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Axis tailored surveillance solutions for Brazil luxury venture

Axis tailored surveillance solutions for Brazil luxury venture

Editor / Provider: Axis | Updated: 6/18/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Luxury venture in southern Brazil uses high-quality images to provide customers with security inside the building and in the parking lot.

Security is a major concern among shopping center patrons in Brazil, yet camera quality is not always up to the task of meeting these needs. When designing Patio Batel, an upscale shopping center in Curitiba, in the state of Parana, the Soifer Group opted for high-reliability cameras with good image quality.

Jugend, a consultant with extensive experience in shopping centers that has worked with Axis Communications on various projects, approved the installation of Axis equipment at Patio Batel. All three lines of Axis cameras were involved in the installation, from the most affordable to the highest performers – a total of 320 cameras and 14 different models. Important parts of the setup include the AXIS P3346-VE and AXIS P1346-E Network Cameras, offering Full HD image quality and advanced iris control. XProtectR Corporate software, from Axis partner Milestone, was chosen for image management.

The choice of Axis equipment offers the shopping center operators increased reliability of their video surveillance system, in terms of both image display and storage. The peace of mind for this critical operation means a greater sense of security for shop owners and mall customers.

Parking facilities
Patio Batel is a large-scale development. Occupying 20,450 m2 of land, it houses 200 operations, in addition to 4 anchor stores. There are countless accesses, with various forms of internal circulation, involving 7 elevators and 32 escalators. This meant that even the very architecture of the shopping center was a challenge in terms of integration. The most critical areas were the vehicle entry and exit points, where the shopping center needed superb image quality in order to monitor access to its five-level garage with 2,300 covered spaces. These accesses were a concern because one of them faces Avenida do Batel, a roadway with high vehicle traffic that could not tolerate traffic jams at the mall entrance blocking the roadway. The other access, off Rua Hermes Fontes, experiences very bright sunlight at certain times of the day. This bright light can be blocked abruptly when a car passes by – a common situation in many parking lots. “The challenge was to use one camera with very fast light compensation speed. Based on a study conducted in conjunction with Axis, we decided on the AXIS P1346-E Network Camera. The camera handles light compensation using software, and it proved to be the best choice,” says Eduardo Wojciechowski, project manager at Axis's consulting partner Jugend. But this is not the only model used for vehicle access control. “We chose to work with several models of strategically positioned cameras, achieving complete coverage and ensuring quick staff response when needed.”

Variety of spaces
Shopping centers have specific surveillance needs. The heavy influx of people must be monitored from the moment they arrive, either by car or by pedestrian access. With a high volume of data traveling on the network, good database management is a necessity, and above all, fast and efficient video information search capabilities. The Patio Batel shopping center handles all this through cutting-edge solutions.
There are cameras covering the main entrance, technical areas, the food court, and access to ancillary areas such as bathrooms, baby changing facilities, the “teen space,” senior bathrooms, the information desk, and more. Some of the M-line models used include AXIS M3204 and AXIS M3014. From the P-line, the solution uses AXIS P3344, AXIS P3346-VE and AXIS P1346-E. AXIS Q6034-E Network Cameras from the Q-line were also installed. “The correct placement of each camera contributed to the creation of an efficient design,” says Cristiano de Morais Lima, for Patio Batel.

Milestone's XProtectR Corporate platform was selected to manage all 320 cameras. “Only major video management and storage solutions can offer this kind of reliability and efficiency in a system like this one,” notes Giovanni Ferraz, Channel Business Manager – Brazil at Milestone. The video wall located in the control room uses the XProtect Smart Wall Base License specifically. The shopping center's network assets are balanced for optimal performance of the video surveillance systems, with scalable redundant uplink throughput. “The right specifications for products such as cameras, switches and storage arrays required extensive deployment studies,” acknowledges Cristiano de Morais. Bandwidth was carefully defined, from the camera through storage, making Patio Batel an example for other newly built or expanding shopping centers.



Hikvision VMS integrated with Secura Key access control software

Hikvision VMS integrated with Secura Key access control software

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 6/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision, the supplier of video surveillance equipment, and Secura Key, a manufacturer of access control products and systems announce the successful integration of Secura Key's SK-NET Access Control Software with Hikvision which is a VMS system used for CCTV video recording and streaming.

The integration allows the user to link any video channel from the Hikvision VMS to the SK-NET platform and to record video while an access control or intrusion event occurs. The integration supports live video with PTZ control, provides video clips of events or event sequences, allows speed control and frame-by-frame analysis. Clips or individual frames can be downloaded to a removable storage device for forensic purposes. The integration even provides comparison of live-vs-stored cardholder images at critical entrances for security guards to take whatever actions they deem necessary.

According to Secura Key's VP of Sales, Charlie Anthony, “Our partnership with Hikvision combined with the launch of our NOVA.16 control panel adds new value and capability to the SK-NET platform. This is a key milestone in our current effort to add more high-end features to our value-priced product line.”

"The integration between Secura Key's SK-NET Access Control Software and Hikvision VMS system means that we can offer a more complete solution for our mutual customers,” said Keen Yao, International Marketing Director at Hikvision, “Instead of CCTV systems and access control working separately from each other, they can now be networked and centrally controlled via the SK-NET platform. Together, the combination will help to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to any building or site.”

Morpho: Better ID solutions through facial recognition technologies

Morpho: Better ID solutions through facial recognition technologies

Editor / Provider: Morpho(Safran) | Updated: 6/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

The idea behind facial recognition is to identify a person or authenticate their identity based on the morphological traits of their face. Morpho , as one of the pioneers in this technology, has rendered advanced ID verification through facial recognition technologies.

Multiple security applications
Facial recognition is an increasingly powerful technology that is expanding its reach across a broad spectrum of security applications, starting with police forces and customs services, where it is used to check identities and search for known criminals. It is also used by armed forces and homeland security units to identify terrorists. But facial recognition is also rapidly extending its scope to more commercial arenas. For example, casinos use this technology to detect both known cheaters and addicted gamblers who have signed up for a self-exclusion program – not to mention VIP clients who expect special treatment. In stadiums, the system can recognize pre-identified violent fans before they take their seats, while department stores are automatically notified of arriving customers who have already been arrested for shoplifting. The other main applications for facial recognition systems include access control at high-value sites, ID checks for travelers and border control.

Facial recognition: a two-faced conundrum
The effectiveness of facial recognition technology depends on several key factors, starting with image quality, which in turn largely depends on how the facial biometrics are captured. According to Claude Bauzou, “We have to distinguish between cooperative and non-cooperative subjects. Cooperative subjects voluntarily allow us to capture their facial image and they follow instructions, like looking directly at the lens, not smiling, etc. Then there's non-cooperative capture for ID purposes, via surveillance cameras, photos or videos of events taken by witnesses using their smartphones, etc.”

Algorithms for identification
The second key performance factor for this biometric technology is the power of the algorithms that are used to determine similarities between facial photos, or matching. For the identification of non-cooperative subjects, matching also involves human input: the system operator has a list of “candidates”, sorted by ranked “similarity scores”. The operator thus makes a preliminary selection by looking at the person's profile (home address, criminal record, etc.), then makes a decision based on a visual comparison of the face photos.

Reliable databases
Facial recognition accuracy also depends on the size and quality of the databases used. To recognize a face, it is necessary to be able to compare it to something! The challenge is to establish matching points between the new image and the source image, in other words, photos of known persons. “The largest image databases in the United States – which only public authorities can access – are those that list holders of driver licenses, passports and other ID documents, not to mention photos of suspects taken during arrests,” explains Jim Albers. When police investigators are looking for a suspect, they may also check out photos on Facebook or other social networks, to compare biometric characteristics. There are also private databases, such as those developed by casinos.

A promising outlook
Still a relatively new technology, facial recognition has considerable headroom for improvement. For instance, these systems could add 3D sensors, recognition of moving faces, processing of images captured from above or the side, development of models to integrate aging, and much more. Another area of improvement is the addition of new functions. “In the coming years, systems based on facial recognition will combine official and commercial procedures”, says Jim Albers. “For instance, tomorrow's airport checkpoints such as MorphoPASS will not only check the traveler's identity and passport validity, but also their ticket, all in a single passage! Morpho's other proven technologies could be integrated in these checkpoints as well, especially our luggage scanning systems to detect explosives or narcotics.”

EverFocus unveils 16CH universal DVR for HD-SDI and analog video inputs

EverFocus unveils 16CH universal DVR for HD-SDI and analog video inputs

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EverFocus | Updated: 6/16/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

In the security market, cost is the major concern when it comes to transition from analog to HD. As the HD-SDI cost has dramatically decreased to an acceptable price-level, demand of the HD-SDI, on the other hand, has been increasing and reflecting the market boom. Regarding the ease of installation and outstanding image clarity, HD-SDI technology has absolutely been widely accepted by the market. Owing to this, EverFocus has never given up hope on the HD-SDI market; on the contrary, gearing up for further development and outlining market strategies for the HD-SDI products.

EverFocus UHDR16, a Linux-embedded universal DVR, comes with 16-channel HD-SDI and analog video inputs. This product supports video signals ranging from D1, 960H, 720P to 1080P in one single DVR and also features triple streams for live view, playback and recording.

The UHDR16 supports recording 480 (NTSP) / 400 (PAL) frames per second at 1080P, and can play back 16 channels of HD-SDI recordings simultaneously. The model also supports RS-485 serial interface, 2 USB interfaces and 1 RJ45 (10/100/1000) Base-T Ethernet interface. Other than that, the UHDR16 can be expanded up to 7 SATA devices (6 SATA HDDs and 1 eSATA), ensuring large capacity of the HD-SDI video recordings.

According to Aska Liu, Deputy Project Manager of EverFocus, “since EverFocus has already provided a comprehensive product lineup, including IP, HD-SDI and analog hardware devices, we also look into universal devices for mutual-beneficial purpose. The UHDR16 can take all signals – no matter it is HD-SDI, 960H, or D1.”

Moreover, EverFocus provides mobile apps, allowing users to view the HD-SDI camera streams via their mobile devices (iOS or Android platforms). The ease of high-quality and high-definition video is the most important piece. Users can take the HD-SDI video and record it in 1080P, and watch the HD-SDI video remotely or locally – EverFocus makes it easy and cost-effective. Everyone can benefit from this beautiful resolution in HD-SDI. EverFocus expects a substantial portion of our revenues to be attributed to HD-SDI going forward.

Since EverFocus has made the acceptable HD-SDI products to the market, applications of the HD-SDI solutions is no longer exclusive to the high-end markets, but can be widely applied in different sectors. In the early 2014, EverFocus built up the HD-SDI systems, including 20 DVRs (EPHD04+) and 50 outdoor IR dome cameras (EHH5101) on the NEXCO-West (West Nippon Expressway Company) highway toll booths located in Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Japan. According to the customer, the toll booths require a system that is reliable and can produce clear images both on the staff or the POS machine. Moreover, cameras with anti-raining/snowing and small-in-size features are considered as the key considerations in this case. Therefore, they chose EverFocus' HD-SDI DVR and outdoor IR dome camera.

At present, HD-SDI product lineup that EverFocus offers includes HD-SDI DVRs up to 8-channel, and HD-SDI cameras with variable types, including mini metal, bullet, dome, and box types. The outdoor HD-SDI cameras are also IP66-rated for weather resistance. Furthermore, EverFocus also provide HD-SDI accessories, including HD-SDI to HDMI converter, HD-SDI to fiber transmitter/receiver and HD-SDI repeater. The UHDR16 universal DVR will be soon released to the market in June, 2014. With the announcement of the UHDR16 universal DVR, users can benefit from its low latency, best-live-view HD-SDI signals over hundreds of meters of coaxial or Cat5e/Cat6 cables and easy installation with an affordable price.

EverFocus is committed to delivering powerful security solutions to the customers worldwide. Not just manufacturing reliable products to the market, EverFocus has been developing the enterprise-level central management system, Genie-XMS, which can support any IP-based devices and of course, all EverFocus' products.

The Genie-XMS is designed with an open and flexible architecture that is able to offer large-scale integration scalability. This surveillance management system is able to connect with any IP-based devices or systems including DVRs, access control, and LPR systems. Web pages or messages can also be displayed on the live view screen. The live view layout can be arranged in any form the end users desired.

With the full range of product lineup, plus the hardware manufacturing and software integration, there will be no gap among the IP, HD-SDI and Analog systems anymore. EverFocus has always been holding one concept to the security market, to focus on excellence, reliability and integration in our products.

Nedap AEOS security management platform safeguard BNP Paribas

Nedap AEOS security management platform safeguard BNP Paribas

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 6/12/2014 | Article type: Security 50

‘It's obvious that a prominent bank like BNP Paribas has to take processes like security extremely seriously,' said Alan Ford, Security Manager at BNP Paribas. Spread over several office buildings, more than 4000 staffs make daily use of the AEOS Security Management Platform to enter the restricted areas for which only they have been authorised. BNP Paribas needs be certain that they can rely on their access control system. Even though their previous Nedap WinXS system did just that, in 2011 they chose to migrate to Nedap AEOS as WinXS had come close to the end of its development cycle.

Hassle-free migration
BNP Paribas' Security Management team had worked with their previous WinXS system for more than 13 years. It was so familiar that Security Manager Alan Ford said, ‘It was like riding a bike.' For this reason the decision to make a transition to a new security management platform wasn't an easy one. However AEOS had been tried and tested in the market and offered even higher security features and easier management, so it was an obvious candidate. This, combined with a safe, hassle-free, seamless migration pathway coordinated by Nedap and its certified Business Partner, made the choice easier.

Security stress test
To make sure that AEOS would achieve the same level of security as WinXS, the security platform was tested thoroughly. Alan Ford, ‘Before implementing AEOS, we asked an independent IT company to try to break into our IT systems. They used a little device with which they normally could ‘clone' access cards without actually touching them. They had to admit that the AEOS encryption was so advanced, they didn't have the technology to hack into the system. This is what we wanted to hear. It may not have been our main reason for selecting AEOS, but it certainly gave us the reassurance that AEOS would boost our security to a higher level.'

Customised access control
In addition to security itself, BNP Paribas has to take the security management seriously, with over 4000 people entering and leaving their buildings daily. AEOS is in use at both the head office and its nearby locations for access security for staff, flexworkers, catering staff, contractors and cleaners. Given the large numbers and different types and levels of staff, ease of management and flexibility are two essential requirements for those managing the security platform. AEOS can be set up to produce any form of pass for individuals or groups based on location, security level, clock time and duration. For example, at BNP Paribas, cleaners only access the building after working hours, so their passes have restricted time and area access. Contractors work for fixed periods, and need to be visually identified; they are given different passes and their access is automatically blocked on the day their contract is finished. Employees need to be able to access their offices, the restaurant, the gym and specific rooms or departments; this can be set up for a specific role or group. If a pass is lost or mislaid, it can be blocked immediately and a new pass quickly generated. All these tasks are centrally managed at BNP Paribas, reducing the need for specialised AEOS management users at remote locations.

Unobtrusive, clever security
Another important requirement for BNP Paribas was that, although security has to be high, it mustn't be too obtrusive, impeding staff movements or visitor comfort. Even though the speed gates and security officers at the reception desk make it obvious that visitors are entering a high secure area, AEOS meets these demands by operating easy and efficiently. The building's design glass doors are fitted with elegant steel door handles. Cleverly and unobtrusively these handles contain a long distance card reader so that staff and guests never notice that they are entering a high security area.

Effective, intuitive management
Efficiency of access control is further improved by AEOS' extremely intuitive user interface. This not only saves time, it takes the stress out of managing access passes for large numbers of diverse user needs. ‘This makes it possible to get people into the building quicker, giving them more time to make money', Alan Ford noted. ‘Besides, having a system that is really easy to pick up and really quick to use also saves a lot of time for the security management team,. So, for what we need to do, it's a perfect system', Gitka Randackova, controlling operative, added.

Saving time and money
From 2014 on, BNP Paribas will start using their new offices on the other side of the street, where AEOS has also been implemented. ‘Here again we will use AEOS for access control. Implementing AEOS in the new building was an easy decision as we have already invested in AEOS. It was logical to stick to the same platform as we're satisfied with its capabilities. We're happy in the knowledge that we'll be able to expand our use of the system in the future – both in user numbers as well as in functionality. Besides, when implementing AEOS across the road, we'll still be able to have one central administration for all locations. This saves time and manpower, decreasing investments on several levels.'

Towards a high secure future
BNP Paribas are more than happy with AEOS, its current ease of use and flexibility for access control as well as the inbuilt opportunities it offers for expanding use and improving security to an even higher level. They know that their access control is in secure hands, now and in the future.

Nedap to collaborate with security professionals at IFSEC 2014

Nedap to collaborate with security professionals at IFSEC 2014

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 6/11/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Nedap Security Management, developer and manufacturer of the software-based security management platform – AEOS, is collaborating with different security professionals at IFSEC to solve security challenges that IFSEC visitors are facing. Security experts such as prominent security consultants and Physical Security Managers from leading organisations, collaborate with Nedap to share their knowledge and experience with visitors during IFSEC. Visitors are invited to discuss and find answers to their security challenges at Nedap's social hub: stand E1450 in the London ExCeL.

“IFSEC is a social event for security professionals to meet, find new ideas and solve challenges - and that's exactly what we'll be offering”, says Daryn Flynn, Nedap's country manager for the UK. At IFSEC 2014 Nedap are collaborating with experienced security professionals to discuss, debate and offer solutions to your challenges.

Besides answering questions and sharing knowledge, prominent security experts from Perpetuity Research & Consultancy International, Atkins Consultants, CHQ Consultants, Canon and Assa Abloy are hosting seminars on the stand to discuss challenges that are current in the industry, e.g. the convergence of IT and physical security and the value of security to the business.

At IFSEC, Nedap Security Management will demonstrate the software-based security management platform: AEOS. AEOS uses generic controllers which can accommodate functionality for access control, intrusion detection, video management and locker management via software. This unique AEOS architecture allows for one truly integrated, flexible platform instead of drivers linking separate servers and systems.

The new AEOS 3.1 application builds on the usability of AEOS, giving a unified design, while keeping in mind the different users. From the Configuration & Maintenance application to the Identity & Authorisation interface – AEOS maps to the way people actually work. This also applies to AEOS Surveillance, this renewed web application gives users a clear overview at all times. This clarity reduces the chance of mistakes, while increasing security and responsiveness.

“The response to AEOS 3.0 has been incredible, and we're excited for clients to experience the new AEOS 3.1 with a clear and consistent design for all applications, “said Arjan Bouter, Nedap's director of sales. “Our clients need to protect their people, property, intellectual assets and reputation. And with AEOS 3.1 we believe customers can focus on what is most important – a secure environment.”

The new 3.1 application will be demonstrated at IFSEC, showing visitors the possibilities for managing access control, intrusion detection, video management, and locker management on one single platform, within one single application. A team of Nedap experts will be available on stand E1450 to meet with visitors and answer any questions.

Secutech 2015: Synchronizing security & business intelligence

Secutech 2015: Synchronizing security & business intelligence

Editor / Provider: Messe Frankfurt New Era | Updated: 6/10/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Secutech will be held from 28 – 30 April 2015 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Cohering with the fast pace of security technology evolving and HD migration, 2015 will see exciting changes for Secutech, the ONE place where IP technology comes together. Secutech 2015 will offer numerous practical illustrations of the huge opportunities arising from the analysis of data flows. Manufacturers can launch and demo new products and solutions which allow businesses to keep pace with the incredible growth in security intelligence.

HD is an unstoppable trend in the surveillance industry. The transition of camera resolution, as well as the number of systems is on the rise, which makes integrations of video data and business intelligence even more crucial than before. As the powerhouse and one-stop shop for customized solutions, Secutech 2015 brings together the entire supplying chain under the one roof – from intrusion alarms, access control, biometrics, HD surveillance networking and transmission devices, video management, to video storage. In 2015, Secutech is introducing seminars and demos specifically focused on these topics including H.265, 4K2K, NFC, and more!

In 2014, Secutech's dedicated sections for smart home garnered accolades. In 2015, Secutech works harder accelerating the adoption of IoT in the consumer and professional markets, which bring security a refreshing look. Covering 5 industries from components of security, electronic security, fire & safety, home automation, and information security, Secutech will add 2 areas for networks & connectivity and installation tools & accessories, showcasing the last mile transmission that enables connectivity, communications and security services.

Secutech sincerely welcomes exhibitors' expertise and market insights. Tap into the intelligent security ecosystem by exhibiting at Secutech. Network face-to-face with customers and prospects. Launch and demonstrate new products. Promote integrated services!

For more details about Secutech, please visit

Morpho Itemiser DX deployed in global airlines

Morpho Itemiser DX deployed in global airlines

Editor / Provider: Morpho (Safran) | Updated: 6/9/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Precision, reliability, ease of use: the Itemiser DX Explosives Trace Detector (ETD) by Morpho (Safran) has attracted the attention of major airlines.

In the United States, the rules have changed in the air cargo sector. Beginning January 1st 2014, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) of the United States Department of Homeland Security requires airlines to comply with new cargo security regulations. Only detection equipment that is approved or qualified on the TSA's Air Cargo Screening Technology List can be used: "Airlines have been preparing for this change for the past two years," pointed out Jennifer Haigh, Strategic Account Manager at Morpho."Choosing our Itemiser DX allows them to comply with the new regulations."

The Itemiser DX was introduced to the market in 2009 and was classed as “qualified” by the TSA for air cargo in 2010. More than 250 units were deployed world-wide in 2013 by global airlines– including United Airlines and Air Canada. Itemiser DX is the system capable of simultaneously detecting positive and negative ions. Thanks to this feature, it can detect and identify a wide-range of explosives. Its main advantage: detection precision and reliability which result in a very-low false alarm rate. Itemiser DX also has a user-friendly interface with integrated video help files and a back-up battery. "Thanks to these specifications, airlines are able to ensure that their air cargo screening program meets the new regulation without negatively impacting the flow of cargo to its destination," emphasized Jennifer Haigh. "The fact our service teams are present in almost every major airport helps us ensure peak performance and maximum system uptime for our customers." "We provide our customers with a fast and efficient service, whether for initial delivery and commissioning of the equipment or for training its users," stated Jennifer Haigh.

NICE Solutions safeguard 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

NICE Solutions safeguard 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Editor / Provider: NICE Systems | Updated: 6/6/2014 | Article type: Security 50

NICE Systems announced that a large city in Brazil has implemented NICE Situator to help secure its community and international soccer tournament, taking place in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014. NICE Systems will continue working with local authorities following the tournament as part of a broader safe city initiative, to protect its millions of citizens.

NICE Situator was selected as the centerpiece of the integrated management center that will oversee safety and security in one of the soccer tournament's host cities. The center brings together 24 government agencies that will leverage NICE Situator to enhance situational awareness, decision-making and incident response. Should an incident occur, security operators will have instant access to real-time video from hundreds of video cameras along with an automated response plan.

“We're proud to have been selected for this safe city initiative, which involves securing one of the biggest sporting events in the world,” said Chris Wooten, Executive Vice President, NICE Security Group. “NICE's experience and technology makes us uniquely equipped to support a multifaceted security initiative of this level. This comes on the heels of our successful safe city initiative with Sochi, Russia.”

At the conclusion of the project, NICE Situator will be the centerpiece of a comprehensive city-wide solution that integrates multiple video surveillance systems, including NiceVision, and connects to thousands of cameras and sensors. The solution will correlate data from behavioral analytics software, social media analysis, access control, and fire and intrusion detection systems. Operators will use Situator to monitor and manage security at the soccer stadium, hotels, roads, transit system, airport, and other locations in the city. The solution will also integrate computer aided dispatching, helping to manage incidents that are escalated by emergency service center operators.

EL.MO.Vicompact enhances intrusion detection & alarming capabilities

EL.MO.Vicompact enhances intrusion detection & alarming capabilities

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EL.MO. | Updated: 6/9/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

EL.MO.SpA the Italy-based surveillance manufactuer has introduced new wireless intrusion detection control unit  –VICOMPACT– to its product portofolio The company owns a comprehensive range of CCTV, intrusion and fire detection, and access control systems. VICOMPACT as new addition to the Villeggio line, comes in white housing with a pleasant design, featuring 32 wireless inputs on board. It is designed for civil installation and the product itself offers a great performance/investment ratio. The new generation of control unit is equipped with a GSM module and allows, through the e-Connect platform, to manage the system to achieve complete safety, anywhere and anytime via smartphone, tablets and PC. The innovative modular structure allows to customize the control unit according to the user's needs; the user-friendly interface, with intuitive display, offers easy and immediate usability. Two of the 32 inputs are usable as on board wired inputs, with consequent reduction of the radio inputs.

Product details of VICOMPACT
* 32 total on board wireless inputs
* Of the 32 available wireless inputs can be used, reducing the wireless inputs, 2 wired inputs on board control unit
* On board zones can be configured as: NO, NC, balanced, split, extended split, triple balanced, fast. Zones can be assigned different properties
* Alarm relay output with C-NO-NC free from potential contacts with 3A@AC24V carrying capacity. The output can be configured
* 12V fuse-protected power output for detectors
* Connector with 8 outputs for ETRREL4 modules that can be configured and remotely controlled
  Users: Advanced management of 32 users max; users can be assigned a proximity key or a remote control device
  Areas/sectors: Management of 4 areas with 4 sectors each 
  User interface:
* Graphic B/W LCD display 128x65 with RGB backlight depending on operating conditions (adjustable)
* Backlit 20-rubber-key keypad
* Unit controlled via proximity key with partialization function.
* Low-consumption proximity key reader located at the centre of the sectors keypad (selectable)
* RF Monitor with graphic display
  Wireless module:
* FM 434 525 MHz receiver in accordance with EN300220 (Class 2) and low consumption EN50131 with built-in antenna on PCB
* Low-consumption AM 868.300 MHz transmitter compliant with EN300220 and EN50131 standards with antenna integrated on the PCB. Control up to 15 wireless sirens and 15 configurable actuators
Events storage: Historical memory with 1000 events capacity
  Voice synthesis:
* Voice synthesis module with 64 messages recordable by the installer, equipped with microphone and loudspeaker; it can be configured via USB and serial line for a total of 8 minutes recording time
* Messages can be recorded by using the suitable software module; they can also be recorded using a microphone connected to the PC audio board
* GSM/GPRS module included for the connection from and to control unit via GSM, also allow the connection to e-Connect system.
* Remote interrogation via SMS with GSM module
* Sophisticated credit control system for rechargeable SIM cards when using MDGSMI / MDGSME optional modules
* Remote listening device controlled via SMS
* Temperature sensor with thermostat function, programmable hysteresis and calibration option
* MDTEMP radio temperature detector (optional) to be used instead of the built-in detector or as external detector if necessary
* Daily/weekly thermostat function, with block boiler detection
* Emergency light function
* Plastic against opening and removal
* White colour
* User interface according to EN50131 with compliance options
* Compliance EN50131-3 grade 1, environmental class I°
* Compliance to R&TTE 1999/5/CE Standard and to ETSI EN 300220-3 and ETSI EN301-5-3+A1

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