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Suprema upgrades biometric access control at Switch

Suprema upgrades biometric access control at Switch

Editor / Provider: Entertech Systems | Updated: 2/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

ENTERTECH SYSTEMS announced the deployment of Suprema biometric devices for access control at Switch, the developer of the renowned SUPERNAPS. Switch selected Suprema's BioEntry Plus biometric reader for deployment through ADI Global, a global wholesale distributor of security and low voltage products. Through them, Switch identified ENTERTECH SYSTEMS and Suprema as the provider to supply both the hardware and technical support they needed for installation and deployment.

As one of the most reliable technology ecosystems in the world, Switch has one of the most advanced data centers in the world and serves over 600 global clients from passionate start-ups to Fortune 1000 enterprises. The Switch SUPERNAPS are at the heart of their technology ecosystem. Started in 2003 and located in Las Vegas, the SUPERNAPS are the highest-density, safest, most interconnected technology facilities in the world.

Switch had set out to identify a new access control provider that they could work with to replace and upgrade their biometrics company-wide, from building entrances, data floor entrances and on customer spaces. They needed a new biometrics system that would work with their existing legacy Wiegand system. They also required readers and technology that would be easy to install and easy to use for their user base of over 4,000 people, which consists of customers and on-site employees.

“ENTERTECH SYSTEMS' technical support team has been both knowledgeable and supportive to my team at Switch,” said Ed Foresythe, the Security Systems Manager responsible for all aspects of the deployment at Switch.

With Switch's Las Vegas Digital Exchange Campus spread over 400 acres, the company's security systems team has been busy retrofitting the 11 buildings to install the Suprema devices. The team, which handles project responsibility for design, programming, installation and on-going usage, has 3 staff members trained to do installation and over 50 officers trained to do enrolment and transferring of all their users to the new system.

“At ENTERTECH SYSTEMS, our highly responsive, results-driven technical support team works with partners and customers to ensure complete functionality and satisfaction with our identify management solutions,” said Rob Douglas, CEO of ENTERTECH SYSTEMS. “With technology adoption continuing to fast track at a record pace, it is becoming increasingly important that critical infrastructure such as the Switch SUPERNAPS data center is absolutely secured. And that access is only granted to authorized personnel through their “true identify” rather than approximation technologies such as pass cards, personal identification numbers (PINs), or keys.”

Honeywell Galaxy Flex integrated intruder and access control solution

Honeywell Galaxy Flex integrated intruder and access control solution

Editor / Provider: Honeywell | Updated: 2/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Honeywell announced it has upgraded Galaxy Flex integrated intruder and access control solution with a ‘night set' mode, a new compact housing design and a Galaxy Range Mobile App for remote access. Galaxy Flex, with hybrid wired and wireless technology, is perfect for both homeowners and small to medium size businesses.

Galaxy Flex can be used by installers as a standard piece of equipment, regardless of whether it is being integrated into a commercial or residential building. This flexibility provides great benefits for both installers, who are able to install the product quickly and easily without the need to learn how to operate a new system, and for users who can choose a solution that has both residential and commercial benefits.

In addition, the new ‘night set' mode allows homeowners to create separate night-time security set-up, providing protection while they are asleep. This feature enables users to arm only the sensors needed to protect the house perimeter or isolated areas of the house. It also provides a silent mode, removing audible tones during arming and hence allowing users to set the alarm without disturbing others in the house. This feature allows for easier programming for user set-up, which saves installers time on the job.

The new firmware also provides a set-up wizard, which simplifies the process of setting up simple alarm signalling to a monitoring station, with or without a back-up signalling path over telephone lines, broadband or wireless GSM/GPRS links. This provides huge benefits for installers allowing them to take full advantage of fast, reliable signalling solutions without the need for extensive training or prolonged set-up times.

Our new compact housing design provides an ideal solution for systems that do not require several additional add-ons to the basic panel and where space is limited. The new housing provides benefits to installers for quick and easy installation in both residential and commercial settings.

The prevalence of smartphones and tablets means that mobile applications are becoming an increasingly popular way of providing services to consumers. The enhanced Galaxy Flex solution capitalises on this ongoing trend by allowing users to access the system remotely – anytime, anywhere – through their own broadband connection by easy download of the ‘Galaxy Flex Range Mobile App' from any application store.

Accessing Galaxy Flex via its mobile app allows easy remote control of the system at the touch of a button. Features such as status reporting, set and unset, control of groups, outputs and detailed log information can all be accessed on the go.

The Galaxy Flex Range Mobile App provides installers with additional benefits. Firstly, it reduces the cost to serve and supports customers by providing them with an easy way of accessing information and adjusting the service. Secondly, the availability of a smartphone application makes it more attractive for consumers who are increasingly looking for a security system that suits their lifestyle.

“The best technology embraces and incorporates changes in consumer behaviour,” comments Martin Pacitti, Galaxy product manager EMEA, Honeywell Security Group. “Our latest version of Galaxy Flex can be operated in ways that are familiar to people – using smartphones, tablets, apps – in addition to providing a robust and flexible security solution.”

Tyco CEM Systems secures Minsk Airport with AC2000 access control

Tyco CEM Systems secures Minsk Airport with AC2000 access control

Editor / Provider: Tyco | Updated: 2/7/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

CEM Systems, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, announced they have secured Minsk Airport, Belarus. CEM's powerful and flexible AC2000 access control and security management system has been installed at the Airport to provide the highest level of security. The system was installed at Minsk Airport by CEM Approved Reseller Unibelus.

Minsk National Airport is the main air gateway to the Republic of Belarus and occupies an advantageous geographical location as it is situated at the intersection of the biggest main lines connecting Western Europe with the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Minsk Airport has a capacity of 2 million passengers per year.

“In selecting AC2000, Minsk Airport have chosen an access control and security management system that has a long and established record at some of the world's most prestigious airports. CEM has a history of understanding the security requirements and needs of airports and the industry leading CEM AC2000 system has been used to secure airports for over 20 years” said Philip Verner, EMEA Regional Sales Director, CEM Systems.

The powerful CEM AC2000 system has a proven record as one of the most reliable and resilient security solutions available. It not only provides Minsk National Airport with advanced access control and system failover, but also a range of software applications to enhance the Airport's onsite operations and increase business efficiency.

Using AC2000 Failover, Minsk Airport is provided with a failsafe secondary server and the highest assurance of system reliability should the central AC2000 server hardware fail. This automatic process ensures zero data loss and is cost effective as it requires no intervention from a support engineer.

Minsk Airport has installed the AC2000 video interface for MatriVideo to allow security personnel to associate access control alarms with MatriVideo digital video clips as well as view live camera footage. Using the AC2000 Alarm Event Display (AED) application all alarms and camera footage can be displayed centrally on the AC2000 system enabling it to act as the central command and control for alarm management.

To increase flexibility and reduce operational costs, the airport has utilized the AC2000 WEB Visitor Management application to remotely manage visitor access via a standard web browser. Only select security personnel at Minsk Airport have the ability to manage visitor access levels and validate visitor ID cards. ID cards can then be printed via the AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging Pass Production) application allowing the airport to personalize cards by adding their logo, staff signatures, and images.

In order to monitor staff IN and OUT times, the airport uses the AC2000 Time and Attendance module. This user friendly interface is easy to set up, easy to use and saves both time and money as it eliminates the need for a separate timekeeping system.

The airport also used low cost eDCM300 intelligent 2 door controllers, designed to interface to third-party read heads. The tamper proof controller has a structured database which allows storage of large amounts of cardholder records for off-line card validation.

Napco launches new product intergrations

Napco launches new product intergrations

Editor / Provider: Napco | Updated: 2/5/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Alarm Lock, a division of Napco Security Technologies, announced that its increasingly popular Trilogy Networx Wireless PIN and Prox Access Locks & Keypads are now integrated with Lenel OnGuard Integrated Access Control & Video Security Platform.

As a Lenel OpenAccess Alliance Program Partner, Alarm Lock products (PL, PDL and DL-Series) were fully-tested and certified by Lenel's Quality Assurance Department for use with OnGuard v6.6 and 6.5. Integrated capabilities include configuration of wireless locks for card and PIN-based access control, viewing access control events and status via Lenel OnGuard interface, restricting user to specific areas at specific time, adding / removing or modifying user Access levels, setting access control modes for areas and defining access schedules and holidays.

This integration makes Alarm Lock Networx models an even more powerful and flexible real-time single-door wireless access control solution for seamless use as part of the popular Lenel OnGuard Platform, as well as sister-division, ContinentalAccess' CA3000 Enterprise Security Management Systems.

HID Global bolsters security at Academy of Art University with access control platform

HID Global bolsters security at Academy of Art University with access control platform

Editor / Provider: HID Global | Updated: 2/5/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Security and safety at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco has been improved thanks to the installation of HID Global's iCLASS SE smartcard-operated access control platform to secure almost every door of the institution.

The iCLASS SE platform – installed across around 20 geographically-dispersed buildings that house expensive equipment and high-value student work product – has increased the university's safety and security, reduced theft, and delivered new capabilities along with an improved campus experience and the ability to expand its access control infrastructure to support growth and future improvements.

The university turned to HID Global after its inadequate security – buildings were protected only by basic locks and metal keys – became painfully apparent after a daylight break-in and burglary at one of the university residence halls resulted in significant property losses.

Upgrading to the iCLASS SE platform has achieved documented reductions in theft even as university enrollment has increased. Metal keys have been significantly reduced. Students, faculty and staff now have a single access ID card for applications ranging from opening doors to paying for campus dining and other purchases. The platform makes it easier to control access restrictions in labs, residence halls and other areas. The ID cards also enable users to open doors much more quickly.

“Meeting our twin needs for both security and scalability required that we upgrade to an access control system based on an open architecture that could support multiple card technologies and future enhancements,” says Mike Petricca, campus safety director with the Academy of Art University. “HID Global's iCLASS SE platform has made our campus more safe and secure, while enabling cardholders to do more than just open doors with their ID cards.” The iCLASS SE platform gives administrators the future ability to provision credentials on mobile phones in a managed access environment, which the university believes will be extremely attractive to students, faculty and staff who rely more and more heavily on smartphones for a variety of daily tasks.

Tyco CEM Systems secures NHS Dumfries and Galloway's Midpark Hospital

Tyco CEM Systems secures NHS Dumfries and Galloway's Midpark Hospital

Editor / Provider: Tyco Security Products | Updated: 1/29/2014 | Article type: Security 50

CEM Systems, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco announced that the CEM AC2000 Lite access control and security management system has been installed in Midpark Hospital, Scotland. The system was installed by CEM Approved Reseller Scotshield Fire & Security.

The $44.76 million health facility opened to the public in early 2012. Midpark Hospital replaces the accommodation previously provided by Crichton Royal Hospital and provides a modern, stable and secure environment for patients requiring specialist care. The NHS reports Midpark is one of the most innovative mental health hospitals in the UK and offers a variety of therapeutic interventions.

“AC2000 Lite is a feature rich, cost effective access control and security management system and fulfills the needs of Midpark Hospital perfectly” said Michael MacBean, Business Development Director, Scotshield Fire & Security. “The site required a highly secure, resilient system with a degree of flexibility to suit evolving needs”.

AC2000 Lite is one of the most accomplished security management solutions available for the small to mid range market, supporting up to 128 doors. Suited to installations that require a sophisticated level of security within budget, AC2000 Lite is fully integrated with selected video and intruder detection systems. This offers one powerful central command and control center for all access control, video and intruder alarms.

“Should Midpark Hospital's needs grow, AC2000 Lite can be seamlessly updated to the core AC2000 security management system” said Philip Verner, Regional Sales Director EMEA, CEM Systems. He continued “This provides an upgrade path with virtually unlimited expansion capabilities and future proofs the system”.

CEM DCM 300 (Door Control Modules) were also installed onsite. These intelligent, two-door controllers are designed to interface to third-party read heads and provide full off-line validation.

Security outlook 2014: Products and technologies

Security outlook 2014: Products and technologies

Editor / Provider: Editorial Department, a&s Asia | Updated: 2/4/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

In 2014, there are few product trends and technologies that will be heavily addressed, including intelligent surveillance, higher resolution technology, growing demands for entry-level market, upgraded analog, steady growth in access control and biometrics and video verification applications.

Intelligence is the breakthrough in surveillance
In the early years when video content analysis (VCA) was introduced to the market, it created a ripple of excitement. However, when the high expectation was not met by the technology, the excitement was chilled quickly. In the recent years, we have seen many applications been adapted to different vertical markets. For example, people counting is highly used in the retail sector for flow management or distinguishing out the hot selling products in malls. Another practical usage is to use VCA as a filter, to isolate suspicious activities for further determination by people. This application can be programmed to the cameras at the front end as an activity detector. If it is to be used at the back end as an intelligent analytic tool, then the pictures will become information-rich tool or further applications.

As to the improvements of VCA, there are 2 ways to go. One is through adding in the three-dimension (3D) technology--- by incorporating determining factors such as height measured from the ground, the accuracy of the image analysis could be highly enhanced, becoming a more reliable application. Another improvement is through self-learning technology. The precision of VCA is dependent on how well the VCA corrects its mistakes through multiple trial-and-errors.

Cameras are like the human eyes. If the image registered by the eyes is not just “seen” but “comprehended,” then the application will become more valuable to the system. The hottest topic in IT now is the big data. If combing intelligent surveillance and big data, security will definitely be brought to a higher level.

Higher resolution, clearer images
Recently, we have heard the coming of 4K images or H.265 compression technology – the revolution of visual demands is stimulated by the consumer market. As a product, HD can be described as mature; however, if we are talking about a system or an environment, then it is yet to be accomplished. From my point of view, it is very difficult to find new marketing topics for the IP market that is heavily competed for. In order to stay ahead in the industry, many manufacturers will pioneer into incorporating the 4K and H.265 technologies into their products despite that the environment is not mature yet.

Entry-level markets' rising demands
As mentioned, security has become more affordable and much accepted in the consumer markets. Many leading players such as AXIS, BOSCH, and SONY continuously introduce new entry-level products specially designed for this market. Similarly, the cost-downed made-in-Asia products from both IT and security industries all have something to offer to the entry-level market. To offer a stage for manufacturers to showcase their consumer-defined products, the 2014 Secutech International Expo, organized by Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media (a&s company), is going to launch a concurrent SmaHome show, to greet the coming of age of the new security market.

Analog – bullish with upgrades
The analog technology still dominates the security market in terms of quantity with an 80 % share even in 2013. Although the competition is so intense that little profit can be generated, the cheap pricing will still affect the market for another while. However, if manufacturers can take advantage of the large need for analog upgrades and produce some innovation for improving the existing technology, profits can certainly be yielded. Hence, we should pay attention to those solutions designed for the upgrade of the existing analog systems, such as the highly developed 960H, HD-SDI to be lowered in price, or the 800TVL products hot in China. These upgrades will aggressively seize the large analog market.

Access control onto a steady rise
Access control applications has followed closely with the IP trend, and can go along with other mature technologies such as biometrics, RFID, wireless electric lock, IP video door phone. As IP continues to excel, access control is definitely going on a stable growth for the following years.

Biometrics be lifted up outside security
In the previous issue, we have picked out iPhone 5s as the product of the month due to its selection of fingerprint technology. Biometrics will definitely be riding an upward spiral with consumer 3C products--- free from the constraints of the security market. Applications such as facial recognition, voice identification, and many more will also be in demand. Some of the technologies that were unable to be supported by the surveillance industry could possibly find a new stage to shine through 3C.

Video verification enhancing applications
False alarm has always been a headache for the alarm providers. Some of the countries now have regulations requesting all alarm services to add in video images to enhance verifications that alleviate the burden of police on duty. Some alarm service providers add in the video verification to reduce the unnecessary dispatch of guards. This is even more appreciated in Asian countries, where people are accustomed to image viewing. Although alarm is not highly requested in India, perhaps more can be secured through the combination of alarm and video.

Looking ahead the transition phase of security
The most exciting trajectory of security is pointed towards to follow the path of 3C, as the value of surveillance becomes tangible through mobile devices. The untapped opportunities in the security industry will lure both geniuses and funds as how it is in the Silicon Valley! There is going to be a fiery image revolution changing the old professional security. I myself am very curious, just how will the core value of professional security---“trust”--- be redefined in the consumer-driven new markets? Maybe we can hold on to this thought, and come back to examine it in 2016.

Axis upgrades IP cams system for Alko in Finland

Axis upgrades IP cams system for Alko in Finland

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 1/27/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Alko is a Finnish state-owned company with a monopoly on selling alcoholic products stronger than 4.7%. It is managed and supervised by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and headquartered in Vanda. Alko was formed in 1932 and has 350 stores and 103sales agents in Finland.

A year ago, it was decided that Alko would switch from an analog surveillance system to an IP-based system in all its stores.

Axis partner Securitas was chosen as the total solution provider, responsible for cameras, alarm center, cable installation and security guard service. AXIS M3004-V Network Cameras with Axis' Corridor Format function is used in the stores. AXIS P1354 Network Camera with Lightfinder technology was installed in the entrances, and AXIS M3024-LVE, with integrated IR lighting, was installed in the storerooms.

All the cameras are adapted to Alko's need for secure, professional installation. Mirasys VMS Enterprise software is used for recording and display in the store, while ASAN Security Technologies supplies the software used at the Securitas alarm center in Helsinki.

Alko's stores have 10-25 cameras, depending on the size of the store. 50 stores have already had a more modern new infrastructure and an IP-based surveillance system installed. The remaining stores are next. The work is part of Alko's new profile on the Finnish market. The objective is for all of Alko's stores to be safe and secure for both their staff and their customers. Axis cameras deliver extraordinarily good picture quality and the remote link to the Securitas alarm center means that action can be taken immediately in the event of an alarm.

Benefits of IP camera systems
The Finnish company Alko began to review its camera surveillance system a few years ago and decided to switch to IP cameras. Axis partner Securitas was tasked with supplying a total solution, including upgrading the infrastructure, camera installation, the access control system, alarm center service and security guard service.

Axis network cameras are now being installed in all of Alko's 350 stores and are linked to Securitas's alarm center in Helsinki. “An IP-based camera system offers so many benefits. The images are displayed live in Securitas's alarm center and the staff there can see what is happening in any store, wherever it is in the country. We get the right help at the right time,” says Kyosti Lehto, Shop design Manager at Alko.

Surveillance of long corridors
Alko's stores have long corridors lined with shelves. The challenge is to cover a long corridor and have a good picture all along it without needing to use a large number of cameras. Axis's innovative Corridor Format produces a vertically-oriented image that is perfect for monitoring narrow corridors. The images delivered are in 9:16 aspect ratio and HDTV quality. This can be achieved by rotating the unique 3-axis lens through 90 degrees when the camera is installed. The image is then rotated back through 90 degrees via the camera's configuration interface.

“Different stores have different needs. Sometimes we need a wide-angle camera image and sometimes corridor format has to be used. Axis' cameras are flexible and we do not need to use more than 3 different models to meet all of our needs,” says Rene Piiparinen, Project Manager at Securitas Alert Services Oy.

Light quality and identification
Light quality in a store environment often varies. The light quality at entrances and exits can cause problems for the cameras and this is also where it is important to be able to identify people. In storerooms, on the other hand, there is sometimes hardly any light at all.

AXIS M3024-LVE has a built-in IR lens that makes it possible to deliver quality images in complete darkness. These cameras are used for store surveillance at night and to save energy as they remove the need for additional lighting. AXIS P1354 Network Cameras are installed in the store entrances. Axis' unique Lightfinder technology is integrated in these cameras, which means that the cameras are able to deliver color images even in extremely poor light conditions. This is extremely important when it comes to identifying people.

Time is money
It takes roughly 2 days for 2 Securitas employees to install everything in an Alko store. It has to be done fast and the system has to be reliable. “It is important that the store does not have to be closed for a long time and that our installation engineers do not encounter problems,” says Rene Piiparinen. The cameras are delivered with preset focus, which makes them easy to install.

Adjustments can then be made remotely. The cameras used at Alko also have a pixel counter function, which makes it easy for the installation engineer to check that the camera installation meets the customer's requirements for image resolution, for example to identify the faces of people passing through a doorway. This facilitates quick installation and saves both the installation engineer and the customer money. “The cameras' integrated functions make it very easy for us to install them and their unique picture quality is another reason why we like working with Axis cameras,” says Rene Piiparinen.

Tyco technology roadshow to kick off on 28th January

Tyco technology roadshow to kick off on 28th January

Editor / Provider: Tyco | Updated: 1/24/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, an international supplier for pure-play fire protection and security, announces its “Inspiration on the Road” series of in-depth technology presentations highlighting access control, video, and integrated solutions for end users, integrators, distributors and consultants around the United States and Canada.

The free events start from January 28th, will allow attendees to meet with the sales and technical teams from the various Tyco Security Products brands, join discussions, and offer feedback on the company's current technology and product roadmap. In addition, there will be hands-on demonstrations of security solutions from the Kantech, American Dynamics, Software House and Exacq Technologies brands to complement the presentations.

In all, 19 cities -- 14 within the United States and 5 in Canada -- will host these unique educational opportunities for new and existing Tyco Security Products users over a 10-month period. Among the cities hosting the one-day roadshows are Raleigh, N.C.; Atlanta, Ga.; Orlando, Fla.; Irving, Texas, and 10 other key cities in the US and Canada.

Tyco Security Products will cover its full range of unified security solutions in its presentations, highlighting access control solutions from Kantech, intuitive video management from Exacq Technologies, security and event management from Software House, and American Dynamics' end-to-end IP solutions, along with myriad integrations with third party partners.

Exacq released advanced VMS solution in Asia Pacific

Exacq released advanced VMS solution in Asia Pacific

Editor / Provider: Exacq Technologies | Updated: 1/22/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Leveraging the global marketing power of Tyco Security Products, Exacq Technologies, a developer of open architecture, cross-platform, Video Management System (VMS) solutions for video surveillance applications, has launched full series exacqVision software and hardware in Asia Pacific, including exacqVision Start, Professional, Enterprise and Edge VMS software. The solutions are scalable from a single camera to an enterprise-class system with thousands of cameras, and run on Windows, Linux and Mac platform, with the open architecture suitable for customers' various needs.

The exacqVision VMS cross-platform, scalable solution has intuitive and user-friendly interface, and can be easily connected to cameras. The other powerful functionalities include mapping, audit trail, smart search, event surveillance, exacqReplay, digital PTZ control as well as integration with third party IP cameras and access control systems. And the live and recorded video can be accessed via the free exacq mobile app. on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle fire, Blackberry Playbook.

The newly launched exacqVision Edge VMS software runs directly on an IP camera or encoder without the need for a separate, central server; loads onto any compatible IP camera through the camera's web page app loader. The full functionality and performance of exacqVision Pro and exacqVision Enterprise is available on a single IP camera running the exacqVision edge VMS application, including Active Directory, integration, Video Wall, Mapping, Digital PTZ, third-party integration and more.

The exacqVision software includes 1-3 year Software Subscription Agreement. Users can receive quarterly software upgrades for all the latest advancements as they are released.

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