, respectively.

In new projects where users are aware of these technologies, they seem to be well-accepted; around 10 percent of the cameras deployed in these installations are 360-degree or panoramic cameras, said Joel Schaffer, PM of Video Surveillance Applications at Immervision. “An increasing number of camera manufacturers have introduced these types of cameras in the past year. This trend should continue in the coming years, if not accelerate.”

The past few years have seen tremendous strides made in compression and megapixel technology. These technologies bring panoramic and hemispheric cameras up to a new level, where they can be used in more circumstances than before, said William Ku, Director of Brand Business for Vivotek. “While there were only a few players in this market when it was considered a niche market, many big manufacturers have entered this space to date.”

“The need for 360-degree technology is growing; there is a huge demand now for high-tech solutions and fisheye or panoramic plays an important part of that development,” said Ahmed Jawad, Chairman of Oncam Global. Major VMS vendors already support these types of cameras, and it is now fairly simple to integrate supported cameras into an existing surveillance system.


Enhancing Total Situational Awareness
The maturity of megapixel technology breathes new life into this space, as higher resolutions allow much better use of these measures to achieve total situational awareness. However, these cameras are fairly new to the video surveillance party and are still going through some growing pains.

The goal of a proper video surveillance system should provide users with the information they need, while also providing sufficient context in which the information was captured. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be difficult since any camera has blind spots, due to the way the camera was designed, how it was installed and the environment in which it resides.

Previous solutions have involved installing cameras in strategic locations, supplemented by additional cameras with PTZ functionality. Now there are other options that allow the user to effectively reduce the number of blind spots in their field of interest and to achieve total situation awareness.

Expanding horizontally allows the video to fit its world better than a 4:3 aspect ratio ever could, while hemispheric cameras meets the ever present need of covering an entire scene in a logical way without gaps or missing areas of coverage, said Dave Nieweg, VP of 3xLogic.

There are now three main types of video surveillance cameras: fixed, PTZ dome and 360-degree, said David Myers, CTO at AMG Systems.

A PTZ dome camera is intended for manned systems where an operator is always present to control and direct the camera, Myers continued. “When the operator of a PTZ dome camera has zoomed in maybe 30 times to see a faraway object, the rest of the 359 degrees are not being observed and not being recorded, and are therefore lost forever.” With panoramic and 360-degree cameras, everything is recorded at all times.

In addition, the use of multiple fixed cameras to cover different areas of the same scene makes it difficult for the user to gain an overview of the entire scene. End users are particularly impressed with the ease of training operators to be able to understand and work with panoramic and 360-degree imagery, compared to systems where a single scene is broken up into multiple, small chunks, said Ellen Cargill, Director of Product Development for Scallop Imaging (a division of Tenebraex).

Overall, panoramic and 360-degree solutions are about situational awareness — about knowing everything that is going on in the scene in a way that is more efficient and effective than using multiple cameras. “Having a panoramic solution can make a tangible difference to a facility's security by the retrospective tracking of an incident,” said Ahmed Jawad, Chairman of Oncam Global. “The cameras and the technology enable the acquisition and tracking of suspicious behavior and the interrogation and verification of a potential threat or incident. It is this evidence that provides the necessary intelligence needed to make a measured response to any situation or potential threat.”

Applications in veritical markets
Panoramic or 360-degree cameras are best suitable when there is a big area where full-area monitoring is needed, such as at an airport or train station. “It can simply watch the whole area, and also keep the details,” said William Ku, Director of Brand Business for Vivotek. “If the site only requires monitoring of certain areas, then normal cameras would fit well.”

Video surveillance cameras provide true value when they meet operational needs. Panoramic cameras are perfect solutions for gas stations, Nieweg said. “Nearly every gas station we deal with puts at least one panoramic camera to provide an overview of the entire gas pump area, entry and exit points, pump lanes and parking spots.” This is also the case for car washes, express delivery facilities and warehouses.

For convenience stores, one 360-degree camera can give complete coverage while regular megapixel cameras cover the cashiers and the door, Nieweg said. “We had a 1,100-location haircut chain where just a few analog cameras supplemented by one 360-degree cameras gave them the coverage they needed.” On average, 25 percent of cameras in new retail installations are now panoramic or 360-degree cameras.

Fewer cameras are required to cover a space, and operators are better able to follow the action and respond to situations without having to track a subject across a number of cameras, Cargill said. “This results in improved operational efficiency and faster response to events. In addition, one panoramic camera can cover a row of cash registers, a whole aisle in a retail store, a cash counting room with no blind spots, an entire fence line, or all of the parking spaces on one side of a building.”

Miami City Fights Crime With Messoa Surveillance

Miami City Fights Crime With Messoa Surveillance

Editor / Provider: Messoa | Updated: 2/24/2012 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

Downtown Miami, Florida has a long history of crimes related to mob and drug activities, and the city still ranks among the top of having one of the highest crime rates in the United States. In effort to make the city safer, the Miami Dade County pledged to improve its public safety. A key part of the plan was to deploy a video surveillance system at security hotspots in high-risk neighborhoods.

The project took place at a County-owned housing for low income families. The housing management was looking for high-resolution yet cost-effective network cameras that clearly capture details in the monitored scenes and would provide police officers with real-time, evidence-grade video streams in case of incidents. The cameras also had to perform well in low light situations when criminal activities are most likely to occur.

Munway Technology, an experienced IP surveillance integrator based in Miami, set up a wireless system with MESSOA dome cameras, which were strategically installed at crime hotspots throughout the neighborhood. Without requiring extensive cabling, the wireless network enabled live streaming video to be sent to the NVR server at main office wirelessly and saved considerable installation costs. The clearly-captured images could be used to retrospectively investigate any illegal activities via the high-resolution playback footage.

The dome camera was chosen due to its excellent video quality and night visibility that makes it perfect for monitoring and positive identification. The project manager from Munway was especially impressed with the MESSOA's proprietary Lumii technologies at low light without seeing a lot of video noise.

The housing management was also very pleased with the image quality that the dome cameras provided. With the surveillance cameras in place, the security personnel can now easily monitor the hotspots at all times and have a better control of the situation around the neighborhood. The crime rates are expected to drop significantly, as those involved in crime-related activities will be fully aware they have now been closely watched.

Bosch Supplies Security Technology for Football Stadiums in South America

Bosch Supplies Security Technology for Football Stadiums in South America

Editor / Provider: Bosch Security Systems | Updated: 1/19/2012 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Large crowds and big emotions are a dangerous combination. Therefore it is crucial for every sports stadium to have accurately designed emergency plans and advanced safety measurements in place. At two major South American arenas, Bosch Security Systems recently demonstrated which precautions it takes to enable trouble-free sports competitions on a large scale:

To mark the completion of the Copa America in 2011, the Malvinas Argentinas Stadium was overhauled. Its renovation included an enhancement of amenities and facilities, as well as a major update of the stadium's safety technology. A total of 17 Bosch's mobile dome cameras were placed at entrances, corridors and training rooms. Also, every chamber contains Intelligent Video Analysis from Bosch and through a fiber optic network it was possible to integrate the video surveillance system into the CEO (Center of Strategic Operations) of the city of Mendoza. Angel Pitton, head of the department of Informatics and Telecommunications of the Ministry of Medoza says: “We are now able to control the access of people to the stadium, detect crimes or unusual situations in real time and, crucially, logistical support is given to security personnel. The link to Mendoza's emergency center not only ensures prompt police services, but also the support of the fire-fighters and medical emergency.”

Being one of the chosen venues to host the FIFA U-20 World Cup 2011, the Hernan Ramirez Villegas stadium in Pereira, Colombia, assigned Bosch Security Systems to support the adaptation and modernization of the entire stadium according to the FIFA's strict technical recommendations. A newly installed surveillance system now allows video monitoring, public voice messaging and the reproduction of anthems as well as audio playbacks from the stadium's large screens. To capture detailed images at all times, PTZ cameras, Autodome Series supported by fixed cameras, Dinion XF and the Dinion Series were installed throughout the venue. In addition to the surveillance system, the 700 Series storage system was implemented. Furthermore an extensive Audio System was mounted, which not only ensures clear emergency messaging and PA announcements, but can also be used for music replays in order to create a cheerful atmosphere.

Peruvian Malls Select Total Video Solution from Hikvision

Peruvian Malls Select Total Video Solution from Hikvision

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 12/21/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Peru, like the majority of countries in South America, believes in a distinctive security approach when adopting new surveillance solutions.

One such example is the famous department store chain Oechsle, located throughout Peru's major cities. Oechsle's success is also analogous to Peru's economic revival.

Only a few years ago, Oechsle was an all but forgotten brand name. A once famous Peruvian symbol that had fallen on hard times and been forced to close its doors. But as the nation's economic health has rebounded with an eight to nine percent annual GDP growth rate; the Oechsle brand was similarly reenergized with new owners and a host of new stores throughout Peru's biggest cities – locations that host 80 percent of the country's population.

Yet, just as Peru's economy and Oechsle's fortunes rebounded, one significant difference remained: security. Much had changed in the world since Oechsle's initially closed its doors in the 1990s, but most South American companies were still not embracing technological improvement. The concept of CCTV is new to Latin American countries – Peru included. As recently as only a couple of years ago, many major corporations and businesses were relying almost exclusively on traditional security guards to protect their investments.

As such, in 2009, Hikvision approached Oechsle's new management with speed dome cameras and DVR units. After testing Hikvision products against a variety of other competitors, Oechsle chose to go with Hikvision in order to better secure their stores.

After careful consideration, Oechsle management decided upon three Hikvision products for their stores. The first was the analog speed dome. This camera was selected for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, this camera particularly filled the security needs for a department store. It has proven to be a great match for Oechsle because of the nature of the business. Oechsle needed an analog solution that offered high resolution and was also extremely flexible.

Both high resolution and flexibility were, and are, key to Oechsle. This is based on the nature of the shopping environment: an open space with customers continuously moving to various areas. The analog speed dome allows personnel in the store's security center to discretely follow individuals and eliminate obvious and offensive traditional tactics such as prompting a security guard to continually follow this person. This is accomplished by this Hikvision speed dome's 1/4 inch SONY CCD, providing the essential ability to zoom onto questionable situations with a great degree of resolution; and 360 degree of endless pan range, providing the ability to discreetly monitor groups or individuals without their knowledge.

Additionally, Oechsle management opted for two Hikvision standalone DVR units. Both DVRs have greatly enhanced security efficiency and productivity at Oechsle's many stores throughout Peru. As with Hikvision's speed dome camera, this DVR revolution has changed the way that security departments now approaches these matters. In Peru, security video is generally stored for one month, but the DVRs allow Oechsle to easily exceed this. In fact, with up to 8 hard discs and 16 terabytes of memory, Oechsle can store more than 2 months of footage on one DVR alone.

Besides benefits such as this, easy-to-use functionality, and an overall high standard of quality, Oechsle's security department was greatly pleased with an additional benefit: the ability to view high-resolution video in order to settle customer disputes, and if needed, to provide as evidence in cases of theft or fraud.

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